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"You really went out with this cruel thing, huh? Going with the all black look?" Ashley chuckled.

"Huh?" Mandy looked away from her book to see Ashley walking in.

"Black dress? Check. Black boots? Check."

Mandy got up "Oh this?" She looked down her sleeveless black sheath dress. "It's just because it's comfortable, I'm not trying to make a statement or anything."

"Sure. And you think when the tinies see you and your 'black angel of death' getup over here crushing their friends under your boots you won't be making a statement?"

"N... No?" Mandy hadn't considered the impact she'd have just in appearence, but she shrugged it off. "Besides, no shoes on the lab floor."

"But you're wearing boots right now!" Ashley chasitized.

"Yea, but I mean the terrarium. You can't step on that with boots, it'd permanently damage it."

"Look." Ashley was getting heated up. "It's bad enough I have to feed these lil ants and be their benevolent nature goddess or whatever, but if you think I'm going to have their dirty little bodies touching and gawking at my feet, you've got another thing coming."

"Socks work too." Mandy replied, unphased by her partners aggressiveness.

"Fine." Ashley grunted. "Anyways, who's going first?"

"I think you should, they haven't been fed yet. Be sure to record what you see, knowing how they react to first contact is really important." Mandy reminded her.



Aron was dumbfounded when he walked outside. The village he was just at yesterday had completely vanished! This new terrain was eery, there was a strange haze to the sky, a odd fog, and no sun to speak of but plenty of light. Yet everything normal surrounded them, a dirt floor, grass forest, and a large hill in the distance. The other villagers came out of their houses looking confused as well, and a crowd had began to congregate in the center. Les came out behind him.

"So everyone's gone?" She asked.


"Do you know where we are?"

"No. Lets go check it out."

Aron and Les approached the crowd, they were all congregated around but one man was on top of a small mound of dirt that made him seem higher than the others.

"Without warning or reason, we have all been taken to this strange world" The man exclaimed. "From the consensus here, it seems we must investigate!"

"Hey who put you in charge?" Somebody shouted from the crowd.

"I'm not in charge, this is a consensus. We must spread out and investigate!"

"I'm not following you!"


"Fine! I'LL go investigate, alone!" The man on the mound claimed. Jumping off, he went out to the forest of grass.

"I just thought we should consider our situation first?" Aron shrugged.


Ashley was making her way through the tall grass, carrying a handful of feed. It was a rather large terrarium, and from her distance all the way on the other side there would be no way for the tinies to see her. Yet. Besides, the artificial atmospheric regulator was doing its job and projecting a blue hazey "sky" that blocked out most of the tinies ability to see beyond a few feet. Still, she watched her step, she didn't want to get her socks stained with green. Suddenly, she noticed a movement from the grass. Quickly taking a few steps forward, she made her way to the disturbance.

Alos grumbled. He was furious, at his former village he was the chief! A young chief, only being of 20 cycles, but a respected one. They all listened to him. But here? Here he was a nobody, all the respect - gone. Don't these fools know the value of knowing your surroundings?

Suddenly, he heard a distant thud. Then another. He knew that sound. He quickly turned around, and began running the opposite direction. Not looking back, he yelled as the thuds became louder and the floor began to rumble into a mighty earthquake of pounds. Suddenly a wall appeared out of nowhere, kicking up massive amounts of dirt and sending the tiny flying backwards.

"Here, just take it" He heard a booming voice from the heavens as he saw a colossal blonde from above, his vision blurry he barely could register each word as it thundered around him. She brought her hand over him in the distance, and turned it over, dropping brown pellets on top of him. He closed his eyes as he braced for impact.

When he came to, the giant was gone and around him were strange brown pebbles. He came to one of them, a large brown rock, and touched it. It was mushy, and had a strange meat-like texture. He grabbed at it, and found a part came loose easily into his hand. Tasting it, he realized what this was - food! His eyes widened. He had found food for the whole village! He brought a chunk of it and ran back.


"So, what did you see?" Mandy inquired as her partner stepped out of the terrarium.

"Honestly? I only saw one. We didn't talk. I dropped him all the food and just left as fast as I could."

Mandy frowned "You were supposed to make first contact with the whole village!"

"Well, I didn't." Ashley shrugged.

"Fine. I'll do it." Mandy sighed as she pulled off her boots, freeing her small, warm, bare feet from the leather confines of her shoe. She wiggled her delicate unpainted toes. "I've been reading up, by the way."

"On what?"

"On how to be 'cruel,' I have some things I want to try out."

"Knock yourself out, Ms. Reaper."


The villagers were still in a crowd when Alos came out carrying a brown rock.

"I, Alos, have brought you all food!" He exclaimed.

"Food?" Aron inquired. He came up to the tall man.

"Try it for yourself, my suspicious countryman!"

Aron took a scoop of the food and ate it.

"Amazing. Les you got to try this." He turned to his wife, who immediately came forward to take a scoop.

"Delicious! Where did you get this?" She asked him.

"It's easy, my friends, I, Alos, has made contact with a giant!"

The crowd gasped.

"A FRIENDLY giant! The blonde beauty came down to me and handed me personally this food, there's more of it in the forest!"

Aron was suspicious. "You're saying a female giant just gave you this food?"

"Yes! It was unreal but it happened!"

"I wouldn't trust this." Aron looked down at the food in his hand, and chucked it. "It has to be a trap, it's like bait, you know how they are."

"My God, what a downer." Alos mocked. "You have no idea, this giant must have rescued us, she's only trying to be friendly!"

"All I know is that whenever a giant just so happens to leave something out for us, it's a trap."

"Fine. Don't come. All who want free food, come with me, all who want to sit around and starve, stay with this man." The crowd seemed to agree with Alos, and a group of gatherers followed him out into the grass.


Mandy made her way through the grass, the tiny leafage tickling her soft sole as she easily made her way through them, creating small indentations in the ground which mostly reformed behind her step. In the distance, she could see the tiny village, and she smiled nervously. There were going to be so many tinies there, she knew that she had to set the pace of thier relationship. It was a lot to think about, and she had to be careful, every movement she did counted, and she had to maximize the shock value to create the strongest negative reaction from the subjects. Stopping and scouting out the area, she spotted a mound nearby. She trekked slowly towards it.


They all heard the thuds. The ones still at the village, and to a lesser extent, the gatherers far on the other side with the food. It was coming from the hill.

Everyone turned to see a figure seemingly manifesting in the distance. It was massive, gigantic girl, pale as the daylight and garbed in a black dress, her long brown hair and large eyes had a strange intensity to them, and she eyed the crowd. Without a word, she raised her long bare leg over the mountain, and gently put it down on the top of the hill, her strong toes dominating the top of the soil, pushing it down under her tremendous weight, forcing the world to bow to the command of her imposing force. She smiled warmly. "Hello!"

The villagers were mortified. Les grabbed her husbands chest, and Aron curled his arms around her tightly. The other villagers were cowering, but static, unable to move from her gaze.

She came forward. Stepping off the mountain, coming through the grass, each step of her bare foot causing the ground to rumble. Her bare feet now only a few meters away, she could crush the entire crowd with her next stride.

Mandy wiggled her toes. "Now that we're acquanted, I want you to do something for me. I want a volunteer."

Nobody moved. Mandy crossed her arms, she was getting impatient. "Can a volunteer please come forward?" She lifted the ball of her right foot and dropped it with a quick slap, sending shudders through the crowd.

"Okay. How about this." She uncrossed her right arm, and hovered it around with her pointer out. Randomly turning, she felt a wave of energy as she observed their reactions to the looming shadow of her hand, each tiny cowering as it felt the sheer dread of the finger pointed right at it, the simple tip of her finger enough to squash them entirely if she wanted to. Finally, she settled, pointing towards a woman in the crowd.

"Can you come forward?"

Ameli was mortified as the massive finger was pointed right at her. She had to come forward now.

Mandy smiled as the tiny came out of the crowd, approaching her waiting feet.

"Okay. Watch this." She raised her right foot. The tiny fell backwards in fear, as she slowly pointed her big toe, hovering it over her.

Ameli felt her whole body unable to even remotely register her absolute dread as she looked up at the pale expanse of the tremendous pad above her, the strong ridges slightly crusted with specks of dirt, far too miniscule for the giant to realize but shockingly real to her dimuntive view, complementing the immense strength of the expanse above her.

Then it came down.

Suddenly Ameli was crying as the bone crushing feeling of being pressed by the rubbery pad assaulted all parts of her body. Her bare legs were forced open as the overwhelming expanse forced itself down on to her space, occupying more than was it was physically able to without crushing her. And that's what she was doing. Ameli screamed as her bones felt the compounding pressure of tons of power from her tormenter increase.

Mandy smiled as the tiny simply collapsed under her big toe, the sheer size of which easily dwarfed her victim. She was trying to add enough pressure, just enough, to crush her but not kill her. She didn't want to do that just yet.

Overwhelmed with rage, Les screamed and jumped out of Aron's arms. "Stop! Please stop!" She cried as she threw herself on to the toe, trying her hardest to lift it as it compressed the screaming woman beneath it. "You're killing her, please, just please stop!"

Mandy was shocked to see another tiny try to save her friend. The next words came eerily natural to her.

"It's okay." The sweet voice cooed from above. "We're just trying to make a little blood, see?" Les tumbled as the toe suddenly lifted, showing the pad of her toe, now slightly red. "It's okay, we made it now."

Les's eyes grew wide as the toe hovered on top of her.

"Should we make a little more, though?" Mandy giggled as she gently poked the new tiny with the tip of her toe, causing it to squirm. She brought her foot back, and turned around, simply walking away.

Les got up on her feet and inspected the damage, she was fine, the other girl, however, wasn't. She was covered in blood, but breathing.

Aron was right behind her, at first trying to comfort his wife, but then realized the situation. Other villagers came to.

They sat there, trying to administer first aid, on the first day of this new hell they'd found themselves in.


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