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Tor sighed when Idiot once again refused to cross a little rivulet. It wasn't that big. She could cross it with one stretched stride. But Idiot didn't realize he could. She turned the horse around and urged him forward. "Hold on," she warned Eric. "This is probably going to get bumpy."

Before Eric could respond, she gigged Idiot's sides. The horse squealed and jumped the stream. Tor grunted as they landed. She had collected herself and been prepared, so she wasn't thrown from the saddle. But it still was less than comfortable to jump in a western saddle. She sat back in the saddle and rubbed her now-sore stomach. Her violet gaze instantly went to her passenger when she heard him groan. 

"I'm fine," he said when he saw her looking down at him. "I promise, Tor. That was just rather rough." He breathed slowly, trying to force the pain from his mind. "When can we take a respite? I need to move around some." 

The giant woman looked around, judging their location and how far it was to the next town. "Can you hold out for another hour? By that time, we'll be to the town."

"Settlement?" he asked, hoping against hope that it really wasn't going to take two weeks to reach the town.

"No. Verna. It's much smaller but it's got an inn and stable." She looked down at him, judging if he really could hold out that long. If he absolutely had to stop, she would. 

"Oh. Yes," he said slowly. "I can hold out for an hour." He just prayed it would be a quick hour.

Tor frowned and reined Idiot to a halt. The horse snorted and reached around to lip at the toe of her boot. "Don't you dare," she warned him. He blew out his lips and turned back to face forward, licking and chewing on his bit. The horse taken care of, Tor looked down to Eric. "Come out of your nook. I've got a more comfortable place for you to ride."

Confused, Eric did as told. He slowly pulled himself from the gap in the saddle and stood on the warm leather. He was eye-level with her crotch and could no longer see her face due to the shelf of her breasts. Of course, he was now in the right frame of mind to appreciate these things. And appreciate them he did, as attested to the slowly growing bulge in his breeches. He had to adjust himself and was completely unaware when Tor's hand descended and wrapped around him. He wrapped his arms around her fingers as he was lifted into the sky. He didn't have time to ask what was going on. All he saw was the top button of her shirt was undone and her cleavage rising up to greet him. 

"Wha--?" His question was cut off when he was lowered between her breasts, snugged into her cleavage and ensconced in darkness when the button overhead was closed. He was in heaven, he realized. Nirvana. Paradise. The afterlife. That was his only explanation. He was a breast man, plain and simple. And he was currently in the biggest pair of breasts he had ever seen. His face was beet red and his member throbbed so hard it hurt. But he was not about to hump Tor's chest. He didn't want to end up a snack. So he forced himself to simply pet the soft skin all around him. 

Tor couldn't help but smirk when she felt him touching her chest. "Pervert," she muttered. She thought he said something in reply, but it wasn't loud enough for her to hear it clearly. She leaned forward and gigged the horse in his sides. He leapt forward and took off at a run. She could cut the trip down from an hour with a good run on Idiot. And he needed one, with how antsy he had been that day. The horse's powerful legs and large endurance carried them across the earth, pounding the dust beneath them. Eric was safely tucked away, much less jostled now than he had been in the gap of the saddle. 

At one point, the giant woman and horse came up on some human travelers. It was a wagon train, five or six of them all headed for the next human settlement over. It would be a good two-day trip for them, if they moved quickly. More than likely, it would be four. She slowed Idiot and circled the families. They all immediately huddled within their canvas covered wagons, as if that would save them. She wheeled Idiot and sent him running down the earth once again, headed for the next down. She guided him onto the faint road and let him run until they reached the outskirts of town. She slowed him to a fast walk, smirking when he strained against the bit, still eager to run. She liked that he had energy and personality. She would never work that out of him. 

When they reached the little inn, Tor swung down and dropped the reins, ground-tying Idiot. She patted his neck and affectionately rubbed his forelock. "You keep an eye out on those saddlebags and tack," she told him. "Bite anyone, other than me, that comes near them." He snorted and lipped at the sleeve of her arm, but didn't try to bite. She smiled and kissed the bridge of his nose before heading inside. 

A girl working the register smiled at Tor, even as the older woman unbuttoned her shirt and pulled a human from her chest. The girl's eyes bugged out of her head. "Uh, we don't allow pets in here," she said, trying to sound polite.

Tor cast her a baleful look. "If you want my money, you'll let him stay. He's cleaner than your mouth probably is."

The girl looked taken aback, face aflame. She stuttered but didn't say another word about Eric's presence. Tor smirked and sat down at a table by the window. She put Eric on the table with her and reclined in the chair. "Go ahead and stretch out your legs. We'll be staying here tonight." 

Eric nodded and began walking around the table. At first, he was slow and stiff. But he limbered up the more he moved. He was four laps in when a shadow was cast across the table. He looked up to see a man standing there. He was tall, broad and built like a knight. He had wide shoulders, defined arms, and narrow hips. The epitome of a man, many would say. Eric frowned, disliking being around giant strangers. He hurriedly made his way back to Tor and the shelter she offered. 

"Excuse me," the man said. "May I have a seat at your table?" He smiled easily at her. 

Tor kept one arm separating Eric from the table and gestured with the other one. "Go on. It's empty." She watched as he sat down. Her eyes widened when he reached into his chest pocket and carefully lifted out a petite human girl. He set her on the table and turned his easy smile back to Tor.

"Good evening. My name is Roark. I saw your fine human there on my way down the steps. He is quite the specimen. Where did you get him from?" he asked in a good-natured way.

Tor eyed him suspiciously. "I found him on my way here," she said vaguely. "Why?" 

"He's a fine creature. He would make good babies with my little female." He gestured to the timid girl standing on the tabletop. "I purchased her a year ago. She's very gentle in personality and would produce like-minded young, I'm sure."

Tor hummed in thought. "What benefit would I get from it?"

"If my female has only one offspring, you would get a stud fee. If she has multiples, you could have your pick or a stud fee," he explained. His fingers idly stroked the blond female in front of him. 

Eric scowled up at Tor. He had no inclination to be a breeding male! Now if the girl had come up to him and flirted with him outside of this deplorable negotiation, he would not at all have objected to bedding her. "Tor!" he hissed up at her. She ignored him. He tried calling to her again, but she just gently pushed him towards the center of the table where the little female had walked. He glowered at his protector, owner, his mind hissed and turned to the girl.

She was a pretty thing, slight of build and shorter than him. He noticed she was moderately gifted in her bust and the spread of her hips. She had a sweet little mouth and a button nose. Blue-grey eyes peeked out from beneath her lashes. "Don't bother being upset," she whispered in a low voice. "The masters don't care for it." She glanced back at her owner who was still locked in a thunderous bargaining process with Tor. 

Eric snorted. "I may have given myself to Tor, but in name only. I am not a true pet. She does not control me." And she certainly won't force me to sleep with some random girl. Albeit an attractive one.

The girl looked up with wide, frightened eyes. "Don't say such things!" she hissed. It almost seemed like she was afraid of the giants looming overhead. 

Eric rolled his eyes. "I came to Tor of my own free will. Our arrangement is different than a pet." He spat the word.

The girl's eyes widened even further. "Why would you subject yourself to this life? It is not free! It can be horrible at times." 

"I did not want an arranged marriage to a simpering idiot," he said. "And my father would sooner beat me to the brink of death, and possibly kill me, then let me get away with disobeying him. He branded the watch captain with his cattle brand after I tricked him and escaped. He pressed that red-hot iron right onto the man's face." He shuddered. "It was still fresh when I saw him last." 

"How do you know he would beat you?" she asked softly, as if speaking too loud would draw the attention of her owner. 

Eric grimaced, his face paling slightly. "I saw him do it to my older brother. I have three younger ones. That I know of. He's got replacements for me if I die during a punishment. Tor is my protection. As long she treats me right, I don't mind being with her. It's easier. And I am assured she won't let my father's men drag me back to him so he can 'correct my ways' and 'train me to be a good son.'" A shudder ran through him.

"Oh. I'm sorry." She seemed to have no other words and turned her attention back to the negotiations.

"That's an outrageous fee!" the giant man exclaimed.

Tor sat back, arms crossed over her chest, and looked smug. "That's my price. He's a prince. One of the human nobility. Good teeth, sound of body, physically sound. You're not going to find a better stud anywhere than him." 

The giant man glowered. "Perhaps not. But I can find decent looking ones for a much lower cost." He swept up his little female, knocking Eric off his feet in the process.

Tor was on her feet in a flash, fist doubled up and flying. It landed with a sickening crunch on his nose. Blood spurted from his nose. He howled in pain and stumbled back several steps. "You crazy bitch!" He pulled his hand away to see the blood. "You broke my nose!"

"You knocked over my human," she said calmly. "In a fit of pique. How petty." She sneered at him and sat back down at the table. Eric was pulling himself to his feet and she watched with cool eyes. 

"I'm fine," he grunted as he hobbled over to her. He plopped down on the back of her hand, his legs resting between her thumb and forefinger. He rested his cane across his lap and gripped her knuckles as she lifted him higher. They had figured out a few days ago, during the worst of a fit in his legs, that the heat of her body eased the pain. Gratefully, he slid off her hand and onto his shoulder. He reclined against her neck, stretched his legs across her collarbone, and soaked up her body heat.

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