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With the Collector base blow to hell, Commander Shepard goes down to fix a damaged EDI. He soon finds out he's made a small mistake.

1/8/2017 I'll be adding tags and changing the rating as the story goes.

I no longer have an desire to add to this story. It is being marked as completed. Be warned it is not finished.

Rated: R
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Published: January 08 2017 Updated: April 23 2017

1. EDI in need of repairs by Shrunken Mazerunner [Reviews - 1] starstarstarstarstar (532 words)

Attention reader: This story is being apated from an interactive story that I am writing on writing.com, so please don't get too upset if chapters are shorter than normal. If you wish to read the chapters that I've written for writing.com click here. As you can guess my UN on writing.com is mazerunner117.


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