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Story Notes:

My first ever giantess story!  Been a long time reader on here but this is my first time writing! I hope you enjoy it! Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Author's Chapter Notes:

My first ever giantess story! Constructive criticism appreciated.

With her long fingernails freshly manicured, Caitlin sat in the stall of the Walmart women’s bathroom, idly scrolling through her various social media profiles.  Every now and then, she would glance down at her brand new sandals.  She was always proud of her footwear and this pair was no different.  Resting atop her shoes were her perfectly shaped toes, the fresh white paint shining off her nails.  Truth be told, she was not in there to use the bathroom.  In reality, she was busy patiently waiting to capture unsuspecting victims to play with when she got back home.

From a very young age, Caitlin had learned she had unique abilities that no one knew about, not even her parents.  By the time she was 11, she figured out she could magically shrink any object she wanted to at will.  She started off with small things.  Books, flower pots, chairs.  Gradually, she ventured off to bigger things like parked cars (since she could shrink objects by staring at them, she could just look out the window and shrink a car parked down the street into oblivion without anyone ever knowing it was her).  It wasn’t until she was 12 that she tried her powers out on a living person. 

She actually hadn’t meant to do it.  It was like any other weekend.  Her parents were going out for a date night, so that meant they were going to leave a babysitter to watch over Caitlin.  This infuriated the preteen.  She felt she was old enough to be left at home alone and didn’t need this babysitter, Rachel, to take care of her.  It wasn’t Rachel’s fault; it was just a product of the rebellious nature of a preteen girl.  As Caitlin’s parents pulled away in their car at roughly 7 pm, they had no idea that by the time they got back at 10, the babysitter they had hired would be deep in the stomach of their daughter.  They had just figured she had bailed and made a note to never hire her again.  From then on, Caitlin had found a new interest in her abilities.

Caitlin looked up from her social media induced daze as she heard someone walking into the quiet bathroom.  The young girl promptly opened the door to her stall.  She noticed the stranger was walking to the nearby stall.  Before she was able to, Caitlin focused her energy on her and just like that, the girl had seemingly vanished.  But Caitlin knew better.  As she was going to look down in search for the shrunken girl, she noticed her own figure in the mirror.  For a 15 year old, Caitlin had matured astonishingly well and had a body that was on par with many women well in their early 20’s.  With her tan skin and a dark grey tank top and black leggings on, she was definitely a head turner for many guys.  After admiring her body, she decided it was time to check out her newest victim and soon-to-be play toy.

Ashley had just gotten off a double shift at Starbucks and stopped by Walmart to get a few groceries and then head back to her dorm after a long, exhausting day.  She was not looking forward to her college midterms the next day.  Before beginning her shopping adventure, she decided to make a pit stop at the women’s room.  As Ashley made her way to one of the stalls, she was thrown aback by a young, yet mature looking girl.  Before she could react, the world around her became gigantic. 

Looking around, Ashley tried to come to terms of where she had seemingly just teleported to.  Looking in front of her, she noticed large, skin colored boulders that stood taller than her.  On top of each were what she could make out to be white structures that jutted out slightly over the top edges of the boulders.  Fear quickly rose up within her body.  She made a deep gulp as her eyes quickly travelled up the length of what was attached to these boulders.  Long, thick pillars that were the same color as the boulders rose up like Sequoia trees until the color abruptly changed to black.  Ashley’s eyes snapped straight up the rest of the way and what she saw made her burst out out a bloodcurdling screech of terror.  Two, giant blue eyes were staring down into her soul and a smile the size of a billboard was beaming down at her.

Over the past 3 years of periodically kidnapping strangers to use as playthings (who were mostly women, since the bathroom was the easiest way to capture them without getting caught), Caitlin had discovered that one of her favorite parts in the hunt was the look on her victim’s face as they realize that they are in the presence of a goddess and to see the fear swell up in their eyes as they realize that they are powerless.  This tiny one was no different.  The giant teenager couldn’t help but smile while looking down at the puny thing in front of her gigantic toes.  Her smile grew bigger as the miniature victim turned and began bolting towards the floor in the opposite direction.  Where she planned on going, Caitlin did not know.  She decided to play her game and patiently wait to see where the tiny girl would run.  To make things more fun, Caitlin quickly dropped her hand down in front of the girl’s path, forming a wall to stop her.

Ashley felt the tears well up in her eyes as she tried to outrun this nightmare she was in.  She honestly had no idea what her plan would be or where she planned on going, but she just wanted to escape the giant teenager.  She felt like she was making some leeway on the monster of a girl that was behind her, but as soon as she had that hope enter her body, an enormous, wrinkled skin-colored barricade appeared directly in front of her.  Her fear would not allow her legs to stop running in time and she soon collided with the surprisingly soft and vanilla scented wall.  Not wanting to find out what her captor had in mind, Ashley quickly got up, tears now flowing down her cheeks, and began running whichever way her legs would take her.

Caitlin was amused watching the tiny plaything try to find a way to get away from her, but she decided it was best to end this game before someone else came into the bathroom.  Slowly reaching her thumb and pointer finger out towards the fleeing girl, Caitlin carefully pinched her arm and effortlessly lifted her body from the floor.  Ignoring the loud pleas and begging, she slowly raised her arm and brought her newest capture up to her face to quickly examine.  The girl’s face was red and Caitlin could tell there were dark spots on her tiny barista uniform where tears must have landed.  Quickly, the giant girl placed her new prize into her huge palm and closed her fingers around her, forming a cage.  Now, it was time to patiently wait for her next victims.

By the time Caitlin had gathered as many victims as she wanted, she had 5 tiny women in the palm of her hand, and she decided it was time to leave the bathroom before her mother began to wonder where she was.  Before she was able to do so, she was caught off guard by the annoying screeching of one of the victims.  Most of the others had gotten to a stage where they were quietly whimpering to themselves, but this one was just overbearing.  Upon further examination, she determined it was actually the last woman she had caught.  Using her free hand, she plucked the tiny body from the vast landscape of her palm and brought her up to her face.  Holding her by her ankles, Caitlin noticed that this was a woman in her late twenties or early thirties.  There was no way she could carry this one out in her hand without her mom or someone else hearing.  Staring at the dangling woman, she made a quick decision on where to place this tiny.

Julie had no idea how things had gotten to where they were at this moment.  One moment she was in a Walmart bathroom, and the next she was screaming at the top of her lungs while being dangled upside down in front of the face of a giant young girl.  As the blood started rushing to her head, she could feel the warm, minty smelling breath of the colossus wafting over her trembling body.  Julie felt like she was going to be held there forever.  She quickly wished that were to have happened as she saw the gigantic, pillowy lips on the massive face in front of her slowly open.  As the mouth that was big enough to fit an entire theater opened up, Julie began pleading for her life to the gigantic teenager.

“Please don’t do this! I have a husband! And a kid!  For the love of God, please don’t do this!”

Caitlin could hear the pleas but proceeded to bring her little treat to her mouth.  As it got nearer, she stuck out her saliva covered tongue and gently touched the tiny woman’s face to the surface.  The annoying crying and begging was immediately silenced.  As an added measure and just for fun, Caitlin drug the tiny victim, with her face pressed against her taste buds, down the length of her tongue in the direction of her throat.  She got a little taste of the salt from the woman’s tears and sweat.  She then drug her back the other way towards the tip of her tongue and then lifted her up and away from her pink, wet muscle.  Caitlin let out a quick chuckle as the fits and screaming immediately resumed once her prey’s face, now slimy and covered in saliva, was free from being smothered.  Caitlin then completely let go of the ankles and let the tiny woman’s body free fall the short distance into the abyss of her mouth.  As soon as her tongue felt contact, she quickly shut her jaws and her lips and left the woman in darkness. 

Enjoying the taste of her treat, Caitlin began idly swishing her around in her mouth with her tongue and sucking on her body as one would a piece of candy.  She figured this one would be a fun one to play with once she got home.  With one victim being tortured in her mouth, and the other four in the warm, slightly sweaty palm of her hand, she ventured out of the bathroom.  As she went searching for her mom in the store, the sadistic teenager began plotting ways she was going to have fun with her new playthings. 


Chapter End Notes:

Let me know what y'all think! 

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