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In probably the second-best part of one of the greatest Undertale fanfics of all time (Alphys' Bad School Day), Alphys and company reach the final portion of their very first day of junior high school in Hotland; why, Gaster's biology class, of course!

However, just like everything else that ends up happening in this story, the class' subject matter of the day is nowhere near what you would expect from any normal school; in fact, the students' assignment for the day is none other than to strap on a set of nanosuits, shrink themselves down to practically microscopic size and venture inside Toriel's body so that they can explore her beautifully vast and complex system of internal organs, and perhaps even theoretically learn a thing or two about how said organs work in the process!

Of course, however, the students' actual intentions during the assignment are anything but educational; in fact, as it turns out, Gaster's plan the whole time was actually to have Alphys and her friends sneak inside Toriel's brain and take control over her body to make her have the sexual intercourse of her life with her husband Asgore in the janitor's closet!

Do I really need to explain how fucked-up this is?
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