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Author's Chapter Notes:

Angela playfully satisfies her impending urges...


For her, Denny was better than any 'sex toy' she had ever had...

Her lower back supported with a large pillow, Angela sat naked with her thighs wide apart, her heels pressing into the soft bed.

Her right hand controlling his feet. Mindlessly, using her left hand to play with her nipples - using two aggressive fingers, and her pinching thumb, she slowly worked them around her rigid nubs. Feverishly pressing him into her wet puss, ...enjoying the overwhelming sensation of pleasure and empowerment. Totally ignoring his tiny cries of resistance...

Turning her toy so that he was facing up, ...her gripping contractions crashing all around him, her knees trembling. His tiny hands grabbing onto her tingling clit; she jerked at the twang of pleasure.

Holding the little man by his ankles, she could easily slide him out, ...or push him in deeper, his legs bending at the knees as she forced him to move the way that she wanted, ...teasing him, she slowly brought his entire body out, giving him a few moments to catch his breath.

"Oh, Dennis. You're never going to be anything more than a toy for me!"

Leaning forward over him, she smiled down between her legs at this naked miniature male figure, she knew him as her old friend, but the idea of making him into her toy was stripping away any form of recognition.

Then, pinching her fingertips around the back of his head she pushed his face against her stiffening clitoris - rubbing it, ...firmly, in a circular motion; manipulating his whole face against her rubbery clit - smearing it all around hastily; using his head to stimulate her throbbing pussy.

"C'mon little plaything - lick me." , she said. Harshly whispering between clinching teeth, "Lick my pussy, Dennis!", her breathing becoming faster and faster.

Forcing him to lick her growing clit until he simply couldn't feel his tongue any longer...

Only allowing barely a few minutes to catch his breath, the giant blonde roughly pushed his shoulders back through the opening and shoved him back inside, so deeply that just his feet were sticking out!

It was almost like he was able to sense when she was about to cum, ...wildly struggling around inside her, ...just at the right moment.

The way he moved, gave her the most incredible pleasure, ...with those tiny hands, grabbing around, aimlessly flailing. Creating the most exquisite sensations!

The pleasure. The blissful pleasure, an endless series of multiple orgasms, coming fast and hard, close together, and each one better than the last!


A living chasm, swallowing him up entirely... if it weren't for the air bubble that had formed around his face and head, he would have surely suffocated within minutes. The heated space becoming nearly unbearable - reaching well above one hundred degrees, Denny felt like a living dildo, being used and abused by this living mountain of female flesh.

In and out, in and out, ...steadily increasing the smooth sliding motion; pumping him deeply and thoroughly, trapping him perfectly inside, well within the core of her giant sex. Her over-heated pussy molding around his miniature figure. Crushing him within the inner-most strength of her powerful giant pussy.

Slowly building momentum and thrusting faster, then slowing down, ...slowly working him around - twisting him, and turning him in different positions. In and out, in and out - squeezing him with a firm smothering pressure.

The rigid inner walls grasping tightly, crushing around his shoulders. Denny held out, barely managing to remain fully conscious, ...while Angela's big fingertips clamped around his legs, forcing him into her sweltering hot oven.

Forcefully squeezing his ankles and pumping him inside her heated muffin. Cumming, over and over, and over again - shoving him deeply inside with wild abandon, ...drenching him with gallons of creamy thickness, nearly drowning him!

In and out, in and out, repeatedly stroking herself to cum, multiple times - each one slightly more powerful than the one before...

Seeming to know, just exactly when to pull him out - allowing him, to just briefly recover before she hastily forced him back inside again!

Over and over again, ...relentlessly abusing his tiny figure like a cheap two-dollar dildo!


After what seemed like endless hours trapped between her huge legs, the giant blonde gradually allowed his tiny figure to slip out. The large vaginal passage finally relaxing, offering it's tiny prisoner a temporary reprieve.

Denny was freed, slipping out and dropping into the slick puddle of overflowing stickiness ...releasing her hold on his tiny feet, slowly allowing Dennis to fall limply down between her large, glistening, butt cheeks...


Gasping for a breath, and plopping down onto the giant blonde's bed; splashing into the sloppy thick pool of cum. A widening puddle of splatter surrounding him, as he dropped down between the high inner walls of her magnificent glistening thighs.

"Oh", she gasped. Chuckling with a few hardy clucks of womanly amusement, "Look at you, Dennis. You're all sticky!"

Breathing hard, while trying to sit up, he sat leaning back against the inside of her large inner thigh - sitting in the crotch of her glowing legs - he instantly noticed the cooler outside air nearly causing him to shiver from the slightest breeze.

His head spinning, wondering just how long it would be before the horny giantess roughly grabbed him up again and shoved him back inside her, ...he coughed a few times and desperately tried to catch his breath.

Attempting to climb out, he found himself awkwardly rolling back down into the low depression, ...the mattress sinking down from the heavyweight created by her enormous size.

Her giant butt, tilting the floor below him, causing him to slide back into her pussy, ...he had to strain every muscle to climb up the slope away from her.

Crawling along the inside of her right leg, carefully trying to avoid the slippery mess, he lowered his face down to the sheet, quickly wiping away some of the excessive cream. The amount of Angela's overflowing essence, soaking into every pore of his body.

Regaining some strength, he fell down on his front, slowly gathering some energy. Resting beside the inside bend of her uplifted knee, he shivered at the sheer size of it.

Glancing down the length of her glowing calve muscle, all the way to her huge threatening feet - then turning to look back up across the entire length of her magnificent naked figure.

Angela' head collapsed into the pillow, slowly recovering her breathing from the blissful series of multi-orgasmic sessions. Her entire naked body, so gloriously displayed, her chest rising up completely covered in a slick coating of dewy sweat.

Catching her breath, she aimlessly began toying with the nipple of her left breast, ...glancing down toward her little pet, she smiled possessively and softly giggled,

"Oh, Denny. Where do you think you're going, hm?"

The entire bed rocked beneath him, as she simply leaned forwardly, reaching down and simply scooping him up. He uselessly tried to defend himself from her single fingertip, pushing it away from his face. She reacted by gently patting him on top of his head with it...

Giggling softly, she paused briefly allowing him to adjust himself, awkwardly getting seated within her open palm. She brought her hand up to her face and held her tiny little toy up closely.

"Well, well, Dennis. So much for your old life, hm?", she whispered.

Openly displaying her possessive attitude toward this whole thing. She seemed to be more than delighted by this fascinating new reality, ...knowing that he was terrified of her titanic size, she simply loved the idea of being in complete control.

"From now on, I am going to call you my, little 'toy'. My little 'Licktoy', ...you're just the right size to be my tiny little plaything!", she calmly spoke down to him. Teasing him, she playfully poked him with her fingertip,

"How do you feel about that, Denny?" "Does that turn you on?"

Her fingers loosely gripping around him, she playfully squeezed his shoulders and clamped her pinching thumb and index around his hips, ...squeezing harder, then releasing, she toyed with his legs and arms ...forcing him to move like a lifeless puppet.

"I want you to get used to this, Dennis - my little pet. Because this is going to be your job now. Pleasing me, and doing what I tell you, obeying me - it will keep you from getting into trouble."

Holding him even closer, examining his tiny naked body with those large sparkling blue eyes, - reflecting the image of his miniature body laying in her hand - within the wide oval spectrum of her beautiful large eyes.


Dennis felt his stomach pang as the thought of being her miniature sex slave suddenly dawned on him, he no longer existed as a real person, he was a tool, ...now, a sex toy.

He knew that Angela was becoming more relaxed with this situation, and his treatment would most likely become worse and worse as time went on, ...he could only imagine what her impending urges would develop into, ...and the thought of it terrified him!

She pressed her single fingertip against his lower belly, easily pushing him down on his back. Gently pinning him down within her soft, open palm, ...he felt the large digit sliding down over his tiny cock.

The surge of pressure against it sent a slight tingling throughout his loins. He threw his hands out to the sides and tried to scoot backward away from it, ...the finger followed him and simply pressed it back down, squashing into his crotch with a slight bit more pressure.

His balls were pushed up tightly and his cock squashed flat against his lower stomach. Releasing some pressure, she slowly began to rotate the rounded tip. Massaging his tiny cock with just the tip of her big finger, ...wallowing it around and crushing his balls.

The feeling was painful at first, and he cried out with a loud scream! Her eyes flickered, as the large finger rejected his tiny whimpering, happily continuing to abuse his miniature cock. He uselessly tried to push it away, but the large appendage easily overpowered his tiny objecting hands, firmly pressing on his little pecker with just enough pressure to arouse him.

His tiny legs were hastily separated, just by using her thumb, roughly spreading them apart, ...his vulnerable crotch completely exposed before her huge hungry eyes, ...she smiled delightfully; most pleased to continue, she playfully watched him as she effortlessly masturbated his tiny cock.

Her long green fingernails, like pointed dull spades, brushing over his bare skin as she used her wider thumb and single fingertip to carefully pinch it up in between, ...he gasped for an excited breath, as the tightly gripping fingertips started to stroke up and down.

His eyes widening with fear, as the shock of what she was about to do suddenly realized, the very instant the first feelings of tingling pleasure began to flow, he felt his balls getting squashed beneath her thumb.

His body felt like he was being raped by a giant bird! The soft stroking motion quickly hardening his mini-sized penis. The softness of his bed conforming to his backside, as her huge hand shifted around him. He strained to hold off as long as he could, and as hard as he tried, his cock swiftly surged to full attention.

Angela giggled. Her hot breath washing over him, making his eyes water from the intensity. Her overwhelming size was just so big, so gigantically huge, that he felt like he was laying in the hands of a playful Goddess!

- Just toying with her tiny pet, she giggled again as he desperately tried to get away from her.

Pinching her fingertips around his tiny stem, she could feel every nerve in his little body surging with overwhelming arousal.

She felt so powerful holding him there, ...she wanted to drive him wild, and she was surprised at how easy it would be...

Taking a firm grasp around his little tiny balls, she squeezed them up together with his throbbing cock, ...gently squeezing until he started wriggling and screaming - like a little worm, he uselessly tried to defend himself.

Angela laughed at how easily she could abuse him. The thought of what Dennis was feeling made her cum once again, she had all of the power, and he couldn't do anything to prevent her from having her fun, ...she felt her pussy tingling as she squashed his miniature junk.


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