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'Dai on' na'

  The gigantic television screen was like an enormous drive-in movie theater.

The flickering pictures flashed across the screen, while I sat there uncomfortably pretending to watch Reese Witherspoon; I tried to settle down, ...although after being treated like a little girl's toy doll and having been so casually handled by these giant teen's, my only concern was simply surviving until Dr. Harrison returned.

The overwhelming feeling of these nimble, giant fingertips, squeezing and softly gripping me as they dressed and undressed my miniature body, continued to remind me of just how insignificant my life had become, it was as if, I were no more than an object, I was simply, and casually released when they were through playing with me.


Standing in the center of the coffee table, inside the middle of the huge living room, I looked around with an ever-increasing, consuming anxiety...

Wearing this brightly colored pink sweatshirt and a loose fitting pair of over-sized nylon stretch pants, that didn't fit very good at all, I really didn't like this place. And, I was actually starting to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Standing there in between the crossed ankles of Christy and Diana's naked feet. Their bare feet rising up like bookends on either side of me.

Pretty, blonde haired Maggie, sat on the edge of the coffee table opposite from me, crossing her long legs in those black yoga pants. She was leaning over to pour everyone another glass of wine.

'Legally Blonde' was playing on the Oldie's Channel, but the girls had muted the sound on the T.V. and were playing one of Joy's mixed C.D's in the dusty old C.D. Player.

The sound of a heavy bass guitar nearly shook the entire room, as a Jamaican, Reggae Style beat, thumped out of the surround sound speakers.

Maggie arched her back and flexed while bouncing along and keeping a steady tempo with the heavy rhythm. Bouncing her upper body. Lifting her shoulders, as if she were dancing a slow motion style dance while sitting down, ...she was starting to catch a buzz, and her actions were becoming more and more excessive.

Diana laughed, "I think you'd better slack off on the juice!", she yelled over the loud music, "You're going to make a mess if you spill that!"

I watched with slow, but ever increasing concern, as these young girls became more and more exhilarated. Diana had even allowed herself to partake of the alcohol, which I found to be quite surprising, and as she sipped it down after eating a larger piece of her chocolate birthday cake, ...I was starting to wonder where Maxine had disappeared to, and if this, 'All Girl Party, was about to get out of control!

Just as the thought crossed my mind, Christina lit up a hand-rolled cigarette and took a full, heavy draw. She held her breath for a long time and then released her smoke directly toward me, she passed it over to Maggie, and ...the thick cloud of smoke drifted my way and I instantly detected the powerful, but sweet aroma, ...of some unmistakably, strong weed.

I couldn't believe my eyes, when Maggie passed it over to Diana and she casually took a slight hit off it, before quickly passing it back to Christy, ...the joint went around three times, and each time they hit it, they exhaled their smoke directly toward me!

Even though Diana hadn't 'taken in', quite so much, and though it was a lesser amount, it still hit me like a ton of bricks! I coughed and wheezed while trying to hold my breath, desperately attempting to fan it away; the powerful thick smoke billowed all around me, filling my lungs several times before the roach was finally snuffed out.

Within moments, I started to feel the vibration of the music in a much different way, ...the heavy beat sounded so mellow and smooth, and the guitar, it sounded even better...

My eyelids felt heavier, and I finally started to completely relax. This was just what I needed! Finally, I could actually take a full breath, and slowly let it out, ...Man, to think that 'this', ...was all that I would have needed to relieve my compounding anxiety!

    "Whoo Hoo", Maggie yelled. "This is great!"

Sitting up to suddenly pull her vest off, quickly tossing it away, just before ripping off her tight cotton blouse; she stripped and began twirling the white shirt all around. The tall blonde beauty jumped to her feet - standing to her full height - towering over the coffee table, ...completely topless!

I looked up in utter fascination, ...her gigantic upper body completely naked towering so high above me!

Her small, but firm breasts, standing up proudly as she worked her shoulders around and casually rotated her hips, ...rocking her body; her nipples drew tiny circles in the air, high above me...

    "Oh yea, ...let's Dance!", Christina exclaimed with a loud voice!

Stripping off her tee shirt, she tossed it away and stood to dance with Maggie. Only wearing her ripped blue jeans, Christy shifted her wide hips, bouncing to the heavy beat, the two of them were like two backup dancers at a topless bar! I felt the heavy weighted footfalls, as they stomped and stepped around and kicking and dancing to the music! Their huge hips shaking around just above me, the tremendous size, simply terrifying!

Diana stood up and joined them, too. Although ...without removing her shirt, ...she was laughing so very hard, as she attempted to start, 'Twerking?'

Her tight shorts were very revealing, as they slipped up into her smooth little asscrack. The sight of her firmly developed legs, drew my full attention, forcing me to look away from the bouncing boobies high above; I watched with complete fascination as my little angelic owner started doing the 'nasty dance', ...quaking with girlish, giantess giggling, and shaking her bootie directly above me!

Unable to resist all of this overflowing estrogen, I dropped to my knees and ripped the ugly ass, pink colored shirt off and hastily flung it away, looking up at the three of them, I let loose and started to get into the soothing music!

    "Hey hey, ...our little dude is starting to loosen up!", Christy yelled!

    "Yea, ...look at 'em! He's really getting into it!", Maggie yelled!

Suddenly, I began to feel so good, that I stood up and whipped off those oversized sweat pants and kicked them away, too! ...dancing as best I knew how I made my way over closer to the edge of the huge coffee table.

The sight of these beautiful, giant girls, dancing above me like towering supreme Goddesses, seemed to cast a spell of overwhelming desire.

Although I was still far below the bend of their knees, I did my best to dance with them. And, they were really enjoying the fact that I was, too! Looking down at me with smiling faces, blowing me kisses, winking at me, and standing directly over me; I danced naked on that huge coffee table, ...like it was something that I always wanted to do!

It just simply felt so good, to just let go, ...and forget about everything that had happened to me. It felt so strangely wonderful, as I looked up high above me, and saw these three giant teen girls, dancing with me!


Eventually, the Reggae tune ended, and a Pink Floyd tune began to play; the air was feeling a bit humid and thick. Maggie's arms were sweating, so she stepped off, swaying her wide hips as she quickly walked away from the large living room, turning down the hall, to go and get a towel from the bathroom.

I squatted down next to Christie's folded up, black bra, settling down to catch my breath, ...the room felt as though it was slowly spinning around, ...I steadied myself, reaching over and grabbing the edge of one of the large foamy breast cups, ...the overpowering aroma of feminine sweat infiltrated my head.

Diana was laughing excessively, and she kept on looking down at me as if she was about to ask me something.

The next thing I know, I'm gently wrapped up inside of a huge set of slender fingers. The hand instantly forms a complete fist, and I'm slowly taken up high into the air!

Without the slightest bit of concern, ...the huge female hand, swings out, and lifts me way up high!

    "Dive Bomber!", Diana yells out!

Suddenly, I'm swooping downward, headed straight toward the shocked looking expression, on Maggie's beautiful face!


The pretty blonde, smiles slightly, and then acting as if she were about to scream, she plays along, and pretends to act like she's Diving out of the way, ...just before I was just about to crash into her; with this tiny, little, (Pretend) plane. (Diana's comfortable fist)

Moving in slow motion, both girls pretending, ...acting as if she was about to be hit, ...and then, she suddenly changes. Maggie begins to make a sound like a Dinosaur,

    ...'Growling' she does her best to mimic the sound of a Jurassic Park, style ~Indominus Rex~ sound effect!


Clinging as tightly as I can, I hold my breath as the swiftly descending flight takes a sudden turn and starts to climb back up again, ...with breakneck speed, I'm rocketed back up, and quickly turned back around!

    "No, NOOOOOO, Diana! Don't do this!", I yelled out!

As I suddenly shot back towards the snarling face of the waiting Maggie! The tall blonde growled again, and slowly swiped her claw-like hand towards me, sweeping it passed me as if she were attempting to swat my tiny plane out of the sky!

Her blonde hair flipping out to the sides, Maggie spins around while squatted down, growling again and standing back up, she swipes her claws right passed me and growls again!

Christina steps in from the side and grabs me away from Diana's fist. Awkwardly grabbing me up within her fingers, she lifts me away, and I'm swept downward, lowered down to her waist.

    "Alright you guys, ...what's the deal with that?", she says. "Come on, let's find something else to do with him."

Slowly swinging and swaying, back and forth, with my right hand pinched up tightly between her thumb and finger, Christie casually strolls across the room. Lifting me up to her chest height, she loosely releases me to drop into her open palm. I quickly grab onto her extended pinkie finger and wrap my legs around her thumb. My sweaty naked body pressing firmly against the center of her open hand, the moist dew feels slick, and wet, as she continues around the corner, turning to head down the hallway,

  "Wad-da-yah' wanna do now?", Maggie asks, curiously...

    "Let's take him back to your room, I want to see where you keep him.", Christy says, looking back and forth between the two other girls.

So relieved, to be so quickly rescued from Diana's wild plane ride, ...I slowly release a long, slow, breath, ...but now, I wonder what this tall, curly haired Tomboy, has in mind as a 'Better' Idea.

Sitting down on the edge of Diana's bed, Christina casually glances around the room, while randomly fondling my nakedness within the entrapment of her roaming fingers,

    " I like your room, Diana."

Maggie stands directly in front her, with her hands on her hips. Her bare breasts still prominently displayed, her broad hips floating freely as her wide stance seems to take on a dominant pose, ...smiling down at me, ...her sparkling eyes filled with wonder.

    "Let's see some of your shoes, Diana!", Christy suddenly says's. Noticing the stacked shelves inside the open closet.

    "Alright, I have some new ones too!", Diana excitedly say's!

Maggie continues to stare, ...watching with fascination as Christy casually holds me inside her relaxed palm, pinning me down with her thumb and finger,

    ...while lightly stroking my legs and stomach.

Diana steps across her large Yoga mat and opens her closet doors all the way up. She steps back and squats down in front of her shoes. Reaching into a square, she removes a black pair of strappy sandals and holds them up delicately between her fingertips,

    "I just got these last weekend!", she say's, dangling the shoes out in front of her.

    "Oh yes, ...I like those, put them on!", Christy says.

    "Here, I'll put these on, and you can wear these...", Diana says, as she reaches back into the closet to grab up another pair of red colored heels.

     "Their size '8', what size are you?"

     "I usually wear a '9' but, I think I can fit into those...", Christy say's, casually releasing me to fall onto the bed next to her hip.

I swiftly scramble to my feet and try to run, but I'm quickly abducted by the lightning quick reaction of the towering blonde goddess, ...she traps me beneath her flattened fingers.

Maggie quickly sits down, as Christy gets up, filling the space left behind by her huge butt. The tall slender blonde sits; relaxing her weighted hips down, allowing her black yoga pants to contrast against the light colored bed sheet, sinking into the soft conforming mattress.

Pulling myself free of Maggie's long fingers, I watch as Christy joins Diana on the Yoga mat.

The two of them sit down to try on the high-heeled shoes, Maggie's smiling face, still hovering above me, watching me, with a strange possessive curiosity...

Christy unbuttons her waistband and wriggles her hips out of the tightly fitted jeans. She folds them up neatly and promptly drops them onto the foot of Diana's bed. Standing there, now, wearing only a tiny white pair of tightly fitted thong panties, she looks like a slightly over-developed, little girl, with just a hint of baby fat, but her exquisite figure is absolutely breathtaking!

She slips on the spike heel shoes and struts around in a full circle. Her well-rounded glutes lightly rubbing together, her powerful bare thighs now on full display, I have to look away once again, ...looking up, directly overhead, to find the giantess Maggie staring down at me with a slight smirk, ...her left hand fondles her right breast, pinching the stiffening nipple between her fingertips.

Diana removes her pants as well, and slips on the black high heels, she does a similar strutting walk around the yoga mat and stops to park her feet, in just the right way; a perfectly displayed pose, ...forming a 'V' with her toes pointing out.

    "M,m nice, ...I wonder what little Billy thinks?", Christy asks.

Glancing over at me, as she stands next to Diana, posing her feet in a similar fashion.


      "Bring him over here, Maggie, and set him down on the floor."

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