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'Dai on' na'


  The crush velvet lining, filling the pre-molded space of this splendid little make-up box, was just perfectly designed for my miniature size; it made the most comfortable bed!

Diana had removed some of her shoes from a storage shelf inside her walk-in closet, and made a space at floor level, where she inexplicably created a small but comfortable living area, perfectly designed just for me!

  I couldn't believe that Diana had taken so much time to do this for me, ...fixing it up, so that I would have a nice, clean, comfortable spot, to just relax and get some sleep, ...and, still be down at the floor level, where I would then be able to come and go as I pleased.

  In return, ...for my laboriously, time-consuming efforts, in helping her with the most delicate task of detailing her exquisite nails, ( I had always had a bit of an artistic flair, and knowing that I could draw, fairly well.) I just did my best to paint as naturally as I could, ...her toenails, and fingernails, with the most intricately designed pattern that I could imagine...

  Evidently, it turned out most effectively, ...apparently, with my miniature sized perspective, the tiny flowers that I painted, ended up becoming the most fantastic detail, that she had ever seen displayed on her nails, ...on anyone's fingers, or toes, for that matter, and to which, I had no 'idea' of this kind of result, ...and when Diana was so overjoyed with what I had done, she simply loved the miniature paintings, so much so, that she just had to show me how much, ... by planting several huge kisses all over my bare chest and body!

  I had just simply used an older brush, (that Diana was going to dispose of), and I cut away most of the damaged bristles, ...then, I had to twist the single strands into a tightly fitted braid; after that, ...I was left with a feather-like paint brush, that I then used to simply paint the finest detailed portrait, of three overlapping rose blooms.

Diana was simply delighted with what I had painted, and I agreed to replicate the design on all twenty of her nails...

She trusted me enough, now, ...to allow me to venture out into her bedroom, all on my own. However, she had made it very clear, that I was not to leave the bedroom. She placed a red plastic cup, (with a piece of tissue paper stuffed down into the bottom), just inside her closet, where I could use it as a toilet, and I had already tried it out just after she had gone to bed, and it definitely served the purpose!

I climbed into my (make-up case), 'bed'...and, picked up the small piece of dark chocolate that Diana had left there for me on my (cotton ball), 'Pillow', ...she was trying her best to make me as comfortable as she possibly could...

I felt a bit ashamed, of the way that I acted with her, earlier, ...but, I don't think that the young girl had even given it, all that much thought, anyway. She had just merely assumed, that I 'WAS', just teasing her,(about that suspicious looking 'mystery mole') and, it had actually turned out to work in my favor.

Although, ...I did actually 'enjoy' her vengeful, (but, playful) reaction, to what she figured was just my 'joking' way of tormenting her and it was truly something that I'd never expect to happen to me,

...I mean, who would ever consider becoming the plaything for a teenage girl who could simply put you inside her pocket, ...and, completely forget about you, even being there!

This definitely posed a serious threat...

I had barely escaped getting caught staring at her ass, ..and I was so glad, that she hadn't picked up on that, ...I enjoyed her respect, and I didn't want to ever jeopardize it!

A tiny book lite with a wide clamp on the back of its base, (Something that a regular sized person would use to read, while in bed at night,) ...was simply clamped to the top of my room. (The bottom most shoe shelf, on the back wall inside of Diana's closet) The small light worked perfectly for me, ...I could easily, switch it on, and off, with a just a simple push of a button on the back of the fixture.

I left it on for a while, and just laid there in my bed replaying everything that had happened to me, on this first day of being shrunken down to a mere four inches tall.

I heard some soft music coming through the back wall, (inside of the closet) it was right next to the dining room, where the sounds coming from the living room could easily be carried through to Diana's closet, ...I knew that Maxine was still awake, and evidently, Joyce and two other women were in there drinking and having a good time, ...I looked over at my clock, (the wrist watch, that Diana had strapped around the corner of a support post on the side of my room), it was 1:00 am, and it sounded as though the party was starting to wind down...

I took a small sip of coffee from the (Barbie Doll dish set collection) Coffee Cup, that Diana had prepared earlier for me, (...after I had just simply, Asked for it...) and she had been delighted to get for me, and I broke off a small section of the chocolate bar and popped it into my mouth, ...I heard the front door in the living room closing, and the heavy latch being bolted into the locked slot.

  listening intently, for any other sounds that might reveal what the giantess Doctor was up to, ...but, several minutes passed, without any other distinguishable noises, that I could use to decipher what the giantess was doing, ...I was just a bit concerned, that she might come for me after her visitors had gone home for the night...

  Knowing, that I couldn't take any more handling by these gigantic females, I had been played around with enough for one day, ...and I prayed that Maxine didn't wonder into her daughter's room, expecting to find me, and take me out to play with me; just to simply satisfy her own sexual curiosities.

This fascination they seemed to have with me, now, laid heavily on my mind. Considering how my evasiveness, would most definitely arouse a woman's attraction to me, enticing her to explore something that had to be an intriguing absorption within her feminine fancy.

Diana hadn't told her anything, about fixing up this space inside her closet for me, and the young girl was now, ...sleeping very soundly; I could hear her subtle breathing as she laid on her side in the huge bed, just outside my door.

Surely, Maxine wouldn't wake up her daughter so that she could get to me, ...but, I wasn't completely sure of that either, ...and I couldn't fall asleep, until I was sure that the giant woman had gone off to her own bed, and the threat of her abducting me was long, since passed...

Just to be sure, I waited until I heard the hallway light switch off, and then, I was pretty sure that Maxine was down for the count!

I looked at my clock one last time, before I shut off the light, ...it was. 1:49.am. and I pulled the pink handkerchief up around me and snuggled up, into my soft, comfortable bed.


The next morning came with a thumping sound that sounded as if someone was pounding a fence post into the ground without digging a hole first!
"Wham! Wham! Wham!

I sat up and turned on my light. I rubbed my eyes and squinted to look over at my clock; 4:30,am. I yawned and stretched, before rolling out of bed and standing up.

I walked to the edge of the huge closet door and peeked around the corner to see what Diana was doing, ...she was sitting on her Yoga mat, completely naked, ...doing leg lifts...

Her heels would occasionally hit the floor, and that was the heavy thumping sound, that had so suddenly, awakened me from my deep sleep!

Instantly, pulling myself away from the sight, of this beautiful young girl's magnificent body, I forced myself to walk back over to my bed and sit down. Like a snapshot, inside my brain; the image of her naked figure continued to linger in my mind's eye,

...I closed my eyes and continued to enjoy it. I had to force myself to stay on my bed, and not sneak back over there to watch her glorious nudity, as she obliviously performed her morning workout routine.

I sat there, trying to think about anything else, as the breathtaking image of her beautiful body kept on returning to my mind, ...she was lying back, with her round, smooth, heels, pressing firmly together, her perfectly aligned little toes, pointing straight out, aiming directly toward me, ...her powerful upper body straining to arise, ...as she held her feet up just a few feet off the surface of the mat.

Her taut stomach muscles drawing up so tightly, displaying the well-defined six-pack, so easily discernible across her bare abdomen.

Her magnificent little bum, flattening out beneath her weight, pressing into that rubber mat; the beautiful teen goddess, smoothly performing her yoga pose - leg lifts .

I instantly went back to yesterday evening, on the floor of her room, when she was about to sit on me... I wondered if she had considered what she had actually done to me...

Without so much as a single thought, as to the actual effect of her teasing, ... when she had nearly taken the liberty to lower herself down upon my miniature body, and sit down, ...right on top of me, ...with that spectacular little butt of hers!

That simple act, still lingering in my mind, had left a permanent scar... The image of her well-defined muscle tone, ...her giant booty was nothing, if not mind-blowingly impressive!

Her long, slender legs, held out perfectly straight, ...not even a single imperfection, (Or, even a single, tiny mole.) could be found, anywhere, ...upon her magnificent feminine figure.

I felt a stiffy forming in my short-shorts, and drew a deep breath, desperately trying to will it away_

    "God! This is complete, ...and total, torture!", I said, reaching down and taking it within my hand.

    Thump! Thump! Thump!

    "Oh God, How am I suppose to LIVE, Like This!"

  This was just so Crazy! My entire body wasn't even as big as her 'foot', and yet, I was yearning to be touched by this beautiful young girl, and there was undoubted, ...that I could allow her, -this beautiful teen giantess- to ascertain, what she was unintentionally doing to me!

Knowing that, if she fully realized the effect that she was having on me, I would lose that little scrap of dignity, that still yet remained...

No, I couldn't afford to allow that to happen, ...not yet anyhow! I had to keep my edge, no matter how difficult it would be! I didn't want to be looked upon by her, or any of these gigantic women, as this little, smitten mouse, ...that they could so easily, manipulate and control, ...no, I had to remain an enigma and keep what little respect that I had left!

I didn't know if my mental resolve would hold out, long enough to make it through an entire day. It had only been one single night; 12 hours, ...and, I was beginning to wonder, if I would be up for the challenge of an entire day, as this, perfectly formed, little, miniature man...

Had my entire life, building up to this point, ...just been a prerequisite for this amazing transformation? I mean, ...I'd had no idea, that this thing was about to happen to me, and the strange 'unimaginable' changes, that were about to unfold...

Was this some type of test? We're the Gods, just toying around with me, ...or, was this just a simple manifestation of my own mental stability, slipping away, ...as I was just beginning to drift into complete madness...


    "Billy? ...you up yet?", I heard the sweet sound of her whispering voice.

She seemed to be directly above me, her voice amplified, filling the entire ceiling. I jerked my hand away from the inside of my pants and opened my eyes to find her standing in the closet doorway, nearly filling up the entire opening...

    "Sweety?", she slowly opened the door up and allowed more light to flood into the closet.

    "Are you, ...Awake.", she stepped inside and squatted down.

    "Billy? ...Sweetheart, are you Up?"

I reached up and switched my light on. I turned over on my side and pulled my blanket, (A Pink Handkerchief) up around my lower body, ...so that the giant girl wouldn't notice my straining erection forming a tent pole inside of my Barbie Doll Short Pants, ...I groaned and coughed a few times to make it sound as though I'd just awoken...

    "Yea, yea, ...I'm up, ...what is it?"

    "It's five thirty, and I'm about to take off. Would you like some breakfast, sweety?"

She lowered one knee down onto the floor, and moved her upper body in closer, ...bringing her face down directly over my bed, ...her pig-tails tied back and rolled into a tightly fitted bun, she had tucked them away like a bobble sitting atop her head.

The shiny black hair combed straight back, and pulled tightly, gave the impression that she didn't even have much hair, ... and with it all tied up like that, it elongated her bare neck and shoulders, making her appear even more beautiful than I thought possible!

    "I've made some oatmeal with strawberry jam, and a, ...I poured you a glass of O.J. in your little cup, ...here. I didn't know if you wanted toast or not, ...so, I just took the liberty of buttering a small wheat cracker and put a bit of blueberry yogurt on the side, ...I hope that's enough, ...I thought you might be hungry?"

She was wearing a cut-off tee-shirt and a pair of bright red jogging shorts. She had a bright yellow skirt pulled on over the top of the shorts, but it appeared like she was wearing just an extremely short mini-skirt, ...her incredible legs fully displayed for the world to see, ...I felt my heart begin to start racing, as my eyes slowly traveled down the long curvature of those tremendous pillars of strength!

    "...Might be Hungry? That had to be the 'understatement' of the year,

   ...Starving, ...was more like it!", I said to myself, ...slowly getting up, and putting my feet out onto the floor, ...still unable to get up, without causing myself a bit of undue embarrassment.

    "Yea, Okay, ...Diana, ...that sound's Great! But, uh, ...when are you coming BACK?", I asked her.

  I instantly felt a tremendous twang of fear! I suddenly felt as though, I couldn't catch my breath! I steadied myself, on the edge of the bed, as I felt my boner quickly wilting away.

  I was fading in and out, and, ...was suddenly back in grade school, ...only eight, or seven years old, ...my mother, had taken me out of school early that day, because it was picture day, and she didn't want to spend that kind of money on something so ridiculous, ...so she just told them, that I had to go to the doctors for an appointment, and I wouldn't be there for the class photos.

She stopped off at a shopping mall, somewhere in the city, and we walked into the huge entrance way, ...she looked down at me and told me to "Stay Right HERE, with Me!"

She then, just took off walking so fast, that I could not keep up with her, ...she just disappeared, ...vanishing into the large crowd of people, (Mostly, women shoppers) running off, and leaving me, completely all alone, wondering around within the forest of legs, lost within the bustling crowd!

I stumbled around and found myself venturing deeper and deeper, into the hustling mob... The powerful scent of hundreds of sweet perfumes, all blending together,

...the brightly lit fluorescent lights flooding the massive store with a blinding luminescence, ...I started calling out for my mother, ...but, I couldn't find her anywhere!

I started to cry, ..and was struggling to catch my breath! I kept on searching for her, but, she was nowhere to be found! I ran down a long isle of women's underwear, and ran right into an extremely tall woman wearing a tightly fitted mini-skirt, with her long legs fitted inside of some purple banded stockings, that gave her an extended elongation, ...her towering figure looming above me, seemed to grow into an enormous giantess!

I felt her take a hold of my shoulder, and I jerked away from her and ran back the other way!

The woman ran after me and easily caught up to me, ...she grabbed me more firmly this time, and I couldn't get away from her!

    "What's wrong, little guy? Are you LOST?", she said. Looking down at me with a look of confusion, ...which to me, ...appeared like an angry expression!

    "No, ...Let me Go!", I screamed. I whipped my arm away from her and took off as fast as I could run!

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