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'Dai on' na'

  The floor of Diana's enormous bedroom was much cooler, down here, than it was before, sitting atop the girl's giant dresser. I felt a slight chill, as I sat on the edge of the rubber Yoga block, and watched this pretty young girl sorting through several bottles of different colored nail polishes.

I couldn't pull my eyes away from the bare skin of her smooth right hip, as she sat crossed-legged and bending forward, trying to select just the right color from her stash of glass bottles.

  I pretended to be focused on the task at hand; searching through this pile of Barbie Clothes, that she had so innocently selected for me to choose from, ...but, my eyes kept on going back to her enormous figure, sitting just a slight distance away, going about her business, without a clue as to my secretive obsession.

  The way that her Gluteus Maximus flexed, as she slightly adjusted her weight, leaning forward, (subconsciously, tending her balance,) the large muscular mass, quivered and swelled at each tiny movement. Her long, slender, thigh muscle, ...so smooth, and so perfectly strong. The full measure of her dazzling magnificence, well beyond my comprehension...

  I sat there, in complete amazement of her sheer size, alone, ...the enormity of this beautiful girl, was simply mind-boggling...

  My beady eyes scanned the entire expanse of her smooth, bare skin. Only wearing the white training bra, and the 'barely there', thong panties, ...both matching; and, made of the finest silken material ever made, ...she was nearly naked,

...except for just the most private areas, of her extremely fit, and truly magnificent, female body.

I felt slightly ashamed, as I struggled to ignore this gigantic girl. Due to the presence of her undeclared beauty, and her unabashed natural integrity, so pristine and angelic...

Diana's cherubic nature, and dazzling smile, simply took my breath away, as I gazed upon her monolithic state, ...she was just simply amazing to behold, ...and I couldn't keep myself from staring!

    "Billy? Would you like to give me some assistance?", Diana's sweet voice suddenly pulled me out of my beguiled state of mind.

Swiftly, and shamefully, jerking my eyes upward, away from her relaxed and underlying dairy aire'. I instantly found that her dark eyes were finely tuned and completely focusing on my subsequently, blushing embarrassment...

    "Billy, ...what were you doing?", she inquired. Slowly, leaning over closer to me, ...her shadow sweeping over my miniature form.

  "I uh, ...was just uh', ...jus', ...um, ...looking at, uh, ...that - uh, uh, uh, ...mole, Yeah, ...that Mole, there, on your leg!", I suddenly said, nervously pulling that one out of the air!

    "What, ....what Mole?", Diana said,

  quickly looking down at her hip, and shifting her whole body to the side, leaning around to try and get a better look at where I was 'apparently' gawking, ...excitedly, searching out this mysterious imperfection, that she didn't even know existed!


  I caught my breath and cautiously stepped down from the rubber block. I took a few steps closer to the giant, Teen Goddess, and with my heart exploding within my swollen chest, I approached her with everything that I could possibly muster.

It was completely obvious, that this giant, teenage girl, had all the control in this 'physical' situation, ...and, as I tried to focus and clear my head, I began to realize that I just had to do this, ...I could not simply allow this young girl to completely take my soul, ...and have the 'mental' advantage, as well... I had to maintain and keep my mental track.

As I walked closer to the giant, Diana, ...I was suddenly and unexpectedly taken aback, and reminded of that, -1933 - 'classic' remake', of that, 'King Kong' Movie, where Ann Darrow, (Played by, Naomi Watts) -had actually formed this strange, but affectionate bond, with her enormous, simian captor.

Although this situation, was completely reversed, and turned upside down, from the similarities of the motion picture, ...that same, static electric suspense, that seemed to surge within the air all around me, ...gave me that same exact sensation, and that same sense of complete helplessness, ...that the little actress was experiencing as she bravely walked up to that giant Ape, and reached out and touched him...

I walked over to Diana's hip, stopping within arm's length of her massive leg, and I began to uncontrollably tremble, and shake, ...as I inspected the smooth, cupped area, right where her hip socket formed that slight indentation, ...that mere, incurvated hollow, that filled in the side of her hip, I reached out and touched it, with an extremely trembling hand.

    "I don't see anything Billy, ...where is it?", she impatiently urged me to point it out to her!

    "Um, ...right there. Can't you see that!", I pointed at a small tan colored spot, that was only barely noticeable, ...even for me.

    "I don't SEE, any MOLE. What are you doing, ...teasing Me?", she smirked, her smile turning the right side of her mouth up, in a one-sided twist...

    "No, ...Right, There! Diana, ...can't you see that 'hideous' looking imperfection!", I firmly said, while maintaining my firm stance, and hoping that I didn't piss in my brand new pair of 'Barbie Doll Pants', ...that is, if this giant girl, found my little trick, to be something that angered her...

I tentatively reached out and touched the smooth spot, about halfway up, on the side of her hip. The act of actually coming into full contact with her glorious body, and doing it all, on my own volition, without any resistance from this magnificent goddess, ...simply, took my mind into a strange state of complete and unexpected bliss!

I had never before touched a girls leg, like this, ...even when I was 'Normal Size', and to do this now, ...was simply 'off the scale' on my temperance monitor, and I could actually 'Feel', every hair on my miniature body, standing straight out, and twisting around into a thousand little, tiny, knots!

    "There's NO, ...Mole, ...Billy, ...you're 'Teasing Me'. ...aren't ya?", she seemed to sound genuinely amused, ...and not the least bit upset, about my little test.

    "No, ...I'm dead serious, ...LOOK, it might be something that you should have a Doctor take a look at, ...could be something 'Very' serious...", I tried to sound concerned, but, ...her inquisitive suggestion, and her quick wit, caught my little jig as easily as she could snatch me up inside her hand, ...and, ...that's exactly what she did!

  I was swiftly enveloped within her sudden grasp, and vaulted straight up into the sky like a rocket shot into space, ...and I had to close my eyes as the wind was instantly squashed from my lungs, and I suddenly stopped, ...right in front of her squinting, narrowed eyes!

    "You, ...Little BUG!", she tried to sound 'Mean', but, her gorgeous giggle instantly gave her away...

    "I should just, drop you into the toilet, ...and just leave you there, for the rest of the night!", she said, as she suddenly got to her feet, and started walking slowly around her bedroom.

Using just a mere constriction, with her feminine fist, my entire midsection held firmly compressed and perfectly centered within her mighty grasp; I gasped with surprise, as she simply swept me around in a full circle, and turned me completely upside down!

She had fallen down onto her bed, and was lying out flat on her back, letting her head hang down over the side, and holding me out in front of her face, ...the whole room, completely inverted, and turned around... I felt the blood, all rushing to my head!

Her heavily, braided, pigtails appeared to be sticking straight up from the sides of her head, as her head hung down toward the floor, ...her cheeks starting to flush, she smiled, and her blinking eyes looked to be slightly protruding.

Her neck swelling up, as I noticed a large vein on the right side, just below her ear, expanding, and pulsing with the sudden shift in pressure.

Quite some distance away, I looked down, ...toward the ceiling? Then, quickly looking up, I looked above my head, I saw the floor? ...only about ten feet above my head!

I pulled my right arm free of the giantess' grasp, frantically reaching out toward the pink carpeting...

    "Diana, ...don't let me FALL!"

    "What's the matter, Billy?", she teased.

    "Please, Diana... Don't drop me!", I frantically screamed out!

    "Oh, what's that?", she slowly began to loosen up her fingers, allowing me to free up both of my arms!

My entire body started to slip away from within the warmth of her hand, and I desperately tried to hang on to her soft fingers!

    "Drop You? Now, I wouldn't do that, ...would I?", she teased. Her cheeks swelling, and her blinking eyes, flashing with delightful amusement!

  Diana allowed her entire body, to just gradually slide down over the edge of her bed, slipping down off of the side and pulling her head up, while craning her neck, she slowly lowered the back of her head down into the pink carpeting, allowing her shoulders, to settle down onto the floor...

Gradually releasing my body from her grasp, and allowing me to gently drop free, into the fluffy pink carpeting; I gathered myself up, and quickly got to my feet,

...just as I looked up, to see the rest of the giantess' body roll across the sky above, directly overhead, and awkwardly come crashing down onto the floor,

...her long, lengthy, legs, seemed to go on forever, ...as they swept across the sky, and recoiled into a crumbling crash, some distance well away, from the side of the bed!

Now, I looked up to her, ...her entire body forming a bridge across me. She pressed her hands down, like she was doing a push-up, and got up onto her hands and knees, ...completely filling the ceiling above me, ...I was standing directly beneath her expansive bare stomach!

Her bare skin seemed to glisten in the low light on the floor, as she lowered her head down to search me out, ...her daring eyes quickly found me. Tauntingly, she wriggled her hips playfully in response to my confusion, ...she was playing with me like I was her little pet, ...her giggle, vibrating across the floor, as she spread her knees apart, and slowly began to lower herself down upon my miniature figure!

    "No, ...Stop That!", I cried out, as I realized what this giddy young girl was attempting to do!

Her white panties instantly caught my eye, as she began to gradually lower herself down as if she were going to just, ...Sit Right Down, on top of ME!

    "Diana!", I screamed in a frightened panic!

    "Oh, Ooh,...watch Out Beloooooow!", she playfully announced!

  Suddenly, just as she was about to crush me beneath her 'V'-Shaped pantie crotch, ...a stark, pecking sound distracted the giant girl from her playful ruse, and her hand quickly came down between her legs and swiftly snatched me up, ...whipping me around behind her back, as she simultaneously, swept her legs back together, and whipped them around to one side.

I ended up, facing her butt crack, as she sat with her legs folded to one side, holding me within her fist, with her arm around behind her...my arms pinned down to my sides, as I was forced to press my face into the top of this vase-shaped space, just above the tight elastic band of her pantie strap!

    "Hello?", a woman's voice spoke, as the door popped open, and slowly swung away, revealing the visitor on the other side,... "Diana? You still awake, Sweety?"

    "Yeah, ...Joyce, I'm still up, ...What's S'up?", Diana answered the tall red head.

    "Oh, ...goodie, ...I just wanted to say hello dear, ...and see what you've been up to?"

    "Nothin' much, Joy. I was just getting ready for bed.", Diana yawned,

  ...as she stretched out her free arm, and pretended to be extra-tired, ...keeping her other hand tucked away behind her back, she kept me securely trapped tightly up against her bottom, and hopelessly unable to do anything about her buttcrack, stuffed directly into my face!

Still sitting with both her knees together, she relaxed on the floor next to her bed, as this tall long legged woman stepped into her room, and squatted down in front of her, ...her curiosity, causing her to quickly glance around the entire room. Smiling wide, with a look of wonder...

    "So, ...turning the Big, -'One' - 'Six'- huh, ...do you 'Feel', like an older woman, Now?", Joyce tried to sound serious but cracked a goofy smile, chuckling with a gruff smoker's voice, a form of slight lung damage from years of smoking cigarettes.

Her question, just a simple ice breaker, as she turned her knees to the side, and sat down in the exact opposite position as the much younger girl.

    "I don't know, Joy. I DON'T feel any Different, ...why, am I suppose to?",

Diana, humored, the older woman, not wanting to offend her, ...she naturally played along with her, attempting to be as polite as she could, while wishing that this woman would just leave her alone so that she could go to bed and get some sleep...

    "Diana, ...Your mother told me that you're going to start driving this summer, ...have you decided what kind of car you'll want to buy?"

    "I haven't really given it much thought, Joy. I was kinda busy running this year, and I was hoping, to at least finish this year, without dropping out of any of the runs, ...there's quite a bit of competition at school, and I have to run almost every day, just to stay up with the top runners."

    "Oh, ...I see. Well, have you ever ridden in a 'Mini Cooper', one of those little cars, ...you know? I think, there like owned, by BMW, and there built over there in the U.K. -there a tiny little car, ...kinda like a Volkswagon?"

    "Yes, ...I've seen one of those cute little cars, ...yea, I like 'em, ...why?"

    "Oh, ...No reason, I was jus wondering' if ya ever saw one before, or ridden in one..."

    "Oh, ...I'd sure like to ride in one! But, no, ...I haven't yet, ...Why, are you going to buy one of them?"

    "Maybe, dear. Well, I'll let you get to bed, now. So that you can get up real early and hit the track with a good start!", Joyce said. As she scooted her feet out, and got up onto her knees...

    "I'll see you tomorrow, though, right?", Diana asked, smiling up at the tall woman.

Climbing onto her feet, Joyce stood and steadied herself upon her three-inch heels. Turning toward the door, she stepped part way through, and turned back toward the young girl,

    "Oh Yes, ...I wouldn't miss it for the world!", she said, as she slowly closed the girl's bedroom door, "G'night Sweetheart"

    "G'night Joy!"


    "Let me GO!", I screamed.

    "...Okey-dokey, Lil' Pokey", Diana teased.

Turning me around, and slowly pulling me away from her soft butt cheeks. I couldn't stand it any longer, ...and was about to start screaming before that tall redhead had gone, but, I didn't want to risk getting 'sat on', by Diana's enormous butt!

    "I'm sorry, Billy, ..but, I didn't have time to put you anywhere else, because she came into my room so fast, that I had to hide you quick, and that, ...unfortunately, was the only place that I could find!"

    "Just, ...put me down, now, ...Please!", I begged.

    "Don't you like being close to my great big Butt?", she whispered devilishly, smiling with a playfulness, that caused my heart to start pounding.

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