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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here, we'll discover a few more things that had already happened. Told from Twila's perspective, we'll see what kind of life that little Jeffery has been living, as well.


Several weeks later, at Ms. Jackson's apartment...

It was just another lazy Saturday afternoon. The tall blonde, thirty-year-old, could have easily been mistaken for an eighteen-year-old high school girl, walking back into her large living room and swiftly grabbing up the remote.

Turning on her television, Twila glanced over the open 'T.V Guide' - making sure that her show was coming on. She loved watching the latest episodes of her favorite drama, 'CSI'.

Just freshly out of the shower, still naked and dripping wet - with only a large towel wrapped around her hair - she walked back into her bathroom and got dried off. Then to her bedroom, she hurried down the hallway - completely naked - she enjoyed the freedom of being nude.

She wished that she could just be naked, all of the time, ...she really loved the feeling. Whenever she was alone, and not expecting any visitors, in her apartment she often wore nothing at all, if it were up to her, everyone would have to be naked - especially during the hottest days of summer...

Selecting some old comfortable clothes, she reluctantly pulled them on and grabbed her phone. Walking back into her kitchen, she grabbed a bottle of water and poured some into a small tea cup. Placing it into the microwave, she did a few squats while waiting for it to heat.

After calling and ordered some home delivery, she stood next to her fridge slowly removing the towel from around her head. Dropping a tea bag into her cup she stood there next to her table waiting for it to steep, ...pondering the past day's events, she stood replaying some of them in her mind...


Discovering those two shrunken janitors, ...and then, three more little men, that were passed out just outside of the men's restroom. They had come along just in time... The three others were just barely able to defend themselves from being easily captured by some little girl.

The little girl, a cute little red head about seven years old - a daughter to one of the executives on the first floor; she had been playing in the playroom with several other kids and had left there to go to the restrooms.

Luckily, for her, she had just happened to be coming down the hallway at the very moment, that the three other men were waking up, ...if she had been given a few more minutes, she would have easily captured them all, and Melanie and herself, would have never even known about them...

However, when Melanie and herself came along - just after picking up the two janitors- they instantly saw the little girl squatting over three more shrinkies, ...suddenly realizing what was happening and what she was doing. They quickly intercepted!

Melanie told the little girl that they were her little men and that she had lost them, ...quickly snatching them up before they got away, - she thanked the little girl for finding them for her and the two women quickly stuffed them into Twila's purse and left before the little girl could protest.

It had been the most fantastic discovery for both of them, ...but, that little girl was very unhappy when they took them away from her...


Twinkie knew that Mel would be stopping over around ten o'clock and the two of them would most likely go out to some of the clubs around midnight... she always enjoyed listening to live music.

It had been the most amazing week, so many things had happened that she needed a little time to just relax and enjoy herself. So many things had changed. Everything would be very different, from now on... Twinkie was beginning to really enjoy, - finally - getting to be the one in charge!

Dropping the wet towel over the back of one of her kitchen chairs, she carefully picked up the tea and walked through her living room - making sure that she didn't accidentally step on anyone...

She giggled. Trying to contain her emotional excitement. Carrying herself in an odd sort of way, ...she was purring with sexual delight - she felt so, ...so 'Powerful' - like a Goddess.

Casually stepping across her large living room - glancing over the wide open floor space -yawning with a delightful sound -- releasing a long, drawn out, feminine moan, ...following it up with a cute little squeal.

She chuckled softly, swinging her wide set hips - deliberately teasing the captive audience down around her feet - pretending not to be aware of their presence as she walked past them...

Knowing that her return was most certainly acknowledged among them, she could almost feel their tension rising - her presence, alone - sending a chill down their spine.

Wearing an extremely tight, black colored, sleeveless tee-shirt, with a cut-off pair of jean shorts - her long luxurious legs so soft and smooth - wearing a nearly knee-high pair of fuzzy pink socks, pushed down and wrinkled up around her ankles. Placing the steaming tea cup down on her coffee table, she turned back toward the open floor.

Placing her hands down on her hips, she lazily shifted from side to side - surveying her territory with a predatory gaze, raising her voice she commanded some attention,

"Those shoes had better be spotless!", she said. Directing her voice on high.

"...because, if their NOT, (she finished in a sing-song fashion) ...you'll be sorry."

Suddenly falling backward and flopping down on her large cushy couch, she propped her feet up and crossed her ankles. Stretching her arms up high above her head, she allowed her butt to sink down into the large cushions.

Enjoying the feeling of her erect nipples pressing against the taut fibers of the conforming cotton shirt,

"Oh, I'm sooo hungry!", she blurted out - to no one in particular...

Wriggling her toes in the thick fuzzy socks, she chuckled again - wondering how her pink socks appeared to her miniature slaves, ...giant pink socks! (hee-hee)

Looking down on her floor - in the center of the huge, western-style area rug, ...three tiny, naked men - were diligently working away at polishing up a single pair of her black leather, high heel pumps.

Two more were standing on the coffee table - completely motionless - awaiting their mistress to give them her attention, ...trembling with fear, and trying their best to smile up at the gigantic blonde.

Back down on the floor, the huge pair of shoes - so dominating in appearance - dwarfing the other three miniature men, so much, that Twinkie chuckled with arousal and delight at the comical sight... they looked like little construction workers - sweating and laboring away at this most difficult task.

Smiling inwardly, she felt a warm tingling sensation stirring within her loins, she simply loved having so much power over these little men, ...it created the most bizarre blend of arousal and empowerment!


The pizza would be arriving any minute and she knew that she needed to hide her little pets, ...somewhere, near by - she really hated the fact that she would have to make them stop what they were doing...

"Alright, take a break 'little ones", breaking the silence.

"Come over here where I can see you, ...chop-chop!".

Leaning forward and turning toward them, she clapped her hands a few times to get their attention - then dropping both her socked feet back down onto the floor,

'BooM!' ~ exaggerating the effect - by letting them drop with a heavy thudding sound!

"Cmon, hurry up! I don't have all day!", she ordered. "One, Two, ...Three!"

The sudden crash of her giant feet hitting the solid wood floor, carrying out far and wide all across the room... sending a message that anyone under six-inches tall could easily understand...

Jeffery ran as fast as his bare feet would carry him, straight underneath the huge, glass top coffee table, and directly up to Twila's huge pink socks, ...skidding to stop, right next to the giant pink feet of his new (temporary) Mistress. He felt slightly better seeing that Twila had clothed herself, at least, she wasn't quite as frisky whenever she was dressed.

He knew that he didn't want to get punished again, the last time she had called them to come to her - he was the last one to get to her and his bottom was still very sore and painful from her punishment.

Threatening to burn him with a huge cigarette lighter, she held him upside down and flicked him with her fingernail! Spanking him until he broke down and started crying... warning him, that the next time he was last, she would use the lighter!

Melanie was his true Mistress - or, so he had been advised - and she had 'temporarily' placed him into the hands of her more 'gentle' friend, Twinkie. And, for the last few days, his life had been so much easier, (Although, still treated worse than a little animal) he knew that his true Mistress, would be back later tonight to collect him, and his mind was racing with an overwhelming fear!

Melanie had branded him. Heating up a thin piece of metal wire, Ms. Kershaw had burned a large 'M' on his left buttock, and a large 'K' on his right, ...the swelling had almost all gone away when Twila spanked him for not moving fast enough! Re-injuring the wounds with her spiteful flicking -- Jeffrey had never felt such pain!

He wished that he could just escape from these two, and somehow get to his wife, Susan. If he could get away from them, ...she would most certainly save him from these two demented witches and figure out some way to return him to normal size, again!

"Now, that's much better. When I call you, I want you to come to me!", Twila firmly spoke down to them.

Standing all around her feet, the three of them looked up at her with fear in their eyes. Wondering what demeaning task she had planned for them to do, ...they all hoped that it wouldn't be the foot massage again - that was the worst - she had nearly crushed Bobby underneath her right foot while Phil and Jeffery were rubbing the wriggling toes of her left foot!

She didn't speak to them directly. She simply ordered them as a group - telling the whole of them to perform something and then picking out one of them to punish for being the worst performer. This idea was working too, she had them competing against each other trying to do a better job.

"Alright Bobby, I want you guys to hide under the couch whenever that doorbell rings.", she firmly said. "If any of you try and get the Pizza guy's attention, I am going to punish Bobby! Got it?"

Twila leaned forward and without saying another word, she casually placed her hands down -palms up- on the coffee table. The two five-inch-tall, naked male slaves, instantly ran over to her and quickly climbed into her hands and seated themselves -- plopping down on their butts and crossing their ankles, they awaited the giantess to take them up.

"Very nice, little ones. You're doing so much better, ...maybe you won't have to sleep in my undies tonight?", Twinkie whispered. "Unless ...you'd really 'want to'?"

James and Sam, were two of the older guys that had nearly been captured by the little girl, not realizing that they would have been in much better hands, ...they had tried to get away from her - which, in turn, was what caused them to end up being noticed by Melanie and Twila...

Since then, they had been enslaved and abused almost continuously! Twinkie had been relentless for the first few days, ...keeping them stuffed inside her over-heated purse and only taking them out whenever she wanted them to pleasure her!

Then they were placed inside of the glass cigar tubes. Which they fashioned onto a large chain and hung around their necks like some weird over-sized necklace, ...plugging the tops with a rubber stopper - only a small amount of air could get inside.

Jeffery hated the glass tube. As hot as her giant purse was, he would have much rather spent the entire day inside it - rather than that narrow necklace tube! It was sheer torture, ...constantly wondering how long it would be for him to actually suffocate...

Melanie was in the process of moving out of her old apartment and while she was busy getting set up in her new place, she was forced to leave Jeffrey and her other little slave with Twinkie during the move.

Twinkie had a very nice place. It was right across from the park and had large rooms with plenty of extra space, she had offered her spare room to Melanie, but Mel wanted to have her own apartment - she liked her privacy.

The two women lawyers were the best of friends and did almost everything together. However, Melanie had her own life, outside of being the lead attorney of the best law firm in the state - she also wrote stories - GTS stories, that she posted on several different internet web sites.

However, now that she and Twinkie had discovered those real live - miniature men, and had captured them - Ms.Kershaw, could easily fill that empty space in her fantasy's, that she so badly desired to explore!

Her imaginative stories covered everything from vore to gentle tease, ...and, from friendly 'girlfriend', to revenge fantasy's that literally depicted domination to the point of raw torture!

She had all sorts of ideas that she wanted to explore. And, having five little subjects to play with gave her all that much more empowerment... she simply couldn't wait to actually do some of those things that she had written about...

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