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Author's Chapter Notes:

Amy continues to play with her new toy...


"Please, just let me Go!" His tiny voice squeaking, as her large fingers squeezed around him,

"Amy, please, ...don't hurt me!"

Flying through the air in a slow dipping arch, Thomas Speedman was trying to keep from vomiting as the blonde giantess slowly swept her hand around. Screaming as hard as he could, his voice straining to make it all the way up to her ears,

"Please, let me Go! I don't want to die!"

His whole body visibly trembling, struggling wildly against her large enveloping hand, Tom could feel every nerve in his whole body - tingling - as the huge feminine fingers crushed inward all around him!

Amy was humming a delightful tune - (something from Maria Carrie) - as she casually walked around, her towering long legs working as she walked - taking the tiny man around through her apartment, casually closing curtains and turning off lights. The large thighs flexing taut - then relaxing - to wobble slightly, before jerking taut once again. Each lumbering step appeared to be so effortless, ...her gigantic size from the tiny man's perspective, simply mind-boggling!

The towering giantess - Ms. Amanda Prodowsky, had apparently dismissed her late night guest, Dr. Maxine Harrison. And, from what tiny Tom could just barely fathom, was that the giantess was preparing to lock up and shut down for the night...

Maxine, the lady doctor- who had so haphazardly delivered him to her, wasn't here any longer - or so it seemed. She must have left some time ago, because from Tom's perspective, the way that Amy was acting, revealed that she and her sleeping daughter were the only one's there, her sweet and caring attitude had vanished as well, ...she had stripped off all of her clothes and was walking around nude, carrying him around in her hand like a left-over slice of pizza; checking all the rooms throughout the entire apartment.

Taking him into her small bathroom, the tall blonde closed the door behind her and locked it. Walking over to the giant toilet, the towering Goddess slowly sat down, releasing a long, slow breath,

....the inevitable dribbling sound revealed her intentions.


Smiling obsessively and looking down into her tight fist, she carefully sat little Tom on her smooth knee. Holding back her contained amusement, the Giantess Amy, slowly relaxed her grip, readjusting her fingers around him she enclosed his hips between her finger and thumb, ...gradually bringing her new toy up to her face.

Suddenly presenting him with a stern look. Her enlarging face so close - feigning a slight irritation, she scoffed. In turn, furrowing her thin blonde brows. The excessive frowning resulting in a dark, angry look... her ambivalence penetrating throughout.

Inside the soft lighting of the small washroom, her large looming face, (although, still extremely beautiful) took on a terrifying image for the tiny five-inch tall man. Her voice loud at first, then, gradually lowering in volume,

"I'm not going to hurt you, little bug. Why would I do that, ...you're just the perfect size for me, now..."

Calmly speaking down to her little prisoner, "Whatever gave you that idea... anyway? Why would someone as big as me, ...actually want to harm someone so puny and adorable?"

Quickly drawing a breath and trying to contain his swollen bladder, Tom grabbed onto her huge finger and squeezed it tightly... he knew that he was in serious trouble, but he really had no idea what this beautiful blonde giantess was planning; completely naked and sitting on her toilet. Holding him up in front of her pretty face...

"What was she going to do to him?", Tom thought, "Why did she have him inside of her bathroom?"


He must've fallen asleep earlier, he couldn't fully understand what was going on here, that dream was so real, though, that - he could almost 'feel' his whole body getting pulverized beneath her giant barefoot!

"You 'DO' remember me, don't you, Mr. Speedman?"

Slowly lowering her hand back down to her right leg, she carefully relaxed her fingers, allowing his feet to slip out, coming to rest upon her smooth knee.

Remember her? Oh, yeah. He 'remembered her' alright, she was so sweet working at the front desk, ...'wait a minute', ...had he saw her somewhere before?

He wasn't too sure... Tom looked up into her huge blue eyes. Every nerve in his whole body was on sensory overload - he hadn't ever laid his eyes on anyone so beautiful in his entire life...

...standing there so precariously upon her smooth giant thigh, ...No, he had most definitely, NOT - ever seen her before!

"What is it, Mr.Speedman. You're not afraid of me, are you?"

Her perfectly shaped blonde brows, slightly uplifted, peering down at her little toy with a slight smirk; her large eyes displaying a dazzling look of wonder, ...gently taking him back up within her hand, shifting it over - she carried him out over the open space between her legs,

"I'm not going to hurt you, little man, we're just getting started here.", she calmly whispered, "I think we might have to give you a bath, though", she wrinkled her nose with a cute little wink. Slowly bringing him closer to her nose, she sniffed him,

"Pew - you 'Stink!'" She blurted out, "Shoo-wee, where have you 'been' Thomas? You smell like my daughter Jazzy's, little pet Hamster!"

Tom couldn't smell anything. What the hell was she talking about!

He didn't, 'Stink' - did he?

Glancing down, noticing that her supporting fingers had slightly loosened from around him - giving him much more room to move. Although he couldn't really do anything, she was holding him directly over the open area between her long smooth legs. And, just below that, was the dark depths within the huge ceramic bowl.

Looking down between her glorious inner-thighs, the tiny miniature man could clearly see the cool yellowish colored water, glistening within the deep overshadowed pond down inside; giving the reflecting pool of acidic liquid that well-known 'golden glow'...

On the surface, the reversed image of her giant bare ass spreading out across it. If Tom hadn't fully realized, just how small he had become, then - seeing that image of her - from this anomalous perspective, definitively drove it all home!

His mind started racing with horrible thoughts, ...what could she possibly be thinking of doing to him? Just what was this giant woman, going to do, ...wipe her Ass with him... (or, what?)

Looking up, Tom's wide-opened eyes traveled all the way up across her bare stomach, ...the daunting distance from hips to her breasts was the equivalent of four times his height, ...and, the size of her over-hanging boobie's was simply unimaginable!

Just the incredible sight of her huge, magnificently perfect breasts -from this low-angle perspective - made them appear even larger! And, so much more deadly than anything that he had ever seen!

Her wide relaxed hips - covering the entire toilet seat - the soft smooth sides slightly extending beyond the edges, her wide - gigantic thighs - equally divided and slowly becoming narrower as his eyes traveled back to her knees.

Her voice suddenly lowering, she spoke almost silently. Her face became emotionless as if she were sending the tiny man an esoteric message,

"I want you to hang on as tightly as you can, Thomas", she told him.

Becoming slightly more commanding, Amy lowered him down between her legs and started to bring him closer to her fuzzy crotch,

"You better hang on, Tom!", she whispered, as her large fingers forcefully pressed his entire body into her damp pussy mound.

Tom reached out on each side grabbing a handful of golden curls. There was nothing else to grab! The nylon-like, wiry hairs, all tangled around his arms and chest as he desperately tightened his fingers within his tiny fists. In a whole-hearted attempt to desperately try and hang on, he pulled both his feet up and tried to use his toes, too!

Her large fingers released from around his waist and simply left him hanging there, ...twenty-feet above the yellow pool below...

"Don't let go!", Amanda playfully whispered, "If you fall in, I'm not getting you out!"


Just then, she spread her thighs a little wider, bowing her back and tilting her pelvis forward - her crotch turning upward, exposing it entirely and making it much more attainable to her tiny plaything.

Her movements, allowing little Tom to suddenly get a foothold; he quickly braced his feet against the compressed, pancake-like, lower butt cheeks.

Pressing his feet into her soft sweaty flesh - caused the giantess to giggle and quake. Her laughter crackling aloft, sending mild vibrations throughout her entire body.

Feeling his minuscule movements, her large glutes flexing on the hollow seat, taking her tiny passenger up and down in several pistoning compressions.

There wasn't much hair for Thomas to hang onto and he was forced to press his face directly in front of the giantess pussy. Her aroused clitoris, swelling in response to his tiny touch, as the tiny man clung desperately to her moist fleshy lips.

Her sharp fingernail suddenly dug into his backside, ...abruptly pressing his entire front into her heated mound!

"Amy wait!", Thomas screamed! "Please, don't do this!"

Her single fingertip ignored his tiny squeaking, insisting that he snuggle closer, it firmly pressed against his naked butt - causing him to push his waist into her giant pussy!

Unable to control his most primal reaction, his miniature cock sprang up and slipped between the soft slippery seam dividing the huge lips. The heated wall of enormous pussy was drawing him in, ...the opening growing wet, relaxing the swelling mountain of female sex.

"Oooh, yesss!", her tremendous voice resounded from high above.

Tom tried to fight back against her pressing finger, but she easily positioned him where she wanted, lining him up perfectly and pushing him firmly into her. Squeezing his waist with two fingers and thumb, she drew him back slightly and then pressed him back in again, ...forcing him to perform like a tiny mechanical toy!

"Do it! Do it, little man!", she commanded!

Working him back and forth into her giant mound, using her controlling fingers, she slowly forced him to enter her enormous sex, pushing his hips along in slow exaggerated pumping motions.

Fucking herself with the miniature man, Amy clamped her knees around the toilet seat and flexed her mighty thighs, "Ugh, Gaaah!", her voice grunting with sexual frustration, she backed up and scooted forward on the hollow seat.

"Mm, you better get busy little man!"

His heart pounding with sheer terror, the tiny man held as tightly as he could. Holding onto the curly strands of overgrown pubis, he struggled to keep from getting squashed into her gigantic pussy!

"Fuck me little BUG!", she commanded. "You better start humping, or I'm going to crush you between my legs!"

Without thinking, the frightened little male slave instantly began thrusting his hips as hard as he could! Driving his solid member deeply into her, ...his back flexing to the extreme - recoiling from the over-extension, he strained every muscle in his miniature body!

'Squish squish squish squish squish'

Hopelessly, attempting to appease this gigantic pussy, the tiny man-slave started humping for all that he was worth!

'Squish squish squish squish squish'

Her large hips moved forward, scooting across the toilet seat with a quick series of jittering pops, her sticky sweat-coated skin - sticking to the seat - producing a fast skittering sound beneath her ass.

The unexpected vibration, shaking him around - making him loosen his grasp, as his hands were beginning to wear out, ...the slippery sweat was becoming more, and more slippery.

Tom was suddenly distracted from his pointless humping, to discover that his hands were indeed slipping loose... he was going to fall off...

If Amy didn't catch him quickly - preventing the inevitable - he was about to slip loose and plunge down into the huge toilet bowl!

Amy's large thighs slowly came together, ...enclosing completely around him - just in time - saving him from dropping down into the toilet water. Huge ultra-soft walls squeezing around his tiny figure, securing his miniature little body in between and nearly blocking out all of the light.

"Alright Thomas, ...this isn't doing anything for me. We're going to have to find some other way that you can be useful, ...hang on, I'm going to get up now.", she calmly warned.

Suddenly rising up from the huge seat, Tom struggled to grab another handful of pubic hair and hanging on to it as tightly as he could, he was slowly taken up higher above the giant toilet.

Standing up and taking a wide stance. Tom was just barely dangling between her open thighs. Reaching down, she cupped her hand beneath him and caught him, just as he dropped away from her overheated crotch, ...flopping like a wet fish directly into the center of her palm.

Thinking that he was about to fall directly down into the toilet, Tom instantly started screaming, ...flouncing around and yelling out in desperation,

"Ahhhh, HELP ME!" , he cried out! Flopping all around and kicking his feet!

Amy couldn't help herself from bursting out into an enormous fit of glorious laughter! She casually carried the squirming man over to her sink and carefully sat him down next to the soap dish, ...her hand pulled away, awkwardly releasing him to drop down on his bare butt.

"Oh, Tommy! Stop it, you're making me laugh!", she urgently said. "...and, whenever I laugh like this, I get really horny!"

Tom suddenly realized where he was - sitting up safely on the solid sink counter - no longer precariously dangling above that enormous pool of filthy piss-water. Looking up at the giggling giant woman, his overwhelming fear of drowning - was instantly replaced with another sudden emotion,

"What the, ...you fuckin' bitch! You think this is FUNNY?!" - he screamed. "What the fuk's the wrong wit YOU!? I Could have Been Killed!"

Laughing harder, as she swiftly attempted to fill the sink with soapy water - Amy had to hug herself, wrapping both her arms around her sides, as she suddenly burst into another fitful round of feminine laughter!

"Stop it! Stop it, ...right now!", her breasts bouncing, "You're making me, ...incredibly aroused, I can't - I can't, breath, ...oh, oh, you're so funny", she struggled to tell him, "Oh, oh, you are so, ...so cute!"

Tom became furious! He suddenly stood up and walked to the edge of the counter top. He was about to jump off down into the softness of a frilly pink rug, when Amy's huge hand suddenly swept around and cupped him, ...scooping him up and carrying him over above the sink.

"Where do think that you're going, little mister grumpy?"

"Put me down, right now!", Tom yelled. "I'm not going to be treated like this, ...I'm a man, not some little 'plaything' for you to just use any way that you want - you can't do this to me, just let me GO!"

"Oh, what's wrong, now? I thought that you'd enjoy being like, my little plaything?"

"Leave me alone!", Tom just managed to say, ...before he was swiftly dunked down under and plunged into the depths of the hot soapy water, ...completely submerged and squished up tightly within her powerful grasp, he was forced to hold his breathe and endure the swift and encompassing compressions of several extremely large and quite nimble fingers!

Amy giggled, as she dipped her tiny pet down under the water. Her smile spreading wide as she felt his desperation - struggling wildly within her fingers - she playfully squeezed him and slowly brought him up for air.

Tom gasped and flung his head back to whip his hair out of his eyes. Slinging water all across the frothy pool, he reached up and pressed his fingertips over his eyes - wiping the soap away - he squinted and coughed as he quickly reached back down to brace himself within her enveloping hand,

"Let me Go!", he screamed.

"Aw, so cute!", the towering giantess said, "I remember giving Jazzy a bath when she was just a baby, ...but, she wasn't nearly as small as you are, Thomas.

I couldn't have given her a bath in this sink, ...she was far too big! ...even when she was a 'newborn' - (ha ha) she was ten times bigger than you are!"

Treading water and trying to gain his bearings, Tom struggled to get away from her grasp. The steaming hot water creating a heavy fog of steaming clouds just above the surface, he could barely see anything beyond his arm's length...

Her fingers easily wrapped around his waist, sliding over his back and swishing along the length of his legs, ...a finger and thumb - larger than his legs - pinched up his right foot and firmly clamped it tightly, squeezing it firmly, he was quickly upended, as her huge hand lifted straight up, turning him over and lifting him up above the water!

Handling him like a child's toy, the blonde giantess giggled. Holding him upside down just above the soapy pool, she dangled him by his right foot, ...just holding him there, upside down!

"Now what?", she playfully said. "What's the little bug boy going to do now, hm?"

Streams of soapy water rained down from her hand, draining down from his chest and dripping back into his face, he squirmed around and screamed,

"Stop it! Let me Go!", Tom screamed, "Leave me alone!"

"Aw, look at you now, Thomas. Such a little tough guy, ...aren't you? So demanding. So smart. How did you ever wind up in such a pickle, hm ?", she teased.

"I thought that you were supposed to be this real slick attorney, ...making your own rules and doing whatever you want, ...using those other women - and just dumping them like a piece of trash."

Tom squirmed around and tried to reach up and grab the side of the giant fingertip. He was quickly lowered down, and jerked back up, ...forcing him to drop back and hang there between her pinching fingers,

"Now, we're going to be going by a whole new set of rules, Littleman. Thomas Speedman no longer exists in this world. You're mine now. Just a little bug.", Amy swiftly lifted him up higher, taking him up closer to her face. " And, from now on, you're going to do exactly as I say, ...and, if you don't, ...you'll be severely punished."

Tom was getting dizzy from hanging there upside down, and with his blood all rushing to his head, he was gradually becoming even more frustrated - this incessant teasing was really getting to him, and his anger welled up.

"Fuck You!", he yelled! "Go to Hell!"

Jerking around and trying to break free, he started wildly struggling between her fingers as she held him up, ...clenching his fists and throwing wild punches, he lost control of his emotions and started wildly squirming all around!

Several long minutes passed, and slowly, he was becoming more and more exhausted. His red face glaring up at her with bulging eyes, ...he screamed up her as loud as he could,

"I'm not going to do a fucking thing that you say, ...you can just go fuck yourself if you think that I'm, going to be your little toy - well, you can just, ...just! ..."

Suddenly looking up at her large looming face, he noticed just how ridiculously big she was, ...her large mouth hanging slightly agape, her teeth glistening in the brightly lit sink - her eyes sparkling with a glint of amusement - her fine, thin, lips, curving up into an evil smirk...

"Oh, ...we'll just see about that...", she calmly whispered. "I'm going to really enjoy this, little man!"


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