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'Dai on' na'

  The sound of heavy dishes and giant chairs, ...the clanking of, fork to plate, ...the clinking of glassware, ...the quiet, whispering voices blending into the background of the late dinner hour. The smell of warmth and deliciousness, ...savory aromas, filling the air all throughout the entire house.

  Maxine and her daughter, Diana ...working together on the girl's homework. Enjoying their late evening meal; I wondered if this was normal for them, and... It appeared as though it was...

  I heard the young girl laughing, ...giggling, and whispering with delightful excitement. Her mother laughing along with her, much more than usual, her voice deeper, and womanly.

  I paced around in a wide, lazy circle, stepping barefoot across the diameter of my round prison cell. I felt like screaming, ...but, kept my mouth shut. I didn't want to do anything to arouse suspicion, ...my hunger pains had actually started to fade. ...so, I just kept walking in small circles, trying to stay calm until something happened, ...something, but what?

  My mind lingering, ...wondering what fate had in store for me...

  Trapped inside of the Penalty Box. My mind drifted back, taking me all the way back to middle school, ...the teacher, Mrs. Miller - calling attendance; the entire class would look toward me whenever she got to the 'L's, ...Lang, Richard Lang, ( Here ) Louther, Mark Lother, (Here ) ...Little, Billy Little! ...Little, Billy Little! Little, Little, Little Billy! (Here) Little Billy's Here.

   At least two hours had gone by, as I was left here to wait. The time spent, was beginning to whittle away at my nerves, and I felt like trying to get Maxine's attention, ...I wanted to get out of this cage, and, ...well, I needed to use the bathroom...

  I had to pee, really bad. I didn't want to just pee on the floor, either, so I wondered if the giant Doctor would be angry if I yelled out, just to try and her to get her attention...

  Would she be angry, if I did pee on the floor?

  The image of my mother suddenly entered my mind. I felt weak, and my head felt fuzzy, the thought of angering the giantess frightened the hell out of me! I couldn't imagine what she would do to punish me...

  I didn't want to find out. If she got mad at me and lost her temper with me, ...what could she be capable of... I did NOT want to find out what she could do to me!

  After being so easily, picked up, ...and held up, entirely within her single, right hand; so effortlessly carried across her office, ...the thought of this gigantic woman, being angry with me, was completely terrifying!

   She could do anything she wanted to, ...and I had no idea what to expect from her!

   I have to pee. I just have too, and I can't hold it any longer!

I step to the edge of the cage and kneel down on the floor and lift up my toga.

Aiming it out into the bottom part of the heavy cotton cloth that covers the cage.

I let it go, and trying not to spatter anything on the floor...

Its flowing out of me in a heavy stream. It felt so good, I was so relieved to just let it go, and relax; releasing everything that was in my full bladder. I felt like the stream was never going to stop. It just kept on draining and draining!

    "Damn, what a relief", I breathed.

I held a constant flow for nearly five minutes! I started to worry about her noticing the yellow stain, and I tried to adjust my aim. Pointing it further along the edge, I worked my way along, moving around the floor and aiming at the drier areas of the heavy curtain.

The further I moved along, the more worried I became! I couldn't stop it, though, ...I had held it for so long, ... I knew it would actually hurt to stop, and I would probably get it all over the floor, ...I knew that I just had to let it all out!

    "God, ...I hope she doesn't notice this!"

The cold metal floor was hard on my knees. I finally finished draining, and quickly stood back up, I looked down at the large wet spot on the edge of the curtain,

    ...Maybe, she wouldn't notice it...


  A long while passed, then suddenly,

Something outside my enclosure moved. I swiftly stepped across the metal floor and moved over to the other side of the cage. I hunkered down and wrapped my arms around my knees.

    "What's the bird cage for, Momma?", the girl's voice was directly above my prison.

    "Go ahead, Dear, ...take a look see...", Maxine spoke from some distance away.

I felt all the blood draining away from my face, as the curtain slowly lifted up...

  The light entering the floor, then, slowly climbing up across my enclosure, ...bright light flooding in, sweeping across the entire space, spreading out, and completely swallowing me up!

Fully bathed in the white, brightness, ...the whole cage seemed to melt away and disappear into nothingness. Leaving me, sitting there, squinting, ...and looking up at the huge sparkling eyes of this giant teenage girl!

She was wearing a loose pair of baggy sweatpants with large front pockets. A long sleeve sweater, that had a low cut neck; a heavy purple material that had the school's team logo printed across the chest, - "Panthers" - the picture of a snarling cat, showing it's large teeth.

She slowly stood up, while carefully removing the pillow case from the cage. Her face slowly drifting away with a slow changing expression, ...her eyes doubled in size, and her mouth dropped open.

Her long, black braid's of hair, twisted up tightly, on both sides of her head. Thick, double twisted, braids. Lengthy pig-tails, falling like two heavy ropes, dropping all the way down to her waist, ...ending with two, matching, twin tassels, that appeared like over-sized paint brushes...

She dropped the cage cover and bent down closer to the bars. Her hands flew up and covered her mouth, she gasped, ...and caught her breath with a sudden shock of surprise!

    "Oh, ...My Gosh!", she exclaimed! "Is THAT, ...A Real Person?"

    "How did he, ...how, ...how, Is HE REAL?"
    "Wow!", the girl squealed with joy!

    "Mom?", she squatted down. Lowering herself down closer to the side of the cage.

     "Is That a, ...Real Person?", she asked. Staring intently in between the bars of the wire cage.

Maxine carefully stepped forward, squatted down on the other side of my prison cell. Smiling wider, her face glowing with radiance, the woman doctor reaching out and grabbed the trembling girls shoulder,

...shifting her weight on her hips, the giantess knelt down on one knee,

With overly expressed excitement, she said, "Happy Birthday, Diana!".

The girl's face lit up. Had her mother, just announced, ...that this little person, was actually her gift?

  She paused briefly, just a moment before, unexpectedly falling across the open space between them, ...wrapping her arms around Maxine's shoulders and effectively trapping her with an incredible squeeze!.

Hugging each other, the giant doctor laughed, as this excited young girl squeezed her as hard as she could!

    "Oh, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Nuzzling her face and cheek into Maxine's neck, cuddling up against the larger woman, snuggling closely, and squeezing her up ever so tightly, ..."Oh, ...He's just so cute, and, Just what I always WANTED, Too - Momma!"

Maxine smiled, "His Name is Little Billy. ...or, Billy. "Little". Billy Little *(hee, hee)*, And, he's all yours!"

I sat there looking up at them, ...watching with complete confusion as this, giant, lady, doctor, had just "apparently", ...given me away, ...to her daughter, ...as a 'Birthday Present!'

I couldn't even breath, as I watched this taking place. "What the "HELL" was I suppose to DO NOW?"

Both of them burst into a fit of glorious laughter! Turning toward the cage, they both peered into the enclosure with extreme delight. Gleaming down upon me with glimmering eyes, ...laughing at the stupid look on my miniature sized, little face...

Finally, I just lost it! Suddenly finding my voice, I screamed out as loud as I could!

    "You Can't Do This To Me!", I yelled up at them!

    "Oh, ....what's this? Billy? Did, you SAY something, to ME?"

The voice of the young girl, suddenly drew my complete attention, ...she was looking directly at me, and, ....I felt my heart exploding inside my chest!

    "He said something, ...DIDN"T HE?", the teenager leaned down closer, turning her head to the side so that she could place her ear right up next to the bars...

    "What's that, ...say again, Please!", she raised her voice slightly...

I felt my blood running cold, as I looked up at this giant sized, teenage girl's, huge, head! Her left ear turned directly toward me, it was easily larger than my entire head! Her smooth neck, extending out, as she craned it to the side so that she could get as close as she could to the wall of the cage.

    "Don't be scared, ...I won't bite. Just tell me what you said, I promise, I won't Bite!"

I stepped back in fear, as the full measure of her magnificent being filled up my entire view! I backed up, until I felt the bars behind me, and then, I slowly slid down to the floor and sat down, ...pulling my knees up, I huddled against the wall, and tried to melt into the floor...

    "Aw, ...he's so scared... Momma, ...may I take him out of there, and just hold him?", the young girl whispered to her mother.

   "Well, ...just be careful, sweetheart, ...he is extremely small, and you could hurt him without even knowing it. Just be very gentle, and don't squeeze him too tightly, Okay."

    "I'll be 'EXTRA' careful with him, Mom.", Diana said. Reaching out to unhinge the flimsy metal door.

I couldn't get away, from her huge hand, as it silently floated into my entrapment. Her fingers separated, flaring out and opening up her hand, she gently enclosed her warm appendages around my shivering figure and slowly tightened up her grasp.

I closed my eyes tightly, as her warm hand enveloped my entire body. Her fingers gripped around me, and I felt my body lifting away from the floor!
I didn't want to be this young girl's plaything! I just wanted my old life back!

What was she going to do with me?

Her face filled my entire view, I opened my eyes and found that I was looking directly at the bridge of her cute little button nose.

Her eyes blinked a few times, quickly flashing, ...then slowly widening and enlarging, as her blushing cheeks swelled up, forming a huge smile; fully displayed, was her giant teeth!

    "M,m so sweet!", she purred.

Lowering me down slightly, and then quickly raising me back up, ...enjoying the fact that she was holding me entirely within her soft palms.

Huge teeth, the front two were perfectly straight, ...but, the right incisor was slightly protruding, creating an uneven bite. - I noticed a slight space between the front two bottom teeth, ...her huge lips, peeling back, as she smiled delightfully at me, holding me perfectly still, ...right in front of her tremendous mouth...

    "What is that, a piece of tissue paper?", she whispered softly.

Closely inspecting my make-shift Toga.

Her breath smelled sweet, like lemons and green Peppers. Her pinkish colored tongue, flicked around as she spoke, ...spittle flashed across my face, speckling it with a fine splatter of sticky girl spit, ...I dared not wipe it away, in fear of offending the young giantess...

    "I have a few old 'Barbie' clothes in my room Mother. Let me see if I can find something else for him to wear, ...I'll bet that he would much rather have a pair of pants on, then that old, ...piece of tissue paper?", the giant girl said.

    "Would you, ...like, that, ...hm? Little guy? Would ya?", slowly, getting to her feet, she held my huddled figure up toward her mother's looming face.

    "Do you think that' ...some of my ole', 'Barbie Doll' clothes would fit em', Mom?", she excitedly said, standing up to her full height, carefully holding me within both of her cupped hands.

    "I don't know, Diana. Why don't you take him with you, and go and try some of them on, and see if he likes them, Okay? ...I'll be in after a while, I have to get the kitchen put away... and make a few calls. You two go on, ...see what you have in there, ...and, have Fun!"

    "Oh Goodie, ...C'mon Billy, Let me show you My Room!"

I felt like I was actually inside of, one of those larger type 'Hang Gliders', you know, ...the kind with a seat, where you can sit back, and just glide away,

...only, this one swayed around, and actually defied gravity, ...taking me up, and then sweeping around in a wide descending circle, and then back up again, only far too quickly, ...then, plunging down way too fast!

I held on tightly to the large curled pinkie finger, that was partly wrapped around my front. Diana's stiff thumb, sticking up, gave me an emergency handle to cling to, whenever she decided to take a sharp dive, directly toward the floor!

I screamed out, as she took me at breakneck speed, headed straight toward a huge whiskey barrel flower pot, ...she giggled and swiftly swerved out around it, making a strange engine sound with her fluttering lips...

    "Vroooooom, br-Roooom, Ba-Rrrooooozzzzzzzzz!", her mouth making the Zoom-Zoom sound.

I held on tighter, as she '"Ba-Roooommmed"', passed the bathroom door, and spun completely around in a full circle, suddenly switching back, and turning around the other way, then, unexpectedly whipping into an open doorway, swooping down too sharply, she took me into a false tailspin, and we both crash-landed inside of this colorful room; Strangely, we landed softly, down upon her gigantic bed...

Her giggling face directly above me, as I looked up from beneath her chin, ...she looked down at me and burst out laughing, so hard, that she dumped me out of her hands and allowed me to fall onto the gigantic quilt cover!

I have to say that, ...although I was extremely hungry, ...it was good that my stomach was completely empty, or else I would have ejected everything right at this very moment!

My head was spinning around, and my eyes were rolling back into my head! I caught a quick breath and tried desperately to settle myself down, but it was like I had just gotten out of a washing machine that was set on rapid spin!

The whole room was twirling around as I tried to steady myself, ...standing there naked, in front of her huge face, stumbling around on her enormous bed spread...

    "What the, ....Are you trying to give me an HEart-AttaCK!", I screamed!

This must have sounded very funny, because of this, 'really' caused her to lose it! She was bowled over, by my drunken state of being, and she overflowed with an explosive fit of wild, girlish giggling!

    "It's NOT, Funny!", I screamed up at her!

She roared even harder! Choking, and rolling around, ...her legs jerked up into the air as she rolled onto her back, awkwardly allowing her spread legs to just fall away to the sides, spreading open, and her knees wide apart, dropping out to the sides!

    "Stop It!" I said, "This isn't funny, ...you could have killed me! What is it with you,   ...are you CRAZY?", I was getting even angrier than before, ...how could she think that this was so funny?

She could have tripped, and fallen down. She could have dropped me. She could have crushed me beneath her as we fell onto the bed, ...she could have KILLED ME!

Still laughing, but trying to pull herself together, Diana rolled onto her side and propped her head up with her right hand. Her entire body spreading out before me like an extended mountain range, ...her hip rounding over, being the second highest bluff, just below her head.

Her giggling voice, rumbled, ...rolling across the floor under my knees as I squatted next to her. She blushed, refocusing her gaze directly at my now naked figure, ...somehow, she had lost my tissue paper Toga, and I suddenly realized, that I was sitting there in front of her, 'Completely Naked'.

    "Oh, Billy! You're, ...You are, so funny, ... Please, ...don't be mad at me, though, ...I wouldn't let you get hurt or anything, ...I PROMISE!"

I covered my exposed crotch with both hands and crossed my legs at the ankles, sitting down, within the center of some huge random, design, that looked like an enormous picture of some type of pink flower...

I was about to ask her, what had happened to my Toga, ...when, she suddenly lowered her face down, closer, ...and instantaneously, ...brought her hand down so quickly that I didn't even see it coming, ...I was swiftly taken up within her soft grasp, and scooped up into the air several feet above the surface of the bed!

Her body rolled back, and I was swept over, up above her, as she held me up directly over her chest! Her hands closed together around me, and I found myself being wrestled in between her fingers like a little toy soldier...

    "Diana, ...please, What are you, ...doing?", I yelled out. Confused, and suddenly overwhelmed!

My arms were pulled back, and pinned together behind, as she easily spread my legs apart and forced me to expose myself to her...

    "Diana, ...Let Me GO!", I yelled,

Screaming directly into her giant face!

    "H'm, I think you need a bath little man.", she simply said. Wrinkling her nose, and moving me back further away...

      "Wait, ...What?", I screamed!


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