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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here, Dennis discovers what his new life is like, .... and we, find out a little bit more about Angela.


For Angela, the soft comfortable pantie's, - the purple ones - were her favorite pair. Being nearly a year old, they felt so good and well worn...

For Dennis, the feeling was almost terrifying, and yet, at the same time, an incredible sensation. Slowly lowering his butt down, gently sinking into the soft texture. Just beneath the dark purple material, his bare feet feeling the crumbling cushion of pubescent fluff. His feet planted firmly, allowing them to gently sink into the puffy mound.

The heavy weave of purple thread, making up this giant pair of panties, stretching and spreading out beneath him.

The heated warmth of Angela's enormous body all around him, ... her magnificent hips, almost fifteen feet wide - rising up on each side. The rounded hip bones forming the edge - a slight curvature smoothly blending into her thigh. The sight was breathtaking - Denny could barely breathe from the sudden sexual rush that had taken hold.


Sitting there, so independently, barely even creating any indication of his miniature existence, ...his heart pounding, his chest feeling the pressure of overwhelming anxiety; his consternation barely able to reign in... His hands were literally shaking...

Unable to take his eyes away, and trembling uncontrollably, the miniature man could only just barely steady himself long enough, to draw a short, quick breath, ...the overwhelming sense of arousal that he was feeling, was definitely something that he'd never experienced before.


The idea of a vagina being large enough to take your entire body, was something that he just couldn't wrap his head around!
He had gone down on his ex, Stacy, a bunch of times, and every time he did, she would usually squirt after about a half-n-hour - but he really had to work at it, ...his tongue would be numb, and his neck so sore that the next day, he could barely turn his head.

Knowing that Angela, would eventually expect him to perform, at some point; sooner than what he would hope - he tried to figure out how he could possibly survive such an overwhelming task...


The largely swollen muff highlighting the front of the giant panties, he couldn't pull his eyes away from it, ...the sight of it was so intimidating...

She had been sleeping soundly for nearly two hours, and although he had considered attempting to escape, he knew that the idea was entirely ridiculous. Knowing that there was no way for him to get outside of the apartment, ...and, even if he did, then what would he do? He didn't have any clothes, and he was completely naked...

He could probably find something to wrap around his waist, and maybe even something to wrap around his feet, but, if he tried to escape, and Angela caught him, ...he didn't want to think about what she would do to him!

Punishment... She had already warned him, saying that she would simply 'tear him apart' and Dennis already knew about Angela's terrible temper, too.

She could get extremely upset if something didn't go her way. Dennis didn't ever want to make her angry, not before, ...and certainly not now.

He would never forget the night that the three of them had made a last minute plan to go out. Stacy, Angela, and himself went out to a Bar, the 'Fireside Lounge'. They had all decided to go out on a whim, it was a last minute decision to even go, but after they had unexpectedly run out of firewood for the grill pit, so they couldn't build a fire - and, they didn't want to sit around inside the apartment all night. So, ...

Upon arriving at the bar, the three of them noticed that there was going to be a local band playing there. The 'Monkey Spanker's" a well-known group, and several people had already shown up. The parking lot was about half full, and they quickly noticed that a long string of traffic was starting to form, ...all headed for the bar's parking lot.

Denny was driving his truck, and he didn't really want to park in a crowded parking lot, so he told the ladies that he would let them out at the door and find a good parking place somewhere else.
The traffic was streaming in as Denny let them out, and he started to pull away just as a group of bikers came riding in and started swarming through the crowded parking lot. Denny had to wait for the dust to settle before he could see to drive. Angela and Stacy waited patiently near the front door.

One of the bikers, a skinhead - with tattoos all over his arms - stopped right next to them and started to rag on them, yelling derogatory remarks and using general bad language - he appeared to be pretty drunk - and by the looks of it, the rest of them were well on their way to following suit.
He started to argue with the both of them when Stacy told him to go away, and when he started to get off his bike, Angela came around the side and hit him with her purse!
Before he could get up, she was standing on his chest with both feet, and pummeling him with both fists! The poor guy was getting his ass kicked, Angela was beating his face back and forth as hard as she could!
Stacy had to pull her off of him when she realized that the guy was completely unconscious, and Angela was still kicking him with her feet and hitting him with her purse, ...she didn't stop until she was so exhausted that she couldn't do it any longer!


Another gurgling vibration deep inside her body, sending a chill of goosebumps up his tingling spine, the effervescent action of her vast intestinal track, ...creating squishing sounds from the movement deep inside.

He glanced down at her smooth lower belly; temporarily drawing his attention away from the large wedge of material cramped firmly within the lips of this magnificent giant vagina...

Glancing up at her face, he shuddered - as he noticed her eyelashes flicker, she was beginning to arouse, ...the tip of her tongue popped out from between her lips and swiftly traced the insides of her mouth, slowly opening up, she gradually started to yawn and move her head.

The sun had set nearly an hour ago, and the darkening room took on an entirely different ambiance. A small light coming from her bathroom illuminated one corner of the bedroom.

Dennis waited for her to awaken, what else could he do? Getting up and turning around, he got down on all fours and braced himself, ...her sudden movements, slightly shifting her hips. Denny's entire world 'moved' underneath him, terrified of her sudden movements, he caught his breath and held it!

What if she had forgotten about him! What if she suddenly rolled over! What if she knocked him off and he fell down off of the side of the bed? What if she, ....what if she, ... ...suddenly, and unexpectedly, her right hip started to rise up!

Dennis firmly held onto the course pantie material. Poking his fingers down through the threading, he grabbed tightly to the inter-woven threads, trying to cling to the front of the giant pair of ladies underwear!

All at once, her tremendous legs drew up! Bending her knees sharply, she pulled both her feet up toward her butt and clamped her knees together, ...rolling onto her side, she raised her arms up above her head and stretched them.

Dennis was suddenly thrown to the side, the floor under him tipping over and swiftly turning on its side...

Her long drawn out yawn sounded like an enormous mountain cat, a low sweet sound vibrating throughout the entire bed, ...her hips flexed, and then she groaned with a long rolling rumble...

Dennis continued to hang on, his hands clinging tightly as her huge hips rolled up onto one side - shifting him sideways, he was suddenly hanging across the front, his feet hanging down still several feet above the bedsheet.

Her stomach muscles flexed, as she twisted to the right, and twisted to the left, ...her entire upper body pivoting in a twisting fashion, ...he desperately hung there grasping to the front of her tightly fitted panties.

Down below, her large smooth thighs started rubbing together, working back and forth in a slow squeezing motion, tightly, firmly, and powerfully compressing together. The sight was a terrific display of her feminine beauty. The motions, almost hypnotic, as she slowly flexed her body and gradually awakened.

Denny had turned back around and was lifted straight up - she rolled onto her back and uplifted her hips. Stretching her low back, Angela's powerful hips bucked forward and raised up, suddenly uplifting, so much higher off the surface of the bed.

Her shoulders pressing down into the mattress. Her muscles strained under her, a trembling vibration coursed throughout her body. Denny hung on tightly and tried not to scream as he was uplifted almost thirty feet, ...he feared the sleepy giantess had forgotten all about him!

Laying on her back, she relaxed, ...slowly lowering her hips back down onto the bed. Denny slowly rode her pelvis back down to a slow stop, ...the trembling stopped, and Angela's motions seemed to calm.

He felt his fingers straining to squeeze as tightly as he could. He had to force himself to release them. Still unsure if Angela was done moving, he kept his hands ready to grab on, just in case she suddenly stood up, or unexpectantly moved again. He started to think that, she must have forgotten all about him...

"Dennis?", she softly whispered.

"Oh, there you are!", she excitedly said. "I was wondered where you were hiding!"

Relieved for a brief moment, Dennis felt a sudden sense of wonder; looking up across her vast naked front, all the way up to her smiling face, ...her eyes were sleepy and slightly puffy, her hand silently came around from behind... suddenly wrapping around him and carefully taking him up into a firm grasping hold.

Forced to let his grip go, as her large fingers gathered up around him, taking his limbs and squashing them firmly together inside her hand.

Carried up to her face, he slowly drifted between her breasts and floated right up in front of her mouth, "Where were you?", she whispered.

"Were you being a good boy, Dennis?"

Dennis didn't know how to answer her, he felt like he was about to be eaten alive, her large lips parting as she whispered, ...her breath swirling through her fingers caressing his skin.

Her other hand plunged down between her thighs and hastily pulled the front of the panties open, Dennis was slowly lowered inside, ...smoothly placed into the heated pocket of purple.

The fingers relaxed around him and smoothly formed a pressure against his back. The large fingertips moved around, delicately repositioning him - manipulating his limbs like a little puppet, Dennis quickly realized that she was placing him down, directly underneath her pubic mound.

The sudden pressure coming from behind his back, startling him at first, but then the solid force swiftly pressed his face into the meaty, fleshy hood! He coughed as he took a quick breath. The prolific odor of pungent aroma filled his head.

She forced his face into the large swelling clitoris. Sucking another quick breath, just before he felt his whole upper body being shoved into the softly spreading vulvar.

Her giant thighs pulled apart, opening wider as she shifted her hips. Tilting her pelvis, she softly started to moan, her fingers carefully forcing his tiny head between her swollen lips, she worked his head up and down, smoothly manipulating him, rubbing his face across her slippery clit.

"Oh, man, I could get used to this", she groaned, "Ugh", yesses", her voice carried throughout his entire body.

"Oh Dennis, ...oh God!" moaning louder. "Oh, you're making me so, ... wet!"

The heated pocket quickly became even warmer. Slippery curly strands of hair scratching his arms and chest, ...she forced him deeper against her, using his whole front, she could feel him struggling wildly - trying to break free.

The large gripping fingers easily controlled him, roughly rubbing his face across the sweltering, slippery separation.

His head trapped between her overheated pussy lips. The sound of her breathing, and the draw of her lungs taking in heavy breaths, her chest rising, her thighs suddenly clamping together - crushing over her hand and forcing her tiny pet tightly up against her!

Trapped against the giant wall of womanly flesh, her powerful hips flexing as her thighs crushed him inside, ...he felt her fingers forcing him in deeper, and deeper inside her, ...he couldn't get away, and the more that he tried, the more she squeezed!

Sliding in, as his shoulders broke the dry seal, feeling a slight pop, just before he was firmly pushed in all the way to his knees, he thrust his arms out and tried to push himself out!

Her big fingertips held tightly to his calves and slowly started working his entire body. Pumping his whole upper half, in and out - with slow, but steady strokes.

Denny felt the slippery sides closing in all around him, squeezing his little arms down and squishing up against his shoulders!

The narrow space, completely swallowing him up, he reached his hands out and couldn't seem to find anything to get hold of, ...the inner walls were so slippery and wet that he could do nothing but allow the giant blonde to use him until she was through, ...the air inside was quickly depleting and he didn't think that he would last too much longer...

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