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Author's Chapter Notes:

The final chapter of Melancholy daze, but not the end for Denny. We find out a little more and learn a little too. We'll check back with Tom and see what's happening with him...


The ever-present sound of the giantess' perpetual breathing, and occasional snoring, nearly drown out everything else in his now, gigantic world. The buzzing of a passing car, every now and then, only temporarily drew his attention away from the sleeping giantess.

Angela lay sprawled out before him, ...sleeping soundly and completely oblivious to her tiny pet's tormenting thoughts.

After taking him into her bedroom and laying down, the nearly naked blonde placed him down on her soft belly. She appeared to be completely exhausted and ...just slightly inebriated, she rolled onto her bed and lowered him down between her legs.

"Stay right there", holding one of her hands right next to him, preventing him from going anywhere,

"Let's take a little nap, Denny. I'm sleepy"

Her eyes were heavy. She looked as if she were about to pass out. Casually releasing him down next to the waistband of her tight purple panties. His tiny feet placed just below her belly button.

Her voice groggy, and her eyes going shut, she yawned and stretched her arms up above her head,

" Don't go anywhere, little man - if you're not here when I wake up, ...well, it won't be very good when I do find you, ...I'll rip you apart".

Almost instantly, after closing her eyes the snoring began. She immediately fell asleep and her hands dropped down next to her hips.

She had been so excited to get him home, slowly beginning to realize that she could finally have him all to herself, ...she stripped out of her clothes and had a few drinks, too many, and she suddenly became so tired that she needed to take a nap.

It was still quite early in the afternoon; still light outside. The sun came through the bedroom window, casting a narrow slash of light in a long extended rectangle across the hardwood bedroom floor.

The room was big. The bed covered over with a crisp white sheet, a single pillow stuffed under her head, her long hair cascading all around it, her long body spreading out across the entire length of the bed - she looked like an angel, as she slept - only ten times bigger than what he had ever imagined...

After consuming several shots of straight whiskey, and carrying Dennis around her apartment; over excitedly showing him some of her more personal things, allowing him to see her - in various states of undress. Angela simply became too exhausted, and too drunk to play anymore...

All the stimulation of her most exciting day was just too overwhelming, it had taken a toll on her emotional reserve, ... placing her new toy down on her belly, she reluctantly fell asleep...


He felt like Gulliver, in Jonathan Swift's, 'Gulliver's Travels'. He had read that story for a book report back in High School. After he stood up before his class and gave the report, the class discussion seemed to focus on the satire of the Authors writing, but for Dennis, he was more fascinated with the imagined fantasy of being small. The Bromdignagians seemed to stick in his mind - the thought of 'Glumdiclitch' (the giant girl who kept him as a pet) and imagining other things that would have possibly taken place while she kept him as her guest inside a doll house placed inside her bedroom.

Slowly riding up and down on Angela's lower stomach, as she peacefully slept, listening to her soothing breathing motions - Dennis could have easily fallen asleep, too.

Although, the foreboding thought of being crushed beneath her enormous body weight wouldn't allow him to relax enough to drift off to sleep...

Trying to rest, Denny leaned back on his elbows and looked around. Angela's bedroom was nearly as large as the rest of the apartment. The two room flat was one of three only available to the residents that worked at the nearby hospital.

Sitting there on her wide relaxed belly, it was incredibly strange, ...he felt so small. The sensation was truly phenomenal. The idea of being here, with Angela, and being so small; totally at her mercy, and completely helpless without her... On some strange level, ...it gave the tiny man a sense of security. However, terrified at the same time... He actually felt safe.

After all, everything that had happened to him, after his divorce, just seemed like a foggy blur of meaningless happenings. If this hadn't happened to him and Maxine had never shrunken him, ...he could have gone on for years in this eternal slump, he really didn't care about much of anything after Stacy had gone...

Now, everything had suddenly taken on a new meaning!

Angela. Her long blonde hair fell down around the huge pillow, encircling her head like a golden pile of luxurious waves.

The softness of her supple belly and the slow movements of her relaxed breathing gave him a renewed understanding into this fantastic new world.

Her breasts were simply beautiful. The sheer size of them was a sight to behold. The perfectly shaped mounds of soft pillowy flesh barely sagging down as she lay on her back, gently floating upon her rhythmic breathing, ...her nipples firm and slightly tinged with a hue of pinkish color.

Her relaxed stomach stretching out before him like a soft, living sand dune, wide enough for him to use as a trampoline, ...watching it closely, he could barely make out the slight twitching pattern of her beating heart.

A slight indication of the solid bone of her lower ribs, hidden just beneath the upward slope of her tremendous rib-cage. The way that she turned her head and nuzzled her face into the huge pillow - it made him think of Stacy, she used to sleep soundly, too.

Suddenly, directly beneath him, a harsh but lively sound drew him away from the thoughts of his ex-wife,

...deep beneath him, within Angela's giant belly, the erroneous sound of her gurgling gut - the gestation taking place within her intestines; a chilling reminder of just how big Angela's body was...

Turning around and looking down toward her long relaxing legs, a pang of fear coursed through him. The purple triangular patch, that tightly covered her large pussy; a soft pillowy mound, ...the elastic-like material tightly stretching - conforming perfectly to her most intimate area.

Instantly drawing his full attention to the visible outline of her large pudendum - close enough to touch it, ...he had to restrain himself from reaching out... He felt himself slowly becoming strangely aroused, by just the sheer size of it.

A tightness in his loins. A sudden throbbing, ...his cock suddenly awakening from the magnificent sight.

Getting up on his knees, trying to move very carefully without disturbing her. He slowly made his way closer to the contrasting purple cloth, ...wanting to get off of her bare skin and sit down on the top of her panties, so that - at least, she wouldn't be able to feel his movements - as easily, he thought...

The move could be dangerous, ...if she sensed that he was trying to get away, ...she might get angry and wake up! Shaking with fear, he carefully crawled down closer to the puffy purple muffin.

Her wide smooth thighs suddenly came into view. Slightly spread, her knees barely bending; her feet turned inward, with the soles facing each other. The massive size of her beautiful legs nearly took his breath away...

Considering the immeasurable strength contained within those massive, whale-sized muscles, while sitting there on this living landscape, Mr. Licpet began to imagine the dire possibilities, ...she could so easily squash him, without so much as simply shifting her hips...

The incredible amount of energy contained within those smooth twin pillars could most definitely overcome the strength of a thousand men. Just the thought of it, ...strangely aroused him...

Her fingers were larger than his legs. Her single pinkie finger could easily hold him down without much extra effort, ...she could crush the life out of his miniature body with just a firm squeeze.

Couldn't help himself from imagining the consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time? And, he also considered the 'unthinkable' things, that she could so easily do to him for punishment...


Meanwhile, back inside Maxine's office, on the top floor of the Murphy Building... hidden away inside a cage in the back of the Doctor's storage room,

Mr. Speedman, or Tom, had been nervously counting his blessings; mixed as they were, he still felt somewhat 'lucky to be alive'. Somehow, he must have done something right. He had overheard the giantess Doctor saying that 'he', was to be given to someone else, ...and knowing who that someone else was, sent a pang of overwhelming excitement coursing throughout his tiny body.

If he was going to survive, Mr. Speedman considered, he knew that he was going to have to change the way that he looked at them...

The thought of being so helpless, around these towering, giant females, and being handled as if he were just a mere 'object', or a meaningless little pet; just randomly used as an insignificant toy, or a test subject, ...or other things, ...that made his skin crawl at just the mere thought of it, he tried to maintain his sanity as he looked around within the large metal cage.

Sitting there naked, in the corner of this strange looking jail cell, while trying to remain calm, and considering everything that could possibly go wrong, ...he suddenly realized that he wasn't alone...

Maxine had just hastily dropped him into the cell and he hadn't realized that there were others in there too. He jumped at the sight of movement - catching a motion in the corner of his eye - he huddled down protectively covering himself.

Thinking the worst, he imagined a giant rat, ...or a huge insect of some type. It didn't occur to him, at first, that Maxine could possibly have other little captives. He had only briefly seen Mr. Licpet, while Maxine made the switch, but he didn't realize that there could possibly be more, as well...

More victims, just like him. Tricked into thinking that this gorgeous female doctor was simply trying to help them, ...only to find out later, that they had been some of the first test subjects to be used in her secretive shrinking experiment!

"Hey there, ...are you okay?", a man's voice said.

Tom shuddered, the voice didn't sound familiar, ...he slowly got up and stood there in the corner.

"Hey, over here!", the voice said. "I'm in the corner!"

Tom squinted his eyes. In the other corner, opposite from him, stood another naked man. Nearly the same size as himself, ...Tom stepped forward and cautiously started to realize that he had finally found someone else that was in his same predicament.

"Yeah, I'm alright. Wait a minute, don't let her hear you!", Tom warned him. "I'll come over there"

Carefully and quietly Tom sneaked across the floor of the dark shadowy cage. He was curious to see who this person was, so he wasted no time getting close enough to see his face.

"Hey man, I'm James. James Gibson.", he said. Reaching out his hand toward Tom.

Tom was hesitant at first, he almost couldn't believe his own eyes. After being handled by these giant women, the idea of another person being as small as himself almost seemed impossible!

"Thomas. Tom. " Tom said. "Thomas Speedman"

He reached out and quickly shook hands, "Been here long?" Tom asked.

"Two days, ...I think?", James said. "That giant bitch has three more guys in that other cage over there, and I think that there's another one in this cage here, next to this one.", he added, pointing around in both directions.

Tom looked around, "Anyone else in here?", he asked.

"No, just the two of us. There was another one in here yesterday, with me, but she took him out late last night.", James said. " His name was Clark. He was in sales, too - like me. The two of us were just getting acquainted when that giant Bitch Doctor, came in here and took him away!"

Tom could see the fear in Mr.Gibson's eyes, looking closer at him, he could see a long scratch down across the length of his right arm. The long gash had healed over, scabbing up, but leaving a very significant mark on his muscular forearm.

"What happened?" Tom asked. Pointing to the man's injury. "Did she do that?"

"Yes, yeah, I tried to stop her from taking Clark, but she picked me up instead and put me inside her mouth and, ....and, ...and, Oh God! We Hav-Ta-Gett -- get, Outta Here, Man!", he suddenly said, erupting into a frantic fit of screaming!

"She's going to "kill"" US!"

Gritting his teeth, he started getting louder.

"She's gonna eat US! She's a Monster!

She'll eat everyone alive", he yelled.

Grabbing Tom by both his arms! "We Gotta Get Outta HERE!"

Tom had to jerk his arms loose from James's grasp! "Settle down, Man!" he yelled back. "She's going to hear you!"

"We gotta get the hell outta here Man!" he screamed!

"She'll eat you too! Just believe me, Man. She's going to eat everyone - Alive!"

Tom had to step away from him. The way that he was acting, and the look in his eyes, Tom knew that he was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Tom wasn't as big as this man, and he knew that he probably wasn't stronger than him, ...the guy had a solid muscular build and he looked like he worked out on a daily basis!

Not knowing what to do, Tom stepped back away from him and squatted down. He looked out through the floor of the cage and realized that he could see out underneath the dark curtain.

As if on cue, the storage room door opened up. Maxine's long legs appeared - stepping into the room, her short skirt barely long enough to hide her butt. Her leotard covered legs, swiftly working together, stepping closer toward him with the dark skirt fluttering around her hips.

Casually, she turned and closed the door behind her, ...her quick steps soon took her right over in front of their cage.

The bright light, suddenly flowing into the floor, lighting up the entire cage, caused Tom to squint as he forced himself to look up at her!

"Hello, little guys!", she playfully teased. "Aren't you glad to see me?"

Her towering figure standing above them, as she looked down into the cage, taking on the appearance of an Asian, Amazon Goddess, ...her face all made up with some type of golden shade of makeup, Tom looked up in awe of the Giant Doctor!

"Alright Tom, time to go now!", Maxine said, "Oh, and I'll be back for you, James. So, don't get too comfortable in there...", lowering her voice to a soft whisper, she added, "I get extremely hungry at night, sometimes, and ...I just need a little snack, before bed, you know?"

Tom couldn't believe it! Did she really, just say that? Was Maxine going to eat him? No way! She must have been just teasing him, ...playing with his head, scaring the living shit out of him, more likely, but, just the same, ...she couldn't be serious, could she...

Her smooth fingers slipped around behind Tom's naked backside, carefully scooping him up, she slowly brought him up before her grinning face; casually closing and locking the cage with her other hand.

"Not you, Tommy, she whispered.

Looking back down into the wire enclosure, the giant lady doctor smiled wider, as her voice returned to the much louder normal tone, "Just him" she pointed out, "...there's not enough meat on your little bones to satisfy my ravenous appetite. But, 'Jimmy' here, ...well, he's going to be super Scrumptious!"

Jame's was screaming up at the two of them, as Maxine carried Amy's little gift out of the storage room, she closed and locked the door behind her, and held Tom up in front of her face,

"Just to clarify, Thomas. ...I'm not really going to 'eat' him. So, don't get your pantie's in a bunch, alright?", she told him.

"He's just a real douche of a man, always trying to sell me something that I did't want, and he would never take 'No' for an answer, ...so, I'm just having a little fun with him, but, No. I'm Not going to eat him."

Chapter End Notes:

Well, is this getting interesting yet, ...or not? ;`)

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