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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter finds Denny being given to Angela, and she gladly accepts, taking him home with her is the meat of the scene.  I've already continued into pt. 3  and it should be up by Friday night.


Maxine's voice suddenly changed -- raising higher in pitch,

"I found one!"

Sounding as though she had suddenly morphed into a young child, she quickly hustled back into her office. Her loud feminine voice amplified and coming down from directly overhead - the shrill announcement nearly shattering his ears.

"Alright Angela, are you ready for this?"

Stepping around in front of the couch, the delighted Asian woman held up the little-naked man.

Holding her newest captive up just in front of her chest, she sounded like a little girl,

"Here-we-are!'", abruptly introducing them by slowly lowering him down closer.

"Oh, my... Maxine?", Angela whispered. Leaning forward she uncrossed her legs and moved closer, "How many of them do have back there?"

Maxine shrugged, but didn't answer, she didn't want to tell her anything more than what she had to, ...although, after Angela accepted one of them as her own personal toy, she would then be just as guilty as the doctor herself and therefore, obligated to keep this little experiment discrete.

With her pre-existing relationship, between Denny and herself, this just added to the delicious promiscuity of the entire situation. Maxine could almost feel the sexual tension building as she held the little man up in front of her.

With the surprised look on Angela's now 'giant-sized' face, Dennis realized - that she had instantly recognized him. Gasping when he saw her scooting forward as if she were about to get up from the couch and snatch him up!

The curvy, full-figured blonde, looked as if she were sixty feet tall, and now with her relaxed inhibition - surely placed on permanent 'hold' - her impending affection for him, was no doubt bound to come, sending a chill down his spine... her voice seemed to permeate into his core.

"Dennis?", she softly whispered. "Oh, wow, this is just so incredible!"

The big thighs spread apart, as she scooted forward. Moving closer as she slid up onto the edge of her seat, the super-tight denim creasing around her knees and hips leaving deep ridges. The conforming lines highlighting her open crotch. Her heavy body sinking down into the leather cushion crushing it down nearly as far as it would go...

Struggling uselessly within Maxine's controlling fingers, Mr. Licpet attempted to hide his face. However, the giant Asian woman proudly held him up on full display; offering him up like a miniature sacrifice for this gigantic blonde behemoth.

Angela was more than fascinated by the tiny spectacle; this was a man that she had once known, Dennis Licpet. Her best friend's ex-husband, and here he was, ...sitting there naked and helpless inside this giant set of womanly hands.

Cupping around him like holding a little bird, Maxine smiled. Angela Cooper, simply couldn't believe her eyes.

"Well, what do you think?"

Blinking several times, she thought, " ...this wasn't really him. Could it be someone else? Someone that just happened to look like him? Could this little miniature person, actually be Dennis?"

"Dennis?" Angela whispered. "Is that you..."

It was Dennis alright, Angela thought, "But, now he's just a tiny toy!" ...just as cute as a little pink button, held out in front of Maxine's cleavage-bearing blouse!


Stacy, was one of Angela's oldest friend's. And, she had known them both for half her life. Dennis, was the quiet type whom she loved to be around, and after Stacy had asked her to tease him a little - just for fun - she couldn't resist continuing to tease him every chance that she got...

He was just so, easily embarrassed. She just couldn't stop herself from brushing up against him whenever she had to squeeze past him in the hallway or walk around him when they were together in the kitchen. She would firmly press her butt up against his thigh as she slowly slid past, ...allowing their bodies to remain to linger together for as long as she possibly could.

Angela simply loved to see Denny's blushing reaction, whenever she looked up at him, faining innocence to the 'deliberate' but seemingly 'casual' physical contact. She felt herself becoming more and more aroused as she teased the poor man, ...knowing that he wouldn't expose her actions to his wife, without causing a big argument to ensue between the two.

Knowing that he didn't want to create a rift to come between them, Angela relished the idea. She felt so, ...powerful, being able to flaunt herself before him and he couldn't do anything about it!

Once she had stayed overnight at their house and the three of them were partying late into the night. She had trapped him out in the driveway in between their parked cars, she forced him up against the side of his truck and laid a kiss on him that would have sucked the life out of a lesser man.

However, Dennis gently pushed her away, giving her a look of disapproval. He was deeply in love with his wife, Stacy, but Angela wasn't going to give up that easily.

Dennis loosened up a bit when the booze started flowing, but he really managed to maintain his wits. He prided himself on being a good husband to her, but what he didn't realize was that Stacy was beginning to lose interest. She wasn't happy being a married woman.

She longed to be single again and being around Angela only reminded her of the freedom that she was missing out on...

However, what Stacy didn't realize was, Angela, was intently jealous of her, and them, as a couple. Although, never allowing her feelings to show. Portraying the 'girl-next-door' who was simply delighted to see the two of them together, ...innocently admiring them and often praising them for being the 'perfect couple'.

Spending most of the cool evenings out on the back patio, their weekend parties were becoming a real thing. Drinking Scotch Whiskey, while grilling up anything that they could get their hands on; a good buzz going, Dennis would strum on the Fender.

If he had the two girls taking turns singing oldies from the 60's through the 80's era, i.e. The Stones, Zepplin, Bad Company and Bob Seger... he could go all night.

The summers flew by so fast, though, and when the buzz wore off and it was time to go back to the same old grind. Stacy began to realize that she wanted more. She loved Dennis, but she wanted out.

Dennis didn't want to change a single thing. He liked the way things were and, if he would have known that Stacy wanted out, he would have done anything to try and make her stay.

Stacy had confided in Angela. As one of her closest friends, she privately told her to do something for her, ...asking her to intentionally flirt with Dennis, just to see if she should be concerned about his fidelity.

Dennis never faltered, but Stacy was surprised that he actually didn't say anything to her, about what Angela was doing to him...

Why didn't he tell her? Her 'best friend' - Angela - was flirting with him, right under her nose, and Dennis was protecting her... Was he secretly hiding other things from her, too?

Stacy was just looking for some way to make it his fault - and take some of the blame away from herself so that she wouldn't have to feel so bad when she eventually did leave.

Dennis wasn't doing anything wrong, though, and Stacy knew that ... he was a wonderful husband, but that's what she really hated about him!

She wanted out. She didn't want to be a married woman. There was nothing wrong with him, and everything seemed to be slowly getting better. However, she wanted to be a single woman again and Stacy, always got exactly what she wanted...


"Here, take him, Sweetie. He's yours...", Maxine whispered. "Just take care of him, though, he's quite vulnerable being so small."

Her voice trailing off, as she looked down carefully allowing Dennis to drop free. Awkwardly flopping down into the open hands of the overly anxious Angela.

Angela smiled, tentatively placing the butt of her palms together as if she were about to receive a scoopful of buttery popcorn. Her eyes widening with anticipation as she felt his miniature figure awkwardly plopping down into her cupped palms.

"Whoops", she blurted out without thinking.

Maxine frowned, but before she could say anything, Angela reprimanded herself, "Quietly, Angel!", she harshly said while rolling her eyes.

Consumed within the warmth of her enormous hands, Dennis swallowed hard. The lump in his throat felt as if it could choke him... Compared to Maxine's, they were like a matching pair of pillowy pads. Slightly damp, with a fine coating of nervous sweat. The slight trembling made him more aware of the giant blondes tension.

The puffy softness of her huge palms smelled of coconut oil, slippery to the touch, as he awkwardly sank down between them and found himself hopelessly trapped in her grasp.

Her hair held a faded scent of strawberry lotion. Her huge face suddenly filling his entire view, a gust of steamy air wafting over him; auspiciously moving closer, slowly and deliberately, crowding him deeper into her encircling palms.

Large rosy cheeks flanking each side, her perfectly shaped lips curling into a wide smile. The flashing of her huge sparkling blue eyes, sent another chill down his spine. The dimpled crease on her chin right in front, close enough to reach out and touch - her possessive smile nearly taking his breath away...

"Hello, Dennis. Do you recognize me, little man?", she softly asked.

Her lips curling up on one side, her nostrils flaring. Simply delighted by the extreme size difference, Ms. Cooper felt herself tingling with an intense rippling sensation awakening within her pleasure center, she slowly drew a deep breath and cocked her head to the right.

"Don't worry Dennis. I won't tell Stacy about you."


The next few hours were like a whirlwind of activity. After dropping him down into the padded bottom of Angela's huge leather purse, he was swirled around and carried away like an out of control amusement park ride!

The constant motion, from the giant blondes casual movements, seemed more like she was deliberately taunting him; bumping the side of the bag against her thigh and twirling it around without so much as a single thought.

She must have been so preoccupied with where she was going, that it didn't occur to her what it was like for him - trapped inside this handbag!

Dennis couldn't see anything, the soft leopard print lining was a comforting landing place, as he was thoughtlessly thrown around within the heated space inside. It was quickly becoming much warmer, too.

Angela must have taken him and left the air conditioning of the Murphy Building and had gone outside, into a world that would no longer be the same for Dennis Licpet...

Her brisk walking pattern told him that Angela wasn't wasting any time getting to where-ever it was that she was going.

The constant swaying and swirling had started to take a toll, the tiny man felt his stomach churning from the unnatural spinning. Spreading his arms wide trying to steady himself between a large roll-on deodorant can, and a partially used tube of petroleum jelly.

He heard the frightening blast of what could only be the sound of an engine; an explosive rush of a giant car. The rumbling muffler sending out a rapid series of fast explosions, ...like a mechanical monster sweeping past them at an incredible speed, the fading sound of the speeding cars excessive noise was quickly replaced by another one, and then another, swiftly zooming past them way too closely for his tiny ears.

Next thing he knew, he was suddenly thrown off balance - abruptly thrown backward - he felt an instant strain. The excessive external force shifting the existing state of inertia into a quick jerking motion!

His giantess captor, just suddenly took off! Was she running? Tossing him backward and then swiftly uplifting - causing his whole body to float up off of the floor!

Bouncing and flopping around inside the dark entrapment. The hot leather purse was jolting and jerking, ...was she crossing the street? He couldn't tell for sure but, he could hear her shoes clipping across the heated pavement...

Slowly and gradually settling down and returning to a normal walking pace, Dennis sat sprawled out on the floor. The giant woman's tremendous strides, still quite the profound motion, had finally returned to a more stable ride.

Being at the mercy of this enormous female, Mr. Licpet didn't really have any other choice, ...he could only hang on tightly to the cool metal deodorant can, and hope that he wasn't killed by the unsuspecting actions of his new owner!


Upon arriving at the single-room flat, the first thing that occurred to her was the little man inside her purse. She instantly thought of his ex-wife, Stacy...

Angela wondered, how would her 'Best Friend' react to the idea of having "her", little Dennis, ...shrunken down, and transformed into this adorable little treat, ...so helpless and tiny, unable to do anything, but...

Although, she knew that she couldn't really do that, ...the thought of it aroused her like nothing she had felt before!

She actually owned him, ...now. Dennis was hers, finally. And hers alone. She could do anything that she wanted with him, and not Stacy nor anyone else, could do anything about it!

She sat her purse down on the seat of her armchair and walked into the kitchenette. Getting a clean shot glass she poured herself a whiskey and put the cap back on the bottle. Leaning against the counter, she held the short glass between fingers and thumb, looking back over at the leather purse.

She still couldn't quite believe that a tiny little Dennis Licpet was trapped inside of it, forced to wait for her to open it up and take him out.

Her fingers trembling at the thought, ...she felt a raw tingling inside that nearly caused her to gasp, slowly closing her eyes she lifted the glass to her lips and turned it up.


Dennis felt the floor flatten out beneath his feet. The huge purse settled down, coming to rest somewhere inside. He caught his breath leaning back against the metal can, he strained his ears trying to listen.

He heard the sound of a glass clinking and the solid clunk from what he knew was a bottle, ...she was pouring herself a drink? A sudden pang of fear consuming him, his mind started racing with a tidal wave of terrible thoughts.

What was going to happen to him?

He wasn't afraid of dying. He knew that she wouldn't intentionally kill him, ...hell, if she wanted to do that, he would have already been dead!

No, he wasn't afraid of that, he was more afraid of what she was going to do to him!


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