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Author's Chapter Notes:

A new character is introduced and we find that this old world isn't quite as big as we thought it was...  


All around him, ...a slight humming sound seemed to radiate through space... or, was it his ears ringing inside his head? He couldn't be sure...

Slowly, opening up his eyes, he suddenly realized that he was completely naked and lying on a cold metal floor.

The large room, being taller than it's width, crudely covered over on the outside with a heavy black curtain. The high ceiling completely covered, shrouding him in almost complete darkness.

Just a slight glow of dimly filtered light drifting down through the crumpled cloth; the stark metal floor seemed to pulsate with a twinge of static electric.

Cool metal bars lined the interior walls. The air thick and heavy, a strong lavender aroma lingering within the still warmth...

Just over from him, on the outside of the bars, he thought that he heard someone groaning and softly moaning, ...he listened quietly, trying to figure out what was happening.

He felt like he had been hit by a speeding train; his neck sore and stiff. Sitting in the cool dark corner, his bones felt achy and sore. His skin seemed to be tighter and his hair wet with sweat.

He could barely hold his head up; at first, -- but he could feel his strength, slowly, -very slowly- beginning to return. At least, ...his head had finally stopped spinning! What was the hell going on?

Frantically, he began rubbing his hands up and down over his arm's, desperately trying to get warm. The fleeting of motion seemed to blend into the heavy air, ...slow fading trails followed his movements.

He couldn't figure out where he was, or, ...why he was here. How had he ended up - Here - buck-naked, and staring up at the ceiling of some dark, dank, jail cell... when he moved, it felt like gravity had become lesser; his weight had most definitely changed!

Denny, or 'Dennis Licpet', ...sat leaning up against the cold, solid steel bars.

He felt his skin tingling from the mild static charge, with the sensation coursing throughout the entire cell, he felt like it was slowly draining him...

Unable to see anything - clearly - within the dark space, he pulled his knees up into his chest and tried to gather up his scattered wits.

Rubbing his eyes, he started to recall what had happened to him, leading up to this...

The last thing that he could remember was sitting down with Dr. Harrison, she was about to begin their session when he suddenly felt his eyes getting very heavy, he tried to stay awake but he must have eventually fallen asleep... or passed out...


There were others around him, he could hear them moving about just next to his cell. He could hear their voices whispering through the bars. He remained sitting, trying to hear what they were saying.

"What the hell is this place?", he thought he heard someone say, "Where are we?" "Who did this?"

"How long have I been out?", someone else said.

Then, high above the ceiling, there was a heavy thumping sound. A rustling wave came from above and a slight amount of white light flashed across the walls. A sweeping rush of motion, then out of nowhere, the swooshing gust of wind suddenly removed part of the black curtain!

"No, no, no, Nooooo!", a man screamed!

A heavy clanking sound and then an abrupt snap, followed by another scream. "Oh, Nooo!"

Then, a different voice, - a whisper - a soft feminine voice, only much deeper in tone, it said something that really drew Denny's attention, the tone vibrated through the metal bars and caused the entire floor to vibrate.

" You wait here, Thomas.", the voice said. A vibration forming within the floor, "I'm going to need another volunteer"


After sitting down on Maxine's couch, he couldn't seem to remember anything, after that...

She must have had something to do with this, ...he wasn't too sure, but, he thought that he could smell her prolific perfume...

Sitting up, he felt his bare feet slide across the metal floor. The cold metal was very unnerving, ...the sensation seemed to soak into his ankles and his toes were painfully numb.

There was something wrong! Something felt strange, but he just couldn't quite put his finger on it, ...the air was humid and thick, but yet - he felt like he was freezing!

Maybe he had come down with some weird virus?

Or, was he suffering the effects of some strange new drug?

He didn't remember the lady doctor giving him any pills or anything? However, something just felt 'off' this weird physical sensation was completely overwhelming!

The muscles in his arms and legs were tingling. His lungs felt like they were barely moving when he took a breath, it was like the air was superlative, filled with an overabundance of pure oxygen.

He felt a little buzzed...

The sounds, coming from outside his cell, drew his attention.

Dennis instantly wanted to find out who they were! Maybe they knew something, anything at all, about what had happened, ...someone had drugged him, stripped him naked and thrown him into this cold, dark, jail cell... Had he been kidnapped? Who did this, ...Maxine?


After going through an extremely nasty divorce, which had ended his marriage after just ten short years; his wife, Stacy - had barely given the poor sot enough time to realize what was actually happening...

Dennis had never been more depressed than he was now.

Working at the DMV was a simple enough job and it really didn't pay too badly. However, it wasn't enough to satisfy his aggravated spouse. Stacy had started seeing other guys behind his back and had run off to Mexico with a man eight years younger than her.

Denny tried everything to fix it. He spent most of his yearly salary trying to 'save the marriage', but Stacy was through, ...she only waited around until his money ran out, and then she dropped the bomb and filed for divorce.

Dennis's lawyer, Ms. Melanie Kershaw, was supposed to be one of the best legal professionals in the state, but she didn't really do anything during the court proceedings and she allowed Stacy's attorney to take almost everything!

After it was over, Ms. Kershaw suggested that he make an appointment with this famous psychologist, Maxine Harrison. Ms. Kershaw seemed to think that it was the least she could do, especially after taking the last bit of his savings before finishing up the final divorce.

The finalized divorce had left him with only a few simple reminders of his failed marriage; a set of keys. A golden framed picture. An empty cigarette holder stained with the impression of her raspberry lipstick. Stacy, (his wife) had taken everything else - her lawyer, was more than relentless, she took the House, the Car, the Pontoon Boat... even his dog!

Dennis had managed to keep a few things, though, a half-carton of cigarettes. Some books. His truck. ...and, his pop-up type, 'Tag-a-long' Camper, which he had parked in his best friend's back yard. Just for the time being...though, Dennis would be 'temporarily' living in it... until he could find somewhere else to park it.

He had been in the process of preparing for a long distance run. He had lost ten pounds of winter weight and he had been working out on a regular basis. A 25K Marathon was coming up, and he thought that he would sign up for it and see how well he could do; maybe it would kill him if he was lucky...

His legs were stronger than they had ever been in his life, and his tall lanky frame was nearly a picture perfect display of an out-of-date cross-country runner.


Slowly getting to his feet, Denny held onto the bars and gradually pulled himself up into a standing position. Standing there for a little while, before he could trust himself to stay on his feet.

Just then, he heard a distant rumble. A heavy thudding sound carried throughout the entire cell, ...what the... it sounded like something huge and heavy had fallen down somewhere not far away...

The sudden burst of light entering his cell, almost caused him to close his eyes. The instant flash above him, revealing a huge towering figure! Instantly appearing as if from a Movie Theater Screen, the colorful display of colossal size - exploding above - completely filling up the sky!

"I think, you'll do nicely!", her whispering voice announced directly above!

Denny stood dumbfounded. It was Maxine alright, but she had grown into an enormous behemoth!

His eyes quickly adjusted to the light, only to find that a huge hand with bright red nails, swiftly came straight down after him - descending upon him, as if it were about to squash him!

He didn't have enough time to react before the smooth contact of large wrapping fingers completely encircled around his entire body and smartly squeezed him!

The floor drifted away, as the metal bars slipped out of his hands. He was swiftly lifted out through the opening in the roof and elevated up before her!

Maxine's voice seemed to pulsate directly into his face,

"C'mon Denny. I've someone who would be 'so delighted' to meet you!", she sniggered.

Her huge face filled his entire view! Her nose was two feet wide, ... her mouth opened up releasing a heated gust of almost sweltering steam, ...her smooth exaggerated features seemed to explode inside his head, her powerful grasp held him as effortlessly as one would pick up a coffee cup!

"Angela will be so happy to see you!", she whispered.

Denny watched the room spin around, as the huge hand carried him. His voice caught in his throat, he couldn't make a sound no matter how hard he tried - he was going into shock - the crushing grasp of four big fingers and a curled thumb - coiled around him - expertly adjusting their grip around his bound body.

He wanted to scream, but nothing came out. His head lolling limply within the soft crotch of her huge hand - the powerful momentum of her motions sending him into a slight spin.

"The rest of you better behave yourself, too!", she playfully announced.

Briskly walking past the long row of cages, she walked back to the door and stopped as she took a hold of the handle. Holding the trembling little male up before her face, she licked her lips and smiled,

"How are you feeling, Denny?"

The way that her fingers sealed up around his miniature figure, he felt like he been swallowed alive! The sensation was quite consuming, to say the least! Only his head was free of her tightly grasped fingers, and he found himself struggling to see, as the huge outer world swiftly flew past.

"Don't worry Dennis, I know exactly what you need now. So, just relax. Try and let yourself go, ...you're going to be so useful, now! "


Entering back into her office, Maxine walked in from the storage room door, carrying the miniature-sized Dennis in her single right hand; as easily as she could hold her cell phone up next to her face, she slowly walked around in front of her couch.

Angela was waiting impatiently, her legs crossed and her hands covering her mouth. She sat bouncing the toe of her uplifted foot, ...a look of anticipation filled her eyes. The overly anxious blonde couldn't stand it any longer, ...she wanted to see who Maxine was going to give her this time!

Dennis's eyes searched around the spectacular room, the sight of which, seemed only vaguely familiar, now. The huge gigantic furniture appeared like monumental rock formations, neatly lined up and perfectly positioned within the colossal room!

His heart skipped as beat, as he looked down and saw her, ...one of his ex-wife's best friends! Just sitting there on the couch looking up at him! It was Angela Cooper! He knew her all too well, she had been one of Stacy's best friends since the two of them were back in college!

Dennis couldn't believe it, ...she had spent the night with them several times just a few months ago!

He felt a pang stab him in the gut as he thought about how this woman had delightfully teased him while Stacy had her back turned, ...she was simply relentless. She knew that his marriage with her friend was very important to him, and she constantly tried to get him to look at her...

How the hell did she get involved in this? Was his ex-wife included in all of this, too? What was the hell going on here? Oh, Fuck! He was in deep trouble now!


Chapter End Notes:

Uh Oh, ...look's like someone's in serious trouble!  ;`)

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