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Author's Chapter Notes:

Tom begins to wonder if he'll live to see another day...


Somehow, Dr. Harrison had actually figured out how to miniaturize people, and Tom's new reality had just begun to fully sink in. At first, he was simply elated, but after gaining a bit of perspective, his jubilation was short-lived...

Tom also knew that she had shrunken several other people as well, secretly imprisoning them inside of these small wire cages. Holding them captive, as easily as a child kept a Gerbil as a pet!

After he noticed that there were several of those cages all lined up along that shelf, he was beginning to wonder how many others there were that would be added to the lady doctors bizarre collection!

Now, Thomas Speedman wasn't one to complain about getting all of this attention from the opposite sex, but this was just so weird! ...so humiliating. He had often fantasized about this very thing! However, this giant woman doctor had simply dropped him down into the back of her pantie hose, and squished him between her cheeks! Smothering him inside until he eventually passed out!

Upon awakening, Mr. Speedman slowly realized that Maxine had trapped him inside of her purse, wrapped up inside of that same pair of pantie hose! Was she trying to smother him in there!

He wondered just what she could possibly be planning on doing with him, next. And, now that he was just barely big enough to defend himself from a common household insect, what other things would she do to him?

Was she going to kill him? Was she going to eat him? She could, you know. Just simply shove him into her mouth and, ...devour him!

He had no idea what to think about all of this, ...everything around him, was completely enormous...


Sitting on her knee...

The closeness; quite traumatizing. Trembling, Tom sat - fully naked - straddling this smooth wide leg. His knees sharply bent with his feet tucked under him, the warmth of her enormous leg created the most intoxacating sense of euphoria.

Looking up at these two enormous women - just sitting there, taking all of this so casually, talking to each other and ...as if Tom weren't even there...laughing and flipping their hair, glancing down only occasionally to give him the slightest smile.

He wondered what strange 'fresh hell' he was about to enter; it seemed that Dr. Harrison was trying to convince Angela to do something out of her comfort zone...

Sitting naked on this giant woman's lap, he felt rubbery, but hard at the same time. The sheer size of Maxine's huge, soft thigh -- comparatively; being five times the length of his entire body, ...he sat there gripping tightly to the edge of her skirt.

Saddled upon her mid-thigh, nearly eight feet wide - he felt so puny - looking down the long, overly extended - length - of her lower leg. The shiny surface of tightly stretched stocking, a slight purplish hue reflecting within the dark blue color.

The tantalizing essence of her magnificent body, brought his arousal to a whole new level, ...drowning him within her scent, he could barely conceal his solid erection.

As the two women sat there talking, Maxine's hands aimlessly started flittering around. Her gesturing motions; like strange, wingless birds, her right hand swooping down and whipping past just overhead. Tom could barely relax enough to take a single breath... she could accidentally swat him off her leg and he would be dead before he hit the floor!


Knowing that - 'he' - was the central point of their semi-private conversation, he still felt as though they weren't exactly giving him any type of recognition, ...speaking of him, occasionally gesturing toward him, but not really considering him a part of their ongoing discussion.

Tom felt an overwhelming sense of betrayal. Maxine was treating him more like a little animal, or a pet. He attempted to get her attention, several times, but she simply held her open hand down above him, blocking out the light and causing him to be reminded of how small and insignificant he had actually become...

...was this how it was going to be, for the rest of his life?

His body had he been changed so drastically, that ...he wouldn't be treated as a normal human being any longer?

"Oh, it was obvious that he was no longer their equal.", he reconsidered. "They could do whatever they wanted to him, and he didn't have any way to defend himself!"

He was beginning to think that, just maybe - prison - would have been better, ...if he had known exactly what he was getting himself into, he would have never allowed her to do this to him!

Angela, and Maxine's conversation being so particularly focused on this 'Other-worldly aspect' ... Maxine attempted to detail her intentions. Her explanation was quite profound:

"It was like, the most wonderful feeling of complete empowerment.", looking down, and pointing her finger directly at him,

"This feeling of being in complete control. Possessing another human being, him - the tiny miniature man", she whispered quietly - "Owning him."

Oh, he was 'real' alright. A real live human being - a real living, breathing, being...

... just so small that, ...that the sensation of holding him, just couldn't be quite fully appreciated, without actually doing it!

"...to hold someone - that little - you just feel like a Giantess!"

"But, Angela. ...the sensation is simply delicious", Maxine whispered seductively.


Angela was reluctant to even try and allow herself to simply touch him; after the excitement of seeing him for the first time.

Her excited 'reaction', causing her to raise her voice a bit too loudly. The sudden outburst nearly deafening the poor little guy!

The doctor simply wanted to observe Angela's first time, witnessing it from more of a clinical observation, or from the psychological standpoint. Watching her do this, ...would allow her to see first hand just how fascinating it was, and she relished the chance to watch this happening!

Not wanting to offend her, Maxine was reluctant but quite determined to get her to do this. She was going to be extremely patient with Ms. Cooper, wanting her to just relax and simply hold him, ...just to simply experience what it was like...

She wanted to watch the little man's reaction, too. This was something that could be studied - the human reaction to different types of stimuli; different subjects and different situations...

"...nothing could be more different than this.", she thought.

"Alright Angela," Maxine firmly stated. "Now, put your hands out. I'm going to gently place little Thomas here, right into your palm. Just hold him for one minute. That's all I want you to do, just hold him, Okay?"

"Alright, but I don't want to hurt him. How tightly should I squeeze him?", she asked with a quivering tone.

"Don't squeeze, Angela. Just allow him to sit there in your hands.", Maxine softly told her.

Tom instantly started shaking, as he felt Maxine's cool fingers smoothly wrapping around his entire body. He would have tried to cover up his straining erection, but the point was that they had already noticed it and didn't really seem to be very interested in the fact that he was aroused.

His miniature size is such a novelty, his puny penis appeared more like an added bonus. Angela smiled when she saw it, ...her eyes growing brighter as she felt his tiny form dropping into the center of her cupped palms.

"Hello, little man.", she softly whispered. Being extra careful not to raise her voice.

Tom flopped down onto his bare butt and sat up. Leaning forward to block her giant eyes from staring at his crotch. He had never before felt this way, being naked around a woman ...he normally felt very comfortable with his body. He wasn't ashamed of the way that he looked. In fact, he was quite proud of his larger-than-average endowment.

But now, none of that seemed to matter. Tom's full standing height was shorter than what his cock used to be when he was normal size!

Grabbing onto her thumbnail he braced himself and pulled himself up onto his knees. Tom felt like he was kneeling before an actual goddess, a real giant woman, ...her soft palms smoothly surrounding him.

"He barely weighs anything at all!", Angela whispered. "This is, ...so strange!"

Tom felt her huge hands slightly quivering all around him. He couldn't help himself from becoming more afraid of her. His heart pumping fast, he looked up at the sight of her huge chest looming above him. The heavy globes filling out the front of her blouse. A pure look of complete fascination in her sparkling eyes. He could now feel the slick, wet sweat, forming a fine coating within her palms.

His bare skin pressing against her heated palms; the warmth consuming him within her cupping palms. He had never feared such a thing, ...or thoughts of such strangeness, had never before entered his mind!

"She's just a woman!", Tom tried to settle his terrified mind.

Looking around, he noticed that Maxine had moved further away - sitting back into her chair, she was writing something down on her notepad. She was obviously studying what Angela's reaction was, and she seemed to be enjoying the results of her newest revelation.

Angela slowly lifted him up. Bringing him up closer to her face. Her eyes grew wider as she brought him up before her, ...Tom knelt down, lowering his head submissively before this supreme being.


Angela felt a tingling sensation within her panties. A powerful surge of swelling in her nethers. Her nipples started swelling, as she slowly allowed her knees to drift apart, widening her thighs slightly, ...she felt herself becoming very wet.

Slowly taking a deep breath, she brushed a single fingertip over his tiny cock and pushed it firmly against his belly.

"Oh, I see what you mean. He's so little, Maxine!"

Tom felt as though he had already been devoured! She was holding him in her hands and he couldn't get away from her if he tried, ...she could, so easily squish him - so tightly - that he didn't stand a chance!

Her huge face slowly moved closer, she smiled and blinked quickly. Tom attempted to move away as he noticed her looming facial features. Her large nostrils flexed. The base, drawing air and vacuuming a strong draft into her lungs. Sweeping around his naked body, her fingers began to roam around and explore.

Her heated breath swirling around him, escaping through her nose and mouth - a slight breeze began swirling - drifting through her palms. She was sniffing him.

The corners of her mouth quivered, slowly forming a smile, ...Tom sank down and felt his bare butt sinking down into the warmth of her powerful hands.

"M'm, I wonder, ... are you afraid of me?", she softly whispered. "Let me have a little taste!"

Tom instantly threw his hands out to the sides and grabbed onto her large fingertips!

The large appendages moved closer and gripped up around him. Trapping him inside her single hand, he saw her other hand drift away as she slowly enclosed him within her right fist.

Tom stiffened his spine as a pang of fear stabbed him in the gut! He felt her possessive fingers enclosing all around him, tightening up and constricting. Forcing his tiny arms down to his sides, Angela giggled at his squirming reaction,

"Aw, look at you. You can't get away from me, little Tom!"

Driven to panic, he wildly fought against her firm grasp. Suddenly realizing that he was caught up within this enormous woman's fist and the sudden fear of her lingering gaze frightened him to the core!

Was she going to eat him?

Her wet tongue extruded from between her large, puffy lips. Leaving a shimmering glaze of sticky saliva spreading across, slowly breaking the firm seal in between, sweeping the tip over her lower lip.

"Just a little taste, ....that's all. I just want to give you a little, ...Taste."

Tom almost screamed as he felt the tip of her sloppy wet muscle pressing against his entire face!

Tiny sized globs of sticky syrup covered his whole face! He felt the thick paste soaking into his hair, dripping down and dribbling over his shoulders, he screamed as loud as he could!

"Nooo!", his voice barely made a sound.

He could feel his heart hammering hard against her encircling palm. The firm grasp holding him tightly enough that his body felt like it was connected to her hand. Her solid squeeze sealing her skin into his, ...smoothly conforming to his entire length!

His feet protruding from the base of her gripping fist, his legs crumpled within the center; his head trapped inside the coil of her index finger and thumb... he felt the powerful strength within her fingers - each one - working individually to form a perfect alignment with his defenseless little figure. He had become mummified within her grasp.

Her tongue slipped across his face, slowly...this time - leaving a trail of sparkling glue, ...plastering his entire face with the sticky paste!

"Stop It!", he yelled!

Only able to barely turn his head away, he couldn't do anything to prevent her from licking him! Her tongue quickly returned to slowly slither over his face again. The rounded nodules that covered the surface, slid slowly across his entire face, slightly scraping the side of his jaw. He felt the tiny appendages cutting into the surface of his skin!

He felt the heated wetness soaking in. The fast drying saliva-absorbing deeper and deeper each time, ...his heart was exploding inside his chest!

Was she going to EAT him?

He screamed again, but she didn't even seem to notice. Her mouth opened up and her huge soft lips wrapped around his whole head! The air popped as she pulled her mouth away!


Her slathering tongue swiftly attached itself to his face and head, wallowing around and mashing firmly, compressing against him! Forcefully shoving his head back, smothering him! He felt the powerful compression and thought that he was about to be swallowed alive!

In a sudden burst of explosive wetness, her giant mouth pulled away and quickly closed! Smiling with a huge set of glimmering white teeth, Angela's face drifted away and her eyes returned to inspect her little captive.

"M'm, ..yummy", her breath puffed.

Tom had nearly passed out from the lack of air, but he managed to hang on until she finally lowered him down to her knee and slowly released him. He wiped his face and looked up to see Maxine staring down with a glint in her eye, ...she had her legs crossed tightly, squeezing her thighs together. Her short dress had ridden up around her hips and she was holding onto the arms of her chair.

Angela reached up and brushed her hair back with both hands, "Could I have him for a few days?", she asked. Looking down at her feet she noticed that her purse had fallen open and a tiny little cat was casually walking out of the opening.

"Oh, LOOK!", she said. Pointing down at the shrunken cat.

Maxine lowered her hand down and the tiny cat walked into her palm and sat down. She carefully lifted him up and sat back into her chair again, ...adjusting herself into a more comfortable position, she looked down into her palm and smiled,

"Where have you been?", she softly cooed.

Extending a finger, she gently began to stroke the miniature feline, ...the little cat purred and flopped down in the center of her giant hand - curling up into a little ball - and disappearing as Maxine closed her fist around him.

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