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'Dai on' na'


  Maxine Harrison ; ( Harrison: an acquired, American Name) was nearly forty-five years old. However, her youthful appearance deceived most everyone. Most people would assume that she was so much younger, ...she looked to be about thirty-five...

She had grown up in the orient, and for many generations, her entire family had been farmers. Living on, and working with the land. Growing rice and maintaining a very large apple orchard, too. Maxine had four sisters and three brothers who were only a year apart in age, and they all worked together and played together. Their lives revolving around the work of taking in the harvest each year, and going to the open markets in Kanto.

Helping out their parents, along with their Aunts and Uncles and a slew of cousins as well. Their lives were perfectly clean, healthy and youthful. Maxine was as innocent as the driven snow, ...untarnished and pure.

Maxine had just barely become a woman, only 12 years old when she was so abruptly taken away; she sorely missed her family. So young, when she was separated from them, she had been taken away by some people that she didn't even know.

Taken away in the middle of the night, dragged away from their family home, kicking and screaming! Kidnapped, by slave traders, and sold into the underground markets!

  Her life, so drastically ripped away, her youth interrupted. And, as she would soon realize, it would never be the same again...

 The American soldier that had found her on the street, helped her out and took her in. Extracting her from the gutters of the slum, he saved her, giving the young girl a second chance at having a successful life.

Essentially, rescuing her from that brothel in Kanto (inside Tokyo); He brought her back home with him and adopted her. She loved him very much, and when he died in the hospital with lung cancer at age forty, he made Maxine promise him that she would continue with her schooling and graduate from college.

Maxine tried to block out most of her past. She had thrown herself completely into her studies, and decided that she would become the best Doctor that she could be, ...and after thirteen years of college, she had completed her degrees, And, kept her promise.

She knew about the ways of the world, long before most girls her age were even thinking about dating. And, her past experiences had caused her to look upon men, as not only the opposite sex but, also, an opposing force, that she wanted to instantly correct!

To say that Maxine, "Hated Men", would be an understatement, ...although, she didn't despise all of them, just 99 percent of them, it seemed; the few men that she had known, in her young life, and that she actually had at least some respect for,    ...were usually older men; Already married, with a life and a family of their own.

   At age thirty, she had begun to worry about being all alone in the world. So, three years after graduating from college, Maxine had decided to adopt a child that she could call her own, and raise her, all by herself, ...at least, she could have someone in her old age to be with her whenever that time came...

She had returned to Japan and sought out a female child to adopt and take back to the states with her. And, with little difficulty, Maxine found 'Daina Lee'. Or, maybe it was Daina Lee, who had found 'her', ...Maxine, wasn't too sure? The young girl had ran and jumped into her arms, the very instant that she saw her, ...and the two of them instantly bonded!

Maxine had signed the paperwork, and, ...had the little girl on an overnight flight, back to New York , and, well,...

...that was five years ago, ...and little Diana was now getting ready for her sixteenth birthday party.


    Maxine walked briskly across the open parking lot. The cool autumn air was swirling through the brownish, fallen leaves, lifting a few up, and tossing them around in the air, spinning them, and twisting them all around like some strange, wild, dance.

The lady Doctor hurried toward the building carrying the small wire cage in her right hand. The entire cage was covered over completely with a heavy pillowcase. She walked into her apartment building and headed for the elevator.

Bumping into Joyce Amble, ...her old roommate from college several years back. Maxine was forced to stop and talk with her, while she waited for the elevator to arrive.

She had lived together with Ms. Amble, for nearly her entire college career, and they had been extremely close for the entire duration, ...although, Maxine didn't exactly approve of everything that Joy did, she didn't judge her for her actions outside of their school life, ...what she did on her own time was none of her business.

  Joyce Amble stood five-foot-eleven and had short red hair, her long legs were almost always on display; wearing either a tight pair of shorts, or a super tight miniskirt, she could turn every head in the bar, and crossing the street, she could always 'Stop Traffic'.

   ..and with very good reason. Her legs had been her meal ticket throughout college, and even yet, she still made some serious cash at the strip club only working on one night per week.

  Joyce Amble, ...or 'Ambrosia' , ...that, was her stripper handle at the clubs. And, her name was very, well know, throughout the inner-city nightlife. She always produced an entirely packed house, every, single night, that she danced at the any of the night clubs, ...she could actually pick and choose, where-ever she wanted; and whenever she wanted, to dance!

Her red hair was naturally blonde, and she had started to notice a few gray strands, ...so that's when she had decided to go red,

She worked as a part-time receptionist for Maxine, and another family doctor in the city, but she only filled in for their regular, full-time receptionists, whenever they were on vacation or took a sick day...she hadn't ever needed to hold a 'full time' job, she was very smart with her money, and seemed to have plenty of it to go around...

    "What's in the cage, Maxie, ...did you buy yourself a bird?", Joyce asked. Reaching out to lift the edge of the pillow case.

    "Oh, ...No, no, no, ...it's just an empty cage. I wanted to hang it in the apartment for decor." Now, Joy, ...you know we're not allowed any PETS!", Maxine said as she pulled the cage around to the other side of her body, taking it away from the curious fingers of her 'wide-eyed friend'.

    "So, you got any "dates" planned for this weekend Girl?", the taller woman asked with a firm stare, unblinking and narrowing her eyes.

    "I've got some friends coming over tonight, ...But, - Oh, Diana's birthday party is tomorrow! And, you know that 'You're' Invited', Too. So, just bring something nice, and not too 'Over-the-Top' like you did last year, Joyce. Just get her something Nice, Okay?", Maxine told her, holding the cage well away, from her former roommate's reach.

    "Sweet Sixteen, ...oh, she's growing up so fast!", Joy said, standing back, allowing Maxine to step into the elevator in front of her, as the doors slowly opened up.

    "What time doe's the Party start?", Joyce asked. Quickly stepping inside behind her, and turning around to lean back against the rear wall of the elevator.

    "Oh, I don't know, ...we'll have the Cake, at around three, and Diana can open her presents up, about four o'clock - or so, ...just come on over whenever you want, Joy. You're just like a sister to me, ...and you know that you're always welcome!"


 Meanwhile, inside the cage...

    "What the, ...where am I?", Groaning quietly, and sitting up to look around.

  Shifting my weight, as the entire floor tilted to one side. I braced myself and held tightly to my loosening toga. The whole room slightly spun round, and I caught my breath while trying to keep from sliding across the slippery floor!

The round space that I found myself inside, was floating around like a ship tossing about in an angry sea! I could hear voices coming from high above the top, and I recognized only one, ...Maxine.

The other voice, I didn't know. But, the giant woman doctor seemed to be very familiar with her. Her tone of voice was slightly different as if she didn't really care for this individual, and she was just, simply, humoring her, ...I could tell already, that she wasn't going to introduce this one to me...

Suddenly, the motion of my prison started swinging around more roughly, and I could hear the solid impacts of heavy footfalls. The voice of the stranger, fading into the distance, I could tell that Maxine was going further away from her as they continued talking.

    Maxine said, raising her voice, "See ya' Later, Joy".

The faster pace, of my giantess captor, forced me to lay back and, spread my feet wide apart. Desperately trying to steady myself during this fluctuating ride, I had nothing to hold on to, and the erratic nature of this twirling trip was nothing if not completely terrifying!

    "Help!", I yelled out. Just to try and get her attention.

  It didn't make any difference, and as my carriage shifted to the right, and suddenly whipped back the other direction, I suddenly realized, that my outburst had effectively made things much worse! Whipping around, ...causing me to lie back, while desperately trying not to slide across the floor!

A half turn and my world spun around the other way, ...then, switching once more, it whirled around the other way! I sprawled out, barely able to maintain any type of balance, while trapped inside of this run away washing machine, ...I could only lie back, and try and steady myself!

The dimly lit space, offered very little sense of direction and the constant spinning motion created a sensation that I hadn't experienced, since the last time that I rode that Famous 'Roller Coaster', that was referred to as, 'Space Mountain!'

The swirling and spinning, eventually settled, and I decided to just stay still and remain quiet. Opening my mouth had been a big mistake, and I would most definitely, think long and hard about doing it again...

This, 'shrinking' thing, was so unusual and strange. I began to realize that there was going to be a whole world of changes, and for me, ...it was going to be so much different.

It would be, just as if, I had been transported to some other world; a world, within this WORLD, a 'fantastic' and new, situation; One that had never before been experienced by anyone!

  How could I prepare myself for what was happening to me? There was nothing like this in my imagination, and, ...I had no idea of the things to come...

I couldn't even imagine what was about to happen to me, but still, ...I desperately tried!


    Without warning, the cage suddenly stopped moving. Dropping down heavily against a solid floor, my ride bumping abruptly and coming to a sudden halt; the constant spinning motion instantly stopping, ...leaving my head still spinning, and dizzy, ...and for a long while, I felt like I was still moving, ...but, quickly realized that Maxine must have reached her destination.

Settling down, and listening to the ominous sounds all around my enclosure, huddling within the center most area of the round cell, I pulled my tissue paper Toga up around my naked body and melted into the dimly lit space...

I could hear doors closing, and swishing footsteps; sweeping motions, large shadows moved past the walls of my cell. Huge flashing motions, ...every sound accompanied with an extending vibration.

A ringing bell sounded off, somewhere in the distance and heavy footsteps quickly rushed past my cage. The outside world was suddenly a rush of clambering motion, ...an explosion of quaking, and bustling calamity!

I heard a strange voice, coming from the doorway, and then I heard Maxine's voice speaking excitedly,

    "There's My Girl!", she rang out! "Get in here, ...take off your Shoes."

    "Hello, Mommy. Did you leave work 'early' today?", the young girl's voice sounded soft and quiet.

Maxine spoke much louder than usual, she seemed to be overly excited about talking with this young girl.

    "Oh, yes. I had to get home before YOU did, - so that we could, ...get everything ready for tomorrow, ...you'll have to do all of your homework, quickly - so that we'll have the rest of this three day weekend to enjoy ourselves!"

    "Oh, ... No, Mom. Can't the 'Homework', Wait. I'm Too Tired. ", the girl said. Extending her voice with a whining sound. Sighing, and stepping through the light past my cage.

I felt the motion, as she swept by, a large shadow rolling across the curtain that enclosed my cell. I held my breath, waiting to see what was going to happen next...

    "Diana, we've already discussed this, and you know the rules..."

    "Okay, Mum. But, I want to get changed first and get something to drink. Today was just a waste of time, anyway, we didn't do anything at all, after lunch, ...and the entire day was just, so stupid! ...I just wanted to get out of there and get away from those people!"

    "Don't you feel well?", Maxie lowered her voice. "I hope you're not coming down with something..."

    "If you're sick, ...then we'll have to call everyone and postpone your birthday party."

    "No, ...no, I'm NOT sick. I just Hate it, when the teachers don't have anything for us to do. They just let everyone 'set around' and talk, doing nothing, and just wasting time. It just, ...just, ...wears me OUT, Mommy!"

    "I know dear, ...but, let me tell you. Enjoy yourself Now, ..because, as you get older you'll find that these days, - 'like this' - won't come as often, ...and you'll wish that you had a 'Free Day' to just waste, like this!"

    "Alright Mum, ...I suppose you're right.", the young girl stepped further away, her voice fading, "I'm going to take a shower."

I felt the rustling of motion next to my cage, and then everything grew quiet. I waited.


  Nothing seemed to be happening and I started to get curious. My stomach was completely empty, and I heard that familiar squishing sound coming from deep within my gut. I should have eaten some of that hamburger, that Amy had tried to give me...

I decided to try and get a peek out of my cage. I could easily reach through the bars and lift up the cover. I silently stepped over to the bars and reached through, ...grabbing the soft cotton, I squatted down lower and reached down as far as I could, reaching down to the lowest edge, I grabbed it, and with little effort, I easily managed to pull it up so that I could see out from underneath.

The tan carpeting spread out in all directions. A large, flat screen, digital T.V. was mounted on the wall above a fake, fireplace mantle. A large black vase set centering the shelf just below the wide black screen.

I could see almost into what was probably the kitchen area because the floor was a clean white block tile. The brighter light coming from inside the room was a giveaway, that the Lady Doctor was inside there with a light on...

I could hear dishes rattling gently together, she must have been washing them, or preparing something for a late dinner. I faintly detected the sweet aroma of boiling vegetables and the savory scent of smoked pork.

I heard the sudden pop, of a wine cork, and my stomach started to groan a little bit more. I was starving, Now. And, the hunger pangs were starting to get to me!
In the opposite direction, I faintly heard the sound of the shower running, ... the bathroom must have been around the corner, seemingly some distance down a long hallway. The water suddenly shut off, and I heard a door latch clicking, ...then, I heard quick footfalls coming directly toward the living room...

I dropped the curtain, and scooted back into my cage! The rushing motion swept past, and the gust of wind swirled across the covering like a spinning dust storm! I held my breath as the young girl giant briskly shuffled by, simply walking into the kitchen after getting her shower...

    "Some 'thing', ...smells Soooo, Good!", the young girl spouted! "I'm Starving!"

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