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Author's Chapter Notes:

"Thomas Speedman meets Angela Cooper, ...will she like what she sees?"


  Still hopelessly trapped inside of this huge leather bag, Tom was suddenly thrown off balance - in a sudden pull - from this unexpected lifting sensation!

Instantaneously, shooting straight up while shifting across to the right, throwing everything inside over to one side!

He jerked around, just before he was swiftly pinned against the wall, pressed down by the intense gravity! Sliding over the soft floor, he found himself squashed right back into that softball of crumpled nylon, ...forcing him deeper into that huge cushion of pantie hose!

He nearly gagged, as the sudden pull of intense gravity, yanking him back - directly followed by an abrupt falling sensation!

-------- =

  "Okay, Angela. Let's get started then, shall we..." Maxine's voice resounded from above. "Have you ever felt this fabric before?"

-------- =

She must have taken up her purse, and moved it over, casually setting it aside with an abrupt drop! Tom had been moved as well, in the thoughtless process, and had nearly lost his cookies from the unexpected drop in elevation!

"Whump!", the floor impacted with a solid thump!

-------- =

  "It's 'imported' plush velvet. If you could just, hold onto it for a little while and just feel it while we talk, ...it seems to aid in helping you to relax, the soothing texture just feels good, too".

  "Um, alright?", Angela reached over and took the small square of fabric from Maxine's fingertips and instantly applied it to her face.

Maxine giggled. Angela began rubbing the small square of material on her face.

  "Feel Good?", Maxine whispered.

  "Yes, it's lovely!", Angela said, slowly rubbing the cloth in a circular motion on her chin and gently over her right cheek.

-------- =

  Right after the unexpected drop, he felt the hard floor slam up against him. Listening to them, as they casually went about their business, he rubbed his bruised behind. Staying very still, he waited to make sure that she was done moving her purse around!

-------- =

  After quickly snatching up her purse, and swinging it around beside her chair, (Unintentionally, and quite casually) she just dropped it to the floor, Maxine then picked up a small remote control - using her thumb, she pressed a button.

Just after the soft click, the whole room was suddenly filled with a crisp, intensified sound of gushing water... the surround-sound speakers, came to life - offering up the prerecorded sound effects of ambient music; a mountain waterfall.

The soft tones of Biosphere - 'Hyperborea' - began flowing out of the speakers. Maxine adjusted the volume and set the remote down.

  "Have you ever been in the desert?", she asked. Picking up the legal pad and crossing her legs she sank back into the soft leather chair.

  "Yes. A few years ago, my sister and I were out in Arizona. We had driven out to the dunes. We spent a few days camping beneath the stars - it was a wonderful experience."

  " I'll bet.", Maxine spoke calmly.

  "It forces you to realize just how, 'Small' we all are, ...doesn't it?", she cleared her throat. " The horizon so far off in the distance, ...and, the setting sun, so large - just hanging there in the sky."

  "Yes. The way it looks from the dessert is very pretty."

Leaning back and looking out through the doctor's Bay Windows.

She could see out through the open blinds; the distant horizon, glowing with the last rays of sunlight. The view from the eighteenth floor, at the top of the impressive Murphy Building, giving Angela a clear view across the entire Central Park. And, well beyond the outskirts of the Downtown area.

She finally started to settle into the moment and relax, ...she slipped her shoes off and pulled her right foot up onto the couch - placing it underneath her left buttcheek.

The relaxing sounds of ambient music seemed to calm her inner-being and she took a few deep breaths and slowly exhaled, ...her whole body seemed to relax. And, for her - that was something that almost never happened when she with a complete stranger.

She was just very nervous around people until she really got to know them.

  "Tell me something," Maxine said. "Whenever you have these sudden urges, are you under stress most of the time, or can they just arise at any given moment?"

  "Well, it depends. Usually, there has to be something happen that triggers it. If I'm sitting at home watching television and --I'm really enjoying what I'm watching, then I normally don't have any problems."

  "Oh, okay. Do you watch porn?"

  "Sometimes, yeah."

  "What do you like to watch?"

  "Um, well, what really turns-me-on, ...is that what you mean?"

  "Yeah, I'd like to know what you enjoy 'seeing' whenever you're relaxing at home. When nothing or nobody's around that could possibly distract you, ...are you normally alone whenever you watch porn?

"Well, I don't watch it very often. But, my girlfriend Tracy, used to stop by after work - and we would sometimes watch some X-rated movies from the Classic Era, ...mainly, just for the jokes and we found it amusing to make fun of them."

So, you don't watch anything when you're alone, then?"

Angela paused. She glanced up at the ceiling and rolled her eyes. Pulling her bare foot out from under her, she switched legs and stuffed her other foot up under her heavy butt.

  "I um, like to watch women dominate men. Tie 'em up, and make 'em beg. You know? I like to see a great big muscular guy, being controlled by a skinny looking girl - it just does something for me, ...I don't know what it is about that, but it just turns me on, so much!"

Maxine scribbled something down on her pad. She slowly began to smile. "I knew it", she thought to herself.

  "This could actually work!"

Angela started to blush, "Is something Wrong?"

  "Oh, no, there's nothing wrong!", the Asain woman's eyes blinked several times.

 "I think that I have the perfect solution for you."


  Maxine was a bit reluctant to bring someone else into this with them, but she also knew that this small group of people could be easily managed. Her daughter and her three friends already knew about it. And, Amy and her young daughter, already knew about it too.

That was seven people, including herself, that knew what she was doing, ...Angela would make eight people involved in this, and under the circumstances, she felt that using one of them to actually help one of her patient's was just an added benefit.

-------- =

  Attempting to try and make out what they were talking about, Tom listened closely, but that overbearing background sound, coming from her surround-sound speakers - nearly drown out everything but an occasional word or two, ...he had just started to climb up toward the tiny hole in the zippered pocket, when all of a sudden, he was almost thrown back down again, ...the huge purse lifted up and swung around in a wide sweeping circle.

Hanging on tightly, he was gently lowered down and the bottom of the purse softly came to rest on some other spot.

He heard the zipper slowly coming apart, and the outside light suddenly flooded in. He heard the giantess saying something, but then - her huge hand covered up the opening at the top.

He dropped down into the depths of the narrow pocket and tried to crawl beneath the pantie hose. He had just made it underneath when three large fingers entered the pocket and pulled the wadded ball of pantie hose out!

Tom remained there in the bottom of the pocket - frozen with fear. When the only thing protecting him had suddenly been removed, he huddled down in the corner and held his breath... sheer terror overtook him! He trembled as he heard Maxine's voice speaking from directly above!

  "Thomas?", she whispered. Her monstrous voice drifted back toward the opened pocket.

  "Are you still in there?", she quizzically asked!

Not expecting an answer, she pulled the pocket wide apart, lowering her face down directly over it, ...huge eyes filled the opening as she peered in!

  "THERE YOU are!", she abruptly announced! "Come on out here, Little one. I want you to meet someone!"
- As if he actually had a choice in the matter...


    Nothing could have prepared him for what was about happen...

  He had only briefly been with this giant doctor, (while fully awake and not unconscious) and Maxine didn't really give him enough time, or even a chance, to acclimate to his new miniature position, being so hastily reduced to this little five-inch action figure. The unexpected and quite overwhelming shock hadn't enough time to fully sink in...

  And, without really allowing him a chance to fully realize what he had so suddenly become, she had just simply dropped him down into the back of her steaming hot pantie hose!

Now, I don't know about you, but - here she was, cooing at him and talking to him, ...asking him so nicely, to come out from the safety of his hiding place and meet another giant woman!

...as if she were his best friend in the whole world, ...just staring down at him with two huge, dark brown eyes!

  "C'mon, Thomas. Don't be afraid. We're not gonna hurt ya! Angela here would just like to see what you look like, that's all..."

He couldn't even catch his breath. This huge matching pair of brown spheres, sparkling above the opening in the pocket - looked as if they were larger than a set of head lights on the front end of a Greyhound Bus!

Tom nearly pissed all over the floor of the leather pouch/pocket, whenever the sudden appearance of her bright red fingernails slowly curled around the edge of the opened at the top!

Larger than a garden shovel, three shiny red nails slipped down along the soft lining. Entering the pocket and slowly coming closer, ...the sight of those spade shaped blades and the thought of how easily they could cut him in half, caused him to scream out in sheer terror!

"No, Noooooooo! Get away from ME!"

"Aw, come on Now!", Maxine purred. "I'm not going to hurt YOU!"

"No, Don't touch ME!", Tom yelled up at those huge brown eyes!

"C'mon, Thomas. Don't be so scared, I just want to get you out of there, so that we can take a good look at you, That's all..."

"Ahhhhh, No, Nooooooo!"

  Tom screamed as loud as he could! But, it didn't make any difference to the giant fingers. Two long slender fingertips and a heavy wide thumb lowered down into the pocket and slid around his sides. The soft skin squeezed up around him and slowly squished together, ...taking him up, and lifting him out into the brighter light.

"Put ME DOWN!", Tom screamed.

Kicking his arms and legs in a frantic act of pure terror!

Looking down, he saw the cupped palm of her other hand coming up to meet him. He felt his bare feet touching down onto the soft padding of her warm skin, ...he struggled within her fingertips, as she slowly released him, allowing him to simply drop down into her waiting palm.

"There, We ARE!", she brightly announced!

Holding him up level with her face, he felt the slight pull of gravity as she gently lifted him. Her huge hand dipped and raised a few times as she adjusted his elevation - holding him precariously high above the floor!

Tom's stomach twinged, as he spread his feet as wide as he could. Trying to maintain his balance on this giant woman's soft palm. He felt her warm fingers spreading apart as she adjusted her hand to better display him for her anxiously awaiting guest.

Angela leaned forward, scooting up on the edge of her seat, she brought her face in closer to see this incredible little person!

"Oh, is he.... REAL?", she blurted out!

"As real as, You or Me!", Maxine answered.

"Angela, Meet 'Thomas Speedman', I think that the two of you are going to become very good friends!"

'Oh, my god, he's just so, ...so, Oh My! I didn't think that ...oh God, he's a little Man!"

Angela stammered to find the words to express her emotional reaction, but she simply stuttered with confusion as she intently inspected this amazingly - small - perfectly formed - little miniature person!

Sitting there, completely naked, inside of this soft feminine hand, he just looked so strange!Being that his tiny body fits perfectly within this beautiful Asian woman's palm. Her smooth, single hand, easily large enough to engulf his entire body. Angela, just couldn't believe what her eyes were seeing!

Completely spellbound, she continued to question what her eyes just couldn't quite understand, "He can't be REAL! That's Impossible, ...isn't it?"

  "Oh No, he's very much as real as he can be, ...just smaller!", Maxine whispered softly, holding him up a little closer.

Gapping, Angela's mouth fell open as she continued to burble, her eyes frozen and locked on to the sight of this little tiny person, ...just sitting there so petite inside the single hand of the lady doctor.

    "...are you, ...Serious?", she squealed with an ear-piercing blast!

Tom covered his ears with both hands and fell backward into Maxine's palm. Her fingers reactively curled around his miniature figure, protecting him as she reluctantly moved him away from the overly-excited Angela.

"Be careful, Angela ...his tiny ears are very sensitive."

"Oh, Sorry! I didn't realize! This is just so, ...amazing!"

"I know, um, he's really tiny, but he IS a 'Real Person', Angela. So, we have to be very careful. You could accidentally injure him without even realizing it.."

"Oh I know, ...I know. I mean, just look at him. He's so Small!"

Maxine slowly moved him back between them, gradually raising up her hand and bringing him up before Angela's face, once again.

Tom's heart was racing as he was forced to be put on display. He had never before felt so humiliated, ...he wanted to just jump out of her hand and run away but the distance down to the floor was far too much to survive the fall!

Angela was looking at him like a little girl would look at a fresh slice of chocolate cake with white frosting. Her eyes grew wider, and her heart started pounding - her face blushed a deep shade of red and she felt her body becoming overly aroused by just the sight of this tiny naked man.

She felt her nipples growing hard and becoming as rigid as steel bolts. Her ears felt hot, too.

She reached up and brushed her fingers through her hair, ...at the same time, she bumped her arm across her left boob and rubbed it with the inside of her forearm - using her wrist - she felt her hard nipples trying to press through her bra.

Her breathing was getting faster and faster. And, she felt her tingling pussy getting so warm, ...she uncrossed her legs and recrossed them a few times, ...trying to hide her arousal from Maxine.

Maxine broke the tension, "Would you like to hold him?", she quietly whispered.

"Just put your hands together and I'll let you hold him."

Tom started to panic. "What the hell was she doing?"

He didn't want to be some 'plaything' for this fat bitch. "I thought that she was going to give me to Amy?"

Angela scooted away, she shook her head and slid back deeper into the couch.

    "I don't know, Maxine?"

  Uncrossing her legs, she spread her knees apart and wiped her damp palms down over them - placing her feet tightly together, she squeezed her knees back together and shifted them over to one side; feeling her pussy start to swell, she tried to contain her building arousal!

  Tom had no idea what was going on and he wasn't a bit interested in being handled by this chubby giant blonde, she was hot, yeah... But, No. He didn't want her holding him like some little toy!

He was starting to get angry, at the thought of being used this way, and he turned around to look up at the looming face of his prodigious captor, ...Maxine was smiling down at him like he was some fascinating little decoration, that you'd find dangling from a supermodel's ear.

    "C'mon ladies just put me down okay. I don't like this! You're starting to scare me!"

  Angela's eyes grew even wider than what he thought possible. The sound of his voice was so "Miniature". She leaned in and lowered her face much too closely!

  "Oh My God!", she squealed!

Blasting him back into Maxine's palm with her loud voice, nearly deafening him in the process! Quickly pulling him away, Maxine lowers him down onto her lap. Her cupped palms enclosing around him, completely covering him up!

"Angela!", Maxine barked! "I thought I told you to be careful about that!"

"Oh God, I'm so sorry! I didn't hurt him, did I? Is he, ...is he, ..alright?"

Angela covered her blushing face. Cupping both her hands over it, she peeked between her fingers. Maxine slowly opened her's up while looking down to check on him.

Tom's ears were ringing, as he looked up directly at the giant woman. (He waved her away as if he had a choice in the matter), ...Maxine opened up her hands slightly, as she slowly lifted him back up.

"I think he's alright. But, Angela - you can't do that. You're going to need to remember that he is just so sensitive and delicate... that to him - You - are almost as big as the 'Statue of Liberty'. If you can imagine what that would be like, then you should realize how everything appears to him."

"I don't think I 'Like this' anymore, Maxine.", Angela sounded nervous. "This just doesn't feel right. Put him away, I don't want to hold him"

Angela crossed her arms and sat back into the couch. Maxine slowly released her hands from around the tiny captive. Allowing Tom to sit freely and completely naked upon her right thigh.

Moving her hands away and lowering them down next to her legs, she allowed him the freedom to look around and see them both from this new vantage point.

"He must be completely terrified of us! How did he get so, ...small, Anyway?", Angela started to realize the full extent of this bizarre new reality.

  "Where did he come from?"

------- =

Tom sat down. Awkwardly attempting to cover up his naked crotch, while sitting at the edge of Maxine's soft black skirt, he crossed his legs and leaned over. Reaching down with his right hand he tried to get to hold of the bottom edge of the thick skirt. Attempting to brace himself from falling off her long leg.

Her wide, soft thigh, felt so warm beneath him. However, keeping his full attention, was this slight but constant - shifting motion. To anyone else, they were simply imperceptible motion's - to anyone of normal size, that is. Tiny movements, that wouldn't even be detected in the slightest way.

However, for Tom, being only five inches tall, just the slightest movement - simply created by her living, breathing body, keeping him fully aware of just how gigantic she is!

Unintentionally, and unaware of her drifting leg, which was moving with just her normal body rhythms - causing her huge leg to slightly drift, ...moving back and forth, ...completely unconscious actions, though, for anyone of normal size. Something that we all do, whether awake or asleep.

From Tom's perspective, although, it was extremely noticeable. He felt as though she were intentionally wobbling her leg just to keep him slightly off balance, ...was she just tormenting him?

----- =

"He volunteered for this venture all on his own, Angela. Tom is a criminal.  He was going to be persecuted and sent away for more than twenty years. He was offered this chance to avoid going to prison."

Maxine glanced down at him with a slight glint in her eye's,

   "He was fully aware of the consequences, and yet, he decided to go ahead and offer himself up as a test subject for some new experimental procedure", Maxine didn't fully explain everything.

She failed to tell her, that she - herself, had been the one who had actually performed this experiment - and exposed tiny Tom to the chemicals - which had effectually caused him to shrink.

  "He knew exactly what he was getting himself into before all of this began, but yet he still wanted to avoid going to prison, so here he is - just as sweet as can be, I mean, just look at him, ...I think ...he like's it!"


Chapter End Notes:

TBC ~ this was one of the longest chapters that I've uploaded to this story, and probably the most dialogue, too.

Let me know what you think!  ;`)

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