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Author's Chapter Notes:

Tom wakes up and slowly realizes where he is...

'Dai Onna'

Part of him wanted to stay right there. Just lay there, allowing all of this... to just happen...

Oh, yeah, he had dreamt of this before. Being shrunken down and captured by a beautiful giant woman. His mind instantly recalled some of his most secretive, and favorite fantasies...


Taken into the bathtub and used just like a little scrub brush. Painting their giant nails. Being used as a toe separator, painting her fingernails and being forced to paint his own toenails.

Getting a massage from those magnificent fingers, being used as a living sex toy. Being placed inside her cleavage and allowed to ride around as she did her shopping.

Easily sneaking him into the movie theater, carrying him around at the Mall. Showing him off to her beautiful girlfriends - passing him around - getting kissed and licked by dozens and dozens of them, ....oh yeah, toyed with and teased by these gorgeous gigantic females! ...this could be sooo goood!

....but wait a minute! This was 'actually' happening!


Tom suddenly felt a sonic rush of adrenaline; his terrified brain told him to at least try and get away from here! This giant doctor, Maxine - had already told him that she was going to simply, give him away, just - hand him over to her good friend, Amy...

But Why?

Just simply 'give him to her' - that beautiful receptionist? He saw her working at the front desk - Damn, she was hot, too. But, Tom didn't have any idea who she was, or what kind of person she is, ...she could be into 'Vore' - or worse, ...some weird kink that involved using candle wax, ...or, anal bondage - who knows, maybe she had a pet snake!

What if she were into pain, or cutting? What if she wanted to see how quickly she could completely break his mind and slowly drive him insane, ...what if she enjoyed hearing him screaming, and used him as a pin cushion!

She could literally 'crush him' inside her giant fist! Or, sit on him, and squash him! Oh, no, this was just way too much!

What if, she taped him down to her kitchen table and burned him with a cigarette lighter?

She could crush all the bones in his tiny body and keep him alive - completely paralyzed, and left on her desktop as just another silly little adornment to add to her collection; another silly looking little 'object' to clutter up her desk and add to her growing bricker-brack?

She could chop him up into tiny little pieces, ...bake him in a pie, or put him in a plastic bag and slowly suffocate him, ...watch him slowly die!

She could swallow him alive! She could chew him up! She could, ...she could, oh, there were so many things she could do to him and nobody... Nobody, would ever know anything about it, ...he was just so small, that she could just shove him into her tight panties and smother him!

Nobody knew that he was here, and no one would ever believe that he had been shrunken down to the size of an action figure, kept as a tiny little pet...

Tom wasn't so sure about this anymore. He didn't know what he was going to do? He figured that this might not be something that he ever wanted! Oh, No! Oh, God No! What was going to happen to him?

He wondered, desperately trying to control his fear, he tried to think it all over rationally; she couldn't be all that bad, could she? She looked so sweet and innocent, ...was this all some kind of 'divine intervention' Or, maybe, it could actually be his worst nightmare, but maybe he was just getting carried away...

This was all... just, so freaking weird, though!

How in the hell did she shrink him down, anyway? And, why did she do it?

What was this, 'Amy' going to do with him? He had no idea... Was he just going to lay there and wait to see what happened next, or was he going to at least try and save himself!

Was he losing his mind already?

He knew that he wasn't dreaming - because the tender skin on his bare-naked ass, was still stinging from that rough slide down into the back of Maxine's gigantic pantie hose!


Barely able to breathe inside of this thick wall of overlapping nylon, Tom wriggled around and started grabbing at the tightly wrapped layers. Overlapping and completely surrounding him, he simply started pulling down on the inner-most layer.

He knew, that he was working himself away from the more fragrant 'toe section', and if he thought that he had a chance, he just kept on pulling and pulling, he would eventually unwind this enormous stocking...

Using his hands and feet, he continued clawing away until he felt the wadded up ball under his feet start to increase in size. He was slowly unraveling the huge stocking, and he could feel that it was becoming looser and looser around him.

The excessive amount of length, piling up under his feet, he deliberately continued frantically pulling his way out, ...slowly unraveling the gigantic leg of this huge pair of pantie hose; wadding up a ball of nylon beneath his feet, it just kept growing larger, and larger.

Trying to pace himself, and just keep steadily working.

Slowly, he kept pulling as he worked his way further along. Realizing that he could feel more and more air coming in - and the looser the nylon netting became, the more air he could feel.

His sweaty, nude body, detecting the cooler air, instantly gave him the extra energy that he needed to continue.

Slowly getting a little more air, Tom pulled away at the sleek material and started feeling that he was just about to find the opening at the other end!


In almost complete darkness, and working as quickly as he could, Tom kept on pushing the wadded up nylon down under his feet. Shoving it back away from him, pressing it down, gradually unwinding the long leg of this huge pair of overwrapped stocking.

The material getting looser and looser, he knew that he had to be nearing the end, it had to be almost there, ...he stopped for a moment to catch his breath.

He found that he could breathe a whole lot easier, now. And, he started to get excited thinking that he was nearly out of this huge pair of pantie hose!

He felt a strange blissful satisfaction. An enormous wave of tingling sensations rippled up across his overheated body. Being surrounded by all of this excessive nylon, completely swallowed up inside of it... this gigantic stocking, he felt his whole body just 'Tingling'...

...it was so surreal!

His chest pumping, he stretched out and tried to relax. Wiping some sweat away from his brow, he tried to clear his head and figure out what he should do... after, he escaped...

One of his favorite Fantasie's came swirling back into his foggy mind. He tried to push it away, but it swiftly returned like a bad penny. The thought of being trapped inside of that giant blondes panties and worn around like a pantie liner.

He wondered if something like that could actually happen, ...now that he was the exact same size that he was in his imaginative dreams.

He had seldom ever actually considered what he would, really do... because he thought that it could never possibly come true and that it was just a very imaginative fantasy!

He started to get excited. Just allowing his mind to recall all of those short little scenes from thousands of porn vids and hundreds of short stories that he had read, ...the staggering amount of material that his poor brain had been forced to process all came rushing back to him like a tidal wave!

This was all just so surreal... He couldn't believe how small he was, ...his mind flashed back to the towering image of Maxine's enormous body as she stood before him. Those dark blue panties looming above his prison cell. Her huge hand gathering him up and so effortlessly carrying him up to her face. His first impression of her had been branded into his mind's eye.

This tremendous woman. This magnificent female giant - she was a gigantic behemoth, compared to him!

She had somehow made him this way, 'intentionally', so that she could just 'give him away' to one of her friends as a cute little gift? So casually, as if he were nothing but a little trinket...

It just made no sense to him that this brilliant Psychologist, this famous Doctor, had somehow figured out how to actually shrink an actual, real live person! Turning them into a miniature-sized little toy! And, ...she was just so, just so, casual about it?

Why did she do this to him?

Was she going to shrink more people? Could she be shrinking more people, right now! Was she Mad? Why was she doing this? He searched his bewildered mind for some explanations, ...there was nothing that he could come up with that could reveal what this woman doctor could possibly have in mind...

Just then, he heard a heavy thumping sound, vibrating through the floor beneath him. Frantically, he started pulling away at the remaining nylon and quickly dragged himself out of the opening at the other end. Feeling the heavier waistband in the giant pair of pantie hose, he realized that he had finally managed to get himself free.

'Ka-Thump' 'Ka-Thump' 'Ka-Thump'

The heavy sound of gigantic footsteps reverberated throughout the entire floor. He felt around, soon realizing that he was still trapped inside of something, ...the strong aroma of musty leather and a mild sweetness, ...was that spearmint flavored chewing gum?

Inside such a tight space, the warmth of his own body creating a more humid feeling; the scent of mold, and a slight odor of what smelled like, (to his analytical mind) nothing, other than money...

A purse! He was inside of Maxine's purse!

Feeling the warmth within, and the overpowering scent of moldy money. He suddenly realized where he was! It was a triumphant discovery for him, but quite compelling to say the least... Although, he now knew where he was, ...he was still trapped by this gigantic woman and he wasn't too sure about anything anymore!

While catching his breath, he struggled around and tried to make himself a little more comfortable.

Searching around and attempting to find a way out, a small hole revealed itself up above his head. He noticed a soft beam of filtered light casting a solid, although, 'narrow beam', down into his dark, cramped space - Tom knew that, that hole was his only way out!

Suddenly, a voice spoke down from above him. A god-like voice, very feminine, but quite tremendously powerful! An amplified earth-shaking soundwave of vibrating sound!

"Alright Angela, just have a seat there and we'll get started, alright?", Maxine's voice sounded so powerfully large - very close, too.

Tom listened intently to the heaviness of their movements, the sound of their huge motions. Two gigantic women simply sitting down - the obvious noises were quite apparent; crushing leather on a huge couch cushion and heavy crumbling as the huge furniture withstood their colossal size and weight.

He could tell that they were both right there next to him. And, if he was trapped inside of Maxine's purse, then he had no way to get out of there without being seen, ...he would have to wait and see if they left before he could actually try and climb out through that little opening.

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