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Author's Chapter Notes:

I changed the Title name for the previous chapter to 'Toys' and I also updated the summary, to one, that I hope is more fitting... 

'Dai Onna'

"I Said, ...Eat IT!", the woman barked down at the twin girl.

"But, Mommy!"

"I don't CARE! I Said, ...you had better 'Eat' that burger, Or Else we're NOT going to the swimming pool!"

Still, inside the dining room, Angela stopped right beside a wide support beam. She didn't want to appear as if she were trying to overhear what was taking place, between the mother and her daughters. Although, out of curiosity she just couldn't help herself from staying there behind that post and continuing to listen to the conversation.

Still holding her large drink, she leaned back to peek around the corner of the post, trying to see if this little girl was actually going to eat that 'foot-flattened' cheeseburger...

"NO!" the little girl yelled!

Just as Angela looked around the side of the post, the little girl threw the sandwich toward the trash can, ...Angela flinched, being that the large, barrel-type, trash container was right next to her; placed up against the other side of the support beam!

Something came loose from the hurdling burger and flew out away from the wrapper, something very tiny _ an insect it appeared, _which had been inside of the wrapper; separating from the flying cheeseburger - during mid-flight - the tiny projectile continued on taking a path all it's own!

Being much lighter than the heavier cheeseburger, the tiny sized 'thing' floated upward, then slowly started to drift back down...

The small, fuzzy-looking thing, wriggling around as it flew across the room. Twirling around and spinning through space, flinging it's little legs as it sailed through the air in a high sweeping-arc, ...then, suddenly dropping straight down, landing perfectly, right on top of Angela's head!

Spinning around, Angela flinched once again, as she felt something softly bounce off of the top of her head!

Frantically latching onto this golden mountain of fluffy hair, the tiny cat was squirming all around! Slowly sliding down, while frantically digging into the thick blonde strands of Angela's long hair - desperately trying to hang on!

She quickly reached around behind her head and brushed her hand down over the back of her head. Hastily stepping away, Angela headed straight for the ladies room, ...not fully realizing, that she had this little miniature cat, ...still stuck in her hair!

Pushing the door open, she entered the rest room and rushed over to the bathroom sink. Quickly inspecting her hair in the mirror, she placed her purse down next to her on the countertop. Leaning over one of the sink basins, she awkwardly tried to find the little thing so that she could dislodge the tiny creature from the tangles of her hair!

She started frantically raking her fingertips through her long blonde mane. Slowly realizing, after several swipes of meticulously searching that, whatever it was, must have fallen out?

She shook her head, watching carefully for anything to drop free.

Nothing did...

The miniature cat had dropped down onto her shirt, and clinging onto it with all four's - it's nearly microscopic little claws clung tightly - as it slowly backed down over the colorful sheet of material and had inadvertently fallen off, ...right back into her open purse pocket!

Clambering down deeply, into the cavernous leather bag, instantly returning to the safety of its original hiding place! Disappearing within the clutter, the tiny cat curled up into a tight little ball, staying as still as it possibly could, ...it blended in perfectly with the leopard skin lining.

Angela didn't realize what had fallen into her hair, ...or, what had become of it - she couldn't feel anything in her hair, at all. Straightening up, she reached into her purse and removed her hairbrush.

She gave her long glorious mane a few sweeping strokes, then she washed her hands and decided to go ahead and walk across the street to the Murphy Building.

Just as Angela stepped out of the restaurant, she noticed this blue minivan pulling out of the parking lot. The twin girls in the back, and the mother driving. The van pulled up to a trash can and stopped where she then quickly reached her hand out the window and hastily tossed the little man-doll directly into the barrel.

One of the little girls screamed as she pulled away - continuing to cry as the van pulled off and drove away - speeding off down the road while rolling up the window.

Angela watched the van drive away, down a one-way street, going the wrong direction, ...she chuckled to herself, as she watched the right turn signal light suddenly start flashing...


It was a little bit early for her appointment, but she thought that she would just take her time and maybe, look around for a little while.

Alongside the five-story parking garage, Angela noticed that there was a small picnic area with a shaded canopy. As she looked over, she could see two women sitting at a table.

There were three other empty tables surrounding them, and she could see that there was plenty of room to sit down and relax for a few more minutes and finish off her drink.

The two women were sitting under the canopy leaning over their table looking down at something directly between them. Whatever it was, must have been very interesting, ...because neither of them had realized, that Angela had walked over to one of the other tables and quietly seated herself across from them, ...they never even looked up as she sat down...

"Don't let him get away with THAT, Twinkie. Flick him in the balls! Show him that he better not ever question you!", the woman said, in a deep and frightening tone of voice.

Angela listened intently, as the other woman attempted to defend her position.

"I don't want to hurt him, ...he's just so... tiny!", the other woman said.

"If he doesn't do what you tell him to, ...then what 'good' is he?"

"But, He so SMALL though, Melanie!", Twinkie moaned, "Ooooh, I don't want to punish him, ....he's just so, ...so, ...'Little' and helpless. He must be terrified of us, Mell !"

"He's just a little BUG!. A worthless little insect, Twinkie! They couldn't survive for a 'New York Minute', out there on their own?", Ms. Kershaw argued.

Pausing for a moment, Melanie lowered her voice to a whisper,

"This city would-would devour them...Alive! Without us, protecting them and keeping them from harm, who knows what could possibly happen to them, there's nothing, ...Nothing at all, that they could do to protect themselves, from even the simplest threat!"

Angela listened more closely, she couldn't believe what she was hearing? What in the world were they talking about?

"Oh, Alright. I guess you're right, Melanie. But, I just feel like such a big meanie treating him so roughly, you know? I wish that he would just realize that he needs to behave himself and just accept it, ...and, do what I tell him..."

She couldn't see what the two women had on the table without turning her head, all the way around, ...and, she knew that if she did, they would surely notice her sitting there. So she sat still and continued to listen a little longer...

"Alright Twink, Let me ask you this then? If YOU were the size of that little pest, and He was the one holding all the cards, ...what do you think that he would do with you? Hm?"

Angela glanced down at her watch, it was nearly six-thirty. She finished her drink and slowly started to get up, ...she was going to walk right past that table and see what those two women were talking about...

Just as she stood up, she saw them both gathering up their stuff and starting to leave. The taller blonde woman stuffed something into the pocket of her coat and picked it up. Swiftly rolling it up, she grabbed a black briefcase and stood up.

Wearing brightly colored short-shorts, and matching team colors, with cropped-top tee shirts. They both looked as if they had just left the gym. With their hair still slightly damp, and wearing clean, white tennis shoes, both carrying a small red and white striped duffle bag tucked tightly under their arms.

The bolder of the two woman lead the way, and the tall lanky blonde followed behind - both heading straight for the parking garage, ...walking quickly, toward the lower level elevator.

Their rubber soled shoes clapping across the cool cement, creating an echoing sound that profoundly reverberated within the large parking enclosure.

Angela followed, staying back a safe distance behind. She watched them both get into separate cars and drive out of the garage. A dark blue expensive-looking sports car and a dark green, Jeep Grand Cherokee. Angela wondered what they could have been talking about...

"Strange? It sounded like they were actually talking about 'Little People', but, that couldn't be possible, ...could it?", Angela lifted her purse up and threw the straps up over her shoulder, shifting her weight to one side, she felt her panties getting moist...

Stepping quicker, she walked to the elevator and pressed the button for the next level above; the floor where the main entrance door would be. She felt a strange feeling as she replayed everything that had just happened in the last couple of hours.

She felt like, everything that had taken place, was some kind of weird premonition... Her intuition, telling her that something very strange was happening all around her, but she just couldn't seem to figure it all out!

Her internal thoughts setting off an overwhelming emotional urge, "...she would have to find the restroom as soon as she got inside", Having just enough time before her 7:00 o'clock appointment, ... Oh, God! She hated the way that her sexual drive had taken over her life!

She hoped and prayed, that whatever Maxine had in mind could actually help her with this most disturbing problem.


Chapter End Notes:

If you're wondering about when we'll be getting back to Billy, then I'm still attempting to go about tying up some loose ends first, ...and with the introduction of Angela Cooper and Thomas Speedman, it might be a few more chapters...

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