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Author's Chapter Notes:

Amy finishes up her first week, and as she doe's, she discovers something else that had happened during this same time that will reveal to her that more people were actually affected by those chemicals...

'Dai Onna'

Amy pushed herself away from her desk to stand up from her chair. Exhaling a long, slow breath, she gradually released a drawn out grown, abruptly ending with a sharp grunt.

Stretching out her arms and slowly reaching up higher, she exerted much effort in a good long stretch.
Tipping her head back, she looked up at the ceiling and released another soft moan.

"Oh, God. What a day!", she gasped.

Pondering all of the things that had taken place during the course of the past week. Placing both her hands back down on her hips, she bent slightly backward and flexed her low-back.

Slowly, stepping around the large desk, she straightened out the back of her short mini-skirt. Loosening up her hips, she shifted her weight lazily, feeling the tightness in her underwear as they clung to her body.

The emptiness in her pantie's, bringing about the wonder in her mind. The vacuity causing her to reflect on the past few days of incredible, orgasmic enjoyment, that she had had with that little tiny man... Although, she couldn't really think of him, as a man - being such a delightful little toy.

Amy thought of him more as just an insignificant little pet, that she could 'so easily' force to do anything that she wished... it was such an invigorating experience.

Reluctantly stepping away from her desk chair - her work area - the tall, blonde beauty, gave the whole workspace a quick once over. She looked around one last time, before preparing to leave for the long drive home.

The now, well-organized reception area, had taken on a more professional look. Her desk, the client's files, all of her personal things - a picture of her daughter, Jazmine - all neatly put away and arranged in their respective places.

Amanda was feeling a great sense of self-pride. An overwhelming sense of empowerment. Moreover, and now dwelling within her soul with even more resilience, was a much different, strange feeling, though - the sensation of being so much bigger in physical size than her male counterparts.

Her first week, finally concluded, and she felt as though she had reached that one eventful stepping stone in her individual life. That one 'major' stepping stone. That one, in just one single year before, she thought would never, ever come.

The entire week had gone by so quickly, though, and, had it not been for the sheer 'accidental result' from an indiscriminate mixture of some random cleaning solutions - and an unsuspecting man (Mr. William Little), coming into contact with the resulting combination of that toxic blend!

Those cleaning chemicals, that had resulted in this weird chemical reaction - to which, and through pure, random, serendipity, had created this amazing, human transformation!



Although, it was very 'un-fortunate', for the hapless victim - (physically shrinking his six-foot body, down into a mere fraction of what it was before) effectually, changing that poor, hapless galoot into a tiny version of his former self - so suddenly becoming shrunken down to a miniature-sized test-subject, for this beautiful, young, female doctor.

All sexual implications aside, this phenomenal discovery would most definitely, forever change the entire world.

If, and when, the Lady Doctor or herself, ever decided to go public with it...


Ms. Prodowsky - was completely mesmerized by this fortunate happenstance - the sheer randomness of actually being a part of it all... The overwhelming possibilities awakening feelings deep inside her, that she thought, could never be realized.

Her feelings toward the opposite sex, although she never openly told anyone, were well beyond even what most extreme feminist activists felt about them, ...she simply relished the idea, that of all the women on God's green earth, that they (Maxine and Herself) would be the ones, to suddenly unleash this astonishingly profound inoculation!

Eventually, becoming like real, actual Giantess, and in all actuality becoming the dominant gender within that of this new humanity. The species of man would be changed to 'Woman' and they would be the new leaders of the world.

...and now, with the chemicals that Maxine had, that could easily be set into motion...


Grabbing her purse, and gathering up her rain jacket, Amy folded it over her forearm and glanced back toward Maxine's office - a tingling sensation slowly rolled up across her spine.

She didn't like the idea of giving her little friend back to Maxine, but the thought of maybe, just maybe - getting the next one of Maxine's subjects to actually keep for herself, easily allowed her to simply hand him back over to her...

What a week it had been; Amy would have never, ever imagined, that such things were even possible, let alone actually being a part of it!

Over the previous weekend, Dr. Harrison had actually managed to discover the precise chemical combination. And, with some intense research, and the help of an unwary stray Calico 'cat', the lady doctor tested those random chemicals that had originally, and 'haphazardly', been mixed together by the cleaning staff in the office building.

Amy wondered, as she casually stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the ground floor, "Why didn't those chemicals affect anyone else?"

She thought back to the day that she had noticed the two men who were doing the cleaning - the janitors - and, she remembered seeing them working in the main floor cafeteria. However, that had been over a week ago, and she still couldn't remember ever seeing them again, after that...

Suddenly, she had an idea, just as the elevator doors opened, she stepped out and headed straight for the lunch room.

The Janitor's quarters were down the hall from the cafeteria, just across the hallway from the larger restrooms. Amy slowly made her way past the door and listened for any type of sound that would reveal that someone was inside - she heard nothing - she walked on down the hallway and started to search around for any sign of either of the two male Janitors.

Seeing nobody inside the empty lunch room, Amy decided to check and see if the Storage room was locked. She strolled along, slowly - trying to act casual - just in case someone would happen to walk by. She didn't want to attract any attention to herself, knowing that, at any given moment, someone from management could be coming down to the lunch room.

Being a Friday evening, the Morris Building would be closing up for the weekend, and everyone knew, that any leftovers from the kitchen would be free for the taking. And, as all of the employees would be exiting through the front doors just across from the kitchen, the staff would be setting everything out on a table next to the windows.

The smell of baked beans and 'day old' hot dogs - Bread - Meatloaf - Hamburgers - French Fries. Coffee and Cakes. An odd assortment of different aromas blended together and filled the air all throughout the main floor.

Finding the Janitor's Storage room locked, Amy walked around the large cafeteria. She started looking all around on the floor. She noticed that it didn't appear to be freshly swept and she also noticed that nearly all of the trash cans were full.

"Something's wrong here, ...what happened to those two men?"

Amy decided to sit down in the far corner, well away from the front doors where she wouldn't be noticed. She decided to just sit there for a little while and watch and see what happened, ...if nothing else, she would grab a Hamburger and a Soda and relax for a few minutes.

Amy pulled out her cell-phone and selected an app for the game that she enjoyed playing, ...she glanced up from her phone and noticed two nicely dressed women coming down from the elevator.

Ms. Melanie Kershaw, and Ms. Twila Jackson, or 'Twinkie', as everyone called her - the two of them together represented the entire team of legal Professionals in the most prestigious firm on the east coast -- the Law Office's of Kershaw and Jackson, the top Law firm dedicated to the most wealthy people in New York City.

Wearing matching tan overcoats that stretched down to their knees, the loose belts dangling around their waist - the open front curtaining around them - opening up to reveal the short, black, pencil skirts that looked as if they were made of pressed lambs wool -carrying black leather briefcases in one hand, and a small black umbrella in the other.

The two Lady Lawyers walked over to the food tables and helped themselves to a couple of glazed donuts and a cup of coffee.

Taking a seat near the folding tables, the two women sat down in the lunch room and glanced over to notice Amy sitting there all alone. Ms. Jackson, or 'Twinkie' - waved her donut and smiled warmly; Ms. Kershaw coldly glanced her way and instantly frowned.

It was easy to see, who the more congenial of the two was, as Kershaw leaned forward and whispered something to Twinkie, ...making some type of gesture referring to Amy's outfit no less, ...both women giggled while pulling their coats off, sitting down with their free coffee, they started daintily nibbling away at the large donuts.

Amy tried to act aloof as if she were paying no attention to them. Focusing on her phone, she randomly popped a few bubbles with her thumb and appeared to be fully absorbed in the digital game.

After a while, she glanced back toward the two women. Leaning back in her chair, and holding the phone up to her face, she was easily able to look past it, without so much as simply shifting her eyes to the side.

She noticed the friendly one, Twinkie, fiddling around with her necklace - a golden chain with a glass tube attached to it - the over-sized necklace looked slightly out of place. Not really something that you would wear with the outfit that she had on, Amy thought.

The one that Amy, herself - was wearing - would have been more suitable for such an over-sized necklace like that?

"H'm, what is that necklace?" Amy wondered. "It's nearly five inches long. Maybe, it represents something from a case that they were working on?"

"Lawyers. They do like to dress boldly, though, but who would wear such a large necklace like that, with a crisp, neatly pressed business suit?", she thought.

Then, Amy suddenly noticed that Ms. Kershaw, had a very similar necklace as well, dangling around her neck.

"Strange?", Amy thought. "Could they be 'more-than-just-friends?"

Melanie, being the lead attorney. Had filed for the position of Circuit Court Judge in the County, and by the way that she presented herself in court - it was a 'no-brainer' - she would more than likely be the one to get it, ...the two other lawyers that had been running for the same bench were definitely less qualified than her, and being two grey-haired men, she already had them beat with her feminine beauty.

Ms. Kershaw glanced toward Amy and stuffed the glass tube on her necklace into the front of her blouse. Tucking it away between her breasts - she said something to Twinkie and picked up her donut and dipped it into the coffee.

Twinkie glanced toward Amy, and suddenly scooted her chair out. Standing up and smiling warmly, the more personable of the two women started walking over to where Amy was sitting.

With her coat off, Twinkie's tall slender figure towered over the tables as she slithered her way through, deliberately making her way over to the far corner. Her long strides carrying her along as if she were moving in slow motion, although, she swiftly moved across the room like a smartly dressed cougar hunting for its next meal.

Holding the necklace, casually within her tight fist, she quickly inserted into her cleavage and tucked it away.

Brushing her hands down over her hips, she stepped up to the other side of the table and smiled down at the seemingly preoccupied Amy - pretending to be fully focused on her phone- Amy feigned a surprised look as Twinkie spoke,

"Hello, are you new to the Building?", Twinkie asked. Standing with her left hand on her hip and the other covering up the front of her blouse - protecting her large glass necklace.

"Um, yeah. I'm the receptionist for Dr. Harrison. The Psychologist up on the top floor...", Amy whispered. Closing her phone and swiftly placing it down on the table.

"Oh Yes. She's very good. We know Maxine very well. Has she taken you down to the gym yet?"

"Well, No. Not yet!"

"Well, I'm Twila Jackson and she is Melanie Kershaw",

turning away to point her free hand back toward her partner, "We're the Lawyers here in the building. The area's best Law Office, you know. What's your name?"

"Amanda Prodowsky. But, everyone just calls me Amy, nice to meet you, Ms. Jackson"

"Thank you, Amy. And, you can call me, Twinkie. Everyone else doe's...", she giggled.

Amy started to stand up and Twinkie pulled out a chair and quickly sat down,

"So, if you know anyone who needs a good Lawyer, I hope that you'll keep us in mind?"

"Oh Sure. I will", Amy said.

Continuing to rise up from her chair, Amy slowly stood up.

Suddenly able to look directly down into the woman's low cut top. Amy got a good look at the woman's necklace.

Twinkie had to use both her hands to pull out the chair. And, as she leaned forward to sit down - her necklace was fully revealed between her large breasts - Amy's eyes widened with surprise as she caught the sight of a tiny naked man sealed up tightly within a test tube like glass container!

She could easily see that he was very much alive and pleadingly looking up at her! A petrified look of sheer terror on his tiny face, Amy caught herself from gasping and quickly looked away.

"Well, I have to get going now, Twinkie. And, I'll most definitely keep you in mind if I ever need an attorney!"

"Here, wait. I have one of our cards.", Twinkie said, as she reached into her pocket and started digging around.

Amy waited.

Awkwardly glancing back toward the other Lawyer who was staring her down with a glaring set of dark blue eyes, ...looking back, and lowering her eyes, Amy's focus directly found the necklace again, and she was inadvertently offered up the sight of the tiny prisoner trapped inside, banging his little fists on the inside of the glass. Looking up at her with a begging look of sheer desperation!

"Here it IS!", Twila said. "I knew that I had one here somewhere..."

Amy carefully accepted the card and excused herself. Making her way quickly toward the front doors, she casually grabbed a soda from the food table and swiftly headed for the front entrance.

Glancing back, she noticed that several more people had started to gather around the two lawyers, and Amy turned around and walked out through the front doors.

Making her way to the parking garage, she realized who the tiny men were, ...the two Janitors, it was them. Those two women must have found them, and they were keeping them for themselves! Ms. Kershaw must have had the other one trapped inside of her necklace!

A surge of profound tingling began coursing down her back. Just the thought of those two little men, being held prisoner - and, carried around as a 'living necklace' by those two powerful women...

Amy gasped, as she caught her breath - she just couldn't wait until she had another one to keep for herself, she would have to tell Maxine about all of this as soon as she got back home!


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