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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yeah, I know... I'm side-tracking a bit here, but after this chapter, you'll soon see where this is heading...

'Dai Onna'

Wearing a nicely creased purple blouse with an extremely tight fitting pair of tan cargo shorts; her black strappy high-heels -her favorite- adding a few inches to her height, ...Angela smiled inwardly carrying herself with that exaggerated feminine confidence.

Her smooth legs and bare ankles, smoothly leading down to her feet - the shoes - giving off that powerful look of supreme dominance. Her bright red toenails highlighting the black leather straps.

Ms. Angela Cooper had to make sure and keep her appointment with Dr. (Maxine) Harrison. She had been ordered to see this doctor, by the staff, at the hospital where she had been employed for the last ten years.

She didn't have to come, but if she didn't, she was going to lose her job.

The only other option that remained would be to start looking elsewhere for employment - and she really didn't want to start all over again, someplace new...

Looking like a slightly over-weight, Kristen Bell, Ms. Cooper, stepped into Maxine's office. Her short stature and a large butt didn't take anything away from her cute-attractiveness. She was more than comfortable in her own skin - and she knew that she was very attractive.

Instantly flashing her 'automatic' smile; her cheeks flushing, obviously ashamed of herself for the unfortunate circumstances for which she was here, she somewhat attempted to try and hide her slight humiliation.

Her four-inch tall, spike heels, cracking firmly out in the hallway, suddenly muted, as she stepped into the plush carpeting inside.

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she stepped sideways in front of the couch. Smiling wider, she gave Maxine a quick look and graciously walked around the large leather sofa.

Shifting her shapely hips, sticking her butt out, slowly lowering her behind and gradually sinking down into the crumbling, leather, seat cushion.

Finally, she was here, sitting on the couch. She released a long, slow breath, casually crossing her legs. Awkwardly, attempting to try and get comfortable on this huge leather sofa, ...she glanced toward the closed door and felt a queasy feeling deep in her lower stomach.

Her belly was actually very slim, her waistline quite trim, for her size - not what you would call fat. All of her extra weight had managed to settle around her backside and on her thighs... Her wide set hips were nicely shaped and not excessive, but she really hated the way that her thighs slightly rubbed together...

Reaching up with her right hand, she turned her head and casually flipped her long hair back over her shoulder. Nervously scanning around the room; searching for the hidden camera, ...she knew that there had to be at least one... somewhere.

Her extra large bosom quite an asset; easily drawing different types of attention on a Friday night at the Club, ...not all of it was 'good' though.

She wasn't the best at talking about herself either, and knowing that Maxine already knew a lot about her, ...she wondered, what this woman doctor would want her to do about her problem.


Still imagining what tiny Billy was contending with, while Amy held his miniature sized form in her hot pants.

Maxine quietly cleared her throat and asked Angela the first question,

"So, Angela. How have you been doing?"

"Well, I really don't know. I started to say, 'Fine', but - I know that's not what you're expecting to hear...", she twisted in her seat and leaned forward.

"I haven't been doing my best at controlling this...", she whispered.

"The hospital wonders why I didn't call in... I didn't have an answer, and that's not like me. I usually call in to tell them that I couldn't make it, but lately... I just seem to be so careless. With everything, ...you know?", she gasped with frustration searching for an explanation.

"Have you been doing any drugs?", Maxine inquired.

"I don't do anything but drink. And when I drink, it sometimes helps me to maintain my urges, ...but most of the time it returns with a vengeance and I have to get off.", Angela blushed.

"Don't ask me anything more about my sex life. I have a big problem with that, and I already know that I need 'something' to help me with this constant urge... I haven't been able to go without - 'it' - for more than an hour - or so, before I have to, you know - 'do something', you know... about it?"

Maxine uncrossed her legs, leaning forward, she scribbled something down on her notepad.

Putting her readers back on, and sliding them down on the end of her nose, Maxine scribbled something else down, and then, she slid the pad and pencil down next to her thigh - stuffing the objects in underneath her leg - for safe-keeping - she crossed her legs.

"Alright, Angela. Let's begin somewhere in your past when all of this started." Maxine said.

"I really don't know where to begin. I guess I could start by saying that, most of the relationships that I've had were very short", she lowered her voice.

" I've been abused, ...in most of them.", Angela looked down. " My first boyfriend pushed me down in the street and I fell into a garbage can and broke my wrist."

"What did you do about that?", Maxine quietly asked. "Did you have him arrested?"

Angela smiled, "No. I went out with him for another month and he ended up getting arrested for stealing a car", she laughed.

"Did you see him any longer, after that?"

"No, not really. He called me from jail and my mother answered the phone. She didn't like him... she told him to leave me alone, and he never called again"

"Who did you date after that?

"My second boyfriend was in the military. A real man's man?" She chuckled. "He wanted to get married and take me out of school. I couldn't do that, and he got mad about it.", Angela giggled again. "He was so controlling... ".

"I hope that you didn't marry him?"

Angela leaned back into the leather cushion, "No. He ended up getting killed by friendly fire... somewhere, I don't really really remember what happened..."

"Who was your first husband?", Maxine tried to focus in on her.

"Who Mark? He was a nice guy at first, ...but, I soon realized that he was just as bad as all the rest. He had a hair-trigger temper and if I did something that he didn't like... Like, getting the wrong kind of milk, he would go off and completely trash the kitchen!"

"Did he ever hit you?"

"Oh, after a time, I got tired of his shit and I told him to clean up his own mess. He punched me in the face and split my lip open. I tried to call the cops and he ripped the phone out of my hands and smashed it!"

Angela started to cry.

Maxine decided to quickly change the subject, "Well, let's see if I can get this straight. The hospital wants you to stay and do a more light-duty type work. I can have that arranged for you if you like... I would like for you to continue working."

"Oh, that's great!", Angela perked up.

"So, is there something I can take that will tone it down?", she whispered.

Leaning forward again. "God, I just can't seem to satisfy the constant urge..."

Maxine spoke in a sophisticated tone, "I'd like to try something else, ...if you wouldn't mind. I have a new program starting up today. I would like you to be the first to commit to it. Would you be willing to try something a bit unorthodox, and might I say, experimental?"

"Yeah sure. I don't mind trying something new."

"Alright then, we'll call you back in, -maybe this afternoon- and I'll give you the details.", Maxine pulled out her notepad and quickly scratched down a few more notes.


Mr. Speedman casually strolled into the waiting area and sat down. Knowing that he might be going away for a very long time, he tried to configure in his mind what he was going to say.

This famous female Psychologist could ultimately be his saving grace. She literally held the power to keep him from being thrown into a prison cell for the next fifteen years.

He awkwardly attempted to act natural. Casually adjusting his tie, he reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a stick of gum. Glancing over at the tall blonde receptionist that had greeted him when he first arrived - (Man, what a hottie_) he noticed her legs and had to pinch himself to pull his eyes away.

He swiftly tore the wrapper off the gum and wadded it up between his fingertips. Quickly placing the stick into his mouth, he slowly looked around the waiting area.

Normally, Mr. Speedman would have been trying to get this receptionist's phone number and try to take her out. However, under the circumstances, that didn't fall into his repertoire for the day.

He had to meet with this Famous Female Doctor, and try and get her to help him stay out of prison, so he thought that he'd better save his best moves for her...

Just then, Maxine's office door slowly came open. A cute little blonde stepped out into the waiting area. Timidly looking all around the room, she acted as if she was slightly embarrassed about being seen leaving the doctor's office.

Tom looked at her and smiled. She smiled back and quickly glanced away, ...her wide hips instantly caught Tom's eye. She quietly closed the door and started to walk in front of him.

He watched her shapely butt. Damn it was big, but it really looked great. He wiped some spittle away from the corner of his mouth as he watched her slowly stepping those spike heels across the hard polished floor.

That 'clicking sound', ...it always held his attention. That firm solid crack of a sharp female footstep, ...he watched her walk over to Amy's counter and casually coast to a stop. Her hips swaying slightly as she cautiously glanced back toward him.

After watching her sashay across waiting area, he just had to give her a big, goofy smile. (Damn, she's smoking hot_) She instantly looked away, then turned her backside toward him - unintentionally, offering up a straightforward view of her large butt - she seemed a bit shy about his being there, and Tom could sense it...

...he was even more drawn to her, now. He loved it when they acted so shy and submissive, ...Damn, if he just had more time, but he knew that his appointment was probably next so, he was forced to let this pretty little blonde get away, this time...

Tom suddenly caught movement off to his right, he thought that he saw something 'little' run across the floor... He turned to get a better look, but whatever the little thing was, had already disappeared underneath the corner lampstand in the opposite side of the room.

His attention was suddenly drawn away once again, by the sound of Maxine's door opening up. Abruptly clicking with that heavy clunk from the brass latch. He turned his attention toward the door just as Maxine stepped out and walked over to Amy's desk.

Tom watched her, he had not ever met her before, so he wasn't exactly sure who she was - he didn't know what she looked like. Although the fact that she was Asain made little difference, Harrison was an English name, but he quickly figured that she was probably the doctor...

He watched her bending forward to whisper something to the pretty blonde receptionist. Then, he glanced back to see if that little bug was still running around down there, ...he didn't see it again so, he shrugged and quickly looked back at the two women.

Maxine finished her private, and secretive conversation with her receptionist. Turning back toward her office door, she looked across the waiting area and focused on Mr. Speedman. Walking back over, she smiled at Tom, reaching out her hand, she introduced herself and gestured to him that she was ready.

"Mr. Speedman?", she asked. "You may come in now and we'll start..."

Tom attentively stood up, as if given an indirect order by the Angel of Mercy, he felt like he was standing there in front of his one and only personal Goddess...

"Yes, Okay.", he suddenly felt so strange that he had to tell himself to take a breath. She was having a busy morning, he could tell, but she still looked as comfortable as a lioness inside her den.

Her short, pleated miniskirt, flicked sideways with each step and her muscular legs flexing like two twin pistons. Her strong glutes predominantly displayed within the black material of the short mini, Tom's eyes scanned over her backside and quickly started to dry out from not blinking...

"Would you like something to drink, Mr. Speedman?", she asked.

"Um, Yes? You can call me Tom, though... No need for formalities.", Tom said as he followed her into her den.

"Well, Tom, what would you like? I have Spring Water and Tea. Or, I can have some Coffee sent up..."

"Tea sounds nice. Black Tea, with just a bit of cream and sugar", Tom replied, quickly figuring that she would most likely be having some as well.

He was right. (Damn, he was good_) "Yes, I'll have some too, then", she replied.

Without saying another word, Maxine stepped back into her small kitchenette and gathered some cups. She already had a pint-sized aluminum pot, boiling away on her single burner hot plate.

She strained the hot water through a metal holder and swirled a wooden stick inside the cups. Placing both cups onto a silver platter, she carefully picked it up and carried it with her as she came back over to the couch area.

"Here we are", she whispered quietly.

Placing the platter down on a low wooden coffee table.

"Thank you, Doctor Harrison", Tom said, as he reached out to take one of the cups.

As he took the first sip of tea, his mind was working hard to recall what he wanted to tell her, ...his eyes fell upon her shoes, and he couldn't seem to draw them away. Her pretty toes wriggled slightly. He noticed her shiny metal ankle bracelet, twinkling within the filtered light...

"So, you've gotten yourself into a bit of a jam with the banks I see, ...it appears as though, they want me to evaluate your mental status. I recommend some types of treatment, and they will ultimately decide what should be done with you.", Maxine started in with her opening.

Tom still couldn't pull his eyes away from her beautiful feet. He could hear her speaking, but something about the way that she wriggled her toes held him transfixed. The words that he was searching for, that would have normally spewed from his mouth like the trained speaker he was, just wouldn't come to mind...

Maxine giggled, "You like my shoe's?", her voice sounded child-like.

Tom just couldn't seem to look away. He had never before noticed anything so fascinating about a woman's foot! He felt confused. He was completely mesmerized by them, ...both of them, so petite and delicate, so incredibly beautiful!

Mindlessly, Tom sipped from the tea cup, while continuing to stare blankly at this amazing pair of feet. Her tan stockings, glittering in the light, just enough to create a slight shimmering effect.

He had been up late drinking last night, and he was very sleepy. Something felt so strange though, ...he felt like he was falling asleep...

A warm gust of air washed over him and he slowly closed his eyes...

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