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Author's Chapter Notes:

  Sorry for the extended wait.  I've been going through a lot of stuff lately and this just kept on getting moved back.  Hopefully, I'm back on track once again.





'Dai Onna'

  I couldn't do anything to stop her. Amy, the beautiful blond giantess, had easily held me down with a single finger and firmly sewn my chest and ankles into a frilly pair of her thin, lace panties.

It was as if I had been tethered into a large, pink colored sheet of soft mesh. The weight of the entire piece felt like about fifty pounds of wide soft cloth. I could easily stand up and carry it with me if given another chance to escape. Although, I already knew that she wasn't going to allow that to happen again...

Her excited voice whispered from high above,

"Oh Billy, I've always wanted to do this... God, you have no idea!"

Inside the sanctuary of her bedroom, all alone with her, ...it was like she had changed so much... not only was she a whole lot 'bigger', - it was like, she had suddenly allowed her true self to finally immerge from deep inside.

When she was working at the reception desk for the lady doctor. She seemed to be so sweet and innocent as she talked with me, ...so nice, so pretty, ...so young.

Now, she was so much different. It was easy to see that all of this power had gone to her head. She was simply delighted to have complete control of me. Treating me as her little pet, and as I recalled what it was that she was looking at on the computer that day. ...she was more than enjoying herself, Amy was living something out that she always wanted to do...

The giant blonde stood towering above me, completely naked, preparing to put the huge pair of pink, thong panties 'on'... and wear them, ...with ME, strapped securely inside!

"Ew, Billy, I can't wait to 'feel you' trapped inside my tight undie's!"

My fear started to compound as I speculated what this enormous woman was about to do with me. Why would she want me trapped inside of these thin lacy panties? What was I suppose to do? Was this some kind of strange punishment? I might suffocate inside them, ...would I be able to breathe? What did I do to deserve this?

I tried to jerk my feet loose, but the tightly wrapped twine held firm. My eyes went wide with fear as I looked up across her looming figure!

Amy giggled as she held me out in front of her and inspected her handiwork. I fit almost perfectly inside this oversized triangle of pink silk. My head resting inside the slightly cupped strip that was designed to cover her most private area, ...my legs spread wide, fastened tightly with some type of heavy cord. My chest was firmly tied to the middle.

My head positioned so that it would be tucked just inside of the pointed section where the string attached to the thong; coming to rest, deep inside of her soft butt cheeks. I could reach up and grab onto the sides but as I struggled to move, my sprained ankle started to throb and sting.

I could only wait, holding my breath in anticipation.

Frantically looking all around, I became instantly humiliated (suddenly noticing that there was a petite little white bow attached like a centerpiece on the front of the giant panties). I could see it, down below my bound ankles, through the interior of the woven pink mesh - I suddenly felt just like that little white bow - just a part of this giant woman's frilly pink underwear...

The giant blonde looked down with a slight smirk. I hung upside-down, just weakly letting my arms hang down; the giant blonde beauty smiled wider as she intently watched me dangling in front of her wide set hips.

Speaking in gibberish, Amy raised the pitch of her voice and teasingly spoke down to me,

"Now don't be scared 'wittle' Billy. I'm going to slide you right up, and see how your tinie little body fits against mine!"

Her giant thighs slowly drifted passed, growing taller, as she casually lowered me down toward her feet. Bending forward, carefully laying me down on the carpeted floor.

The large pink thong collapsed around me, as she gently laid it out flat, allowing me to slowly come to rest on my back.

Firmly attached to the soft lining, inside this thin pair of underwear, I slowly began to realize that she was actually going to put them on! Her huge hands carefully lowering me down in-between her smooth arches.

She couldn't do this to me, I thought, ...I'm a real person, not some little 'toy' that she can just use and - "How could she treat me like this?"

I looked up between her smooth, towering legs, I could see the powerful muscles in her magnificent thighs flexing; her smooth calves, flattening as she slowly squatted, lowering herself over me.

My heart racing, I peered up into the neatly trimmed patch of wiry curls that lay prominently tucked away between the smooth inner walls of her tremendous legs. A few of the golden strands, glistening with a fine dew of escaping moisture. The smooth lips were hidden beneath, swelling out into a puffy mound.

Struggling helplessly, as she squatted directly over me, Amy's magnificent body slowly swaying around in a gentle rocking motion. She reached back behind her head and released the rubber band that held the ponytail. Settling down on her heels, she shook her hair loose and whipped it around.

Her squatting figure came forward with consuming size, as her long blonde hair fell down around her face - she giggled like an innocent little girl - her face hidden beneath a curtain of shimmering blonde.

Directly beneath her squatting figure - her sheer size alone, taking my breath away...

Spreading my legs apart, the giantess pulled the pink material out straight on the soft carpet.

Her sharp fingernails flicked across my bound body while adjusting the position of the pink thong.

Standing back up, her huge shadow cast across the bedroom floor. Awkwardly stepping around as she attempted to put her bare feet inside the opening of the leg holes.

I quickly realized that she was about to step into the panties. Her large sole passed overhead, as she started to bring her foot up above me.

I continued to stare up at her huge form as she loomed above. Her tremendous feet looked so big. So enormous, ...easily large enough to crush me like an insect!

From down on the floor, I could do nothing but tremble at the thought of getting crushed beneath them!

Her size was clearly the only thing on my mind. As she stood above me nearly reaching the heights of the ceiling. She appeared to be sixty feet tall! I froze there, looking straight up at her incredible naked body!

She could easily crush me under her feet, my mind went numb as I tormented myself, ...attempting to estimate the factor of her massive weight.

My eyes nearly rolling back into my head, as she picked up her foot and swayed it around above me. The ball of her foot and the smooth sole floated over my face. Then the large round heel swept over me, coming within inches of my miniature body, ...I held my breath as she started to lower it down next to me.

Suddenly, she shifted her weight to one side, as her huge foot crashed down with a heavy thud - vibrating through the floor underneath me...

"Oop's, I 'almost' stepped on you!"

The sight of her large, soft, thigh muscle, wobbling from the sudden jolt, - reflecting the massive size of her enormous figure - then, as if it were nothing at all - Amy lifted up the other foot and floated it through the air above me.

Staggering a bit, she awkwardly began lowering it down right next to me. I was shaking so bad, that she had to notice my trembling,

"Aw, don't be so scared, Billy. I promise not to step on you!"

Slowly shifting her weight to the other side, she adjusted her feet and regained her balance. Her wide-set hips swaying across several feet of open space, drifting casually so high above me...

Once again, Amy casually picked up her foot, carefully lowering it down closely on my other side. Her hands reaching down and sliding along the length of her legs. Smoothly taking up the edges of the giant pink thong, she slowly started to lift it up around her ankles.

Looking to the sides, I watched with consuming fear as her huge soles settled into the carpet on either side of my bound form.

Jerking forward and bracing myself, I felt my lower body being lifted back up. I felt my ankles pulled straight up, as the thread around my chest slowly pulled up with the pink material. I started struggling to try and break free but I was slowly inverted and my world suddenly upended!

Slowly taken up and turned back upside-down, I slowly began to glide back up along her legs. Only this time, I was trapped directly between them!

Suddenly, I started struggling, even more, realizing that my face was going to be forced directly into her enormous butt-crack!

I tilted my head forward, reaching up and grabbing onto the edges of the openings (where the front of her thighs would soon be), - peering up through the frilly opening in the waistband - I watched with shock, as her hands gripped at the sides and began to firmly pull.

Hunkered down directly above, the crouching figure of this tremendous woman hovered, half squatting. I held my breath, as she slowly slipped the delicate panties up around her incredible legs. Gently sliding them on up to her crotch... gradually straightening up her legs and taking me right up between them; stopping just beneath her pussy.

Along the way, I was gradually turned up into a flat position - strapped down on my back. A warm breeze swept up around me - rushing up through the 'ever-so-slowly' - disappearing leg openings. Intentionally pulled up, into the ever-narrowing space between her tremendous inner-thighs.

Slowly returning to a standing position, Amy's powerful legs stiffened up - the soft, thin material, pulled taut all around my bound body. I was stretched out beneath her - perfectly centered, underneath her glorious ass. Looking up into the shaded area nestled between her inner thighs, ...I caught my breath and held it, as her fingers gripped around the encircling elastic band - alternately tugging at the sides, Amy casually adjusted the thong - forcing me tightly into her heated crotch.

The large twin globes of her tawny behind filling my entire view, blocking out the light and gradually swallowing up the g-string above my head. Holding up my hands protectively, bracing myself for the impending - both my hands disappearing into the heated engulfment...

Pressed into the tight space between her gigantic cheeks, swallowed up into the heated swell - my face swallowed up inside her gigantic butthole.

Gasping, I caught my breath with a quick gulp - struggling within the slippery moisture surrounding me... the warmth consuming my entire body as I was forced into the center of her snuggly fitted crack. The heated space instantly devouring my entire body!

Curly strands of wiry blond tendrils wrapping all around my naked body; form-fitting all around me and tangling up around my arms and legs.

Tremendous pressure pulling me into her, I held tightly to the sides of the thin material and felt myself slowly drawn in; sinking into her massive bottom - the size of this swollen mass and warmth, ...the softness surrounding me - I could only catch a quick, desperate breath before her magnificent butt swallowed me up!

The heated air surrounding me smelling of sweet perfume and laundry soap. The slight twang of her overheated sex entered my nose and sent a twinge of tingling sensations rippling up through my body.

The wrinkled relaxed ring, forming her little brown buttonhole, suddenly coming alive - flexing in response to the touch of my tiny fingers. I felt the rubbery skin contracting, tightening up as if it was clamping down.

My face crushed against it, as Amy pulled up on the waistband and firmly held me trapped inside her ass.

Softly and smoothly, enclosing around me, the sides of her mighty globes closing together all around my bound body. The slight space allowing me only enough room to breathe; I covered my face with both of my hands, holding my body together as best I could. The feeling that came over me was like I had been swallowed alive!

Breathing the heated air, I felt her massive cheeks shifting; alternating in motion, the sliding walls shifting against me, ...rubbing together and grinding against my sides, the enormous female ass wollowed around me as she started to walk around...

The string pulled tighter, forcing my head into her butt. I held my hands up and covered my face; the hot rubbery skin puckered out and pressed firmly against them. I held my breath and wondered how long I would be able to survive...


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