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Author's Chapter Notes:

A quick re-cap, then we'll return to Amy's apartment.  This beautiful, blonde giantess, is beginning to let all of this power go to her head!

'Dai Onna'

  Originally, I thought that this strange 'shrinking' phenomenon was something that the giant lady doctor might be able to fix. I heard her talking with her receptionist, Amy - (who now held me at her apartment, for safe keeping) - about how, she wanted to try and figure out what needed to be done, and that she hoped to 'exclusively' do some research and try and figure how this had happened...

  Maxine seemed to think, that there might be some way to get me back to normal size, ...and, she acted like she wanted to help me, at first.

I didn't know what Maxine had in mind, though, and as far as trying to 'help me', get back to my normal size, the giant woman doctor hadn't really attempted to do, 'anything' in that manner, and it seemed like she was just waiting too long to do anything about it!

This giant lady doctor was supposed to be 'protecting' me, and although I was completely terrified of her, I really didn't have any other options...

The giant Asian woman took me home with her and decided that she would be keeping me with her and her daughter, Diana. However, not realizing that the giant teenage girl would have a couple of her friends over, and they would eventually discover me, the whole situation suddenly changed...

So, after Maggie and Christina, those two friends of Diana's had found out about me, and wanted to 'borrow' me, take me home with them for a 'little while'.

Maxine wouldn't allow this to get out of her control, and she expected those two girls to do something in some way or another, ...in revenge, for not allowing them to have me. So, the lady doctor figured that - 'just in case' - she would get me out of her apartment for the time being.

  ...if those two girls got angry, and decided to turn her in, anyone from the government, or an authority of the local law enforcement, would come and investigate; she couldn't allow anyone to try and take her little pet away from her.

So, she brought me here and gave me to this beautiful blonde - the lady doctor's receptionist, Amy. She and her daughter, Jazzy, were more than happy to let me stay here with them for a long as Maxine wanted.

Directly afterward, when I was first shrunken down and taken home with Maxine, I was simply terrified of the teenage girl, Diana. I trembled at the thought of being trapped inside this young girl's bedroom, (and held prisoner by her) and even just the thought, had nearly driven me insane for the first few nights being held as her tiny pet!

However, after some days passed, I soon began to understand that she was just a really nice young girl, and I didn't really have to worry about anything bad happening with her.

To the contrary, however, Amy was very different from Diana, and I wasn't really expecting her to turn out this way! At first, I thought that Amy would be nice, too! Boy, was I ever wrong; first impressions can be very deceiving...

...she seemed to be just as bad as that, red-haired, 'Joyce', who had sneaked into Diana's bedroom when Maxine had left her in the apartment all alone, and searched around until she found me. If she hadn't been interrupted - I fear that what she was about to do to me, wouldn't have been anything that the lady doctor, or her daughter, would have ever found out about...

The teenage girls, that were friends of Diana's, seemed to be quite fascinated with the likes of me, ...and, the one named, Maggie, wanted to take me home with her! I think she wanted to 'Keep' me' - she did try kidnapping me! - and she almost got away with it, too!

Without Diana, I had 'absolutely' no say in anything; my opinion didn't seem to be of any importance 'what-so-ever'. All of these gigantic females were like giants! Towering female gods, standing before me, towering over me. So gigantic, compared to me; I just couldn't seem to get used to this strange new situation!

What was so strange, was that fact that I was just so extremely SMALL! All of these women and even the little girls were like huge giants, and to make matters worse, I was completely dependent upon them to look after me, and take care of me!

Maxine and her daughter Diana had taken very good care of me. (Which I fully realized, Now) Diana had actually gone through a lot of trouble putting together a nice little house inside of her bedroom closet.

And, she fed me really well, too. Allowing me to have a wide selection of different sets of miniature clothing ...I didn't realize at the time, that I was so much better off with Diana than I would be, staying here with Amy.

Being the size of a little mouse, ...and small enough to fit inside a woman's shirt pocket, was something that no man would ever get used to...

I didn't want to 'ever' be this small, but, somehow I had been shrunken down to this tiny size.
I now knew that I needed to get back with Diana. She was my only hope, and I started to wish that Maxine would return, and take me back home with her...


The scent of Amy's creamy lotion had a soothing effect. I couldn't help myself from breathing it in. The warm steamy air surrounding me, drifting up off of her ever spreading skin, ...smelling of fresh mangos and fragrant lilac; I crawled along her magnificent body allowing the intoxicating scent to penetrate deep into my lungs.

Amy seemed to be really enjoying herself. She liked the fact that I was so much smaller than her, and she could make me do anything that she wanted...

I wasn't allowed to speak, ...the blonde giantess had made that very clear and I didn't want to get flushed down her toilet, ...so, I bit my tongue and hoped that this beautiful, young giantess, wouldn't inadvertently squash me, ...as she playfully forced me to massage her giant legs.

"Remember Billy. Not a word!", Amy warned me in a soft whisper. Stretching out on her large bed and relaxing,

I set to work once again, spreading out the creamy mass of giantess body lotion.
Her enormous body being completely naked, I desperately tried to maintain my nerve.

My mind seemed to go numb as I crawled across this giant-sized, female body - determined to satisfy her, I attempted to focus all of my energy on rubbing my hands into her soft skin.

My small erection twitched between my legs as I smoothly slid across her giant legs.

"Hurry up, little Bug. Rub harder, I want to feel those little fingers, too!", she sarcastically announced.

I made my way down across her soft thigh. Working my hands into her vast, ever-spreading skin. Spreading out the creamy lotion as best I could, ...it seemed like the harder I worked, the more I had to do!

I finally finished with her right one, and she set me over on her other leg. I finished it, and she reached down and picked me up.

Rolling over and sitting upright, the giant blonde held me up in front of her naked breasts. Softly rubbing her thumb against my tiny legs, she gently held me; cupping my naked butt in the center of her warm palm.

Smiling down at me, Amy slowly loosened her grasp, ...allowing me to sit freely inside her hand.

Closely inspected my tiny, miniature figure, ...her sleepy blue eyes flickering with delight. She acted as though she were about to devour me alive...

"Alright Billy, I want you to do my Boobie's now.", she whispered.

Holding me up close to her giant mouth. I could feel her hot breath washing over my entire body.

"I want you to use your whole body, Billy.", she paused and studied my little figure. " Oh Look, ...your little cock ...it's sooo -hard!".

Slowly moving me in closer, Amy looked down at me with an expectant, overwhelming look of extreme fascination; her eyes bore into mine as she intently watched my reaction.

I was slowly carried closer and lightly pressed in between her large breasts. She carefully released me. Slowly leaning back and settling into her pillow. I felt slightly off guard as she slowly tilted me backward, taking me with her as she gradually relaxed.

"Oh, Billy. Am I turning you on?", she softly asked.

I was told not to speak, so I was afraid to answer her, ...she had already warned me...

Amy's incredibly large hands, left me in the warm, soft valley, right between her proudly displayed boobs. I slid down in-between them and found myself perfectly centered on top of her stomach.

Feeling the heavy vibration of her giant heart, beating beneath my feet; carrying throughout her whole upper body. Softly resounding underneath her breastbone, the feeling was quite overwhelming... the size of it was just so confusing...

The slippery lotion still covering my entire body, I slid down between her massive breasts and found myself kneeling on top of her soft belly, just below her incredible bare boobs!

Amy giggled, squeezing her boobs together firmly. My miserable little-naked figure squatted down on her taut stomach, watching as her large arms pressed against her breasts and crushed them together tightly.

    "That TICKLES!", Amy erupted with a fit of girlish giggling!

The quaking vibration of her enormous body shook me so hard that I bounced up and skittered across her belly!

Lowering myself to crawl on my belly, I quickly slid down across her soft skin and the next thing I knew, Amy's huge leg suddenly shifted and I fell right down between her legs!

    "Billy! You little BUG!"

Opening her legs wider, she separated her thighs and released me, allowing me to drop on down onto the bed between them. I scrambled to get up and quickly ran down toward her feet.

Looking up across her entire body, ...her naked figure, extending so far across the vast distance, ...how was I suppose to do this without tickling her?

    She seemed to be ticklish, 'everywhere'...

I started to touch her foot and stopped. What if she kicked me? I hesitated to do anything and waited to see what would happen, ...maybe, she might fall asleep and I could take my chances and try and get away...

Kneeling down, next to the curled toes of her left foot, I started to get nervous as I thought about her actually flushing me down the toilet, ...would she 'really' do that to me?

    I wondered, ...she wouldn't do that, ...would she?

  Was she just trying to scare me? Show me how easy it would be to get rid of me?
She could do a thousand different things, that would be far worse, ...and I could think of a few, that made my skin crawl!

The giant beauty was lying back with her head resting on her huge pillow. Her eyes were closed, and she stretched out her legs and groaned, ....flexing her feet and clenching her toes, she relaxed her hands and they dropped down onto her lap.

  As I squatted there, next to her bare foot, I waited to see if she noticed that I wasn't doing anything. After a few minutes slowly passed, and I could tell a difference in her breathing, I realized that she was taking longer, slower breaths, quietly releasing them in long extended exhales.

  ....was she asleep? Could I actually get this lucky? I wasn't so sure, ..she might be testing me, to see what I would do if I thought that she was asleep, ...I waited.

Her large body remained nearly motionless, except for her deep breathing, and I had waited long enough to be sure that she most definitely was asleep...

...I waited a few more minutes, just to be sure, and then slowly stood up and started to look for a way to get down off of the bed without making any noise.

With the fear of being flushed down her giant toilet, lingering foremost in the back of my tormented mind, I slowly looked around the huge bedroom. Constantly looking back at her, to see if the giantess had reawakened, ...I slowly stepped away from the side of her giant foot.

Taking it very slowly, while cautiously making my way over to the edge of the enormous bed. I was finally able to look down to the floor, and see how far it really was.

It appeared to be at least, thirty feet down to the carpeted floor. I could grab onto the comforter and repel down without much trouble, ...but, once I started, I also knew full well, that there would be no turning back!

There would be no way for me to get back up here on my own, and once I made up my mind to do it, I would have to swiftly find someplace to hide.

I squatted down and turned around backward. My butt sticking up, I grabbed onto the thick material in the huge comforter and started sliding my lower body down over the edge.

I took one last look at the giant blonde. She seemed to be fast asleep, ...I released my hold slightly and started to descend down the cliff-like face of the enormous queen sized bed.

Swiftly sliding down, the friction between my fingers instantly started to burn. As I made it passed the half-way point, I gritted my teeth and continued to slide straight down toward the carpeted floor.

The floor came up to meet me, much sooner than I had anticipated. When my bared feet suddenly impacted - with a heavy thud - I buckled in pain, falling onto my back - crumpled like a broken rag doll - I cried out in pain, as I quickly curled into a tight ball!

"Ow Ow Ow, Oh - shit -shit -shit!", squealing in agony, as my left ankle started stinging in pain!

I must have sprained my ankle, somehow!

I sat down and pulled my left foot up onto my lap. The pain was nearly unbearable as I grabbed it, and started rubbing it. Trying to sooth the throbbing down, "Oh No, ...what was I going to do now?"

Suddenly, I heard movement coming from the huge bed. A creaking sound inside the springs of the giant mattress, ... Amy had woken up!

She was rolling across her bed! I looked up just as her large face appeared above me, ...looking down directly at me, ...her eyes slowly growing larger!

"What are you, ...doing?", she whispered.

"Oh SHIT!", I jumped up and started running as fast as I could!

Hopping on the good foot, (three or four times), then in order to keep my balance, touching down with my bad foot. "Ouch, Agh!"

Three more hops on the good foot, ...and, I heard Amy giggle. The movement of her gigantic figure caused the giant bed to creak from underneath...

The bedsprings groaned louder, collapsing from her weight, and a swift shifting pressure.

Then, with a sudden crash, her huge bare foot slapped down - suddenly wafting down right in front on me!

"Hold IT Right, ...there!", Amy's voice boomed down from high above!

Looking back, and up, I ran into the huge female foot and fell backward onto my butt! The smell of the fresh body lotion suddenly returned and her huge foot completely blocked my path!

I started to get up, but was quickly enveloped by the soft skin of her giant fingers!
My entire midsection squashed up within the vise-like grasp. Squished up firmly, and so tightly, from my shoulders all the way down to my knees!

...slowly, lifted up away from the floor and carried right on up to Amy's huge, smiling face!

"Going Somewhere?", she asked a smirk curling up the corners of her mouth.

Her hot breath washed across my face as she exhaled a full breath. Her long blonde hair fell down around her face as she leaned down over the side, her eye's darkened as she slowly brought her little escapee up before her.

"Hm, well, ...I didn't want to do this, ...but, if you're going act like a child, then I guess you'll have to be punished"

I screamed up at her in fear, "Please Amy! I don't want to die!"

Thinking that she was about to flush me down her toilet, I started crying and begging her not to do it!

"Please don't flush me down into the sewers! I won't do it again. Please, Amy! Don't kill me!"

Amy sat up on the side of her bed, holding me tightly wrapped inside her fist. She looked blankly across the room, as if she were thinking about something, ...her eye's twinkled with delight as she contemplated some new way to punish me.

I struggled inside her powerful fingers, and I could feel my sprained ankle throbbing with intense pain!

I don't know if the giant blonde realized that I had hurt my ankle. Her face turned back toward me with a look of sudden satisfaction; her perfectly formed lashes fluttered as she smiled down at me.

Her breath washed against my face as she spoke directly in front of it,

"Alright, Billy. 'IF', I'm going to have to keep you with me, all the time, then, ...I might as well get something out of it, ...Right?", she whispered.

"Answer me!", she commanded, squeezing me a little tighter!

"YES, Yes, ....I'll do anything that you Say, Please Amy, ...please, forgive me!", I begged the beautiful giantess!

She suddenly stood up and walked over to her dresser. She opened up the top drawer and looked inside, ...a slow smile crept across her face as she reached inside and slowly pulled out a pair of pink thong panties.

"I've only worn these a few times, Billy. They fit really well, and I didn't want them to lose their shape so, ...they might smell a little bit...I haven't washed them."

Holding me up next to the giant pair of frilly underwear, she loosened her grasp around my body and slowly moved me over into the front panel of the pink material. Placing me in the satin-like front, she seemed to be measuring my size against the thin, see-thru undergarment, ....I didn't fully understand what she could possibly be doing, but the soft material felt very nice against my naked skin...

"You don't mind, do you, Billy?", she asked.

Not expecting an answer from me, ...she knew that I had no idea what she was referring to...

"Oh Yeah, these will do nicely. Like 'em Billy?", she spoke very softly and sweetly, in a very sexy voice.

"Answer ME!", she squeezed me again!

"Yes, I like these, ....um, Yes, they're very pretty!", I quickly said, trying to appease her, but feeling a little confused as to what she was doing...

Amy giggled and laid me down on top of her giant dresser.

I didn't know what she had in mind, but I was hoping that the giant blonde was eventually going to forget about punishing me. She hadn't taken me into her bathroom, so I felt that there might still be some hope... Little did I know, I was about to suffer something much worse!

"Alright, Billy. I want you to lie very still while I fix these panties. You're not going to move a single muscle while I do this or, you might get stuck, -

"Stuck, with this!", she said.

Suddenly raising her voice, and holding up a sewing needle pinched between her finger and thumb!

The needle was easily as long as my leg and the sharp point glistened in the light like a mid evil dagger!

She quickly forced me down on top of her dresser. Placing me face down within the front panel of the frilly pink underwear. Forced to spread my legs wide, as she positioned my body the way that she wanted, she worked quickly but very precisely, ...and, after a few moments I felt the sharp needle slide against my ankle!

I screamed out in pain as she barely missed my skin while sliding the long needle along side it, she slowly wrapped a taut piece of thread around my ankle and drew it up tightly!

"Oh Hush, ...I'm NOT hurting you!"

I tried to remain still, as she completed several wraps around my throbbing ankle. She finally finished and pinched her fingertips around my other leg. I held as still as possible as she did the same thing to the ankle of this leg.

"I'm not finished yet, Billy - Hold very still!"

She grabbed my sides and squeezed her fingertips along my ribs. Holding me in place, the giantess worked the needle through the fine material and pushed it passed my body. I felt the thread sliding along my chest as she stuck the needle through on my other side and grabbed it up and pulled it snugly against me, ...it was completely wrapped around my chest!

After several more complete wraps, the next I knew, ...she was holding me up in front of her naked body. I dangled from the pink panties, hanging upside-down inside the frilly front section of the pretty little pair of thong underwear.

Awaiting her, to inspect what she had just done to me, I swung loosely inside the front section. She casually held it up in front of her waist and stood in front of her mirror to get a full view.

Upside down, and tucked inside the pink netting, I felt my ankle throbbing from the pressure. I tried to shift my weight so that I was hanging from my good foot. Firmly affixed within the pink thong.

My chest was tightly strapped into the front panel too, so I was able to turn my body slightly to lessen the pressure on my bad ankle. Turned upside down, my head was forced into the narrow crotch. The way that she had drawn up the thread, I was tied in tightly and my legs were spread wide.

My arms and head were free, but I couldn't really do anything with my chest strapped in so tightly, ...she had sewn me into this underwear and, I wondered what she was going to do next!

What was she trying to do?

Wait a minute, ...'Keep me with her?' - 'all the time...?"

Was Amy going to, ...put them on!

I bent forward and looked up at her. She was stalling, waiting for me to figure it out, ...she didn't have to wait very long!

"Amy! No, don't! You're not going to, ...put them ON, are you?"

"Oh Yes!", she snickered. "And THAT way, I'll know exactly where you ARE!"


Chapter End Notes:

...sorry Tom.  I couldn't fit the rest of it in, ...continued next chapter!  

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