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Author's Chapter Notes:

Here, we start to see a more demented side of this beautiful blonde...

'Dai on' na'

  The beautiful giantess, Amy, waited for me to crawl over to the other side of her large, bubble-butt. My twitching boner, rock hard as I pressed it against her warm skin, ...not fully realizing that she could actually feel it. If she did, she didn't seem to care.

  Her patience was beginning to wain; she squeezed her bare naked butt cheeks together, tightly - clenching the smooth, powerful muscles.

    "Hurry up, Billy. You better start doing better than this, ...or I might have to make you do something else. And, let me tell you, it won't be as 'easy' as putting on a little lotion!"

Watching the instant formation of a matching set of hip dimples, just above her swollen glutes, I hurried away from the narrow separation that lay between her massive cheeks and quickly started to spread out the other puddle of creamy lotion.

Sprawling out on my belly, I spread my arms wide and started smearing out the white splattering; working diligently - as if my life depended on it- I swiftly smeared it all around across her huge ass cheek.

    "That's right, little Bug, ...rub it in real deep and don't let any of it go to waste.", Amy snickered softly, slightly turning her head to the side to glance back over her bare shoulder.

I looked up, gazing at her model-like profile, ...the smooth skin around her neck and the side of her face; her high cheekbones; her jawline just lightly highlighted with a fine growth of thin blonde peach fuzz.

The tiny blonde hairs were hardly noticeable and only just barely visible, even for me, ...their presence, revealing her healthy, overwhelming, superfluity.

    "That's right, Billy. You better do a 'real' good job, too - Little Man!"

After realizing, how easily she could have suffocated me within her powerful butt, I felt more inspired to attend to her, ...aside from the very real 'threat' of her giving me back to her relentless little girl, ...the thought of getting squashed alive inside her beautiful asscrack, suddenly gave me the extra energy that I needed to get back to finishing my task.

Spreading out her smooth, giant thighs, her bare feet floated up overhead and drifted around above me. I looked up, as their shadow swept over the soft hills of her smooth, rounded cheeks, ...bending her knees and picking up her feet, Amy casually began swaying them around just above her glorious behind...

    "M'm, that feels So, good, ... Oh yes, Billy. Don't stop!", Amy's voice vibrated through her body.

I couldn't help, feeling so humiliated by her sheer size. She was just so, beautiful. It was like putting lipstick on a pig... Her legs alone were longer and larger than a semi trailer!

Although, she seemed to be enjoying the fact that she could control me, so easily. And, tell me what to do, ...I had just started to trust her. I had allowed myself to believe, that she would eventually start treating more like a real person. I was beginning to think that she understood how I must feel...

However, she was slowly beginning to reveal her own selfish needs, and I was starting to realize that this was her fetish. And, she expected me to fulfill something that had been building up in her since puberty, ...and this entire experience was going to be at MY expense!


When she opened her thighs wider, the narrow space between her massive cheeks parted a little more, ...relaxing her magnificent glutes and allowing them to soften, they appeared like two huge hills...

I rubbed my hands across the wide expanse of her soft skin. I could feel of a few slight imperfections; a few stray hairs, ...a small mole, here and there, ...only, without being so close, the minuscule little spots were barely noticeable.

My eyes glazed over, as I scanned the entire surface of her gigantic figure, my heart pounding wildly inside my chest. The thought of being so close to this beautiful woman set my head into a tailspin, ...looking down, into the tight seam between her mighty glutes, I felt like I was risking my life if I didn't do exactly as Amy commanded.

Deep inside I could see the darker skin that surrounded her small budding anus. Her giant vagina just behind it, a slight space in-between that looked slightly darker.

I thought back to the toilet seat. Remembering getting squashed into that hot tight groove.

Her giant pussy has a pretty little shape. A small outer set of lips, that gave it an evenly framed heart-shape. I found it to be so intoxicating, ...the scent of it, the overwhelming smell nearly driving me wild.

My heart racing as I recalled the heavy weight of her gigantic body. Her suffocating juices gushing out all around me, I had nearly been crushed under her giant pussy, and I was so turned on at the same time!

If I were normal size, I would have loved to shove my tongue deeply into her, and lick every square inch of that puffy little muffin!

However at this miniature size, that beautiful giant-sized pussy could easily swallow me up, completely, ...eat me alive!

Both of my hands were shaking uncontrollably. I worked even harder to appease the enormous blonde.

A living landscape outspread before me, constantly moving, ...in soft, gentle waves, of almost imperceivable motion, ...however slight, the constant movement was just enough to remind me of the immeasurable strength of her humongous being!

I felt like I was lying across a huge sand dune on some strange alien beach; only this landscape was very much 'alive', ...and her massive naked body felt so smooth and soft beneath mine.

In my mind, It was becoming difficult to separate - the size difference between us. It was beginning to be a foggy, blurry line, that eventually fades away after an extended time of staring at it...

I felt a like a tiny, little animal caught in a mousetrap, and although it keeps trying to get away, while desperately dragging the huge trap along behind; the numbness overcomes, which has given it this weird, temporary sense of painless reprieve.

It continues to try and survive, ...not realizing that it's already dead, it's only just a matter of time...

Suddenly, a large shadow swept over me. Amy's hand flew passed and she interrupted my dire thoughts,

    "Do my legs now, Billy.", her voice vibrated through her tremendous figure.

    "I want that cream worked into my skin, 'real good', too!", she giggled, as she felt my tiny hands working to spread out the creamy lotion.

She had already squirted out a small glob of lotion down next to the inside bend of her knee. I wriggled on my stomach and slid through the freshly coated paste. Making my way down across her soft butt-cheek, slowly sliding on down her broad thigh.

My entire body was now coated in the thick lotion, I could slide around across her skin and slip freely. The large thigh muscle tightened up, lifting me up slightly, as she continued to casually bend her legs at the knee and sway her feet around, ...the constant motion causing her huge thigh muscle to slightly flex.

I slid down to the bend of her giant knee and started to smear my hands around through the fresh pile. All of a sudden, her calf muscle closed down over me, ...squishing my entire body against her thigh!

    "Got Ya, ...('he-he-he'). Now, what are you gonna do?", Amy giggled, her entire body quaking with delight!

    "Ah! You're crushing ME, Amy!", I screamed!

My face was squashed between the compression of her giant leg muscles. The creamy lotion plastered all over my head, ...I closed my eyes tightly to prevent it from smearing into my squashed face.

    "Aw, ...poor little 'Bug Man'. What's the matter, ...are you stuck?"

    "Amy, ...you're hurting me!"

    "Oop's, I'm sorry Billy.", she slowly lifted her huge foot off of me. " ....now, you better get busy. I want my legs finished before you start on my feet".

I quickly wriggled away from the soft bend in the back of her knee.

    "Hurry up, and finish doing my legs, I want to feel your hands, too!", she casually whispered as she turned her head back around.

I started feeling some anger toward her when she ignored me. My frustration began to get the better of me, ...suddenly, I didn't feel so intimidated,

    "No, ...I'm not doing this anymore!", I yelled.

Wiping the creamy lotion away from my face, I sat up on my haunches and looked back up across her long, naked body.

    "Go ahead and DO whatever you want, ...give me back to your spoiled little Brat!", I lost my cool and started yelling at her. "I don't care anymore!"

    "You can't treat me like this!", I screamed!

Amy slowly lifted her head back up, and just waited there as if she were waiting for me to finish my little rant. Rolling over to turn around and fully face me. Her huge legs tightened up, as she slowly turned up onto her side.

    "What's this, ...are you simply REFUSING to do as I say, Billy?", she softly whispered in a calm voice.

I had to crawl up onto the inside of her soft thigh, as she slowly rolled her legs over.

I hastily sat down and folded my arms across my chest. Looking up across her giant thigh, I now had a perfect view of her blonde bush, ...and the cozy little crease nestled within.

My anger increased, as I suddenly realized that I had already crossed the line with her, and there was no point in trying to contain it now...

    "Fuck You, Bitch!", the words left my mouth before I could even think. "I don't have to do a fucking THING that YOU say!"

Amy smiled, her eyes grew a bit larger. She chuckled a little and slowly started to sit up.

I was forced to slide off of her smooth thigh, dropping down onto the damp towel that spread out beneath her.

She pulled one leg up and tucked it under her butt. She shook the entire bed with her tremendous weight, ...I started to panic, as her huge shadow swiftly covered up half the towel.

    "So, ...after I fed you, gave you a bath, and protected you from my little girl -who's too young to realize what you are- ...And, keeping you from being taken away to some government facility where they would most likely 'dissect you', for scientific study", she cleared her throat and continued to talk down to me.

Adjusting her weight, the whole bed rocked beneath her; shaking me around on the edge of the giant bath towel, I had to throw my hands out to keep from getting knocked over!

    "You're going to call ME, ...a BITCH!", her voice raising louder when she said BITCH!

Suddenly, I was snatched up and squished tightly within her fist! Whipped up into the air and brought up directly in front of her giantess face.

Her large eyes were solid blue, ...her blonde brows creased, pulling together tightly. Crushing her fingers around me, as she squeezed my entire midsection inside her fist!

    "You little SHIT. I should just, ...I should just, ...'squish' you for that!", her hot breath puffed into my face.

I had definitely gone too far. I realized it now, but Amy was 'furious' with me, and I didn't know what to say!

I couldn't speak, anyhow, ...my chest was caving in from her powerful, vise-like' fingers and I couldn't catch my breath!

    "Ew, " She growled, " ...you're going to pay for that little remark, Billy.", Lowering her voice down to a soft whisper, "When I'm done with you, you're going to understand what RESPECT IS!", she hissed!

My entire world suddenly spun around. It was as if I were caught up in a Hurricane force wind! The next thing that I knew, I was dangling from her fingertips, hanging upside down above her open toilet bowl!

Amy's long legs were like twin pillars, standing astride the open bowl. Her fingers clamped around my ankles! Both my arms flailing loosely, the angry blonde giantess casually swung me back and forth above the ice cold water, ...taunting me, by slowly lowering me down closer.

    "Amy, NO! Please Don't, ...I'm SORRY! I didn't MEAN any of that!", I cried out, as she dangled me loosely.

    "Oh, ...what's that you say? You want to go for a 'swim'?", she teased. Slowly loosening her grasp on my ankles,

    "Please, Amy! Don't! Please, I'll do anything you want! Just DON'T drop me!", I felt her soft fingers releasing their hold, and I suddenly feared that I was about to fall straight down into the cold toilet water!

She squatted down, resting her free arm on the edge of the giant toilet bowl. Lowering me down, just above the water, Amy smiled. An evil look swept across her face, resting her chin down on her forearm, she pursed her lips. Watching me struggling around within her fingertips, she seemed to be enjoying herself,

    "Well, ...if I don't, ...then, what are are you going to do for me?", she asked.
I hung upside down, just above the cold water, dangling from my feet. I quickly started to try and think of something to say,

    "Amy, ...I'll do ANYTHING! Just TELL me what you want, ...AND, I'll do IT!", I begged the giantess!

    "Well, ...I don't know, I really don't like being called a BITCH, Billy!", Amy snarled. "I think, you better come up with something fast, ...or, maybe I'll just flush you down the toilet!"

    "I'll put lotion on your 'FEET', I'll put lotion 'all over you'! I'll rub that lotion on you, ...anywhere you want!, I pleaded with the giant blonde!

    "Alright, Billy. I'm going to give you, ONE MORE CHANCE!", she said. Her voice echoing within the ceramic basin,

    "You're going to prove yourself to me. And, if you don't do exactly as I say, ...you're going IN!"

I slowly rose back up out of the white bowl and floated around before her pretty face. She gradually took me up and got to her feet. The giant bathroom spun around, as she slowly turned away and started to walk back toward the door.

Turning me back up, she allowed me to sit down inside the palm of her other hand.

Shifting me forward, and lowering me down, I was swiftly tucked beneath her bare breasts as she walked through the doorway and slowly headed back toward her bedroom.

I was still trying to catch my breath, as she entered the room and closed the door behind her. She casually walked back over to her bed and sat down.

Crossing her legs, she set me aside on the edge of the towel. Her large hips sank down into the huge bed and she straightened up and stuck her chest out, ...her prominent bosom jutted out, the magnificent mammaries looked so extremely large...

    "Okay, Billy. Let's try this again. And, I don't want to hear another word out of you!"


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