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'Dai on' na'

Holding me around the waist with just her fingertips, she casually lowered me down into the water. Amy had my whole body tingling in bliss, ...she had just used me to soap up her gigantic breasts!

Amy's luxurious blonde hair, softly sweeping down over her shoulders, surrounding her pretty face, ...the long golden strands flowing so softly. I found myself looking up at her in sheer amazement, I didn't want to reveal how fearful I had become, from being handled so casually, ...but, I was also beginning to realize that Maxine probably didn't have any intentions of ever restoring me to my normal size.

I wondered if Amy realized just how terrified I was? Did she fully understand, that I was a real person? She was very careful with me, ...but, I wondered how long she would continue to treat me like a regular person...

The corners of her mouth, curling up with a slight smile; beaming down at me with those large, gleaming blue eyes - she traced a single fingertip along the edge of her knee and giggled softly.

In the foggy mist, inside the steamy bathroom, Amy's magnificent image appeared like that of a gigantic Goddess. Her voice, ...even in a soft whisper, sounded as though it was amplified and intensified; I was utterly in awe of her immense figure, and the sound of her reverberating voice, contained within this glimmering white-tile bathroom, adding this fantastical touch to the bizzare conception.

Knowing that I couldn't get away from her, even if I wanted to, I couldn't help myself from constantly thinking about it, Amy's actions toward me were slowly changing... she was becoming more, and more aggressive...

After being gobbled up and held inside her hot mouth, and then, ...trapped inside of her tight panties, ...I felt like my whole body, had just become this miniature little toy.

Amys bewitching beauty and possessive actions, relayed to me that she could have any man that she wanted, given the chance, and I was literally blown away by her magnificent beauty!

I looked up at her, trembling with fear, ...as her wide smile continued to grow larger, reflecting her intentions. She was completely infatuated with the idea of dominating me and if I showed any sign of resistance to her playful teasing, I was treated with an ever-increasing manner of imaginativeness.

The beautiful blonde giantess was sitting back comfortably inside her bathtub. Completely naked, she looked so, ...so 'Brobdingnagian!' Looking down at me, with a devilish smile, her amusement of this bizarre situation, was beginning to make me wonder, just - how much more of this I would be able to withstand...

She was having the time of her life with me, and what I didn't know or understand, was that she was actually living out some of her wildest fantasies.

Amy's giant fingers moved away, after releasing her grip from around my lower legs and feet, ...they flew up across her body, and casually started fiddling with her perky nipples.

I instantly tried getting away, ...suddenly finding myself floating freely in the warm soapy water, just above her incredibly amazing - legs - 'her gigantic submerged legs', so extremely long; my tiny, bare toes, almost touching down onto the smooth skin on the top of her mid-thighs.

The foaming soap suds, forming different shapes and large mounds, all across the surface; I floated around within the soapy waves, treading water between her knees.

...she forced me to ride this artificial wave.

She scooted her large figure backward, moving her legs sideways, ...separating her knees in such a way, that she easily began creating a 'mini-sized' tidal-wave; sweeping across the soapy surface of the water, ...instantly forming a turbulent whirlpool, directly between her legs, ...the huge pool of water swept around her legs, rushing back toward me, ... swirling over, and underneath her huge leg muscles, uplifting me on the rising tide.

Rising up with the swell, I was lifted up nearly five feet and then equally lowered back down, as the water quickly returned to the same level.

Bobbing and dipping around in the soapy foam, I stayed above the surface and tried to avoid getting pulled under, ...Amy giggled and spread her legs a little faster, I was instantly sucked down and drawn into the current.

Just the simple movement of her long legs, bending at the knees, ...causing the water to rise up, swirling around me, and sweeping me up into this miniature, but a torrential current of swift soapy water!

Giggling maniacally, Amy's tremendous laughter constantly echoing off the hard tile walls, relentlessly teasing, and toying with me!

I swept my arms around in a wide sweeping motion, just trying to stay afloat in this strange whirlpool of rising and lowering tide. I started looking for some way to get away from her, but I was completely surrounded by her, ...trapped between her enormous legs!

The soapy water level forming a crest just above her waist, I couldn't see anything between her thighs, but I already knew what was there, ...I had already been hastily introduced to her hungry vagina, and I had a feeling that she and I would most definitely meet again!

Her long luscious thighs seemed to go on forever, ...extending up out of the water and leading up to her smooth rounded knees. Arching up into the air, on each side, I felt like I was completely surrounded by this gigantic blonde giantess!

Turning around, I tried swimming away from her. Using the backstroke, and pretending to be enjoying myself, I started heading down toward her feet, swimming across the inside of this huge pool of heated bathwater.

The white foam, completely surrounding me, I kicked my legs and swam forward. Raising my head up, I tried to see above the glistening hills of sparkling white bubbles. The warmth of the soapy water felt soothing as it swirled around my naked body.

Amy had stopped moving her legs, curiously watching me, she allowed the water to settle down. Opening her legs wider, she waited to see what I was going to do...

With the tall side-walls, being solid white, and unable to make out where the edges of the bathtub were, It appeared like an enormous ocean spreading out before me...A thick fog of heavy steam rising up around me, creating the impression that there was no end to this enormous pool.

I backstroked my way across the soapy surface, ...treading water, and floating slowly passed her gigantic legs. Turning back, I looked up across her waist, and on up to her magnificent breasts.

Amy was endlessly playing with her nipples, her cheeks blushing with a pinkish hue, ...her breathing was coming faster and faster, ...she glanced down at me with huge, possessive blue eyes.

I floated over toward the tubs chrome faucet, resting underneath it, I looked up at one of her feet. Her nails were perfectly manicured in a pretty french style. Her largest toe looked bigger than my head.

The wand of a large plastic, hand-held showerhead, hung down from the long white hose, dangling into the edge of the water. The rounded head floating on the surface of the bubbles could actually be an escape route for me if I could climb up before she caught me, ...I pretended not to notice it and continued floating toward her toes.

I took a couple strokes toward her foot and floated right up to it, ...I was instantly met with a swift impact, ...she wrapped her toes around me, and squeezed me up inside a powerful grasp!

"Got Ya!", she roared!

"Thought you could get away huh?"

"No, ...no, Please Amy, Don't do this, ...let me go!"

"C'mon Billy, kiss 'em." Kiss my pretty toes, little man!"

Her aggressive attack was completely unexpected! I was suddenly squished between both of her feet, sandwiched between the surrounding toes and forced down into the warm soapy water, ...I tried to wriggle away, but the tremendous power of her huge feet easily took me down and pressed my struggling figure into the smooth bottom!

I fought against her grasp and awkwardly broke free. Only to swim up to the surface and get caught again, ...her huge toes grabbing me around my head and shoulders, they squeezed me up, and wriggled all around my face!

"You can't get away, that easy, ...Billy Willy!"

Her powerful feet were easy, twice as tall as I was, ...I wrapped my arms around her smooth arch, and clung tightly, ...she giggled, and lifted me up out of the water.

"Aw, ...I didn't know that you 'cared' so much, Billy!", her giggling laughter resounding around the tile walls,

"Look at you, ....so Cute!"

Gently shaking her foot, back and forth, Amy pretended that she was actually trying to shake me loose from her foot, ...though, only playfully shifting me with a gentle side to side motion,

"Ew, ....get away! Little Bug!", she teased.

"I've got a little bug sticking to my toes!", giggling softly, while still lightly shaking her foot around.

"Git away, Git away, ...Little Bug!"

I hung on tightly to her foot. Wrapping both arms around the base of her toes, hugging the ball of her huge foot, ...my face pressed tightly against the leathery sole, the skin so very thick where she carried most of her weight when she walked, ...although it was the toughest skin on her entire body, it still felt extremely soft and smooth.

Wobbling around, and rubbing against the wrinkled sole of her bare foot, I hugged as tightly as I could, ...regardless of the fact, that she was actually enjoying this, ...I couldn't help myself from attempting to hang on!

"Ha ha, ...can you hang on, Billy?", she giggled, whipping her foot around and propping it up on her other foot.

Placing her feet, heel to toe, Amy lifted me up higher away from the top of the water. Balancing her heel on the toes of her other foot, I was slightly shifted as her foot teetered around on the other one, ...I looked over and saw that the hose leading up to the shower head, was easily within my reach,

If I could reach it, I could take a chance and try and jump over to it and grab it.

Without thinking about the consequences, I threw my arms out and lunged toward the large water hose. I grabbed hold of it, and quickly started to climb up the long plastic tube!

Amy leaned forward and giggled, "What do you think you're doing, Billy Willy?

She started clapping her hands and giggling louder, as she watched me climbing up out of the tub.

"Are you trying to get away little bug?"

I didn't even look at her. If I could make it just a few more feet, I would be well above the side wall of the tub, and if I could jump free of it and land on the flat edge, then I might be able to actually get away from her!

Amy started laughing louder, she leaned back and picked her feet up out of the water.

She reached out toward me with her left foot. Splaying out her toes, she pushed them up against me, and gripped them up around my waist!

"Ahhh, Let me go!", I screamed out!

"Oh, Billy! You are so FUNNY!"


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