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'Dai on' na'

  Amanda Prodowsky, ...or 'Amy', ...had just turned 27 years old, and had only just recently graduated from Wesleyan. Not the University, but the two-year accredited school. ...with a four-point G.P.A., and finishing in the top of her class, the beautiful young blonde was extremely proud of her two-year Associate Degree.

  During the last month, Doctor Harrison had interviewed several candidates for the position of her assistant, and with more than just a few, very qualified individuals to pick from.

 However, after an extensive amount of research, and some background checks, the lady psychologist had finally made her decision, and she picked Amy. Hiring her strickly on a temporary basis, until she passed her probationary period...

  But, it was all really just 'fluff' and only just a formality, some unspecific 'Red Tape' that expressed the nature of her type of practice, ...although, Maxine had already made up her mind, Amy was working out just fine...

  Amy, just starting her new office job, ...this very week, had been something that she had been waiting for and her new position, was working at the front desk as the head of -'Record Keeping'- and, as the full-time Personal Assistant/Receptionist, for the world renowned, Doctor Maxine Harrison.

This job would be the perfect stepping stone that Amy needed. She wanted to get out on her own, and finally be able to get her own place...

 She couldn't wait to get started. Moreover, in Amy's life, she had another 'full-time' job as well - at home - she had an eight-year-old daughter, named Jazzy.

  Being a single mother, this new job meant 'everything' to her, and it was her ticket to get out from under her mother's wing, and finally, ...start doing things for herself, and, ...start looking for something better.

  Jasmine, or 'Jazzy' - (Amy's daughter) had been, her biggest responsibility. Until now, she was allowing her mother, to take care of the little girl, while she was away at school, ...but as soon as she got her new job, and her new place, Amy would be bringing her along, too.

 Moving her daughter back in with her and getting her enrolled in school, ...that, was her next priority!


    "Amy, could you go over there and get me some of those folded napkins from inside of that cabinet, there, if you would please, Darling.",

  Maxine asked the tall blonde assistant while pointing across the room towards the storage area inside her expansive office.

  "Yes, ma'am, ...how many do you want?", Amy asked. Still starring down at the smallest living person that either one of these two ladies had ever seen.

   "Just bring me one whole package."

    "Alright", Amy said. Slowly turning away, as if she had to force herself, to pull herself away from the incredible sight of me, sitting there next to the doctor's note pad.

  As Amy walked away, I looked up and watched her swaying across the room.

  Maxine remained peering down at me with a look of complete fascination. I couldn't speak to either of them, it was just Too Much!

  I had tried to ask her a question, but my nerve quickly slipped away. My brain had just frozen, at the very moment when the giantess Doctor released me down upon her desk, and in that same moment, ...I began to fully realize, just how freakishly small, I had actually become...

  This huge, Oak Desk Top, was suddenly like an enormous tennis court. A simple work space for this lady doctor, ...was like the inside of a warehouse, filled with over-sized objects, that could easily pose a real threat for someone that could sit comfortably within a package of handi-wipes!

  I wanted to ask her why she hadn't called the police and reported this bizarre incident! I wanted to know why, we were still here, inside her office, and not on the way to a hospital somewhere!

    I wanted to know what she was going to do with me!


  "Here ya go.", Amy said, as she returned with a small package of tissues.

   "Thank you, Amanda", the doctor said. Instantly ripping the plastic covering off, and removing the fresh stack of neatly folded tissues.

  "What do you suppose caused this 'shrinking episode'?", Amy softly whispered to the shorter doctor.

  It seemed like the gorgeous young girl was trying to talk above me, thinking that I couldn't hear her, ...or, that I couldn't understand what she was saying any longer...as if, after I had shrunk, I had become something less than human; no longer able to understand the the English language?

  The giant doctor leaned over her desk and gently released a few single tissues down next to me on the yellow note pad. I grabbed one of them up and wrapped it around my body like a toga.

  Her large hands held the big stack of soft tissues like a deck of giant cards. Her soft hands squeezed them tightly, working her powerful fingers around it, as if she were crushing all the air out of it.

  Then, she simply placed the stack down next to me, ...I looked at it as if it were a huge, soft bed, ...and, I suppose, that was what the doctor had intended it to be, ...for ME.

    "Well, let us assume that ...he must have come into contact with some sort of chemical mixture. It had to be something, that was 'two completely different' compounds, and the two were somehow mixed up, at just the right amounts, to create this strange phenomenon."

  The giant, Asian woman smiled, ...lowering herself down. Sliding her hands down on her knees, while bringing her face down level with the surface of the desk. The gigantic doctor smiled at me curiously, softly, raising an eyebrow in a droll, comical nature. Mockingly, she slightly twisted her expression strangely, ...simply watching me moving about upon her huge desk, apparently amused her...

  Slowly drifting away, Maxine pulled herself back up, returning to her full standing height, she continued,

  "Also, he could have been subjected to some other source of molecular, or bio-compound, that could have taken place long before, now, ...and with certain types of viruses, that exist in today's society, ...who knows, maybe this is just the tip of the Iceberg. Maybe, other cases are popping up all over the world, right this very minute."

    "Wow, do you 'really' think so?", Amy seemed enthralled with the idea.

    "Anythings possible, Amy. Now, it's nearly dinner time, let's see if we can get some food, and then, we'll need to figure out how we're going to deal with this thing, and, ...most importantly, keep this our little secret, too."

    "You mean, ...I can't tell 'anyone' about this?", Amy asked. Appearing slightly confused.

    "Absolutely NOT, Sweetie ...we can't tell anyone at all, about him, or ...what happened to him, or anything at all about this entire situation, ...or else the authorities will come and take him away. And, ... Sweetie, if they do that, then I'll have nothing to work with in solving this problem. Understand?", Maxine explained.

    "Do you mean that we're going to just 'Keep Him' as our little secret, ...Like, from now on, and never tell anyone else about him, ...at all?"

  "That's right. We have to keep him here, SAFE, with us. Or, we'll never get another chance to help him, or, figure out what CAUSED this, -bizarre thing' - to happen to him".

    "What if this is some type of 'Genetically Engineered Super-Virus', or something like a 'Dirty Bomb', then what, ....what do we do about it, then?"

    "Amy, let's just take this one step at a time, and keep our heads together, Okay?", Maxine stopped the girl from starring at me, by grabbing her arm and gently tugging her away from the edge of the desk.

    "C'mon, ...he'll be safe 'there', for now. We'll get some dinner, ...and bring him back something, too, ...Alright?"

    "Alright, but, ...I wonder if he's afraid of us... Doe's he, TRUST us, to take good care of him? I know, if it were HIM, ...I'd be so frightened that, ...I don't know if I'd trust anyone at all!"

    "Mr. Little, here, ...has some other issues that may cause him a great deal of stress. I'll give him a sedative, to help him relax, and we'll just leave him alone there, to give him a chance to settle down."

    "Do you think, that he'll get any smaller?", Amy whispered.

    "I surely HOPE not. At the size he is now, it's probably a little more difficult for him to breath. And, the effects of the lessened amount of gravity, will most likely take him some time to adjust, ...just getting used to his new size will surely be enough for him to deal with, right now... I don't want to cause our 'little friend' any additional stress, so I think that, if we just let him be, there, for a while, ...then he should start to recover a lot quicker."

  Pausing, to glance away from her tall blonde assistant, the Asian Doctor opened up her top drawer on the desk and quickly retrieved a small pill box. Her dexterous fingers wrapping around the plastic container as if she were intentionally trying to crush the life out of it, ...her thumb pressing firmly on the lid, her hand squeezing harder, as she talked to Amy...

    "Amy, ...You can, go on down to the cafeteria, and order us something to eat, alright? I'll give him something to drink, and a mild sedative. I'll make sure that he's safe, 'right here' on my desk, and then, I'll meet you in the dining room, Okay?"

    "Okay, Doctor Harrison", Amy said, stepping toward the door.

  "By the way - They're having 'Chicken Fingers' today, ...doe's that sound good?", Amy asked as she reached out to grab the door handle.

    "Just a large salad for me, okay, ...and, maybe some of those wheat crackers, Oh, and a Pint Size Bottle of skim milk, too! And, - also, order a plain hamburger -

  Maybe some protein in the beef would sustain our little patient here, ...he's bound to be dehydrated, so get a couple bottles of water and a glass of ice.",

  Dr.Harrison continued talking, as she opened the pill bottle and poured out a single white pill.

    "Oh, ...And, - Amy?, ...when there are no patients around, or in the office, you may refer to me as 'Maxine', or Max. That's what my closest friends, call me...", the Doctor suggested,

    "I think we're going to become very GOOD friends too, ...Sooooo, Yeh, just call me, Max, alright?"

    "Okay, Dr. Max? or, Ms. Max.??", Amy blushed, delighted to be allowed to refer to this highly respected, and World Renouned, 'Psychologist', ...as her personal, and close, 'FRIEND'!

  The tall, slender blonde, shivered as she felt a tingle; squealing with a shrill bark of delight, she quickly slipped through the doorway and disappeared into the hall.


  The heavy steel door finally clicked shut, with an audible - 'CLUNK!' -, closing behind Amy's reluctant departure.

  I was now inside the office, all alone, with my Colossal Psychologist.
Squatting low, upon this big yellow writing tablet, I shivered uncontrolably. My brain screaming inside my head, yearning for answers, and my physical body trembling so; I begged for some type of relief from this terrible situation!

   With the sudden loss, of so much of my former body weight, the impact of this magnifcent situation, had just tore into my psyche like nothing I'd ever experienced,

  ...leaving me spinning in the aftermath, without a clue, as to what I could expect was going to happen to me next! ?

  Maxine's enormous figure silently approched me from the left side of her desk, her huge profile, lingering so high above the level plateau; the surface of which, spreading out around me like a cluttered up tennis court.

  I hunkered down and held my arm up protectively, ...unable to fathom what her giant hands could actually do to my puny figure, if she so desired, I would be nothing but a stained tissue paper crumpled up, and lying inside the bottom of her giagantic waste basket.

  Speaking low, and in a very soft tone of voice, Maxine lowered her face down closer and began exagerating her words, ...almost rediculously, - S L O W, ...the giant Face, of the lady doctor spoke down to me, very, S L O W L Y.

    "Alright now. Billy. Let's just calm down, ...and try to just, relax. Okay."

  I started to tremble like a Toy Poodle, watching this huge set of female hands. Just her simple motions, and mere gestures, ...were simply incredible from where I was sitting...

   I had to remind myself to breath. Her long slender fingers, were just so graceful, and eleagant. I became quickly captivated by the bewitching fashion of her huge, but glorious, feminine hands...

  Just the sight of her, this enormous woman, from the top of her desk was just amazing... I was shaking so uncontrolably that it was apparantly visable to her, and she was trying to help me calm down, but, her intimate attentions only seemed to intensify my fear!

  Maxine's soft voice filled the air all around me.

    "Mr. Little, if you could just, eat some of this white powder here, it will help you to settle down."

  The smooth feminine fingers appeard before me like something from a dream. Her giant-sized, right hand, turned around and her long slender index finger unfurled, bending slightly, as it simply touched the paper. Dumping out a minute amount of crushed up medicine from the tip of her fingernail, she tapped her finger on the yellow page and pulled her hand slowly away.

    "It's just a slim dose of crushed up Xanex. The same as your regular perscription, I divided the dosage down to just 1/12 of your regular dosage, so let's just see if you can get some of it down with a bit of water here..."

  Just as the giant hand left, it quickly returned with a bottle cap full of clear water. Her huge fingers tentively released the small white cap, and slowly lifting away...

    "I'm going to go, now, ....alright?, Maxine smiled and stepped away from her desk.

(I wanted to yell at her! I wanted to Scream at her! I wanted to grab her, and shake her!)

    "You just try and relax, Okay. ....I'll be back in about thirty minutes, or so. Don't worry, everythings going to be just fine. I won't let anything happen to you. This office is very safe, nobody can get in here."

    And with that, the initial espousal was over. I had been accepted into this strange Matriarchy without so much as even getting to introduce myself...


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