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'Dai on' na'


  The air inside the giant bedroom seemed to come alive. Tiny floating particles, fluttering all around her, ...sparkling flashes of brilliant blue lights appeared to be swirling within a slow-motion whirlpool, floating through space and encircling her magnificent figure.

  She appeared like an other-worldly Goddess, ...so beautiful, and with the lighting, just right, she looked like the living statue of Aphrodite.

  Kneeling down, on this huge pillow, I tried to conceal my arousal by folding my hands together over my lap. Struggling to hide my growing erection; I didn't seem to have much control over it since I had become this small, ...and all of these women had become so gigantic!

Amy stepped backward, slightly dropping down in height as she slipped out of her spike heels, ...swiftly kicking them under her bed, she turned her magnificent backside around toward me.

I gazed at the top part of her hips, the string of her thong panties. Allowing my eyes to trace it to the middle part of the small of her back; following the waistband to the intersection where the string extended straight down, disappearing into the tightly fitted groove between her massive glutes, ...the left one, slightly wobbling, as she flexed her hips and started to sit down.

Lifting up her left leg, level with her waist; bending her knee, she shifted her weight on her hips and softly sat down on the side of her bed, ...just a few feet away from the pillow that I was kneeling on.

Her bended knee sharply pointing out to the side, she sat on her foot, cradling her left butt-cheek within the conforming sole. Leaving her other foot flat on the floor, while spreading her thighs wide apart. Her back perfectly straight, her shoulders pulled back, her beautiful, rounded butt, planted firmly into the large forgiving mattress.

Reaching around behind her back, with her right hand, she jutted her chest out and unhooked her bra strap, allowing it to fall free of her ample bosom, ...my breath caught in my chest, as I gawked like an idiot at her huge, naked breasts!

Perfectly shaped, and now, hanging freely; her perky, firm nipples, standing proudly and pointing straight out, ...swirling around and tracing tiny circles in the air as she adjusted herself on the bed. Her long blonde hair spilling down around her smooth shoulders.

Flinging her head to the side, gracefully sweeping her flowing, blonde mane around in a wide circle, ...she tilted her head sideways, playfully watching me like an enormous cat.

With a blank expression on her face, Amy moved over closer to my pillow, she looked down at me with sleepy eyes. Fluttering her long lashes, ...her huge movements, slightly creating a rocking motion. As I attempted to steady myself on the large pillow, I felt the entire bed rocking as the giantess allowed her full weight to settle down.

    "Did you like, ...ever, get to be with a woman before you, um, ...well, 'Shrank' down, to this tiny size?", Amy asked. Casually, glancing away to look over at her right knee.

    "I 'actually' never have, ...unless, well, ... No, not really...", I said, hearing myself, just talking to her, even made me nervous, (Aside from the fact that she was a giant) just being a woman, made me feel extremely uncomfortable.

Supporting herself, with her left arm, she propped herself up slightly leaning over me; her right hand reached up and started caressing her left nipple,

    "So, you mean like, you're 'still a virgin?", she whispered. Raising an eyebrow, curiously focusing in on my miniature figure.

Pinching her nipple, and gently pulling on it, ...she casually stroked it, slowly teasing it until it firmed up.

    "I guess, ...if you want to call it that?"

    "Well, I've never heard of a 'guy', still being a virgin at your age, ...I mean, don't you like girls, Billy?"

  Do I Like Girls! - Did she actually, just ask me if I didn't 'LIKE' girls?

I steadied myself, awkwardly getting up onto my feet. My solid erection wobbling back and forth as I turned directly toward her, ...I would have never even considered, doing such a thing at normal size, but, ...when Amy asked me such a strange question, like that,

I just had to 'simply' -show her, just what she was doing to me!

    "Yes', ...I like girls. I just get all 'weirded out' whenever I'm around them, ...especially, the pretty ones, ...like yourself..."

Amy smiled, her cheeks blushing as she slightly turned her face away from me. For a moment, I thought that my bulging erection had embarrassed her, ...but, on second thought, it suddenly became clear, that it was what I had said, that had carried the impact.

Her hand flew up to her face and she covered her eyes for a moment. Then she pretended to rub her forehead and glanced back toward me, still maintaining a slight smile...

    "Do you, ...think, that, I'm 'Pretty', Billy?"

The word, 'Pretty.' - absolutely - did not justify, ...in describing this natural Blonde. Amy's beauty was on a completely different scale! A whole 'other' scale, from which I was not used to being around, and even for most of the female population, ...she was in a class by herself!

I felt my knees growing weaker, as I tried to figure out what I was going to say to her,

...I really didn't want to reveal how I felt toward her. Amy was not patiently waiting, she was expecting an answer, and awaited it, most anxiously, ...her leg, that was on the floor, began to gently sweep back and forth, from side to side -(a slight rocking motion) - revealing her anticipation to my reply.

    "Yes, Amy. I think that you're a 'very' beautiful woman." , raising my voice very clearly.

    "Oh, so, if I'm so beautiful, ...then, why aren't you 'crawling all over me', like most other guys would do whenever I'm alone with them?"

    "I'm not like 'most' other guys, Amy. I'd have more respect for you, than that!", I said firmly.

    "Oh, C'mon Billy, really, ...'respect' - you don't even know me? I could be a real mean person deep inside, you don't know what I'm really like..."

I hadn't thought about what I would actually do if I were normal size. Because I had never been given a chance with a girl like her, and if I had, it would most likely depend on how she responded to my advances. I would never do anything with a girl that she didn't want me to do, ...and, actually, I would be doing everything that I could, to try and make her feel good about herself.

    "I don't think that you could possibly be anything else, but Nice!", I said.

    "Well, then, why don't you get over here and show me some of that 'respect' that you're talking about."

Slowly attempting to step down off of the huge pillow, I slipped and fell backward onto my butt, I slid down off the side and dropped down onto the sheet. I quickly got back up and tried to settle myself down.

So fantastic in sheer size, her huge leg was simply breathtaking to behold... I started to make my way over to it, as it relaxed across the side of the bed. Her smooth, inner thigh, seemed to be twenty feet long and twelve feet high, about the same size as a semi trailer.

As I attempted to consider the massive strength that it could produce, ...I slowly took it all in, allowing my eyes to traverse the entire length of it...

With her left foot tucked neatly underneath her bare butt cheek, her black thong panties, stood out brilliantly within the center of her large, wide opened legs. The puffy black triangle filling up the v-shaped patch, just barely covering her most private area, ...I noticed it had a small wet spot darkening the material on the inside.

Amy giggled, as she watched me slowly approaching. Her looming figure, so large that just the slightest movement from her caused a quaking motion across the entire surface of the enormous bed.

I had to hold one arm out to the side as if I were walking a tight-rope; the occasional random rocking motion, caused by Amy's unsuspecting movements, had me walking so awkwardly that I must have looked like I was half-drunk.

Amy chuckled at my stumbling walk. She purposely caused me to stagger around after she realized that she could shake the entire bed, so easily, ...her feminine giggle sounded so sweet...

I walked closer to her left side. Her foot, tucked underneath her butt, leaving just the top part of her lower leg smoothly extending outward toward her bended knee. I felt my heart pounding, as I stepped up within reach of her huge, gigantic, leg.

A static electric field surrounded her magnificent figure. I felt the slight buzzing, and the magnetic pull, ..her incredible being was so gigantic that I felt like a tiny bug standing next to her leg.

For a moment, I imagined being trapped beneath all of her tremendous weight, looking at how deeply her huge body sank down into the soft mattress, ... just the thought, sent a chill down my spine.

The sound of her breathing drew my attention, ...she seemed to be a little excited about this situation. Her heated breath swept down across my face,

Leaning forward she lowered herself down in front of me, "Com-meer Billy", she whispered.

    "Wait a minute, Amy!", I threw both my hands up to protect myself from her swiftly approaching hand.

In a single, sweeping pass, she simply scooped me up inside it and took me up. I was lifted up higher, and suddenly, squashed, ...smoothly pressed, into her conforming breast, ...the sudden smothering effect of warm flesh, against my whole body, caused me to catch my breath so quickly, stuffed firmly into this huge wall of softness!

    "M'm, Billy. Look what you're doing to me?", Amy snickered with a hot whisper.

Both my legs were hanging out below her fist, as she pressed them against her soft skin, squashing me forcefully into her huge boobie, I struggled against her powerful squeeze, ...her huge hand, wrapping completely around my upper body, my throbbing cock squished firmly into her warm skin... her hard nipple pressed up between my legs...

    "Amy wait, ...slow down a minute!", I screamed.

    "Aw, such a tiny, little, man. What's the matter, I thought you said that you 'Liked' girls?"

Her large, rigid nipple, nearly the same size as my thigh, ...I felt the heat of her body, and the sweet smell of her shampoo. Sucking in a deep breath, I tried desperately to cling tightly to one of her big fingers.

Spreading my legs, she forced me to straddle her nipple. Her powerful grasp controlling my whole body, she simply used me like a tiny doll, ...forcing me to hump her giant nipple!

Her sharp fingernails, aligned along my back, slightly digging into my skin, ...she gripped me up and pressed my body into her boob, ...squashing me firmly into it, mashing my hips together and crushing my cock directly into her giant breast!

Looking up into her huge face, I nearly fainted as I gazed into one of her gigantic eyes. The colorful pupil dilated with full focus, and the long blonde lashes flicked across the surface with lightening quick speed.

    "I have you now, Tiny one", she purred.

I felt her grasp loosening up around me, and I was slowly allowed to slide down over her breast, ...ever, so slowly, she let my body smoothly slide across her hard nipple. Her fingers readjusted, and worked around me, controlling me with her large fingertips, she repositioned me to the side, ...once again, forcing my whole body into this wall of super-softness!

    "Lick it, Billy. Lick my giant tit!", she whispered with a wave of hot breath.

Lifting me up, she spread my legs once again, setting me down across her nipple. I felt her fingers loosening up, and I tried to grasp at her warm fingers as I started sliding down.

    "Amy, please, ...don't let me fall!"

Her fingers manipulating around me, I found myself being roughly squashed against her huge breast, ...carrying me over to the other one, I was instantly crushed into it, and firmly mashed into it.

    "C'mon Billy. Suck on my nipple!"

I tried to grab onto the rubbery appendage. The heated warmth, coming off her skin quickly started to become slippery and moist, ...her scented perfume filling my head, I scrambled to get hold of the giant nipple as I started sliding down over it!

Amy giggled, as I struggled to hang on to her breast. She playfully squashed me into it and wollowed me around firmly within its softness. I had to hold my breath, as she squashed my whole head into the pillowy mass.

    "M'm yeah, that's right, Billy, ...lick it clean, little pet."

I could barely catch my breath, as she handled me like a fascinating new toy. Her over-excited actions, taking very little concern for my awkward position, ...she forced me into her huge boobies and nearly suffocated me!

Holding me up to her mouth, she blew her heated breath across my face,

    "Oh, Billy, ....you're making me so, Horny!", she erupted!

Suddenly, I was swept downward between her large thighs. The powerful, feminine fingers, of her single right hand, tightened up around my naked body, she used her other hand, ...and opened up the top of her black panties.

I felt the humid heat rising up around me, as she slowly pushed me down inside. The narrow, tight pocket, enclosed around me, ...sealing off all of the outside light.

A powerful twang of steamy air swirled around my face, as her fingers quickly released me. I fell down into a slippery wedge of darkness. Her waistline disappeared, as the panties closed against it. I was trapped inside her thong panties, ...and in complete darkness!

Her large body moved around. I could feel her repositioning herself. My whole world was shifted around and roughly turned about, as I tried to figure out what was about to happen.

Almost instantly, the heated pocket became unbearably humid. I fell into a soft bed of curly hair covering her pelvic region, the heady aroma that filled my nose made me feel a little bit sick.

I brushed my hands around through the thick carpeting of wiry strands. The dewy sweat that coated them slowly covered my entire body, ...I found a softer open area just below and I pushed against the black material of the thong and tried to wriggle my way deeper into the smoother area.

I felt her thighs close together over me, ...slowly squashing me into her heated skin. I felt the heated air swirl around my face, as the powerful force of her wall-like thighs, firmly pressed it away.

The sound of her moaning seemed to be so far away, ...she groaned, and shifted her hips; a bucking motion jerked me backward, and I braced myself- pressing my bare back against her furry thatch- she responded with a quick jerking motion!

I grabbed a handful of wiry hair and hung on as tightly as I could. The huge set of hips flexed and jerked, causing me to jerk backward with a swift humping motion, ...she was trying to fuck me!

I couldn't get a very good breath of air inside this heated pocket, and with the sudden jerking motion nearly snapping my neck, I couldn't do anything but try to hang on as tightly as I could!

TBC, ...hopefully, if Billy doesn't suffocate in there...

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