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'Dai on' na'

  I cringed at the thought of actually becoming Jasmine's new plaything, and this new predicament, presented a whole new aspect of danger, ...where in the hell was Amy!

Ducking and weaving through the tight space that made up this over-sized maze, I cowered away from this gigantic youngster. I barely slipped by her maliciously haunting fingertip. I fell down, crawling as quickly as I could to avoid her repeated attempts to capture me. Her giant size; completely terrifying.

Her long straight hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, her neck seemed to stretch out from the opening of her red sweater. Her mouth tinged with blood red stains, the 'Kool-Aid' mustache formed around the outside lines of her puffy lips; her adolescent teeth looked too large for her mouth.

The sight of a missing top tooth, in front, gave her that wild child look, and the spittle leaking out over her bottom lip appeared like sticky red glue.

Running wildly through the narrow halls of this intricately designed chamber, I struggled to stay, just, ...out of her reach...


Her fingertips brushed down over my back, slightly knocking me forward, I stumbled and lunged to catch myself, ...turning a sharp corner, I quickly dashed to the other end of the short, boxed-in space.

Her laughter bellowed out across the sky, an eruption of high-pitched, mind-numbingly shrill, girlish laughter! Exploding inside my head, the blasting sound of her paralyzing voice nearly caused me to collapse in sheer agony!

"I'm gonna 'get' you"

She seemed to be fascinated by the fact that she could frighten me, so easily. I had suddenly just become the most fascinating 'new toy' that this little girl had ever had.
I didn't understand how Amy could have been so neglectful, ...didn't she realize how dangerous this was for me...

  "Why did she just let her little girl take me away with her?"


  "Arrrrh, Arrrrrrrrh!"

The short sections of these connected hallways, forming together into this elaborate maze, giving me nowhere to go but around in circles! The only thing that I could do, was just keep running around until I finally found the opening at the other end.

Looming above me, her threatening size, taking on the 'Monster' - that she was pretending to be- I jumped out of the way of her pinching fingers and lunged sideways, avoiding her repeated attempts!

"Arrrrh, ARRRRRH!"

Ducking down, and quickly slipping past the tip of an over-sized pencil eraser, I felt the wind off of her breath, as she laughed and giggled at my futile attempts to get away from her!

Giggling maniacally, Jasmine tried her best to poke me directly in the center of my back. Using the rubber end of a giant pencil, she relentlessly poked it at me as if she were trying to kill a tiny bug! I swiftly swept past her fingertips as she hastily attempted to snatch me up!

"I'm Gonna Get You, Little Man!"

Over and over again, I scrambled through the short sections of connected halls, all the while, vainly attempting to avoid the giant-sized little girl! Swiftly taking a right turn, and running to the other end, then turning left and sprinting across another short section.

With the open roof top allowing her to look down directly upon me, I ran wildly, scampering beneath her predatory gaze, ...she playfully enjoyed this new, 'fascinating' little game!

"I'm Gonna Squish You"

The sound of her voice echoed within the narrow hallways, "Arrrrh, ARRRRH!"

I ran across another short section, and I was beginning to see that this wasn't going to get me anywhere; I realized that I couldn't keep this up any longer. I decided to just stop, and give up, ...she could have easily caught me, ...but, she waited for me to catch my breath...

    "Isn't this FUN!", she excitedly spoke down from directly above me.

Her hot breath puffing down onto the top of my head. The smell of hot cherry 'kool-aid' filled the air in the narrow space around me,

    "No, this isn't any fun, ..for ME! Please, Jasmine, ...I don't like this game.", I said, as I desperately tried to catch my breath.

    "Okay, ...let's play another game, ....how 'bout, ...'Hide and Seek'?"

I quickly decided that 'Hide and Seek', sounded like the perfect game, ...I wanted to get away from her, and this would allow me to do exactly That!

    "Alright, that sounds like a lot more fun. Let's play 'Hide and Seek'."


      -It was like flipping a switch, her expression instantly changed- (Switching to a 'new game', meant that Jasmine became this totally different person. She was very comical in nature, and I almost laughed as she 'instantly' became so different).

She swiftly bent down and reached out to pick me up. Without warning, I was suddenly snatched up inside her powerful fingers and lifted up out of the Hamster cage.

The tight grip of her hot little hand nearly rendered me unconscious, but I sucked in a deep breath, the very moment that she quickly released me, ...down on the floor directly between her bare feet.

Setting me down beneath her enormous, bare feet, the size of them, like two flesh colored mini-vans, threatening to spring up into the air and come crashing down upon me, or anything else that she wanted to smash, ( anything, that was within the entire area around for at least thirty feet!) in the time that it would take for her to pick up her foot!

Looking up at her, her towering figure appeared like an enormous Titan-ess, her tall, long legs, so gigantic in size, that they were easily long enough to cover two football fields!

  "Okey Dokey, ...I'll go hide, and you start counting, ....count to fifteen, and then see if you can find me!", Jasmine ordered.

Steep towering pillars suddenly swept past me, as the gigantic little girl stepped by, ...I held my breath until she disappeared out the doorway...

She didn't say anything about any limits, or where she would be, ...so, I started counting and walking across the huge room. The soft carpeting was a plush and low pile; it was like walking across a freshly cut lawn.

The distance to the door was about a half mile away and I took my time getting there, ...trying to settle myself down and looking around for someplace to hide.

As Jasmine's giant footfalls bounded away, I could feel the vibration of another much larger set, coming toward the doorway, the heavy impact was more spaced out, and further apart.

  "Jasmine, ...slow down. No Running inside the house, Sweetie!", Amy's voice sounded like she was using a bullhorn!

  "Where's Mr. Little?", she yelled.

  "We're playing a game of 'hide-n-seek', he's in the spare room, counting, ...and, I'm going to 'Hide' from him!"

Amy took a few more steps, and she was suddenly standing directly before me, ...looming high, her amazing figure suddenly filling my entire view!

  "Billy, ...where are you, ...are you okay?"

I ran toward her huge bare feet. Green painted toenails highlighting her beautiful feet, the toes moved independently, slowly wiggling, as she stopped and paused to look all around on the floor, ...searching me out, with those large blue eyes...

  "There, ...you ARE!", she excitedly announced! "Are you having fun, playing with Jazzy?"

I wanted to scream at her! I wanted to tell her to 'Go to hell'! I wanted to, ...I wanted to...

        "Please, Amy, ...just get me outta here!"

  The super-tight, gray sweatpants that form-fitted to her incredible body, left nearly nothing to the imagination, ...as she slowly squatted down, to lower herself closer to my tiny sized level.

  The bend of her knees pulled up the fabric even tighter around her hips, and the sight of her tremendous thighs spreading open in front of me, nearly took my breath away, ...I instantly noticed the straight seam directly between her legs, the large, puffy, camel-toe, on full display, ...I stopped and gazed up between her widening thighs like a tiny little bug, suddenly caught in the web of an enormous spider!

  "Aw, ...Look at you, aren't you just the cutest little thing!", she affectionately said.

Tilting her head to the side, she smiled like an adoring mother, peering down at me with the most beautiful set of perfect white teeth.

Placing her hands down onto the floor, she lowered her right hip down and gently sat down on one cheek, ...bending one leg up beneath her, she tucked her foot underneath her ass and propped herself up on one hand, ...slowly lowering herself on down, she came to rest on her elbow, ...her long blonde hair, just about to touch the floor, it swept around in a slow sweeping flow as she slightly flipped it around to the side.

I ran to her hip and stopped just beneath her looming breasts. Her billboard sized face smiling down at me, ...I dropped to my knees and clasped my hands together, ...looking up at her like I was kneeling before a supreme Goddess, I yelled out as loud as I could,

  "Amy, Get me away from her!"

  "What? What are you talking about? Did she DO something to you?"

  "No, ...Yes, ...I Mean, well, She was trying to KILL ME!", I screamed!

"Jazzy?, ...tried to KILL you? Mr. Little, ...I don't 'Think', that, Jazzy tried to KILL you, did she? C'mon now, ...I know my little girl and I don't think that she would do a thing like that!"

    "Amy, please, ...just get me away from her!", pleading with her, tears streaming down my face.


  I suddenly felt like I was back in grade school, begging my mother to stop beating me for looking out the window at the neighbor's teenage daughter, ...she was sunbathing outside in the back yard.

My mother caught me, and grabbed me up by the hair of my head and dragged me into the kitchen and started beating me with a leather strap.
I had to promise her that I would never ever, look at that girl again, ...especially, when she was out there wearing nearly nothing at all!

My ass stung for nearly two weeks until the welts finally started to heal up, ...and then, she would find something else to punish me for, ...there was always 'something' that she could find that didn't fall into her strict set of rules!


  "Alright, Billy", she whispered. C'mon, I'll take you back out to the kitchen with me, (raising her voice, slightly,) - And, you can help me decide what we're going to have for dinner, tonight?"

  "Oh Amy, thank you-ou, AMY!", I blubbered. "Thank You, Thank You, ...just get me away from her..."

Lowering her hand down, palm up, she waited for me to climb into the center and sit down. The cooler surface compared to the little girl's hand's, was much more comfortable. The swiftness of her motions wasn't as smooth as expected, though, taking me straight up and holding me out and away from her body, ...slightly whipping me around as she got to her feet.

Grabbing onto her index finger, I admired the shiny shell of her thumbnail; curled inward, her large thumb hovered next to me, ...higher than my head.

The quick trip back to the kitchen seemed so strange; I closed my eyes tightly and tried to hang on to her finger. She sat down at the table and lowered me down in front of her.

The table top suddenly appeared beneath me, ...I slowly looked around the wide, flat surface, regaining my bearings, I carefully crawled out of her hand and stood up.

Her hand flew away, disappearing beneath the table. She leaned forward, lowering her face down closer to me, her shadow swallowing me up, covering an area as large as a single car garage,

  "Should we tell Jazzy, that you're not playing the game any longer?", she whispered.

Her smirking face, looking down at me expectantly. I tried to regain my composure, but I was still pretty shaken up, ...this situation could get out of hand, and I didn't really know how to deal with this. I felt so pathetic...

  "I guess so, ...she'll probably get 'mad' at me, though. Please Amy, ...just keep her away from me, Okay!"

I just couldn't handle the idea of that 'giant' youngster. She didn't intentionally do anything out of the ordinary, but, taking me up inside her hands and squeezing me so tightly, she could have easily killed me!

  "Jazzy, would you come in here for a minute, sweetie!", Amy yelled out across the table top!

I covered my ears with both hands, as her voice nearly blasted me off of the table! She straightened up, leaning back into her chair, ...the tall blonde suddenly appeared like one of those female judges on some daytime T.V. show. Only much larger, and a whole lot prettier...

  In contrast, I felt like one of the contestants on, 'Let's Make A Deal', only I didn't see any way to 'win' at this game.

Jazzy ran into the kitchen, curiously looking around to see if I was there, the moment that she laid eyes on me, her face drooped, she suddenly looked as though she'd been betrayed,

"What is it, Mom?"

"Mr. Little doesn't feel good. He doesn't want to play any games right now", Amy told the little monster.

"Okay, Mommy. We can 'Play' later when you're feeling better Mister Little."

  The look on her face really made me feel bad. I felt like such a wimp, ...I mean, why couldn't I have just put up with it for a while longer and maybe it wouldn't have been so bad.

Now, I just felt like I had lost any chance of becoming Jazzy's friend, but the security of being closer to Amy easily outweighed any guilt that I had, ...I just didn't think that the little girl was mature enough to realize just how careful she needed to be!

    "You can both help me fix dinner, Alright!", Amy tried to lighten the mood, and change the situation to a better one. "Let's make some Pancakes!"

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