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'Dai on' na'

There I was, sitting on this gigantic kitchen table.

Amy seemed to be completely overjoyed; so thrilled to just look down at me. Emotionally, I felt like I had been thrown all the way back to square one, (Like I was going to have to start all over again).

Just one look, at this beautiful Blonde and all of the confidence that I had just recently built up, was completely wiped away!

Reaching down with a giant, green painted fingernail, Amy briefly fulfilled her curiosity by watching my reaction to the closeness of the sharp tip, tapping the hard edge of it down in front of me in a rhythmic drumbeat.

After realizing that I was simply terrified of her emerald green blade, she halted her intimidation and gave me a little more room, ...It didn't last too long, though...

The tall blonde giantess simply flattened her hand out, and purposely, scooted me over a few feet. Gently sliding my butt across the slippery surface, like I was nothing more than a simple kitchen utensil!

"Excuse me, Billy. I need to write something down here, Okay?"

Suddenly dropping a yellow notepad down in front of me, she swiftly started scribbling something down across the top line of the page. The tip of her pen scratching across the yielding paper, the solid metal tip digging into the soft sheet, cutting across the surface like a blunt paring knife.

"let's see, ...we'll need something soft for you to sleep in, and, some type of container for you to use as a toilet."

The giant blonde smiled down at me as if she could read my mind. Her soft, red lips, looked so large and inviting, I actually imagined myself, falling right into her mouth. Her make-up wasn't all completely finished; she looked considerably different from the way that she looked at her reception desk when I first saw her, ...aside from the fact that I was a normal size that the first time.

Her large eyes seemed more relaxed, and not quite so colorful. Her actions were more confident than before, and she seemed to be enjoying the fact, that I was sitting there watching her every move. Looking up at her like a wide-eyed child, fascinated by her, hanging on her every word, completely enthralled by her perplexing beauty.

Her earrings were small golden apples. Tiny, and shiny, like two sparkling jewels affixed to her soft lobes by the sharp spikes, impaled directly through the softest part of her perfectly shaped ears,

"Where did that come from?", she whispered, glancing over my head.

Reaching over me with her right arm, her long, bare arm, smoothly extending far across the table, she simply reached out and plucked something up off of the wide flat surface.

Balling it up within her fingertips she casually flicked it away, with little indifference about exactly what the 'thing' was; so small, and insignificant, it didn't really matter, it must have been a speck of dust or something?

Her eyes returned to the yellow notepad, while her fingers continuing to grind away at the remains of 'whatever it was', that had fallen prey to her expert vision.

I sat motionlessly, one knee pulled up and the other lying flat, propping myself up with both hands behind my back. Looking around in the large kitchen, I could see that most everything in the room was practically brand new. A shiny new Microwave Oven with chrome metal and a matching Toaster Oven right beside it. The fridge was Chrome as well, a double door with a small freezer on the bottom. The large gas Oven looked to be a few years old, but it was sparkling clean, neatly arranged, with all the needed accouterments, lined up perfectly across the wall directly behind it.

The large kitchenette was simply immaculate. The tall blonde had freshly scrubbed the entire room with a mild bleach; I could smell the toxic fumes burning my sensitive sinus. The tightly fitted tee shirt that she had on, revealed that she wore no support for her ample bosom, and the slight indication of her protruding nipples shown through like twin bullets, slightly circling around as she moved; her weighted boobies wobbling, as she adjusted her position within the chair,

"Billy, ...do you need anything?", she turned her face directly toward me.

I felt like a bomb went off inside of my head! I felt a sudden surge of anxiety, and my heart started pounding wildly!

I sat forward and tried to pull myself together, but the sudden panic had come on so suddenly, that I hadn't considered needing to prepare myself for it!

Like a prisoner, about to be executed, I caught my breath and tried to swallow my impending fear, ...the tension building, so much so, ...the air in my lungs felt like hot steam!

Totally unaware of what was about to happen, I was suddenly tossed up off of the table top, several inches, as an abrupt impact from somewhere on the other side, sent a powerful shockwave across the surface!

'WHAM!', a heavy impact hit the table!

"What's THAT, Mommy?"

I bounced back on my butt, and quickly turned around to see this huge girl! The expression on the child's face took on a shocking look of sheer delight!

"Easy there, Jasmine. Don't scare him."

Amy spoke softly, reaching out to block the little girls advancing approach. She knew that she would have to be very careful about allowing her young daughter to be around this vulnerable little person.

"I wanna SEE, I wanna See, ...Let Me, Seeeee!"

"Jazzy, this is, ...Mr. Little. He's going to be staying with us for a few days. He's a nice little man, that has to be 'protected', all of the time. Maxine wants us to help her out, and keep him here with us."

"Can I, Play with him?"

"Yes. But, you'll have to be 'very careful', Jasmine. You could accidently Harm him, without even meaning to, ...he's very delicate, ..you'll have to handle him, very gently..."

"How did he get so LITTLE?"

"I don't know, dear. But, he, ...um, he's really scared, and we need to be 'extra careful' with him, Okay."

"Is his name, really, ...'LITTLE?'

"Yes. I know. He's so small, that his name suits him well. Doesn't it?"

I felt like I wanted to puke. My stomach twisted, and churned as I thought about this new danger that I was forced to deal with, ...the teenagers, had been terrifying, but this was going to be something totally different...

The little girls face grew larger as she slowly moved in closer to me; hovering it, just above the table top, she gradually drifted closer and closer.

"Hello, Little Man", she proudly said.

Reaching out her hand, she flattened out her fingers and placed her palm out right in front of me, ...offering it up, like an organic construction elevator, waiting to take me up into the clouds.

"C'mon, Mr. Little. Let me, take you for a ride!"

I didn't know what to do. Every muscle in my body was trembling so bad, I wondered if either of them noticed, as I tried so hard not to lose my nerve, and throw up right into the palm of her giant hand, ...the thought of sitting directly inside this little girl's palm, sent a pang of intense fear down through my gut!

I didn't want to upset the young giantess, though, ...or, offend her mother, so I slowly got to my feet and started to step over next to her large, waiting, hand.

The sight of her open palm, the long fingers slightly parted, extending far beyond it, her lengthy forearm stretching out for hundreds of feet, elongating into her upper arm, which lead up to her rounded shoulder, ...her face residing just behind it, her chin resting on the smooth, rounded, shoulder.

Her smile glowing like an expected mother waiting for one of her babies to take its first steps, ...I started shaking awkwardly, as I lifted up my barefoot and carefully placed it down upon this living platform of warm soft skin, ...the slight movement of it, reflecting her excitement; she released a soft cooing sound as I stepped into her warm palm and quickly sat down right in the center of it.

"Oh, He doesn't weight anything at all, Mommy!"

She slowly elevated her whole hand, taking me up high above the table and suddenly swinging me around in a wide half circle, ...carrying me out over the floor, far below!
"Can I show him my toys Mom?"

"Alright, but be very careful with him, Jazzy!"

"I will, ...we'll just go, real, real, real, S L O W, Okay?"

"Don't drop him. Let him hang on to one of your fingers, Sweety!"

"C'mon Mister, I'll show you my Hamster Cage's!"

"Jasmine, ...watch where you're going, ...don't Fall Down!"

"I won't!", the little girl's breath wafted across my face.

She was holding me up too closely to her face as she walked so carefully through the kitchen. The living room sped past, as she suddenly started to pick up speed, ...her steps sweeping out across the floor, taking longer and longer strides, she quickly stepped down the hallway and swiftly turned into her bedroom.

Dipping and rising her hands, she effortlessly- 'gestered' - using me, as she carried me up to her Habitrail set-up, ...the sound of her excitement was easily expelled within her whispering voice,

Here, ...SEE. Look, This is MY Hampster's House!", she pointed out!

Lifting me up, and lowering me down in front of it, slowly sweeping me all around; as if to show me every, single detail, as she moved her hand all around the entire set up. From the comfort of her soft palm, I was escorted across the entire length and carried along the whole span of each and every plastic tube, the site of it was most impressive, to say the least; especially, from my perspective...

There were four cages in all, connected together by a network of yellowish-tan-colored, clear type, plastic tubing. Inside one of the large glass cages was an elaborate maze. In the center was an exercise wheel large enough for two animals side by side, the next cage was a feeding area with three large water bottles and a couple of ceramic bowls. The next one had a row of climbing ladders and what appeared to be a couple round sleeping beds, another had a row of boxes lined up with cedar chips covering the floor inside it.

I was held up close to the glass and carefully allowed to see inside,

"See, that is the breeding boxes. That's where the mommies will have their babies inside of, ...and, the daddies won't be allowed in, ...they would eat the babies if they get around them..."

The strong smell of cedar wood chips filled the air. I was swiftly lifted up and carefully released on the screen rooftop of one of the glass cages. Jazzy stepped back and bent forward, sliding her hands down her legs until they came to rest just above her knees.

Bringing her face down level with me, she expectantly waited for my assessment of her elaborate display, ...I looked down through the fine wire screen of the cage cover and hoped that it was strong enough to support my weight.

"Well, do ya like it?", Jazzy asked.

Brushing her hair back from her face, she smiled wider and watched me attempting to get to my feet. The thin screen slightly sank down beneath my weight, as I carefully stood up and started to walk over closer to the edge, where the side would be more stable.

"I could put you inside it, and let you see. Do you want to get inside, Mister Little?"

"No, no, Jazzy. I don't want to go inside the cage."

"Why Not?", her voice raised an octave. "It'll be FUN!"

"No, I don't want to, I don't want to go into the cages."

"Oh, it's alright. They are very clean!"

Suddenly, I was grasped up tightly inside her warm fist, lifted away from the top of the cage, ...carried downward, and turned around to see a small open ended tubing coming up to meet me, ...I was pushed face first through the open end and shoved inside!

Turning around to look back, I saw Jazzys smiling face staring back at me. Her bright eyes sparkling with delight, she quickly sealed up the opening behind me with a rubber stopper!

"Go On, Mr. Little, crawl through the tube and go into the maze!", her voice became strangely distorted from the outside of the plastic tubing.

Speaking much louder, her suggestion's instantly sounded more like a command. Her large figure stood up, overshadowing the entire space inside. Her hands resting on her hips, she took on a domineering pose, giggling softly she shook the side of the cage...

"Hurry up! Mr. Little! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!"

The vibrant sound of her tremendous voice bounced off as she shook the entire structure!
"Hurry up, You only have a few minutes before the time runs out!", she excitedly announced!

"Time's running OUT!", she repeated.

"Time?" "What the hell was she talking about?", I thought, "...this is ridiculous"

"You better hurry up! Or, the Big Scary Monster will get you!"

Shaking the cage more roughly, Jazzy giggled, as I jerked slightly around the inside of the long tunnel. The wobbling length rocked around as I quickly started crawling through the plastic shaft.

I told her to stop, but she couldn't hear my contained voice. Her large face moved around outside, as her distorted image completely filled the sky above!

"Hurry up, Mister!", she threatened.

Still shaking the long tunnel, her fingers gripped up around the sides and she casually interrupted my awkward crawling, ...occasionally, giving it a more violent quaking by harshly rocking my enclosed tunnel!

"It's gonna GIT YOU!", she roared! "Arrrrrrh!"

"STOP IT!", I screamed!

"Arrrrrrh, Arrrrh"

"Jazzy don't do that!", I yelled through the enclosure of the plastic tunnel!

"Hurry Mr. Little. It's coming, ...the great big Monster is coming to get YOU!"

I watched with complete confusion as this little girl entertained herself at my expense, using her gigantic size to her favor, ...she simply delighted herself by teasing me.

The tunnel quaked as I tried my best to make it all of the way through, ...the connecting sections had a ridge where the two parts fit together, and I passed through three of them before I finally reached the other end.

The maze was just like I had expected it to be, ...only, with this gigantic little girl prodding me along, I had to hurry through the twisting turning halls and the narrow passageway in the tunnel was much safer... as she couldn't poke me with her finger, as she continued to do, nearly knocking me down!

"Hurry Mr. Little, I'm gonna Git YOU!"

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