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'Dai on' na'

    " Chisana otoko ", she whispered.

I felt her large hips tilting and rolling forward. Her tremendous size carrying me along with her, like a tiny passenger trapped deep down inside her sweltering belly...

Barely able to breathe while face down within Maxine's steaming hot panties, I found myself looking up across her swollen pubic mound. Peering out, through the hairy tuft of wet tangles, I lay prone across her giant wet pussy, melting into its magnificent heat.

Maxine's large thumb smoothly hooked into the top edge of the giant panties, gently pulling them open.

Lifting my face up, as a mild rush of cooler air swept across my dripping wet face, I gasped with relief, while taking in a much needed breathe.

Looking up, past her giant hand, ...I could see out into the dimly lit outside world.

A soft glow, coming from the light of her bedside lamp, I watched with consuming fear, as her entire hand slipped inside, filling up my confinement; the tight space coming alive with four very large fingers.

Spreading out her long, slender spears, ...plowing the sharp nails down through the thick, ...separating, the wet sparkling strands of hair.

Her large hand entered into the panties, ...forcing me back out of the way and deeper down, into the tightly fitted pocket of the sweat-soaked nylon entrapment.

Plunging her middle finger into the center of her overheated sex, instantly sinking it past the first knuckle. Her third and first fingers working together to separate the meaty lips. The slippery opening, easily accepting the single finger, ...in response, expelling several quarts of clear, hot, pussy juice.


  Huddled down, and cramped up inside the tight space of her sweaty butt-crack, I felt my bare feet pressing into her wrinkled butthole! My hands pressing against the rounded walls of her massive lower butt cheeks, I squatted before her heated anus like a miniature slave, holding back the twin walls with as much strength as I could possibly bear to muster up...

The twitching ring crimped and puckered, flexing with tremendous strength, ...I pressed my tiny toes into the heated pit and tickled her giant anus with both of my slippery bare feet!

Watching the large, wrinkled, orifice, instantly responding to my minuscule touch, I was instantly overcome with a sudden giddiness, realizing that I could cause such a quick response, ...I poked my big toe deeper into the rounded crevasse and giggled as it swiftly drew itself up. The large muscular ring instantly reacted, ...sucking inward, trying to avoid my quite insignificant touch,

I suddenly felt like, I had just a slight bit of control over this extremely large, but sensitive muscle, and with much apprehension, I couldn't stop myself from tormenting her. The idea of teasing this beautiful giantess, so easily, gave me just a bit of deranged satisfaction...

  ...although nobody could possibly hear me, I laughed out loud with a spluttering madness!

  Poking my big toe in deeper, and harder, I watched the large wrinkled ring, jerk away in an instant response. I giggled like an idiot, pressing my big toe into her giant butthole! Her wrinkled manhole clinched up protectively; so very tightly, ...trying to seal itself off and keep my miniature toes from entering the forbidden zone within, ...I chuckled, (insanely) as I continued to tease her, ...I couldn't help myself!

This was the first time since I had shrunk, that I felt like I actually had some type of dominance over 'someone' or 'something'.

I had my bare back pressing against the webbing of the black nylon panties, using it for leverage, I pushed myself into it, pressing my toes deeper into Maxine's flexing butthole!

Her response was simply astonishing! Her instant reaction to my teasing, caused my entire body to lift up, ..and jerk backward, ...swiftly lifting me up and setting me down a few feet further down on the gigantic bed!

Her wrist holding the panties partially open, allowing cooler air to swirl inside.

Her hand appeared like some strange, oversized insect, sitting inside the petals of an enormous pink flower.

The middle finger working furiously within the glistening, fully open blossom, ...the pumping motion becoming faster and faster. Her finger plunging vigorously into the squishing lips of her gripping vagina, ...her moaning pleasure rippling overhead like an animalistic Fem Fatale.

I caught a quick glimpse of her huge breasts, far beyond the opening of her tightly fitted underwear; her face turning from side to side, as she frantically pleasured herself...

Glancing back and forth between her pumping finger and her wobbling breasts, I found myself becoming so aroused that I had to take it in hand and join her. My feet sinking into her heated butthole, I sank down between the narrow space of her massive cheeks and quickly brought myself to completion.

Soon after, her gigantic body jerked and spasmed with a jolting orgasmic tidal wave! Her whole body, convulsing with magnificent recoiling spasms. Her blissful pleasure showing in her face, her reddening complexion, and sweat soaked hair. Her gigantic female landscape jerking me around and down into the wadded up section of her tightly fitted panties.

A sopping wet puddle formed around my waist. I could barely see in the shadow of her gigantic ass, but the small pool of sticky juice that filled the pit of her pantie crotch rose up around me and threatened to cover me up to my chest.

I caught my breath and attempted to crawl out of the over-heated wedge. My feet slipping against her large lower cheeks, I couldn't get a solid footing. Her movements slowed, and I soon realized that she must have fallen asleep.

I couldn't stay here. The sticky wetness was beginning to dry around me, and I didn't want to remain in this awkward position for the rest of the night, ...the darkness had swiftly returned as she pulled her hand away, removing it from her panties and plunging me back into complete darkness.

Attempting to pull myself up, I reached up and felt around and above her sagging wet lips. The sweaty skin of her huge body was so slick that I could not find anything to get a hold of, ...the wet tangles of curly hair offered nothing but a slippery strand that I couldn't even hang on to at all!

Her whole body suddenly moved. Turning to the side, she scissored her thighs together and rolled over, ...turning up to the right, she turned my world around and squashed me up tightly under her tremendous thigh!

The heavy weight of her massive leg muscle, smoothly slid up on top of me and squashed me gently into her heated skin, ...the warmth quickly returning, I found myself sandwiched tightly in this massive wall of ultra-softness!

I felt the tremendous weight of her incredibly large leg, and my mouth popped open as I screamed out to try and get her attention,


I could barely take a single breath, ...the heavyweight held me firmly stuck against her gigantic body, ...and the sticky juice drying around me, held me firmly in place, ...I had nowhere to go, I was trapped inside her panties and about to be suffocated!

    "Maxine, ...I Can't Breathe!", I screamed as loud as I could!

She didn't move. I screamed again. Still nothing. I felt her huge thigh muscle relaxing completely, ...allowing more and more weight to slowly compress around me...

    "Maxine! I can't breathe!"


I awoke to the sudden splash of an enormous wave of cold water! The bright light blinding me from high above, I coughed and spluttered as I attempted to catch my breath!

    "Billy?" ~ Maxine's voice sounded far away.

I started kicking my legs and throwing my arms around in the cold water. Splashing the ice cold waves away, I caught my breath and quickly realized that I was sitting within Maxine's huge palms.

    "Oh Billy, ....you're alright!", she excitedly spoke down from directly above.

Suddenly lifted up, swept around to the side and dropped down into a huge fluffy towel. Both sides folded up around me, in one swift motion, and I was instantly swallowed alive within the heavy cloth material.

Shaking uncontrollably, I huddled up within the conforming cotton towel and collected myself, struggling to get my breath, I drew my legs up and wrapped my arms around my knees. Pulling myself into a tight ball, I felt like I was freezing!

I felt the movement of her huge hands as she squeezed them up around me. Carrying me within her hands, I could sense that she was moving, ...walking motions were easy enough to figure out, the weighted motions of her gigantic legs were something that one could easily remember, ...her gigantic size was just completely amazing!

    ...I didn't think that I would ever get used to it!

I huddled up and tried to get warm. The huge, dry, towel, felt so good - after being thrown into that freezing cold water, I suddenly realized that I must've passed out while I was stuck inside her hot underwear.

I had no idea how long I had been in there, but, thankfully, I had survived the entrapment and actually made it through my second night, ...at four inches tall.

I felt her hands release the towel and I could feel that she had placed me down onto a solid surface. I heard the solid clank of some type of metal, ...it sounded like the door to the wire cage, ...I figured that she must have put me inside it for safety, and I knew then, that I must be back inside her bedroom...

  I relaxed and let myself sink into the comfortable towel, ...my body quickly warming up, I felt myself falling asleep, ...drifting into a soft cloud of soothing warmth...

The air was sweet smelling and cozy, I started to get warmer and I took a deep breath and let myself totally relax. I heard a door close somewhere in the distance, and I released a long slow breath and fell asleep.


Maxine stepped into the kitchen and poured herself a hot cup of coffee. She looked up at the clock;(( 6:00 am)). Her eyes drifted over to the Birthday Cake.

'Sweet Sixteen' scrolled across the top, ...only half of it had been cut away, ...she sliced off a thin section and quickly popped it into her mouth, -shoving the entire thing into her hungry lips, she squashed her tongue up through the frosting and enjoyed the sweet taste.

Sipping her coffee to wash down the cake, she looked out into the living room and saw Cristina sleeping soundly. Her long legs stretched out across the full length of the couch.

Maxine wondered what those girls had done to Billy, and she knew exactly what she had to do, ...she would have to get him out of her apartment for a while. She couldn't keep him 'here' any longer, ...not after all of them had found out about him!

She picked up her phone and punched a few buttons, ...the screen lit up, and she placed it to her ear,

    "Amy? Yeah, ...did I wake you?"

    "No, no, no, ...everything's fine. I was just wondering if you're free this evening?"

    "Okay, I'll be over sometime around two, if that's okay"

    "Yeah, ...he's fine. I'm going to bring him with me too"

     "Okay sweetie, ...see ya later, then. Buh-Bye!"

  Flicking her fingers across the screen she placed her phone back down onto the table and turned to get up, ...she grabbed her coffee cup and carried it with her to the kitchen window.

Her face blushed slightly as she considered what Billy was being subjected to, ...she didn't mean for any of this to happen, ...it just kind of, got out of control, ...she didn't really expect her feelings for him to be this way, but, she just couldn't control her innermost thoughts and deepest desires...

Billy would just have to get used to it, ...any woman that laid eyes on him would most likely want to have him, ...and the way that it made her feel to actually pick him up and hold him was something that she just couldn't quite describe, ...it just felt so wonderful to hold him!

*Next Chapter - Amy gets her chance, ...but, Billy might not be ready for this!



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