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Author's Chapter Notes:

This will be a two-part chapter, sorry I couldn't get it all into one...


'Dai on' na'

  What was happening to me? Was this woman ever going to help me? What was going to become of me, if I stayed here, ...just a tiny little pet for this gigantic female doctor, and her playful teenage daughter...

    Sitting on top of her chest between her huge breasts, she smiled with a slight chuckle and reached up and cupped her hands around me.

Maxine's long delicate fingers easily wrapped around my entire midsection. Squeezing gently enough to hold onto my tiny naked body, the oversized hand slightly lifted me up. Her giant thumb pressing into my chest, she slowly began taking me down across the length of her lower body.

My legs hanging down, she allowed my bare feet to drag along her soft skin. My toe's smoothly gliding across her soft belly, the warmth of her massive being sending waves of heat up over my bare skin!

The narrow elastic waistband, on the thin black nylon panties, suddenly lifted up, ...as her free hand pinched up the top edge, forming an open pocket directly in front of me; pulling the stretching elastic away from her soft lower belly, I was slowly pushed down inside and released,

    "Wait a minute, what, 'Hey', Maxine, ...are you, ...wait, wait" - "Maxine?",

Dropping into this soft bed of curly black tangles, I felt my bare legs sinking down into this fuzzy warmth of her most private area. Getting up off of my butt, I scampered up onto my bare knees!

    "Please, wait a minute, ...what are you going to do?"

Slowly and gently releasing the top edge of her panties, the darkness within swallowed me, ...the surrounding heat swelled, instantly filling my lungs!

    "Maxine! No, ...don't put me in here! I can't breath!"

The sudden heat, completely encompassing. Devoured within her damp panties, I struggled to try and crawl back out. Her huge fingertips pressing down upon the wet panties, pressing on my back she forced me back into place,

....sliding my entire body through this thick hairy tuft of curly strands. Scooting me down to her moist lips and firmly squeezing me between the inner walls of her gigantic thighs!

Slippery juices coating my entire body, I felt my chest and belly soaking into the ultra-soft skin of her incredible pussy. My legs stuffed down into a tight narrow wedge. Tightly fitted inside the binding of these giant-sized black underwear, ...a heady aroma swirled inside. Gasping the steamy air, I fought to take a slight breath. A sudden movement of her colossal body, lifting me up entirely within the entrapment.

Shifting in slow rocking motions, her lower butt cheeks rounding out underneath of my bare feet. The continually lifting and lowering of her huge hips,

....struggling to crawl back up across her firm pelvic bone, my entire body becoming completely saturated within her hot, juicy, lubricant. I gasped for a heated breath and felt myself getting very hot.

Reaching out with my arms, roughly plunging my hands into the furry patch above.

I felt around in the nearly total darkness, trying to get a hand hold. Huge feminine fingers, gripped gently around my sides, holding me firmly against her seething pussy. I pulled my knees up and struggled to get away, ...her huge fingers quickly capturing me, retaining my miniature figure within her overheated sex, firmly pressing me into her opening lips...

    "Maxine!", I yelled as loud as I could!

My voice muffled within the heated pocket of her soaking wet panties, I sucked in a steaming hot breath desperately fighting against her conforming fingertips!

    "Oh, ...Billy!". "I want you!"

I cried out, "Maxine, ...NO!", as she hastily forced her powerful fingertips down upon my naked back, pressing my entire body into her tight, slippery lips... both of my hands sinking into the hot meaty walls, the slippery flesh slightly separating.

    "Maxine, Please, I can't breath!", frantically fighting against her, attempting to prevent her from shoving me inside!

Her gigantic, overwhelming size, allowing her to effortlessly control me, easily overpowering my feeble attempts to get away... My resistance, only urging her on, I braced myself against the soft opening, ...burying my knees into each side, firmly spreading my feet apart,

    "Maxine No!", I screamed, "Please, ...don't do this to me!"

Sticky, sweat soaked underwear, holding me trapped against her huge body, ...the hot space becoming even more unbearable...


Maxine wanted this tiny, little, miniature man. She wanted him, so bad!
She had thought about it a lot, especially after her new receptionist Amy, had first mentioned the idea to her, back at the office...

She could so easily, ...just, PUT him inside her, ...but, she wanted to feel his hot little body crawling inside, all on his own. She wanted to 'feel' him crawling into her, feel him struggling within her tight vagina, ...but, she didn't want to force him to, ...she didn't want to use him, like one of her toys.

...she wanted him, to 'want' her, just as much as she wanted him...

She knew that Billy couldn't get away from her tight panties, and she could just leave him in there and force him to sleep there for the entire night.

...she didn't want to smother him again, though, and she knew that he might, ...it had to be extremely hot in there...

Maxine slowly pressed her fingertips down upon his miniature figure. Feeling him through the thin black underwear, tracing the outline of his tiny naked body, she wriggled her hips and adjusted her relaxed legs, ...opening them up wider, she allowed her tiny slave as much room as she could offer.

Keeping his tiny body centered within her hot muffin, she held her breath as she felt him start squirming around, ...attempting to pull himself away, his tiny hands felt so wonderful, as they pressed against her trembling lips.

Her female intuition, told her that he had to be getting aroused, ...but, as hot as her pussy felt, she also knew that he might be fighting for air, ...her thighs wanted to crush him inside her, but she fought the urge and continued to lie very still, forcing him to stay put, right where she wanted him.

Fondling her miniature pet, with the tip of two fingers, she slightly touched his tiny butt. Pressing a sharp nail into his tiny ass, Maxine gasped with a sudden tingle as she felt his small body twitching around.

    "Oh, Billy, ...you're driving me up the wall!", she whispered.

She slowly continued to tease his miniature ass. Slowly dragging a fingertip up across his tiny back, stabbing his tiny ass with a quick jab, ...just enough to get him to move,

    "C'mon Billy, ....you know that you want this!"

Maxine felt herself becoming very wet. This was just SO perfect, on so many levels that it simply felt awesome. Her entire life had finally come full circle. She had been abused as a child by so many men, and now, ...she had this miniature man, totally at her mercy, trapped inside her panties and unable to get out until she let him out.

Unfortunately, she had to focus fully on the fact, though, ...that this particular man, Billy Little, had absolutely nothing to do with her past, and as she thought about how easily she could squash him, ...she had to remind herself, that crushing him, would do nothing for her, except make her feel bad about herself.

Although, that wasn't going to stop her from having some fun with him. He was just so small. So completely dependent upon her, ...so helpless.
She felt a sudden tingling sensation fluttering up across her spine. She pulled her knees up, and opened her legs wide apart, ...feeling her pantie crotch pulling tighter and tighter, pinching her rigid nipples, she held her breath and reveled in the blissful wonderfulness of this most incredible sensation!


Attempting to suck some fresh air through the finely woven material; the huge pair of black underwear, held me trapped against her magnificent pussy. The steaming sweltering heat inside was nearly unbearable. I felt my slippery skin sliding across hers, and the heated juices that soaked through completely covered my entire body!

My eyes were burning with sweat. I realized that Maxine wasn't going to allow me to escape until she was finished with me. I didn't know how I was going to survive inside of this sweaty pocket, but I knew that I had to do something soon, or I was going to pass out from the overwhelming heat!

The aroma of her immense body, and being so close to her, my head felt like it was going to explode; I felt the most incredible wave of uncontrollable desire...

Unable to control my most primal senses. My most basic animal instinct told me to try and satisfy this gigantic woman. The tough tight fabric of these oversized panties wasn't going to allow me to escape, ...and, I had to try and do something...

The small bit of humid air that I had to breathe, filled my head with the tangiest aroma; the flavor of her immense female body - a mixture of her arousal and the faint flavor of stale cum.

Her huge body creating so much heat, I could slide into her without much effort at all, ...and, if I wasn't careful, I might accidently get sucked in!

I clung as tightly as I could to a few straggling hairs, matted down at the top edge of the oozing slit, ...each time that I pulled on them, her huge hips flexed and lifted me up.

I gagged at a large amount of sticky creme that overflowed. The giantess' huge body had the most pristine effect, ...it had started to actually taste good, no matter the sour flavor, it started to give my miniature body an extra boost of pent up adrenaline!

Although I had never before had sex with a woman, I decided that I was going to try and please her, ...I didn't really know what to do, so I just slid my right hand inside of the top and slowly started to rub the inner walls.

Her instant reaction was frightening! I felt my entire arm drawn in; the vacuum created inside nearly pulling me into her! I braced myself while continuing to explore the inner walls of her aroused vagina.
The large meaty lips swelling up, enlarging and becoming so slippery that I felt my hands becoming wrinkled, ...the huge woman spasmed and jerked, bucking her hips and flexing her glutes!

Compressing her powerful muscles, ...clenching her lower butt cheeks, vibrating my world; quaking with tremendous power!

I caught my breath and the heated air swelled around me as her huge hips flexed, grunting like an enormous female beast; Maxine's frustrations boiling to the surface like an impending volcanic eruption. I braced myself in fear, as her monstrous voice released the most guttural sound!

Feeling the powerful vibration beneath my feet, I felt like a tiny mouse, trapped inside of an enormous bear trap!

My mouth filled with the humid taste of her giant body, I was quickly getting drunk on her powerful twang, ...the overwhelming sensation nearly driving me wild, I stuffed both hands into the heated orifice and swirled my fingers around in slow figure eights...

Her massive hips jerked and twitched, bucking forward and clamping down, her huge butt jumped up several feet and bounced back down, taking me up in a sudden lift, and dropping me back down within her sweltering pit.

Her incredible size, just so mind-boggling! How was I suppose to do anything for her? She was just so huge, so big, ...so gigantic!

    "Maxine, ...Please, ....Let me out'ta Here!", I yelled out through the wet nylon fibers!

    "Oh Billy, ...get inside me. Lick me, little man!"

    "Please, ....I can't breath!", I screamed!

    "Oh, Billy, Lick My Pussy!"

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