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'Dai on' na'

  My head still spinning, I finally looked up and saw her pretty face, and just as I did, she simply grabbed my forearms -firmly- and swiftly lifted me up onto my feet!

  Upon standing, I was slightly confused to find that I was at least a half a foot taller than her, but really, ...I just couldn't believe how effortlessly, this petite little woman had just simply lifted me up from the floor, as if I were no bigger than a small child!

  Her dark eyes and shiny black hair accentuating her Asian complexion; perfect posture, and calm, focused demeanor, gave me the initial impression of someone that I definitely needed to respect. Knowing that her reputation, within her field, held the top space on the list of accomplishment; the extensive, and worldly experience that she had, was second to none.

I stepped back and tried to take her all in...

  Standing with a wide, solid stance; Ms. Maxine's polished, black, four-inch pumps, were jacking her up, ...adding that sweet curvature, with a powerful essence to her perfectly shaped little frame. Her white, button up shirt, with the tiny purple bow tie, looked like she only wore this type of outfit for work, ...the tie was crooked, and the white shirt was starched.

  That tight, black, mid-thigh skirt, seemed to crease in just the right places, and as she took a slight step forward, rocking her hips and relaxing her grasp on my forearms, I felt like she was slowly relinquishing her control,

  "Are you sure that you're alright?", she firmly asked. Slightly tilting her head to the side.

  "I, ...um, I'm not entirely sure yet?", I said. My head still spinning with a ringing in my ears.

  "Mr. Little?", Amy, the blonde receptionist, stepped in from behind and took my other arm,

  "Let's get you into the room so that you can lie down, alright?"

  I let the two of them walk me into Dr. Harrison's office. The large room had dark cherry wood siding on the walls and all of the furniture was leather. The black carpet gave the room an expensive ambiance.

  I found that Amy's grasp was nearly as powerful as the shorter doctors, and the two women together easily shuffled me into the psychiatrist lair.

  Her office was her sanctuary, it was plain to see that it was entirely her space; the instant that I sat down, I glanced around the room and realized that I was trapped inside this room, and being so weak, I had no way to escape this confusing situation.

  The moment that I found myself sitting on her couch, I began to realize that something was physically happening to me...

"Am I getting smaller?"

"What's that, Billy?", Amy asked me. Bending down before me, standing directly in front of the couch.

  Her short flowery skirt billowing out in the back, as it slid up her legs in the front. Her black leggings ending at her ankles, giving her creamy white peds, ...a striking contrast. The black strappy open-toed pumps elevated her a good five inches. Her bright green nail polish sparkled within the tight space of the open toe shoes.

    "I, ...uh, I ...am, I am getting Smaller!", I blurted out!

  Noticing the belt around my waist loosening up, I grabbed at it with both my hands and pulled it out away from my body! The Pants were getting bigger, and my shoes suddenly fell off onto the floor!

  Looking up at the two women standing over me, they suddenly seemed to grow taller! The room stretching out around me, and the floor spreading out. The space all around me expanding and growing larger by the second, I scooted back into the couch cushion and felt my shirt collapse down around me!

  My socks came off as they quickly outgrew my feet, and I felt the elastic band of my underwear slipping away. I felt my naked body falling backward into my oversized clothing as I shrank down further and further, ....and quickly became smaller and smaller!

   "Help Me, HEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLP! ", I Screamed Out!

  The air rushed in around me as I felt my giant shirt pulled away. The light flooding in suddenly opening up the sky. Frantically, I scampered to my feet and climbed up onto the pile of cloth that was my gigantic pair of pants!

  Looking up at the now, towering pair of giant women, I fell back in shock as they simply stood there looking down at me! I was looking up at two giants!

  Had I dreamt of this before? I had a sudden flash of gray memory; it was something that seemed familiar, but not so real that I couldn't quite place it...

    "Oh, my God. I can't believe this!", Amy said. Covering her open mouth with her left hand.

  "What happened to him?", she whispered, glancing over at the female doctor.

   "I don't know. I've never seen ANYTHING like this!", she said. Shaking her head in disbelief!

  I suddenly felt a cold draft, pulling my knees up into my chest, I wrapped my arms around them, curling into a ball and sitting there looking up at these two enormous women, ...I suddenly began to realize, just exactly, what it felt like, to become completely helpless!

   "Mr. uh, Little?", "...don't be frightened, okay, ...I'm going to pick you up. I'll be very careful, so don't be alarmed", the giant-sized face of the female doctor spoke.

   "Now, just let me get you, .....", she paused, as her huge, slender fingers, silently drifted in around me, slowly, they became curled around my miniature body.

  The cool surface of her large fingers wrapped around me and just slightly squeezed. I felt my heart racing as her hand swallowed me up completely. I couldn't get a full breath, as my mind went into overdrive!

  The fingernail of her pinkie finger, slipped around behind me, just slightly grazing across my left butt cheek, ...the solid feel of that hard shell, sent a pang of fear through my stomach. I froze within her grasp, ...as she ever so slowly, continued to tighten up her grip.

  Like sitting in the forks of a large tree, the doctor's hand took me up slowly above the couch seat and gradually continued elevating, until I was brought up between their two giant faces.

  Not wanting to freak out, ...I simply avoided looking directly at her. I closely inspected the surface of her skin, instead, ...soft, and so supple, like suede leather; thick, but puffy and warm, creamy softness. The doctor's giant thumb, curved around, encircling my entire front; at least as long as one of my arms. Her shiny nails, done up with a perfect french manicure.

  Although, in my peripheral vision, I could most definitely see her; her huge tanned face filling nearly all of that open space, ...I couldn't force myself to look directly at her.

  Amy's face filled the space on the other side. I couldn't look at her either; the wind shifted and I felt the room spin round.

  A sickening sweet perfume hit me in the nose like a punch in the face. An extreme fragrance of some Celebrity Brand, it burned my eyes and scorched my nasal passages nearly as bad as the cleaning solution from earlier!

   "Okay, Hon, Just hang tight for a sec. Kay? ...and, I'll get you over here, where you'll be more comfortable?",

  The giant, Asian woman's voice, sounded extremely powerful. She looked visibly shook up, as she carried me along inside her single hand. I glanced up at her face, trying to gauge the situation; to catch a quick look at her. She seemed to be a little nervous.

   Her feet, ... taking giant steps, sent tremors throughout her entire body. Slight, but very definite, the solid jolts of impact reverberated up through her hand.

  Floating through the sky, like a bird in flight, the gigantic room drifting past me as I flew across the small end table, and sailed by another huge leather chair. My flight was over, fairly quick, though, as I was swiftly brought in for a landing down among the scattered debris that made up the clutter, upon the surface of the lady doctor's desktop.

    Releasing me, with an unexpected quickness, I suddenly found myself sitting naked next to a very large, shelf type desk organizer. Pens, paper clips, post-its, and huge drawers of staples and colored markers, highlighters and file markers...

"Wha, ...Wha, Wha, WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!", Amy's voice erupted from high above the huge desk counter! ".....Is He CONTAGIOUS!"

"I don't think, so... Maybe? But, No. I think not. This had to be something chemical based and not a viral type thing. We should be safe, ...I think..."., Dr.Harrison spoke with a slight bit of difficulty.

    In all her years of study, Maxine had never before witnessed anything so bizarre.
She had observed people, who had cut their own limbs off: she had treated women, who had a strange compulsion to eat bugs, and insects (They also greatly enjoyed swallowing small reptiles alive): she had talked people down, who were about to commit suicide: she had seen a woman whose legs were five feet tall, and a man who was just barely two feet tall, but she had never before seen a man shrink down to four inches tall, right before her very eyes!


  Several weeks back, Maxine had received all of Mr.Bill Little's complete medical records. His regular doctor had sent them by fax, and Maxine had gone over everything inside his folder with a fine tooth comb. Bill, was just a simple case of extreme Social Anxiety Disorder, and she had 'specifically', cured several cases that were very similar to his, ...but, he did seem to be an extreme case.

   ....and now, Ms. Maxine, ...didn't quite know, just exactly where to begin!

  Knowing full well, though, ...that she 'should', "report this to the authorities". And, ...she was 'required', to do so, ...by law... .

  However, after actually holding, ... Physically Holding. ...this fully grown man, (as if he were just an insignificant little specimen) ...so easily, right inside the palm of her single hand, ...something deep inside her core, ...told her differently. She just had to keep him, ...she just had too!

  Keep him, and study him, ...observe his reaction to different types of stimuli; he would become her newest 'little' test subject, ...Yes, ...she could do very specific type things, with this tiny, little, miniature human being. Things that would be completely impossible to do with a normal sized person.

  A whirlwind of incredible possibilities suddenly began swirling within the lady doctors magnificent brain! She hadn't been THIS excited, about anything, since maybe her trip to Africa; where she had gone there to study the effects of acute malnutrition, and basically: Starvation. _ on a small group, from a Pygmy Colony, that dwelled along the banks of the Amazon River.

There was only one problem...

  Maxine looked up at her newly hired receptionist, 'Amy Prodowsky'.

  This girl might present somewhat of a problem, ...she realized. The good doctor would have to convince this young girl, to keep this little secret completely confidential. A 'secret', just between the two of them. And, she also knew that she would have to use some type of leverage against her; she would have to reinforce the fact, that absolutely 'nobody else', could know about this, it would have to be their little 'Secret'...between, just the two of them...


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