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'Dai on' na'

 "Hey, lemme out'ta here!", I screamed!

Suddenly, I was yanked back out into the light, ...held up and turned all around, and then whipped around sideways!

 "What are you doing in here?", Diana said, her tone sounded strange.

Maggie stepped forward, as she swept her hands around behind her back. Holding me awkwardly, upside down, pressed firmly up against her smooth black yoga pants...

  "I was just looking at your mother's room, It's really nice."

  "Well, come on Maggie, ...let's just go back out into the living room, Okay?"

As loud as I could, I screamed,   "HELP ME!"

Maggie's butt jiggled slightly, as she abruptly stopped. I was squeezed more tightly, and my head was forced into the black soft pants...

   "Hey, I can't/ *

Diana stepped closer; instantly grabbing her shoulders. "Stop, ...Maggie?"

  "No, ...Diana, HE's mine!"

   "ah - ah', ...Maggie, NO! JUST, ...Stop it, let him GO!"

   "No way, ...I want to keep him!"

   "You Can't, Maggie, ...Put him down, Now!. You're going to HURT HIM!"

  "NO, I won't, ...He's mine, ...I found him, and I want to keep him!"

    "He's not 'Anyone's' to have! He's a real person; an actual 'patient' of my Mom's! ...you can't have him! Put him down!"

  Suddenly, I was whipped back out, and around. Held up between the two towering teen girls!

        "Either YOU, let me HAVE him, ...or, I'll 'squish' him!"

  Just then, Christina stepped into the open bedroom doorway, she quickly stepped around between the two other girls. Separating them by shoving them apart, ...her rough strength and the element of surprise, allowing her the advantage.

  Effectively pushing Maggie back onto Diana's mother's bed!

    "What are you guys fighting about?", Christy said. "What's going on in here?"

I landed on top of Maggie's breast, tightly held within her fist, as her free hand came up and covered me over, ...pressing me down firmly into the softer warmth of the girls giant bust.

I could feel the pounding of her tremendous heart. The rapid thudding, vibrating throughout her chest. Her warm body enveloping mine, sweltering heat consuming my face as her fingers enclosed all of me.

Their roaring voices filled the room, ...my head swooned and I felt that strange overwhelming sensation coming over me.

  Slowly fading into blackness, I drifted off into the past...


  I was struggling to catch my breath, as this heavy weight pressed down firmly upon my head!

The laughing voices filled the entire room, I struggled to try and lift the weight off, but my head was stuck beneath of this heavy piece of furniture.

I was nine years old, ...staying at my cousin's house for a few days, after my mother had dropped me off there. She always found someone to 'babysit', so that she could go out on a shopping spree with one of her sisters.

My cousin Jane was at least twice my height and about five years older than me. She had long brown hair that hung straight down. Being an extremely tall, tomboy type, that always wore a pair of faded blue jeans and a sleave-less tee-shirt.

Always pinching me, or kicking me, I just figured that she just simply hated me, ...because, she was always 'setting me up' to take a fall; ...holding a firecracker, as she lit it, letting it go off!

Or, forcing me into the old lopsided bobsled, and being the very first one to go down the steepest hill that she could find, ...anything, that she could do to me, seemed to be her thing...

Jane's laughter was always something, that I only heard whenever I was in some type of pain or, ...suffering a humiliating situation. Like this particular time...

She had this brand new rubber ball. One of those hard rubber 'tennis ball sized', colored balls, you know, ...like the ones that you used to find inside of those quarter machines at the shopping center? Anyway, she was throwing it against the wall and catching it. Repeatedly, throwing it over my head and bouncing it off of the wall, catching it as it bounced back to her.

I wanted to try it, and she tossed it to me, and said, "Okay, Billy." "Here, but don't lose it, or you'll have to buy me another one!"

I was playing with it, and as usual, something happened and it bounced the wrong way and ended up stuck beneath of this large couch.

Jane looked underneath and told me that she was just far too big to fit underneath of there. "You're just a puny little runt, ...go under there and get it! 'mouse-boy'!"

I crawled under and found the ball, and I was about to crawl back out when suddenly the frame of the chair dropped down a few more inches! Pinning me underneath of the heavy couch. The chair had an adjustment setting, it was one of those reclining type couches and Jane had set me up again, ...trapping me underneath of the couch and then jumping into the seat cushion, sitting directly on top of me! _Crushing me down even More!

Laughing and laughing, and laughing... she bounced up and down on top of me, laughing at my mournful cries of distressing pain, she kept me there for nearly an entire afternoon. Just making fun of me, for being so stupid and so very tiny,

  ...she called me mouse boy, and told me that she was going to feed me to her cat!

The frame of the chair was solid wood, and the rough edge was sitting against the side of my head, pressing it down against the floor; it was so tight that I couldn't get free, and so tight that after a few minutes the pain was starting to really hurt!

She only allowed me to get free after my Aunt and Mother returned from shopping, but just a few minutes before they actually walked into the house. I was crying when my mother came in, and as she saw me, she looked over to Jane, and asked what happened?

As Jane walked by me, she grabbed my hair and pulled it, "Oh, we were just having some Fun, right, ...Mouse Boy?"


    "Diana! ...how, could you keep this a secret?", Christina asked.

Sitting across the table from her two friends, Diana and Maggie, "I can't believe that you weren't going to tell me about this, ...I mean, look at him!"

Maggie had her arms folded in front of her, sitting with a sour look of defeat. Staring down at me, as if she had just lost the winning lottery ticket. Scowling across the table at the other two girls, she was obviously very upset that she didn't get away with kidnapping me!

Christina, apparently, had wrestled Maggie down onto the bed, allowing Diana to rescued me from her grasping hand, ...but, only after a long face sitting session, that had nearly squashed me beneath of the giant girl's leg!

I was now squatting down next to an enormous slice of chocolate cake. I was trying to fix my bib strap, - that had been nearly ripped completely off - during the struggle and, I was attempting, to tie a knot in it and re-affix the shoulder strap.

My head was still spinning, ...I didn't even remember being taken away from Maggie or carried back out into the kitchen.

    "We can't tell anyone about him!", Diana said. Trying to sound serious., "My mom could get into a bunch of trouble with this, ...and, she could lose her practice!"

    "oh, we're not going to tell anyone, are we, ...Maggie...", Christy said. Giving the prettier girl a firm look, ...a threatening stare, and then with an uplifted brow, "Are WE?"

Maggie shook her head, "No, I'm not, ...I swear, I just want to take him with me for a few days, though, ...that's all. But, No, Diana - I won't tell anyone about this, ...I promise."

Christy looked down at the clean cut slice of cake, then glanced over at me, she stuck a fork into the corner of the square cut slice, effortlessly separating a small, bite-size chunk, ...a square cut section, that was easily as big as a foot long sub - casually raising it up to her open mouth- and holding it right in front, -for just a brief moment- before quickly, shoving it inside and closing her mouth. Sealing her lips over the fork tightly, she slowly pulled the clean fork back out...

    "M'mm - yes, I'd like to 'borrow' him too, but, ...I wonder what your mom's going to say about all of this?",

Christy said while mashing her mouth around, savoring the mouthful of chocolate cake.

    "Actually, she said that he's all mine, to take care of - until she can do some more tests and figure out what caused this thing to happen to him ~ I'm in charge of him ~ so, I guess that he's mine."

    "How long have you 'had' him, ...is he 'like', your little 'pet'?", Christy asked while forking another chunk of cake.

    "Just since yesterday, ...but, he's already starting to get used to his new home, and I think that he's not as frightened as he was when it first happened to him..."

    "What do you do with him while your at school?", Christy asked. Placing another big chunk of cake into her mouth.

    "He just hangs out in his little space that we fixed up together, he likes it, I think? He doesn't really have any other options, though, considering his condition and all..."

Maggie started to relax. Uncrossing her arms, she sat up straight and looked over at the fridge, "Hey, do you have anything stronger than this fruit punch?"

Diana looked away and pointed toward the cabinet above the sink, "There are two bottles of Rosa' in there if ya want to open one..."

Maggie got up and headed for the sink, "Cool, ...something to drink would be nice", she whispered.

I couldn't help but watch Maggie, as she arose from the table and stood up. Her towering figure rising up so high above, her skin tight yoga pants leaving nothing to the imagination as she stepped away from the table and casually walked across the kitchen.

Her bare arms swinging from her sides, (she had taken her jacket off) her waist barely covered by a tight leather vest. Her lower back slightly exposed as her hips swayed from side to side, shifting so gently like an incredible wave of fluid motion, ...I felt my head swirling as my eyes fell upon her amazingly developed dairy aire', ...her ass was so perfect...

I felt my cock twitch, as I watched her flex and rise up on her tippy-toe's in order to reach the high cabinet above the sink.

I felt something hard poke me, ...I quickly spun round, to find the blunt tines of Christie's fork floating waist high, in front of me,

    "What ya' lookin at, Cutie? Something interesting over there?", she whispered secretively.

Maggie, turned around, glancing over with an innocent look, holding a clean glass, she smiled,...then smoothly turned back to pour herself some wine.

Diana, and Christie both giggled, watching my face turn a brighter shade of pink. Quickly stepping away from the giant fork, and walking around to the other side of the plate, I caught my breath. Stopping on the further side, I looked back at the remaining pieces of Christie's chocolate cake and tried to act like nothing was going on.

Drawing out her words, Christy smoothly leaned back and smiled,

    "He is so Cute! "God", ...couldn't you just, 'Squish Him?' He's just the right SIZE!"

Maggie laughed, "Don't squish him, he's too little to squash, ...I think he'd rather be naked, though, ...he doesn't look right wearing those goofy looking 'Farmer's Pant's', ...let's find him something else to wear?"

Diana stood up and walked around the table, she hesitated by the archway and leaned against the edge, "I'll bring some other things out, and we'll play 'Dress Up!".

The whole kitchen burst into a rush of glorious girlish giggling!

I felt my heart sink, as I watched Maggie slowly stepping back toward the table, carrying a full glass of red wine; swaying her hips seductively, and smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary...


    "What is it, ...are you 'self-conscious' or something?", Christina announced, "Believe me, 'Little Man' ~ You have NOTHING at all, to be ashamed of, there, ...does he, Diana?"

    "I told him that, Too. But, he just seems to be, so very shy, ...I wonder if he's ever had a 'girlfriend'?"

Maggie smiled down at me, "M',m I think, ...he's just 'Perfect'!"

My heart was racing as I looked around. I was surrounded by all three of these towering female faces. They were simply delighted to be playing 'dress up', with an actual living doll, ...and, all that I could do was simply go along with anything that they wanted me to do!

    "Here Billy, ...try, these ON."

    "No, ...Not Those, Maggie. ...put THESE On, ...they'll make you look like a little Gentleman."

    "Yea, ...here, put these pink panties on, too, ...and then we'll see if this little mini-skirt fits ya'?"

    "Ha-ha, ...yeh, ...let's see if those cute little ballerina flats fit, too!"

    "Hold him up, ...point your legs out straight, now. ...Billy"

    "Hold still, ...there, ...how's that, ...set him down, Christie"

    "Aw, ...LooK-at-em', Sooooo Cute!", Christie sounded like a little girl. "I wish that I could shrink down, too; jus-so, 'I' could try 'those ones' on!"

     "Yea, I like those blue ones, Too. ...and, those shoes, Too!", Diana added.

Taking up a pair of white high heels, though they were far too large, to fit me, ...they still stuck them onto my feet and admired their handy work.

I had begun to lose my recently formed trust, with my new owner, as Diana seemed to become more and more interested in what these two giant girls thought, rather than asking me, anything at all, about what I Thought!

    "Here, Billy. Let me take those Off", Maggie said,

...as she suddenly reached down and wrapped two fingers around behind my backside, swiftly sweeping me off of my feet, and taking me up above the table several feet high, holding me just above her wine glass, she casually started to strip off the little pink dress.

Holding me within her delicate fingers, I was simply amazed, at how easily she could manipulate my entire body, ...with expert precision, she stripped me naked, and held me up in front of her smiling face.

    "Such a good little Man. M'm, I really like you. You Know THAT?",

...she spoke so sweetly, and so closely, ...her sour breath wafting across my face, brushing my hair back with a single fingertip, she licked her wet, red lips and puckered up to press them firmly across my entire chest!

    "M'm, mmmmmmmm-wha! 'Smack' - her huge puffy lips 'popped' as she swiftly pulled them backward.

Aw, did I get lipstick on you?", she mocked my surprised look and giggled with gleeful amusement.

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