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'Dai on' na'

* Starting out, with just a tad bit of back story, ...so if you were wondering why, Ms. Maxine, would just allow her friend Joyce, to be all alone inside of her apartment, ...while she was gone for nearly two hours...


  -Backing up to the begining of the day, we'll wake up with Maxine...

Just waking up and about to get out of bed, Dr. Maxine Harrison was thinking about her daughter turning '16'. It was just breaking dawn and Diana, had already left for school.

Maxine wanted to get up and go and check on Mr. Little, ...she hadn't wanted to put him under any more stress than was absolutely necessary, so she had decided to wait until this morning.

However, directly afterward, she would be going out to get a few things for Diana's Birthday Party, maybe, she would even take Mr. Little along with her.

She was just about to get out of bed and go and check on her little 'secret' patient, just to see how he was getting along so far, see if he was made comfortable, and if he needed anything else. She was also curious to take a look at how Diana had prepared his little living space inside of her closet.

Much to the ladie doctors surprise, her old friend Joyce, 'unexpectedly', just showed up! Frantically knocking at her apartment door, excitedly peering through the window glass, like an overzealous 'used car salesman' suddenly noticing some unsuspecting customer, pulling into the used car lot!

Maxine had to get out of bed, and go and let Joyce in, before she got a chance to check on Billy.


After opening the door, and greeting the tall, long-legged redhead, allowing her entry, the two of them sat down at the breakfast table and had a cup of coffee.

That's when Joyce, told her to look out the window at the cute little car parked down in the parking lot,

...a giant-sized, pink ribbon, strapped across the hood, ...the lady Doctor already knew that Joyce had done it again! She just had to, ...do something, crazy, ...and, get Diana something completely 'Over-the-top', ...once Again!

Anyway, after getting some breakfast, and doing a little bit more chatting up,

Maxine tried to figure out how she was going to go out, and get the things that she needed for the party, while Joyce was there with this 'fantastic' new birthday present!

Joy couldn't leave the little car there in the parking lot, without someone keeping an eye on it. Having no license plates on it and, with the push button starter, and the high-tech personal entry system, ...it had to be personally synchronized to the 'New Owner'!

So, ...until Diana configured the 'Fingerprint' I.D. contraption and activated the new system, Joyce was going to have to stay with the car until she gave it to the Birthday Girl.

So, Maxine had no other choice,

She had to allow Joy to stay there at the apartment, all by herself, while she went into the city...

Hopefully, she thought, that her old friend wouldn't snoop around inside her place, too much, ...and awkwardly stumble onto something, or 'someone', that she didn't want anyone else to find out about,

...but, ...that's how it ended up happening, the way that it did and it was too late now to do anything about it.

Joyce had discovered, Maxine's little secret, 'Friend', and the fact was Joyce had some other ideas too!

However, the lady doctor just didn't know it yet...


    Back to present time, (where the last chapter left off)

...sitting at the wide, dining room table, inside of her kitchen, Maxine Harrison lifted the butter knife away from the edge of a large, chocolate, Birthday Cake.

Raising the knife up to her mouth, she stuck out the tip of her tongue and slowly licked the excess icing off...

    "M'mm, ...I know what you mean Joy, that girl 'has' grown up, very fast!

Really... I'm very proud of her, though, you know, ...she's been doing extremely well in school. And, she simply loves doing Yoga and taking care of herself", Looking over the top of the Cake, at her old college roommate.

Maxine knew that Joy and herself had a lot in common, only their lives were very separate, and so very much different on the outside...


Ms. Joy Amble, ...sitting with perfect posture, crossed her long legs comfortably. Sitting directly across the table from Maxine, she was carefully slurping the top off of a steaming hot cup of Black Raspberry Tea.

Closing her eyes, while daintily slurping, ...the slightly disheveled looking Joy, sucked at the top of the small tea cup, inhaling the hot steam while drawing in a tiny bit of tea from the surface of the little ceramic cup. Making that distinct, but irritating noise,


  "So, yeah, ...I'm just glad that we got to watch it happen, ya know, ...I mean, It just seems like 'yesterday', that.... Well, I can't wait to see the look on her face, when she sees that cute little car!", Joy whispered.

  "Yes, but, ...she's going to be disappointed, though, when she finds out that she can't drive it yet!", Maxine said, using a stronger tone of voice.

  "I wish that you had just gotten her a sweater or something, ...why did you have to get that girl something so expensive? I wanted her to earn the money herself to buy her first car, and then you, You,...turn around and just buy her one..."

  "It'll be alright, Maxine. Still, she'll have to buy the gas for it, ...and last I heard, that stuff's not cheap!", Joy adjusted her short miniskirt and turned toward the window.

Getting up from her chair, casually swaying her wide hips, she walked over to the large kitchen window and looked outside. The large, park-like setting, several stories down, spread out across a huge lawn of neatly trimmed grass and manicured shrubbery, ...the apartment buildings parking lot, held just a few staggered automobiles, parked around in random, open parking spaces.

Joy looked down at her birthday present, ...that, she had so discretely, 'parked' out away, in the furthest parking space, ...she smiled, softly... her mind on an entirely different aspect, of her latest endeavors, ...she shifted her wide, perfectly shaped hips, and felt the short skirt-tail of her mini-dress, bouncing against her prominently displayed dairy aire'...

  "So, not to ''change the subject'', but, uh, ...'anything' GOOD, happening at the office lately', ...any 'Juicy Stuff', ...that you're NOT supposed to tell me about?

  You Know, ...that kinda stuff, ...that's supposed to be kept quiet, or ...with that, uh, ...what is it called, that um, 'Patient ~ Doctor', confidentiality, crap?"

Purposely trying to sound indifferent about what she was actually referring to...

Maxine simply grunted, turning away with a smirk, ...suddenly distracted, she glanced away, looking over at her front door.

She could see out from her kitchen, all the way through her living room to the front door of her apartment.

Someone was tapping a sharp fingernail on the small window pane, that was affixed to the side of the door frame.

Maxine had been expecting company, and she calmly stepped away from the table and excused herself, stepping quietly through her living room to see who it was, knocking at her apartment door.

  "I think, ..it's Christina, ...one of Diana's friends from school?", Maxine told Joy, as she stepped across her living room, casually walking toward the front door.

Making a joke, Joyce yelled back, "I thought that you enrolled her in a 'PRIVATE SCHOOL?'"

  "Yeh, he-heh, ...ver-Funny Joy!"

Opening the door, Maxine looked out to greet Christina Brinker. A very well rounded, larger than average looking brunette, with thick eyebrows and a full head of curly hair, ...a large, pink colored book bag, thrown over her right shoulder,

...wearing a skinny pair of ripped blue jeans, than appeared to be far too small, and a set of suede leather, spike-heeled, ankle boots, that had sharp pointy toes...

Wrinkling her nose, she smiled politely,

  "Hello, Doctor Harrison, I'm here for, Diana's Birthday Bash",

The girl looked past Maxine, and with curiously, darting eyes, peeking around beside her, the heavy set young girl was trying to see into the living room, past Maxie's shoulder, ~ "...is she here?", she sweetly asked.

Slightly shocked, at the girls larger size, Maxine stepped back, "Yea, ...come on in, Christina, I'll tell her you're here, ...have a seat, mum, and I'll go and get her, sweetheart".

The young girl smoothly stepped into the room and dropped her book bag next to the door. She pulled off her jacket and dropped it on top of the bag, reaching up with both her hands, she swiftly swept her hair out of her shirt collar, and back into place.

She walked around the coffee table, and found a seat in the large armchair next to the window, glancing up at the wire bird cage, Christine quickly stood back up to closely inspect the interior of the large metal cage, ...Wondering if there was something inside of it, that she couldn't see where she was going to sit,

...finding it completely empty, she exhaled a sharp breath and promptly reseated herself with a casual look of slight boredom...

Joy had been peeking around the corner, watching her, and she smiled at her when the girl finally spotted her from the chair and the two of them briefly smiled at one another, before awkwardly looking down at the floor, ...sweeping her hair away from the side of her face again, the young girl looked up at the ceiling, and rolled her eyes...


Maxine knocked twice, on Diana's bedroom door before twisting the knob and letting herself into the girl's bedroom. She found Diana sitting cross-legged on her bed, holding both hands down between her legs, looking up with her mouth hanging partly open and her eyes wide, with a strange look of bewilderment on her pretty face...

  "Diana, ....your friend, Christina? is here? Whatcha' doin'?" , Maxine softly asked, not intending to barge in on her teenage daughter.

  "Oh, ...whew! I didn't know, who you were, here, Mom, ...take him...", reaching out with both of her hands, Diana pulled her hands out from down between her legs and held this tiny little man up within her fingers, raising him up higher, holding him out, waiting for her mother to take him from her...

Maxine hesitated briefly before carefully reaching up and collecting my little miniature figure, effortlessly taking me up against her left breast, holding me gently within just a single hand.

  "Oh, ...O- Kay?", Maxine looked slightly confused.

I must have looked so differently, dressed up in a little pair of bib-overalls, and wearing this cute little baseball cap?

  "Keep him in 'your' room, Momma, ...just while Christies here, alright?",

Diana whispered, a slight urgency in her tone, ...she didn't want to force me, to stay inside of her closet the entire time while her friend was visiting, forcing me to stay out of sight, and just waiting around in the dark.

  "M'mm, alright Diana. I'll take care of it, just go and see your friend sweety, I'll give Billy here, a good place to hang out for a while."


  I wasn't, ...at all, ...prepared, for what was about to happen,

  "There you go, little fella'", Maxine calmly said. Gently releasing me, to sink down into a mass of fluffy softness.

Placing me down into this oversized, wooden drawer, ...allowing me to drop freely into the softest collection of fine, white, silken material, ...that I've ever laid eyes on, let alone, ...ever actually 'touched'!

...nearly causing me to go into sudden cardiac arrest! I caught my breath, ...as I slowly sank down into this large, fluffy cloud, of Maxine's lacy underthings...

Maxine's face, just above, she had to slightly raise herself up on her tippy toe's, to look down inside, from nearly her chin level. Smiling, while peering into the largely filled top drawer of her chest type dresser, ...I looked up at her beautiful image with my mouth gaping open...

  "Comfy?", she whispered, "Aw, Hang on Billy, ...I'll be back in a few minutes", she quietly said, and turned and disappeared from my distorted perspective, ...leaving me to stare up at the ceiling with my heart pounding inside of my chest!

I looked around, and back up to the edge of the drawer. I closely estimated that the drawer was opened about six feet, (only about 4 inches) and I started to wonder just how safe this was, especially being up so high up from the floor!

Also, unable to see out, if someone else, happened to walk into the bedroom, and I couldn't even see out into the room either, ... I had to move some stuff around so that I could climb up on top of it, and get up there closer to the top edge of the drawer.

Maxie had dropped me down upon a pair of neatly folded, white bikini type panties, and as I crawled across them, the strong fragrance of her perfume began to swell out and fill the stuffy air around me.

I found myself becoming slightly aroused, at just the thought of, where exactly, and what sections, these particular garments, had been worn on, (upon her giant, naked body) and, as I crawled over the narrowest part (the crotch panel) of a single pair of frilly, white lace, ones; where the fabric felt somewhat thicker, I felt it with both of my tiny sized hands, I felt my loins start to burn with a tingling sensation...

I steadied myself and slowly got up into a standing position. I found my bare feet planted firmly inside of the back panel, section, ...of a single pink colored thong, I felt my balls tingling, as I stepped over them, it took four full steps to cross them, and made my way across the entire length of the interior of this magnificent drawer.

I felt nearly overcome with strange lusty arousal, as I staggered to the other side. My cock straining in my pants. I had to get up above this lusty pit of giant sized underwear and get some fresh air!

Climbing up onto the large cone-shaped cup, ...of a bright red brassiere with tiny pink and white flowers, I tried to use it to climb up onto the top part of the drawer, but as I attempted to jump up, my weight, no matter how little, was just enough to cause the foamy cup to collapse beneath me...

I sank down inside the large cushion, and it suddenly reversed its shape, instantly popping out, ...and open, causing me to fall deeper into an open space between two rows. I tumbled down into this deep space and landed roughly on the solid wooden floor.

I must have been down, at least ten feet deep in dozens of pairs of Maxine's underthings! My head started spinning, and my cock was twitching! I was struggling to try and climb up over them. I had to stop and rest, and I noticed, right there in front of me was a stained pair of well-worn panties, ...they must have been tucked away, down into the bottom of the drawer, long forgotten!

However, they couldn't have been for too long, because the remarkable scent that wafted around my face was simply intoxicating!

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