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Author's Chapter Notes:

After this chapter, the coming events will begin to stay in present time.  Billy's memories and past experiences will still happen, but only not nearly as much,  I hope that my writing is sufficient? 

'Dai on' na'

  The huge shopping center was like this strange and 'Other-Worldly', alien planet.

  These giant women, all around me, ...thousands of them, ...everywhere! I couldn't get away from this one, that had captured me, ...and she was holding me tightly by the wrist, taking me deeper and deeper into the depths of this cold, gigantic, alien world!

I started crying and screaming, but she just kept dragging me along behind her towering pillar-like legs, ...pulling me along behind her, as I fought to get away from her...

Dragging my feet with every step that she took, I pulled and struggled, yanking away at her vise-like grip, ...but she was so much stronger than I, and she easily held my wrist clamped within her tightly gripped fingers, simply dragging me along, as if it were nothing, but just another normal day!

  "No, ...No, lemme Go!", I cried out!

  "We're gonna get someone to help you, ...just relax, little man. It's alright, ...I'm not going to hurt you!", she told me, squeezing my wrist even tighter, squishing my tiny hand even so much more, 'firmly' than before!

The blood was draining away from my face, and the tears were streaming down my cheeks; her grasp was like an ever tightening tourniquet, and my entire hand was quickly becoming completely numb, my fingers were starting to get cold, and tingling,

...the tall giantess woman, took incredible strides with her long limber legs, ...I fell to the floor, kicking and screaming, ...but she just simply kept on dragging me along behind her, effortlessly dragging me down through a long shadowy tunnel!

  "Momma, ....Help Meeeee!"


    "Billy? Are you ...alright, Sweety?", Diana's tender voice spoke 'hesitantly', but 'loudly', down upon me from directly above, ...instantly yanking me back into the present time!

    "What's wrong Billy, ...are you feeling alright?", inquisitively, trying to investigate what was happening...

    "Yea, ...uh yea, I'm Okay Diana, ...just a bit tired that's all. When did you say that you were coming home?", I quickly asked her.

  My heart still pounding wildly within my heaving chest, I sucked in a deep breath, and just held it for a long moment, as I listened to her speaking down to me.

  Her angelic voice had a calming effect, and I forced myself to settle down, and just listened to this beautiful goddess.

    "I'll only be gone for about three hours, ...but, Momma will be here, ...she'll be in to see you as soon as she get's up, ...I'm Sure! So, ...just try and get used to your new digs, and I'll be back before you know it, ..Alright, Billy.

Here, ...just eat your breakfast, and try on some more of those clothes that I
picked out for you, ...Okay, Sweetheart?"

    "Sure thing, Diana. Thank you. I'll see if those jeans fit, and uh, ...maybe, I'll take a run myself while you're away, ...I can run a few laps around your Yoga Pad there..."

    "Sure, sweety, ...but, remember, I'm going to leave my bedroom door open, but, don't you go out of my room, Billy. If my Mom doesn't know that you're out there, ...she might accidentally, step on you!"

    "Okay, I'll stay in here, thanks for making my breakfast.", I yelled up to her as she slowly stood back up, to her full, standing height, her looming figure, casting a wider shadow up across the back interior wall of the closet.

  Diana stepped away from the open door and went over to her bed. She threw a few things into her duffle bag and collected her small leather handbag. She gathered up her things, and smoothly swung the duffle bags, handle straps, up over her shoulder. Casually hefting it up onto her hip, she bumped it around sideways, with a shift of her hips, and turned around and quickly walked straight out of her room...

The girl's large bedroom suddenly grew quiet. It seemed to expand in size, ...it seemed to just slowly start to enlarge, and grow steadily bigger, and bigger. The ceiling slowly lifted up, rising higher and higher...

I stepped back, and walked over to the large pizza pan that Diana had used for a tray, to carry my breakfast on. I walked right up and stepped right into the pan. I walked over to that little cup and reached down and picked it up and took a large drink.

That tart, blast, of glorious orange juice tasted so good! The cool flavor slid down my throat and quenched my thirst, almost instantly! I quickly finished it off, and sat down to dig into those oats!

My breakfast was gone in nothing flat, ...and I gathered up the dirty dishes and the cup, and carried them over into the very center most area inside of the large pizza pan.

I walked back into my room, and sat down on my bed, ...looking over at my clock, it read: 5:45 am. I laid back down and stretched out on the bed, ...I closed my eyes, and within a few minutes, I was fast asleep, ...a deep, and satisfying sleep...


Slowly opening up my eyes again, ...I had no idea, how long I'd been asleep. -I heard something swishing across the carpeting within Diana's room. Rubbing my eyes, yawning and stretching, I quickly began trying to wake myself up. I slowly sat up, still groggy, ...I forced myself to look around, with blurry eyes, I caught a quick glimpse of someone's giant foot swiftly sweeping by, ... a single foot - stepping past the slightly opened closet door.

    "Who could that, ...Be?"

It looked like a cherry red, high heel shoe with extremely tall spike heels. Wearing a dark colored pair of nylon stockings, the contrasting colors clashed against the bright red color, causing the spiky shoe, to drastically stand out!

I didn't think that Maxine, would wear such a shoe and my heart instantly started racing as I began to wonder who the giantess intruder could be... I didn't get a look at Joyce, but I knew her voice, ...but, this person seemed to be alone, and wasn't talking, or saying anything in order for me to rule her out, ...I listened closely and tried to hear what she was doing...

A few moments passed, and nothing happened. I quietly slipped out of my bed and silently stepped around it, ...sneaking out of my room, I crept quietly across the pink carpeting and made my way over to the open door.

I peeked out and looked across the open floor space, ...the red shoes were parked very close together, and standing directly in front of Diana's dresser. Standing there, going through her drawers, was a towering, red-haired woman, wearing an extremely short skirt!

Her long, stocking covered legs, sprouted up out of those jacked up, high-heels, and shot up in front of the dresser drawers nearly three-quarters of the way! Her hips were just below the top, and her towering figure, above the waist, was well past the flat plateau, where the black stallion stood.

Damn, this woman was tall. Even for 'normal' standards! She must have stood at least six - two, maybe six - three? She was a real tall drink of water, to say the least!

Just then, the woman twisted around and looked directly toward the closet, she spun around on the balls of her feet, suddenly taking an enormous stride forward, ...heading straight from the dresser, directly toward my new home!

    "Holly Shit!", I screamed. Lunging away from the open closet door, I ran back to my bed and jumped completely over it, quickly rolling down next to the side, I tucked my body in against the edge of the bed as tightly as I could!

Just as I did, the bright light from the ceiling lamp flooded into the enclosed space, completely enriching my surrounding area with boldly enhanced illumination!
It didn't take me two seconds, to fully realize, that I was 'easily', a sitting DUCK!

All this woman had to do, was simply look down, ...and she could see me, nothing was so terrifying as to see this gigantic red-head, peering into my little room with a curious look of complete fascination!

Her large, ghostly blue eyes, widening out and growing two times larger, ...her long, curled, lashes, seemed to stick straight out, and as, ...her mouth fell open, and the brightly painted red lipstick, instantly forming an oval shaped heart, -while sucking in a sudden gasp of surprise - she threw up her hands to completely cover it up!

    "Oh, ... My, ... GOD!", she blurted out!

  ---Her voice, ...yea, ---it sounded just like this Joyce, woman, from yesterday!
She glanced back toward the bedroom door, and then, quickly looked back down to me, then back toward the door, ...then, again, ...back down to where I was trying to hide...

She slowly crouched, dangerously wobbling around upon her spiked heels, teetering precariously, the gigantic woman reached over and poked me in my belly with the sharp tip of an extremely long red-painted fingernail!

    "Ouch!", I yelped. I covered my mouth, but the sound had already reached her sharply peaked, over-sized, ears!

     "What in the, ...world?", she murmured.

Leaning down closer, while reaching up to brush away a stray strand of hair, ...she moved her face in directly above and, lighting up with a terrifying look of complete amazement, her mildly wrinkled mouth, puckered up and started talking!

    "Hello there, 'little fella', ...now just, ...where did YOU, come from?", her southern twang scared the living shit out of me!

She reminded me, of one of those 'Flirty Type' southern Belle's, that were only interested in one thing...

    "What-cha' do'in in-there, Lil'-man? Aren't cha-jus-th-Cutest-lil-thang,

    ...Tryin' ta- Hide From-Me, Huh?", she cooed, ...drawing out her words with the most sickening twang that I'd ever heard!

Her sheer size was completely overwhelming! The sudden realization of how much 'bigger' she was, -comparatively speaking; daunting. She was easy, twice the size of my beautiful young Diana,

...and her clumsy awkward movements, caused me to nearly piss my pants, as she started to reach out toward me, and had to, suddenly, jerk her hand away and grab onto the edge of the wall, ...just to catch herself from falling face first right into the closet on top of me!

    "Oop's, ...'ha-awl'-'ha-awl', ...*cough-cough*...", gruffly chuckling; hacking a few times with a smokers cough, -apparently- from years of sucking on those long, slim cigarettes...

Righting herself, she attempted to reach out for me once again, ...this time, a bit more sure of herself, she quickly reached down with her thumb and finger, and pinched up my right ankle, and effectively taking hold of it strongly, ...she squished her fingertips together, ...and swiftly took me straight up into the air!

Lifting me up, straight up, higher than my bed, ...several times higher than the second shelf, ...this giant red-head simply brought me right up to her eye level, and simply just allowed me to dangle there, helplessly, swinging around by my ankle, right in front of her smiling, 'clown-like' face.

The heavy coating of brilliantly red, paste-like lipstick, was bleeding into the minuscule little wrinkles outlining the corners of her thin, curving lips, ...her cheeks, plastered with a thick layer of powdery concealer...

The orange-ish red colored hair, ...so fake, and so 'over-the-top' -she instantly gave the impression of an out-dated, Los Vegas stripper, that was just getting home from a 'very' late night...

She let me dangle there, in front of her face, - like a thin piece of naked Sushi- ...my arms hanging down, and my free leg, kicking around aimlessly, ...taking her time to enjoy the incredible sight of a fully grown man, simply dangling from her brightly painted fingertips, like a helpless little worm.

    "I 'knew' that Maxie, had SOMETHING, ...inside that cage!", she brightly said, -still holding me there, extremely close to her parted lips.

Softly whispering, she lifted me up higher, tilting her head to the side, moving it strangely around,

    "H'm, ...I could, most definitely, ...think of several things...", her voice gravely and taunting, slowly faded out, ...drifting into a mumbling murmur, gushing with a slippery tongue...

  -she moved her face, (and eyes) down underneath me, looking up at me from below, ...examining my miniature little body from all angles, she slightly adjusted the elevation by raising and lowering her hand, while simultaneously moving and shifting and her face all around; rolling her blue-gray eyes, with the cold, dead look of a hammerhead shark, searching out it's next meal...

    "Diana's coming home, Any MINUTE NOW!", I screamed out at her!

Her hand instantly moved, just slightly, but jerking away from her face; in surprise, -as my sudden, and unexpected outburst- caused the excited giantess, to have an interruption from her most detailed assessment.

Holding the open palm, with her free hand, directly underneath my dangling figure. She held me out above it, and slowly lowered me down, ...allowing me to reach out and slowly drop into her waiting hand.

Her fingers, instantly releasing my ankle, I pulled my foot away and curled up within the center of her open palm.

    "Put me DOWN!", I yelled!

    "Well now, ...what makes you think that I'm anyway near, finished -playing with you-, yet?", she whispered, with hot breath, ...chuckling so softly, the congestion in her heavy lungs, rattling with a sickening sound...

    "You're Not supposed to be, IN - here!", I yelled up to her daunting face.

Her huge mouth puckering up, shrinking down her brightly painted lips, transforming into a perfectly formed pout, ...she lowered her chin, and blinked a few times, ...feigning a concerned look.

    "Well, if YOU don't tell anyone, ...I Won't tell anyone", she whispered, giving me a     'Wink', and smiling wider...

  I looked toward the bedroom door, quickly pointing my finger in that direction, I excitedly said,

    "I think, I hear, someone Coming!?", I didn't, ...actually, ...But, I was frantically trying to bring this terrible situation to an early end!

    "No, ...I don't think so, ...Maxie went out to get something, and Diana won't be here until Nine. It's just, ...You-N-ME, Baby, ...and, ...I'm not Ready -ta put-cha-down-yet!", she formed a huge glorious smile!

    "I 'think', ...yur, jus' about the -'Purt-E-ist, Lit-eL-thang, ..*hee-hee* THAT, I've EVER SEEN!", she purred seductively...

  Suddenly, lifting me up higher, up above her face, - she politely held me up clear of her mouth, as she hacked a few rattling coughs, and turned her head directly downward, toward the floor...

    "Ha-ack, Ha-ack, ...Ha-ack!", her lungs emitted a thick, rattling sound.

I grabbed onto her palm and looked down over the side, I considered jumping, ...but, quickly changed my mind!

She finished coughing, and made a growling sound, ...evidently, trying to clear her throat, she grumbled, and barked a couple more times, then, ...slowly lowered me back down in front of her face.

    "Sorry there, Lil Fella, ...didn't want ta' {cough} right-in-ta yur FACE!" Ha-ha,     *cough-cough* - she turned her head away and coughed a few more times, and then seemed to be back in control once again.

    "Please, jus' PUT ME DOWN!", I screamed!

    "Aw, don't be such a little 'Spoil Sport'. Joy, Just, want's ta take-a-look-at-cha?", she said. Lowering her voice, into a raspy whisper,

    "I could, JUST, ...eat you ALL UP!"

  Her hands came together, forming a large bowl all around me. I knelt down in the center, and put my hands out to both sides, sitting freely within-her-palms, I felt the warmth of her soft dewy skin beginning to gradually increase, a fine slick of moisture beginning to form, I felt the wet sweat getting my bare knees wet...

Slowly rising up, she stood up and turned around. Carrying me out in front of her, she stepped out of the closet and stepped carefully over to Diana's bed. She slowly leaned forward, and bent down, -bringing her, mini-skirt, clad -dairy aire'- daintily down onto the edge, she gradually sat down, and crossed her long, stocking legs, bringing her hands down onto her lap, she lowered me down and smiled.

Tilting her head, she lifted her bare shoulder up and rested her head on top. Her uplifted foot started bouncing, at the ankle, as she excessively smiled and squinted down at me.

I felt my blood running cold, as I sat there inside her warm palms, trembled uncontrollably. Her strong perfume, filling my head, I was shaking so bad, that her image seemed to vibrate...


I felt myself starting to fade out, ...and I suddenly felt that rush of blindness coming over me.

Suddenly, I was back in my mother's kitchen. She had left me stranded inside a high-chair, sitting parked in front of the kitchen sink. A strange, elderly woman was sitting at the table, reading a hardback book. I was only about 3, or 4 years old. I can't remember exactly, but I was far too little to get down from this high-chair on my own.

With the solid wood of the desk-like, table top, firmly secure and locked into place, I was trapped up there in that tall, towering, high-chair, ...without any means of escape. I looked around the room for my mother, ...but, she had gone again, ...and I was left here with this gray-haired woman, that seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that I was even here...

She lit a cigarette and turned the page in her book. I watched her, as she placed the smoking stick, in-between her red lips and took a slight drawl. The smoke encircled her large face, and she squinted as it rolled into her eyes. Her head was very large, and with her gray hair, all wrapped up into a 'beehive' style, hair-do, ...she looked like an evil version of Marilu Lou Henner, only slightly more developed in the breast department.

Her leopard print, horn-rimmed glasses, gave her face an everlasting angry expression. No matter her mood, she seemed to be pissed off about something... all the time.

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