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I've always had a gambling problem and it's gotten me into trouble before, but now I am definitely in over my head. I made one last bet with a friend, if I lose, I live on her as a parasite for a month to "learn a lesson." What will I do once her girlfriend and my sister get involved too? Can my mite sized body survive a month at the hands and bodies of three playful and taunting women?

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Published: September 06 2016 Updated: November 10 2016

1. The Last Bet by The Micro Giant [Reviews - 26] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1501 words)

Alright, this is my newest story idea. It's a fun micro exploration story with some sexual content and smut to go along with it in a few installments. I hope you guys like it! I am also going to take your input in deciding how the story will progress. If you have suggestions on what parts of the girls our micro explorer shall encounter, let me know!




2. Getting Abreast of the Situation by The Micro Giant [Reviews - 3] (2433 words)

Not as much action as I’d initially planned for this chapter. It’s mostly just focused on our hapless protagonist getting used to his new world and us getting to know everyone a bit better. The fun starts soon. I promise there will be some interesting lewdness in the next chapter or two. 


3. Day 1: Part 1 by The Micro Giant [Reviews - 4] starstarstarstarhalf-star (4350 words)

Sorry for the delay, guys. This one was a bit challlenging to write. It's still mostly breast play right now and some set up for later things too. I hope you like it! 

4. Annie Gets Her Fun by The Micro Giant [Reviews - 6] starstarstarhalf-star (2859 words)

Sorry for the delay, work has been horrendous lately. I am ending this one with a question because I want your input as to which of the two ideas I have that I should use for the next chapter.