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Author's Chapter Notes:

Sorry for the delay, work has been horrendous lately. I am ending this one with a question because I want your input as to which of the two ideas I have that I should use for the next chapter.

I have no idea how long I’ve been trapped in Mei’s nipple. It has to have been at least a day, maybe more. The world has turned vertical on me multiple times, causing me to unfortunately slide into the sea of milk. I was angry and annoyed. If it had been days, why hadn’t she contacted me? She said she would eventually. But no. Nothing. Just silence! It was driving me crazy. Oh and being trapped inside of her was anything but silent. Her body constantly shifts and vibrates. The sound of waves of milk crashing along the shore of flesh within this gland was near constant and only worsened when she moved. The ground and walls around me constantly made fleshy squelching and squishing and rubbing sounds. I grew used to it after a while, but one thing that was hard to get used to was whenever Mei spoke to someone. I guess because I was inside of her instead of on her, the sound and vibrations were far more extreme.

I’m almost certain that I’ve heard her shower at least twice. Once, not long after I fell into this cave, then again sometime later. The sound of the water hitting her breast from the shower sounded like thunder reverberating through a mountain cave. Deep, bassy and rumbling. The heat from the shower made the already oppressively hot and humid climate of the inside of her breast even hotter. I could imagine it. Mei standing there as the warm, steamy water reddened her skin. The water running down her supple flesh and dripping off of her pert nipples. It would be a sight that would arouse any man. Just thinking about it turned me on. Or it would have if I wasn’t so angry with her. It was so hot in here and the smell permeated everything. Just when I thought I got used to it, she’d shift and the scent would be disturbed and come back stronger.

She continued to move about outside, the shaking and jarring was constant, but I was beginning to get used to her movements. I found a wrinkle or ledge of flesh that I could climb onto to protect myself from the sloshing waves of milk. I laid down to try and relax a little bit. I wondered if I would be spending the entire month in here. Could I survive in here that long? There was air in here, probably from the same shaft I fell down, but what of the milk itself? I remember hearing that some people will randomly lactate if they have milk. I didn’t want to be washed away accidentally.

As I laid there in the heat, my mind began to wonder. How small was I? I wasn’t small enough to see parasites or skin cells, was I? I mean…maybe I was. Maybe Mei magicked it to where I wouldn’t see skin cells? But what about parasites? Maybe she removed them from her body? That’s all I need to be trapped in her milk duct while some leviathan sized milk parasite thrashes around.  I knew that I should enjoy the peace while it lasts, because I have no idea how long it will be before Mei decides to get me out of here and mess with me some more. I wish she’d talk to me. It’s weird being so close to someone and not being able to contact them. I wondered what she was doing.


What Chris did not realize was that Mei was well aware of his plight. She left him in his prison because she found it amusing and because it would play into something she really wanted to try. Well, try as soon as his sister left the apartment. Mei turned to look as Annie helped Kayla pack her last bag. Kayla was going to visit her and Chris’s parents this weekend.

“I still hate that we have to lie to them,” Kayla said, looking at Mei’s chest, which was contained behind a sports bra and the tight fabric of a grey shirt with Japanese Kanji written on it. It was from one of Mei’s favorite J-Pop bands.

Annie smirked and shook her head, “You could tell them that he’s tiny on my girl’s tit, but they’d probably commit you for life!” Annie paused and tapped her chin in an exaggeratedly thoughtful manner, “Though if they did, then Mei and I could keep the little guy and no one would know…”

Kayla scowled at Annie and elbowed her in the ribs, causing the taller girl to wince for breath.

“I’m still not comfortable leaving him hear with you two.” Kayla said, still scowling.

“Oh, baby girl,” Annie said before hugging Kayla and walking over and putting an arm around Mei’s shoulder. “We’re going to be on the best of behavior. Scout’s honor.”

“Weren’t you kicked out of the Girl Scouts as a kid?” Kayla said dryly, a deadpan expression on her face.

“She’s got you pegged, Ann,” Mei said as she tilted her head to rest it against Annie’s chest. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Your brother will be fine. He’s like microscopic; nothing can even touch him on me! He’s also indestructible and I can teleport him to wherever I want if I feel like he’s in danger.”

Kayla nodded slowly, her reluctance still showing as she slung a bag over her shoulder and gripped the handle on another.

“Just please take care of the little guy,” she said opening the door. She paused and looked back over her shoulder and sternly said, “And no fucking around while he’s on you, got it?”

Mei just smiled and nodded reassuringly until Kayla left. She continued to rest her head on Annie’s chest, hearing her breathing and her heartbeat. She sighed contentedly, knowing that Chris had a much closer and louder perspective of her own breathing. She looked up at Annie with adoration in her eyes. Annie ran her fingers through Mei’s hair. Mei softly stroked Annie’s dark cheek with her own lightly creamy fingers.

“You know, it’s six now. What say we get some take out, some wine and then…see where the night takes us? All three of us.”

Annie’s eyes widened in surprise and excitement.

“You don’t mean?” She asked breathlessly as Mei nodded, nuzzling her nose against Annie’s breast. “Will it be okay?”

Mei shrugged and grinned, “Well, he is indestructible,” she half lied. He probably couldn’t be crushed thanks to the protection spell, but he still needed to eat and breathe a little, though not as much as he normally would.

Annie reached down and lightly clasped two fingers around Mei’s chin. She angled her lovers chin up to her own and kissed her.

“So, what do you want to order?” Annie whispered, “Thai or Japanese?”

“Let’s go with Thai,” Mei said with a giggle. “Trust me; you’re going to be eating out Japanese later tonight anyway.”



I don’t know what time it was when I awoke. I had no way to gauge time here. The ground around me was trembling fiercely. Mei’s heartbeat and breathing were going faster and faster, thundering around me. The ground around me continued to shake violently. I tried to hold onto the ledge I was on but couldn’t. A massive quake rippled through the flesh, launching me headfirst into the milk. Was Mei running while I was in here? Some sort of exercise? Then a deafening roar reverberated all around me. It dawned on me. It was a moan. It came again, shaking me to my core, vibrating the already churning lake of milk that I floated in. The shaking, the moans, all of it meant two things. One, she was playing with herself. Two, and I hoped this was not the case, she and Annie were making out.

A much higher pitched moan reverberated through the chamber as she jerked more violently than before, causing the waves of milk and myself to crash into the walls of the cave. A new trembling reverberated around me. Off in the far off distance I heard a strange wet grinding noise, followed by another moan from my hostess. The walls around me started trembling. It was then that I noticed something that filled me with terror. The level of the milk in the cave was rising.

“Oh, no. No! Mei, Annie! Don’t!” I shouted before a wave of churning breast milk overtook me, filling my mouth with the stuff.

I surfaced from the lake long enough to get my bearings before the trembling pulsing walls of  the cave shot past me as this volcano of flesh erupted. I was launched along with the wave of milk at incredible speeds straight up, unable to fight the explosive current. I could see the opening of the nipple rushing towards me and then I was airborne inside of another far larger cave. It was impossible to take it all in at first. There was an intense suction in the air followed by a deep guttural moan and burst of air that sent me falling back towards the pulsing gigantic wall of the cave. I landed on what I realized was Annie’s tongue with a splat. I was immediately mired and trapped in the mixture of her saliva and the milk from Mei’s tit that she greedily guzzled down.

The air here reeked, not only of milk but of saliva and mostly of red wine. Every hot gust of air that rose from the dark indescribably large pit of Annie’s throat carried with it the scent of the wine. Just the smell was enough for me to get dizzy. I didn’t have time to consider enjoying it because the tongue I was on started to shift and twist around me. Thankfully I was so small that I was trapped on it by her flowing saliva. It was deeper than a river and dripped and flowed around me, yet I was so small and it so thick that I had not yet broken the surface. I was just trapped in its gelatinous texture.

I looked over in awe to see the mountainous nipple easily toyed with by the tongue I was now adhered to. Torrents of saliva and milk washed over me, dislodging me. I was tossed about in this maelstrom of saliva and milk as Annie gulped it down. Fearing for my life I tried to fight the current as fluids washed over my head, submerging me in what was probably little more than a drop of saliva. I was tossed about like a stick during a hurricane before finding myself slammed against something. I looked around in a panic as I could feel the pressure of her swallowing around me, lessening the levels of spit. The fleshy wall I was trapped against dripped with slime and undulated around me, dislodging me and dropping me into an ocean below. It then realized that I was lucky enough to have been under her massive tongue in the sea of spit puddled beneath it, so I was saved from a trip to her stomach.

The massive tongue continued to thrash above me as I screamed for them to stop. They were ignoring me, or were they even aware of my plight? A wave of saliva swooped me up and slammed me into the soft tissue of Annie’s lower gum, just below a tooth towering higher than any building. I scrambled to crawl and climb through the thick, vicious liquid in her mouth towards a crevice between two teeth. I didn’t want to stay in her mouth, but that should give me some protection. A shelter in this storm. Half the time I found myself wading and swimming through churning rivers of spit to get to my destination. Her tongue continued to crash above me. She was no longer sucking the nipple, but blowing and massaging it with her tongue, constantly crashing above and around me. The tooth before me stood like a stark white beacon in the distance. At normal size, Annie’s teeth look perfect, but here I can see tiny pits and cracks in the enamel, imperceptible and inconsequentially small. Yet, to me they could easily be handholds for a climb I hope to never make.

I was nearly at the crevice between her teeth when Annie suddenly gasped for air and let go of the nipple, moving her head up rapidly. The suction and movement launched me back into the fury of her mouth, causing me to land right on her tongue. I looked up and through the massive cavern of Annie’s open maw I could see Mei hazily in the distance like a mountain on the horizon, staring lustfully at her girlfriend. Annie spoke, the sound and force causing me to grip my ears in pain and surprise. As Mei opened her mouth, I wondered would it be to kiss her girlfriend, or to reply.


Annie and Mei had decided to eat on the couch that evening. They had finished off the second bottle of wine and barely touched the take out curry and pad Thai on the table before them. Either way, both girls were flushed and ready to move on to the main course of the evening. Annie looked at her love and gently brushes a lock of her long hair from her smooth porcelain face. Annie’s vivid dark blue eyes angled towards Mei’s bountiful breasts, causing Mei to smirk.

“You know, Annie, Kayla would kill you for what you’re thinking about right now.” Mei said with a giggle.

“Is he…still there?” Annie asked, breathing heavier than she intended.

Mei noticed this and smiled, running a hand through the taller girl’s hair. Once Annie had learned of Mei’s powers, she had begged Mei to indulge her fetish. Annie liked the thought of playing with tiny people. The smaller the better. Annie had no desire to be shrunk herself, but wanted to play with shrunken people. It had taken a year before Mei decided to indulge her girlfriend’s desires, and little Chris’s current situation is the result.

“Of course he is. And he’s waiting just for you. I also worked things out to indulge in another kink of yours,” Mei said with a smirk.

“Which one,” Annie asked, feeling a lump of anticipation in her throat.

“Well,” Mei said, leaning towards Annie’s neck, her soft pink lips grazing Annie’s dark soft skin. “It’s a good thing you’re not lactose intolerant, love.”

Mei heard Annie gasp in surprise as she stood up and walked to her bedroom, leaving the door open behind her. She focused in on little Chris just to make sure he was still in her nipple. She made sure to leave the link open so that she could see what he experiences during this. She still remembers how amused she was to find that he had fallen into her nipple the first night. She decided to leave him in there until he found his own way out. Sadly, he never even tried to escape. She hoped this would force him out. She didn’t tell Annie where he was though. She still thought Chris was on Mei’s nipple, not inside of it.

Mei slid her clothes off, letting them drop the floor. She crawled into bed and laid back on her pillows, spreading her arms and legs out, stretching, as Annie walked into the room. Annie had already stripped down as well and proceeded to crawl onto the bed from the foot. Annie’s taller, more muscular, body crawls over her smaller lover. She stops once her face is dangling over the breast containing Chris. She then leans in close to it and whispers.

“Chris, any boy on campus would love to have a three way with us. Aren’t you lucky?” She said before extending her tongue and giving it a long lick from the base of the breast to the top. She then wrapped her lips around the nipple and began licking and sucking it.

Mei’s whole body shuddered with pleasure at each movement her lover made. She continued as she watched Chris’s struggles unfold in her mind’s eye.

“This is too fucking perfect!” She moaned as she felt her nipples begin squirting milk into Annie’s mouth. Annie continued sucking until she’d built up a large mouthful. Annie stops sucking, her mouth still sealed on the nipple and her tongue circling it. She cut her eyes to Mei questioningly, raising an eyebrow. “He’s in your mouth. Do it. Swallow. He’ll be fine.”

With that, Annie locked eyes with her lover and swallowed.

“He’s still in your mouth,” Mei said, panting in pleasure.

Annie smiled then went back to licking the nipple for a few more minutes. Without warning, Mei slid her fingers into Annie’s dripping wet pussy, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Mei loved that this caused Chris to land back on the tip of Annie’s tongue.

“He’s literally on the tip of your tongue…” Mei said, with a lustful giggle.

Annie took another lick at the nipple before releasing and moving towards Mei’s face.

“Well, then, what should we do now?” Annie asked.


Chapter End Notes:

And now, I have a question for you, fair audience? Would you rather see Chris end up on another part of Mei’s body thanks to Annie’s mouth? Or would you rather see him caught in a gigantic kiss and end up in Mei’s mouth? Setting up for some fun on Annie.



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