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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter does have a lot of GTS action. Don't worry though, it will get a lot more interesting



The rhythmic sounds of the round clock filled the reception area. With each passing second, the people waiting patiently in their chairs began to sweat and worry about their fate that awaited them. The area was a nicely lit hallway that had white walls and a white ceiling. The large imposing wooden doors of the entrance contrasted with the smaller grey doors at the end of it. Near these grey, windowless doors there was a reception desk where an older man in a white rope was sitting.

He calmly scanned the room, seeing the waiting people who sat in their chairs next to the wall. As he looked at his large monitor, he let out a frustrated sigh. "Ms Steele, please come to the desk," his calm, yet firm voice broke the silence in the room. Everyone looked at the elderly man tentatively. The sound of the clock began to fill the room once more as no one came forward. "Ms Steele... Come to the main desk please..."

Near the end of the hallway, a young woman was sitting on her chair, completely oblivious of everything around her. She was in a deep sleep. Her long golden blonde hair was gently pressed against the wall, her head slowly began to lean to the right as her body completely went numb. She let out a mumble before resuming her quiet sleep yet again.

"MS STEELE TO THE MAIN DESK!" The elderly man snapped, hitting the desk harshly with a deafening thud. The young woman jumped out our her trance, causing her to fall onto the floor. "Oh shot," she said, still drowsy, "I'm... I'm on my way." She quickly picked herself up and began to gently fly towards the desk with her large angelic wings. "For the last time Ms Steele... No flying in the reception area!" The elderly man scolded her from the distance. With a yawn, Ms Steele gently placed her sandal clad feet onto the floor and began to walk towards the desk.

She looked at the people still waiting to be called. Many of them were just like her, humanoid in appearance with difference sized wings. Others hand more appendages and different colored skin, like blue and even orange. These individuals usually lacked the wings that her brethren had, but they were all the same in her book. Other people were creature-like, some ranging from snake like humanoids to a man with a goat head. While yet others were strange creatures that Ms Steele had only seen a couple of times. She simply smiled at them as she walked pass. Most smiled back at her, while a few of them who she recognized simply nodded their heads.

She then looked at the approaching desk; the elderly man seemed slightly disappointed. As Ms Steele placed her hands onto the desk, the man spoke with an eerie calmness, "I know your name... But I still have to follow the rules... State your full name and position..." He said as the woman smiled at him.

"May Laurestine Steele... Position name - Angelic Guardian Enforcer," she said, groggily. "Yes Ms Steele," the man said, still in his calm demeanor, "do you know why you had to report here... Again?"

"Look, I didn't know that leaning against that star would destroy the whole constellation," May said, waking up completely as the seriousness of the situation became more prominent, "I told the head hancho that I was sorry! I truly didn't mean to destroy his favor formation." The elderly man leaned to the left to see passed May. He saw that everyone in the reception area had turned their gaze towards the woman, who was completely oblivious of their judging stares.

"Wow... He didn't tell me about that... But no, that is not the issue, my dear," he looked into the woman's blue eyes as he began to hesitate, "follow... Follow me Ms Steele."

He stood up from his wheeled chair. He was considerably shorter then the young woman before him, but either way, he still commanded a powerful presence. His long, grey beard dangled a few inches off the floor while his head was bald except for some grey hair on the sides. He grabbed a wooden cane from underneath the desk before turning to face the windowless doors. Without touching them, they opened as he walked forward. May quickly followed as the doors slammed behind them.

They walked down a different corridor that was painted sky blue. The white marble floor clicked with every hit of the old man's cane. Even though this hallway had no windows, a slight breeze could be felt throughout it. The two continued to walk until a beige colored door opened on their right side. The elderly man walked into the room, which looked like a small office.

It had windows, however, all that could be seen was a white void. The red carpeting was a stark difference then the hard, marvel floor. As the old man started to make his way behind the large wooden desk in front of the windows, May simply walked towards the chair that was in front of it.

"Umm this is a nice office... Usually the discipline office would be a lot smaller... Less fantastic... Also you wouldn't be here," she said as she looked at the man as he was taking a seat. "Not to say that there is anything wrong with that..." Her eyes began to water up as she started to realize that this wasn't a regular disciplinary action, "I'm sorry... I don't mean to screw up... I really don't," tears began to roll down her face. A box of tissues began to materialize in front of her on the desk. She looked at the man, her eyes puffy and red, "I... I just..." She was lost for words, "Mr Peters... I really just... I don't know." She lowered her head in shame, and to await her judgement.

"You know I hate this... you do know that right?" Mr Peters calmly said, "sometimes I do snap, and I apologize for that." Her head was still lowered as she tried to avoid his gaze. "However, thankfully I do not have to do this today," he proudly proclaimed. May slowly raised her head, sniffing loudly. "W-what?" She said as she reached for a tissue paper. "The, 'Head Honcho', as you called him, has given me the go ahead to do something that I thought would never happen... No offense," Mr Peters stated as he got up from his chair.

He walked towards the windows as the view went from a white void to a black plain. May could see little sparkles all over the expansive plain that was now in front of her. "He has given me the go ahead to rank you up from an Angelic Guardian Enforcer," Mr Peters had his gaze fixed on the windows as he paused for a moment. May could hear her heart pounding in her chest as he awaited his news. It felt like an eternity until the elderly man spoke once more.

"Congratulations, your being promoted to a Goddess," he looked at her with a bright smile as May began to lean backwards. She fell onto the floor with her chair with a loud thud. Her eyes were opened wide as she continued to try to comprehend what had just happened. "Are you ok?" Mr Peters was about to walk towards the woman until she slowly stood back up. "B-but why?" May said in complete disbelief, "I just screw up a lot."

"That's exactly why!" Mr Peters smiled, "He thinks that if you go at it on your own, you might learn the hang of it. Giving you more responsibilities will help you, since you and you alone will be in charge of everything." Thoughts began to race through May's mind. She began to bombard Mr Peters with questions:

"Do I get enforcers?"
"Is there any limits to my powers?"
"How big is the Plain of Existence that I will be taking care of?"
"Not that big, but it's not a walk in the park neither,"
"Can I keep my wings?"
"Yes, but you can also hide them at will,"
"Can I keep the clothes that I am wearing?"

Mr Peters quickly scanned May from head to toe. She was wearing a white short tank top, which fit snugly over her large breast and her torso. It had golden highlights on the end of arm holes as well as the bottom end of the shirt itself. Two separate golden swirly lines were located on top of shirt with a gap in the middle which had two gold and silver colored V like symbols that were right next to each other. The symbols intertwined with one another in the very center, with a orange diamond emblem on top of the helix like pillar. The top was sleeveless, which exposed more of her peach colored skin and her metal silver cuff bracelet on her wrists. The orange colored crystals on the top of the bracelets were shinning brightly in the glow of the room's lights.

She wore white Harem like pants which began at her waist and ended at her ankles. They fit relatively well for her, being baggy but not to the point where it puffed out noticeably. She had a golden colored sash belt around her waist, just below her bare midriff, with a bow knot near her left leg. She wore a pair of brown thong-less sandals, which were secured with a brown strap on top of her feet.

"Sure," Mr Peter said as he turned back to face the windows, "it should be fine... However... You know for an Angel... You um, dress strangely." May looked at Mr Peters, knowing exactly what he was referring too. "I know it's a bit more revealing then the usual uniform but the robe is very thick and heavy," May rebutted, "and the big boss told me that it was fine."

"Yeah, because he knew you would be here often," Mr Peters jokingly implied, "Ha... Funny" May angrily looked at the man.

Mr Peters started to walk towards the windows. He gently pressed two of his fingers on the glass and began to swipe to the left. With every swipe, a new black plain appeared with different galaxies and star formations. May watched in complete amazement as he continued to look through these plains like skimming through a book. Eventually he stopped at a plain that contained only three galaxies. "Here it is Ms Steele, your new realm," he turned around to see May, who was still awe struck. "I see you're still taking it all in... Don't worry, you can look at your realm while I go and set everything up," Mr Peters began to walk towards the close beige as May took center stage in front of her newly acquired existence.

Her eyes widen as she scanned the galaxies that floated just outside her reach. May gently placed her left hand over the cool, hard window and almost instinctively she moved her thumb and index finger apart, causing the view point to zoom into one of the galaxies. As the view continued to move inwards, she started to see the individual starts. 'Wow, these starts and planets... Are mine' she said softly as she began to see the tiny planets that were orbiting their respective stars. Eventually, the view stopped in front of a planet. It was no bigger then a baseball in May's perception.

The red colored planet seemed to gently float in the vast emptiness of space. May's jaw dropped in complete awe. Her eyes began to glow bright blue as her right hand reached towards the sphere before her. The window seemed to liquify as her hand pass through it without any effort. She felt the coldness of space as her hand began to materialize in that Existence, however, she had nothing to fear as she was perfectly safe.

Her opened hand began to loom over the planet.


Even through their red tinted atmosphere, the tribesmen could clearly see the massive object high above them. As they shouted in terror, a large shadow sent the inhabitants of this world into darkness. Warriors came out from their huts, armed with their pointed spears ready to throw them at the colossal object.

Everyone on the planet began to hear a loud rumbling noise as the massive hand started to enter their atmosphere. The world that faced her expansive palm grew darker and darker as it got closer to the surface of the planet. The primitive people ran from their homes and small villages to flee from the oncoming destruction. Warriors from around the continent began to flee as they realize that their spears couldn't possibly do anything to stop the mass. Those who stood their ground began to throw everything at the colossal object, however, due to the darkness, they could not see their efforts go in vain as their weapons didn't even reach it.

The sounds of mountains collapsing and the wing howling filled the air as her palm was just a mile from impact. One of the tribesman tripped over vines as he was running towards the shrinking horizon filled with light. He turned around to face the object, yet he only saw complete darkness in the sky. The wind intensified around him as he desperately got to his feet. As he reached his full height, he felt a crushing weight hit him on the top of his head. Everything went dark for him as he obliterated by the massive palm as it made contact with the planet.

The whole planet shook violently as earthquakes broke out in every continent. Some of her palm landed you onto the reddish ocean below, causing a large amount of the liquid to be launched into space by the impact. Water that didn't break out of atmosphere fell back onto the sea and the ground as heavy rainstorms, while the ripple from the impact caused huge tsunamis to rush towards the every seashore on the planet. Fissures opened up as the planet stated to break apart by the sheer force of her 'gentle' touch.

The tribesmen living on the other side of the world scattered as the earth beneath their feet began to break apart. Huge canyons began to form, volcanos around the planet erupted in a furious blaze, huge tsunamis bashed the coasts and the inland, dragging people and villages into the ocean. Birds flocked around, confused about where they should go, while land animals began to wildly run for survival. Huge shadows loomed over the remaining continents as May's fingers began to enclose the planet in her grasp.

Her thumb, which loomed over the southern pole, suddenly dropped to the surface. It collided with an icy barren continent, shattering it in the process. Huge chunk of ice began to crash into the open sea, causing more tsunamis to develop as the water was violently displaced. The intense heat from her body began to melt the remaining ice that was around and beneath her colossal thumb. The equally  as massive nail pierced the outer crust of the planet, which caused a few tectonic plates to begins ripping off from the surface of the planet itself.

Huge, darkening shadows began to roll through the broken landscape as the large pink colored pillars lowered themselves. The wind began to rumble as the surviving tribespeople tried desperately to get away from the danger. Fissures continued to appear as the planet was slowly crushed by the inescapable grasp. Huge chunks of the world began to be launched into space as the pressure continued to build within itself.

A family stood near a crumbling ridge as they saw one of the massive digits before them in the sky. The shadow began to loom over them and the valley as the finger finally made its way into the atmosphere. They held each other tightly as the ground around them began to crack and break. The wind howled as the digit got closer and closer. They started to see the large grooves and crevices on the massive object, which where then replaced by darkness as the finger blocked their light. Mountains collapsed beneath the crushing weight as the finger gently made impact with the planet.

Her four fingers slammed onto the world, causing it shatter. Huge chunks of the planet began to be jettisoned into space. Those unfortunate enough to be on the pieces of debris started to freeze to death as they traveled through the harsh coldness of space. Back on the planet, animals and people desperately gasped for air as their atmosphere began to fail due to the heat radiating from her hand. The ground began to warp as huge mountains and valleys were formed. The giant fingers began to bury themselves deeper and deeper into the planet, causing more of it to break off.

Huge droplets filled with May's natural skin oil began to roll off her massive digits which slammed onto the surface below. They filled the fissures and valleys with their hot, gooey liquid. People who were stuck in the strange water were instantly boiled alive.

With a quick and powerful motion, her grasp tighten around the planet. Her fingers buried themselves themselves deeper into the ground which caused the whole world to break apart. The surviving animals and people heard the deafening sound of their planet shattering as the remaining piece of the crust were blasted into space.


May's eyes widened in sheer terror as she realized what had happened. She could feel the debris of the planet weave between her fingers like sand. She released her grip, hoping that this world was salvageable. May began to move her hand away from planet, but gasped once she saw the full extent of the damage. The world crumbled to pieces in its orbit, completely devoted of its red tint.

She quickly moved her hand out of the window and looked at her palm and fingers. Dirt and grime from the planet were stuck on her peach skin. Shivers went down her spin as she could feel pieces of the small world lodged underneath her nails. She could only imagine the terror of any living beings who were unlucky enough to have been on the planet. Sadden with the turn of events, she zoomed out of the orbit of the planet placing the focus back to the three galaxies were visible originally. May let out a sigh as she began to walk towards the bathroom that was connected to the office.


Miraculously, a few clusters of tribespeople survived the destruction of their world. They began to dig themselves out of the packed earth that entrapped them. As they started to reach the surface, a blinding light fill their visions.

Even though they could not see, they did not feel any fear. A strange calmness had enveloped the survivors who were drenched in the white light. As their eyes adjusted to their surroundings, a few of the people looked up to see a colossal figure looming over them. As their eyes continued to adjust, they began to see more details of the object above them. Two glowing spheres in the sky appeared, followed by a large canvas of peachy-pink material.

Once their eyes fully adjusted to the light, the tribespeople gasped in unison as they realized they were face-to-face with a massive creature. The alien monster had two glowing eyes, a large, mountain like structure in the middle of its face and two pinkish, continent sized plains underneath the colossal mountain. They could see mountain move slightly as the sound of rushing wind filled their eardrums. It was quickly followed up by sound of the air gushing out of the large cavern. The people were intrigued by the radically different appearance that this monster had compared to them.

While most looked at the colossal creature, others simply casted their gaze over to their surrounding. The tribesmen quickly realized that they were on the pillars that annihilated their home. The large, pinkish expanse was baron with the exception of large tranches that could be seen for miles on end. Chunks of their world were shattered and packed into the fissures.

Even with the sudden revelation that the tribespeople were now on the same thing that destroyed their world, they were oddly calm and collected. They felt pity for the massive creature, as they could see that it was upset.

Suddenly, the sound of thunder roar through their surroundings as they felt the feeling of movement. The people desperately grasped onto the chunks of earth, as this was the only way for them to not to fall off the massive monster. The shaking continued for what seemed like an eternity, until the thunder stopped. For a brief moment, everything was calm and still, until the tribespeople felt the sickening feeling of falling.

Those who let go of the ground, thinking that they were safe, where sent flying into the air as the massive land they were standing on began to dip downwards. They tumbled in the air helplessly as they fell towards a large, white bowl. Even with their demise in front of them, the people felt a sense of completion and fulfillness. They had no sense of terror as their bodies began to slam onto the unforgiving ceramic.

For those still on her massive hand, they watched as they slowly began to loom under a large, silver mountain like object. The tribesmen were completely at awe, since this was something so unfamiliar to them. They spoke in their language, asking each other why this fire mountain had the opening pointing downwards. Suddenly, with the sound of grinding metal, the large silver formation came to life as crystal clear water began to pour from the opening.

Just like their brethren who fell for the large hand, the tribesmen sensed no fear or terror as the water began to blast them off the large plain. Most were obliterated by the gushing water, while others were quickly swept away along with the pieces of earth. A handful were able to hold on to the massive being as the current of water continued to bash them around.

A shadow loomed over them as her other massive hand came down on them. She began to rub them together as an acidic liquid started to spread throughout the two colossal appendages. The new liquid bubbled up, entrapping any of the tribesmen who were still holding on. As they struggled to breath in their new clear prison, they were instantly washed away by the current of murky brown water.


May continued to wash her hands. She was still visibly upset about her blunder. The glow in her eyes disappeared as she continued to feel worse and worse.

Once she was done, May quickly came back into the office, only to be greeted by Mr Peters. "What!?" She jumped as she didn't hear him come in. "I've finalized the paperwork and now this Realm is yours," he pointed at the window, which displayed the three galaxies. "A-are you sure I should have this?" May was completely heart broken by her actions. Mr Peters looked at her face and saw a single tear roll down her cheek.

"Yes I do... Because I think, even when I joke around... Even with all the screw ups... Me and every one of the higher ups still have faith in you," he placed his left hand on her shoulder, "you have a good heart..."

Their sights met for just a moment until May lowered her head. After what felt like an eternity in the silent room, May nodded her head in agreement. "Thank you," she said as wiped her tears away, "I'll do my best."

"That's all we ask... Now simply click on your orange crystal on your left bracelet... It will teleport you that Realm of Existence," he stepped away from May as she brought up her left wrist.

She looked at Mr Peters one last time before clicking the crystal. In a brilliant flash of light, she was gone.

Chapter End Notes:

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