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Author's Chapter Notes:

The story is inspired by "Eileen, larger than life curiosity". If you haven't seen it before, you can find it here: https://giantesscity.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=695&p=2767&hilit=eileen#p2767





The people in the lobby are spared from my decision by the most stupid person I must have found I my life, giant or no giant.

I would not have noticed him if my senses had not become as sharp as they have, but my ears easily catch the sound of his gun as he fires it twice on me. And my sensitivity is good enough to feel the two tiny slugs harmlessly hitting my right buttock. They do not even sting.

Sitting up, I look over my shoulder and see him. Then I turn and sit on my haunches, facing the tiny fucker. He is not even a cop. He must be the security guard at one of the neighboring hotels, judging him by his uniform. I wonder how the hell someone like this has a weapon. Then I fix my stare on him and notice his fear. I just roll my eyes.

He decides to prove that people can always get stupider and takes aim at me. Then, he empties his clip. It’s curious to feel something as tiny as his bullets bouncing from my skin without consequence. The man has anything but a steady pulse, so the only thing that ensures that he hits me is my size. Still, the dozen bullets strike places on my body as far apart as my belly button, my tits or my chin.

The man is frozen, apparently not understanding how I can be so unhurt. I roll my eyes again.


The man seems to realize that his little act of heroism was nothing but stupid and drops his gun. Then he turns and starts running.

The little fucker has not even managed to put a red spot on my skin, so I could easily shrug his pathetic attempt off. However, it feels unnatural to do that. I just need to stoop forward and reach out with my apparently mile-long arms to pick him up by the sides and bring his screaming form in front of my smiling face.

“I ASKED YOU A QUESTION” I state, smiling evilly at him

His screams get even louder and he starts to become annoying, so I just roll him in my fingers and flick him away, sending him flying over three blocks before he starts falling and crashes into the side of a building.

Something else catches my attention as I follow the flight of the screaming guard with my eyes. It’s a chopper, and it’s pretty close. I immediately forget about the people in the lobby and stand up. In the end, there are millions of people in the city and not so many helicopters, so the toy-sized aircraft is more interesting to me.

I quickly see where it’s going: the roof of a building a few blocks down the road. I focus on it and smile as I find out that I have the super sight many journalists speculated that my sister had possessed. The roof must be a good half a mile away but still I can see everyone on it in full detail and even zoom in and admire the patterns in their clothes. There are half a dozen people and they are obviously waiting for the chopper to pick them up. It’s not hard to conclude that this is all because of me.

I take a couple of steps towards a close by building and stoop forward, resting my heavy breasts on its roof as I rest my chin on my folded arms in a cute way. The building is suffering, but I determine that it will hold, so I forget about its structure and zoom into the roof again. The group shifts as the chopper approaches and I get a full view of one of the people in the back for the first time. My heart fills with glee when I easily identify Jay!

Yeah, I know Jay is supposed to be a celebrity popstar for teenagers, but well, I just turned 21. Actually, I think he’s my age. I’ve never been a snobby intellectual when it comes to music, so his catchy tunes appeal me as much as to the legion of fans he has. And he’s so damned hot!

I did not know he was in town. Otherwise I would have made sure to stop by his hotel and try to catch his eye. I typically do not have too many problems with that and I would not have had too many problems to make myself available either.

My recent changes have made things a little bit different though, so my plan is no longer to catch his eye but to catch him. After all, what’s the point on being an all-powerful giantess if you cannot get a hold of your favorite popstar?

So, it’s decided: Jay will be mine. Now I just need to decide how.

My first reaction is to remove myself from the building I’m resting at and to walk towards the roof where he is. I restrain myself before starting to move though. Being a giantess has plenty of advantages, but stealth is not one of them. If I start moving to the roof too soon, the chopper might never land in there. And I’m pretty sure that Jay and his entourage will see me and will get back into the building. It would not be entirely impossible to get him out of there unscratched, but it would be harder.

So, my first decision is easy: I need Jay to get into the helicopter, and the best way to do that is by remaining motionless. Once he is on it, I “just” need to pick the chopper from the air. I don’t have a plan for that. At least not yet. But after having seen all my sister accomplished in her few hours as a giant, I’m convinced that it’s well within my possibilities.

I stay with my head rested on my folded arms as I observe the scene in the roof in Full HD. The chopper lands and the six people close to the heliport need to make an effort to stay on their feet as a result of the wind from the rotor. They are so puny!

A side door opens and Jay is the first one to climb on. Then three more people get inside. The other two wave their hands and then head back to the roof access. The helicopter starts lifting. I don’t move yet. I need to wait just a couple more seconds. As they pass, the chopper gets far enough from the roof that it won’t be immediate for it to land again. My cue. I stand up and face the avenue. I take a first step down the road, an SUV getting crushed flat under the ball of my right foot.

The helicopter is getting higher. I could run after it, but I decide against it. Running is not sexy. Instead, I start strutting again.

I keep my stare fixed on the helicopter so I’m not looking where my feet land. I can only guess what I’m stepping on by the feeling under my soles. Whenever it feels like tinfoil I know it’s been a car. Whenever the feeling is spongy I know that one or more often a few unlucky people were in the spot where my foot has broken the asphalt into yet another footprint. And I learn about a new scenario: tinfoil plus mushy. I guess it must be a car with occupants.

I realize the chopper is getting out of my reach. I know I can solve that by blowing it out of the sky, but that is more than likely to end up with Jay hurt, and I don’t want that. I frown as my eyes keep glued to the aircraft in the distance. Then I feel pressure building behind them.

I stop, somewhat concerned since I guess what’s coming. Don’t misunderstand me: I’m as excited as a girl can be about the possibility of having laser vision, but I don’t want to use it yet. I’d rather not turn my celebrity popstar of choice into ash.

I’m not on time to look away from the chopper by the moment the pressure relieves. I wait for the worst… but it does not happen. The helicopter is hit by whatever energy I projected from my eyes, but it is not disintegrated, as I expected. Instead, it gets engulfed by a blueish halo and gets stopped on its tracks.

I’m so surprised that it takes me a couple of seconds to realize that what I shot from my eyes was not a deadly laser beam but actually what I can only describe as a tractor beam. The chopper’s rotor is still turning, but the aircraft is not moving an inch. I stopped it on its tracks… just with my sight!

I decide to test my theory of the tractor beam and will to move the chopper closer to me. It does, even if just by a few feet. I cannot prevent it anymore and I let out a loud laugh as I slap my tight butt with my right hand.

“I’M A CERTIFIED GODDESS!” I say for all the city to hear. “NOT EVEN EILEEN KNEW SHE HAD THIS ONE!” I add. I’m sure most of the people that are hearing my words do not know what the hell I’m talking about, but I don’t care.

I cannot feel more powerful and sexier than I feel right now, so I pose like that. Spreading my legs so that they span the eight lanes of the avenue I’m standing at, I place both my hands at my hips and push my chest and head out a little. Then, I focus on the helicopter I’ve trapped in my sight.

I keep the aircraft in place, swearing that I can feel its pathetic efforts to break from my eyes’ grip. Then I zoom in and delight when I see the panic of the tiny people trapped inside. I want to see them from up close, so I slowly start dragging the chopper towards me.

It does require focus! It is certainly more demanding of me than what it would have been to just pick it up in my hands. I guess it’s all a matter of training. I’ve been picking things up my entire life and this is the first thing I capture with my newfound power. I still manage to keep my hold on it and pull it all the way down the avenue and towards my waiting figure.

I switch my new power off when the chopper is right in front of me. It shakes for a second, first. Then it tries to pull up, away from me. I easily abort the attempt by firmly grabbing the aircraft from below, closing my delicate fingers around its little frame. If it could not escape from my tractor beam, there is no way it’s going to break from my physical grip.

The rotor is still on, which is annoying. I solve that by simply extending a finger from my free hand and letting the rotor blades break into it. Then I lift the fuselage up and peek through the windows. I smile at the six occupants of the helicopter, but I can see from their reaction that they are anything but happy to see me.

I don’t care of course. I only care about getting my popstar idol out. Using my free hand, I break the helicopter in two as if I were breaking an eggshell. Dropping the top part a couple hundred feet below, I look down at the six very shocked people inside.

Without warning, I stretch my free hand and then turn the one that’s holding the chopper upside down, using my wrist to gently shake the six people on the aircraft out of it. Four people fall into my palm, bounce and finally find a resting spot in its soft skin. I turn the broken fuselage up again to see that the pilots did not fall because they were wearing their seatbelts. I do not care about them so I just drop the fuselage with them attached to it. For once, wearing the seatbelt has been counterproductive for safety, I think. In the short time I’ve been around my presence is changing many things people took for granted.

Quickly forgetting about the two pilots, I focus on the four tiny people on my left palm. They fit there well, reminding me once more about just how big I’ve become. Or well, I guess I should say how big I’ve made myself, since this is what actually happened. Jay is face down, something I quickly solve by rolling him over with a fingertip. He looks up at my smiling face and I say “HELLO HANDSOME!”

He starts screaming right away, which I guess is a predictable enough thing to do but upsets me anyway. The three members of his entourage are screaming too.

“SHUT UP” I command, sounding less friendly

Either out of compliance or out of shock at my thundering voice, they do as I’ve told them. Then, the woman in the group does something I was not expecting and yells at me: “Let us go, you giant bitch”

I’ve never tolerated insult well, and being a giant makes my temper even shorter that it used to be. It also makes me much more capable to deal with the situation.

Without further words, I pick the woman with two fingers and say “AS YOU WISH”. Then I toss her over my shoulder. My ears are sharp enough to hear her screams as she flies away from me and into a neighboring street.

“ANYONE ELSE WANTS TO LEAVE?” I ask, trying to sound innocent. I smile when I see three heads shaking in unison.

“GOOD!” I say cheerfully. “YOU ARE MY FAVORITE SINGER!” I add

Jay looks at me, hesitant. Then he asks:

“What do you want of me?”

I pick him up with two fingers, just as I did with the tiny woman, but I’m gentler this time. I hold him in front of my eyes and shoot him a naughty look. Then, in my best bedroom voice I say “I LOVE YOUR MUSIC. AND I LIKE YOU. I’M READY TO ENJOY BOTH”

“What about my colleagues?” he asks, after a couple of seconds of shock

I had forgotten about them. They are so forgettable, lying in my palm. At his question I realize about the use the purpose they serve.

“OH, THEM? I HAVE NO USE FOR THEM” I say and then I carelessly toss them around.

They scream. Jay, still in my fingers, screams as well. I try to quiet him down, hushing. Then I say “DON’T WORRY. NONE OF THIS WILL HAPPEN TO YOU. AS LONG AS YOU BEHAVE”

“I thought you liked me!” he protests

“I DO” I confirm to him

“Then, let me go!” he protests a little more

I laugh out loud. I realize that he has misinterpreted the situation.


“What are you going to do with me?” Jay asks, his mood looking considerably darker

“YOU’LL BE FINE. AS LONG AS YOU DO AS I SAY” I try to reassure him

“You killed my assistants” he says, the fear really noticeable in his voice

It’s hard for me to take what I just did seriously, so I let my mood reply for him. “WELL, TO BE FAIR, I JUST DROPPED THEM. BUT I GUESS THAT UNLESS THEY KNOW HOW TO FLY IT’S QUITE LIKELY THEY ARE DEAD, YES”. I even giggle as I finish the sentence.

He does not reply, but it’s easy enough to see that he did not like my answer. Well, I have more important things to worry about than the mood of an eraser-sized man, even if he is a celebrity.


“What do you want of me?” Jay asks, still dangling from my fingers

“YOU KNOW, AS BIG AND POWERFUL AS I AM, I’M STILL A 21-YEAR OLD GIRL. I HAVE MY WHIMS AND I HAVE MY CRUSHES” I start saying. I have not done it on purpose, but I realize about what I just said and giggle. He does not like it but as usual, I don’t care. “WELL, I GUESS I HAVE MANY MORE CRUSHES NOW” I say and I giggle again. “ANYWAY, WHAT I MEANT WAS THAT I FANCY YOU. AND IN MY POSITION, I JUST TAKE ANYTHING I LIKE”

He does not look comfortable. I guess it’s a natural enough reaction. He’ll get used to his new situation, though. It’s not as if he can do anything else, is there?


“You want to keep me just for the sake of it?” he asks


He is staring at me.


“Is there any alternative?” he asks


He nods. I smile at him and, without warning, bring him closer to my face. Pushing my lips out, I kiss him, my lips engulfing his entire body. I giggle when I see that there’s some lipstick on him, reminding me that I’m not only big but that I’m dressed to kill.

“GOOD. WELCOME TO MY PAYROLL” I say cheerfully.

A quick look around shows me that the people have used the time I’ve invested in Jay to clear the area around me. It was a predictable enough consequence, but somehow I don’t like it. I look further down the road and over the building roofs and I see that they are not so far away, so it won’t be too hard to catch up with them. I don’t want them to get too cocky, though, so I decide that I should better get going.

This presents me with a last problem: where should I carry Jay?

It’s not as if my outfit has too many pockets, so the options are quite limited. Remembering about the man I caught before, I reach between my boobs with my free hand and pull him out. His body is limp and sticky. The combination of a shiny and hot day, an oversized rack and a bikini top that pushes my tits together even more than they would naturally do has the effect of making my cleavage quite sweaty. I guess the man just suffocated. Just a few hours ago men would have died to get to second base. Now this one has done it, literally.

I can only feel amused at the consequences of placing a man in one of the most desirable parts of my anatomy. Unfortunately, this means that I cannot place Jay in there, which was my initial idea. Tossing the sticky man aside, I try to think on how to solve the problem.

If my bikini top is not an option, I doubt my bikini bottom will be. Being a goddess is an arousing business, so my womanhood is as damp as my cleavage, even if the cause is different. I cannot place him in there.

I feel frustrated for a second, thinking what should I do if I finally do not find a convenient way of carrying him. I’m sure as hell that I won’t be holding him in my hand for the rest of the day. I need freedom to use my body to have fun as I see fit, and something as small as Jay should not interfere on that.

I even consider releasing him when my determination kicks in. I’m a goddess, for God’s sake. I should be able to do anything I fucking want.

I can see that Jay is startled by my attitude over the last while. I ignore him and focus on looking around instead, trying to find an alternative. My eyes zoom in and zoom out in different sections of the city. I spot car accidents, fleeing crowds and smaller groups of panicked people but I do not see anything that I might use. Then I realize that I have been limiting myself. Turning around, I watch the section of the city at my back, a section of the city that has been spared of my presence only because I’ve chosen to walk to the front after growing rather than looking around.

My attention is quickly caught. It is so obvious, so damned appealing. And I was about to walk away from it! Thank God I had the need to look back. I would have never been able to forgive myself if I had not visited PalmsWorld. 


Chapter End Notes:

As I mentioned in chapter 1, this story is written mostly to experiment and out of fun. Please let me know if you have any ideas of what you would like to see Vicki doing as the story progresses!

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