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Author's Chapter Notes:

Allie took another drag from her cigarette, the hot summer sun warming her lightly tanned skin as she thought over her situation for the hundredth time. Her jean shorts struggled to contain her plump bottom which pressed firmly against the hood of her shoddy Camry. The hot metal burned against bare thighs, but it was no more than a dull pain as her mind was elsewhere.

“What am I so nervous about?”, she mumbled to herself, “It’s just some fucked up criminal, honestly I’m doing the world a favor”

The ember of her cigarette glowed bright as a gentle breeze blew through her wavy brown hair, dragging it down across her face. She stared blankly out at the rest of the parking lot, watching people enter or leave the various offices but paying them no mind.

 “Even if it’s a criminal.. they were still a person once,” she mumbled again, “I mean they’re still people now too I guess, just.. small”

She remained lost in her thoughts until a girl approaching the TinyFilms office caught her attention. Her black leather boots thudded against the hot asphalt with each stride towards the office. Allie’s eyes traveled up her body, taking in her unique sexiness and forgetting her troubled mind for a moment. Black thigh highs hugged her thin legs until a brief gap exposed her pale skin momentarily before it disappeared beneath the pitch black boy shorts seemingly strangling her lower body. A black corset with red lacing accentuated her hourglass figure, and allowed her hips to pop in a hypnotizing manner as she walked. Allie’s gaze continued up the girl, noticing her straight black hair with a touch of purple at the tips and thick black eyeliner surrounding her eyes, though she couldn’t make out their color. She squinted and leaned forward absentmindedly in a subconscious effort to find out her eye color.

 “Hey, you wanna say something??” the girl yelled out to Allie. She had made it about halfway to the office but now turned to face the girl ogling her.

“Oh uhhhh..” Allie stammered, flustered from the realization that she had been staring at this girl, “I didn’t..”

“You got a cigarette for me?” the girl asked.

“Huh? Oh umm,” Allie said fumbling her words a bit. She pulled out a cigarette and held it out towards the girl, “Yea sure”

Allie watched as the girl walked towards her noticing a skull printed on the front of her boyshorts, though it was cleaved down the middle by her cameltoe, which looked as if it were consuming more and more fabric as she walked. Her eyes followed the crease of the cameltoe back towards her asscheeks, which, due to her wonderfully full but not particularly toned ass, flashed into her line of vision for a few moments with each step. Allie was amazed that such a thin girl could have such a voluptuous behind.

“Lighter?” the girl said as she plucked the cigarette from Allie’s hand and sat on the hood beside her. She sparked it and took a drag, holding the smoke in her mouth for a moment before exhaling slowly, “So what are you doing exactly?”

“Oh, I was just thinking,” Allie said realizing that she probably looked weird sitting on her car all alone for so long.

 “Bout what?” the girl asked between puffs.

 “I signed up for something kind of crazy,” Allie replied, unsure of how to explain her situation.

 “You thinking about working for TinyFilms?” the girl asked.

“Uhhh..” Allie stammered, not sure whether she wanted to tell the girl or not. She hesitated, but judging from how she was dressed Allie guessed the girl probably worked with TinyFilms anyways, “Yea actually, you know about it?”

“Yup, I’ve been doing films for them for a few months now,” said the girl before taking another long drag from her quickly depleting cigarette.

“And you like it?” Allie asked, hoping that this girl would ease her mind. 

The girl took a moment, staring at the asphalt and pondering the question before she replied, “At first I did it for the money.. I thought I’d just do a few scenes and save up a bit for school.”She turned towards Allie, looking into her innocent green eyes before lustfully whispering, “But then I realized I liked it..”

She slowly leaned in closer, “the feeling you get when they realize their entire life is in your hands, when they beg you to stop..”

Out of the corner of her eye Allie noticed the girl’s hand over her crotch, her middle finger gently rubbing against her black boyshorts, tracing up and down her cameltoe, “That feeling of becoming a Goddess is just, uhhhh”, she moaned seductively, as her eyes rolled back and her mouth opened lazily. 

The girl’s bold attitude had Allie’s mind racing through thoughts of nervousness, anxiety, and fear, but strangely she also felt.. excited, to the point where she could feel her nether region begin to moisten. As the girl moaned Allie caught a quick glimpse of her mouth, perfect white teeth surrounding a cute pink tongue with an oddly shaped matte black ball bearing piercing at the center. She looked closer, seeing the piercing appear to move before realizing it was a tiny person. Her eyes widened in shock, caught completely off guard by its presence.

 “Oh, did you see my friend here?” the girl asked, sticking out her tongue to display the helpless man. Allie saw him cough several times, then gasp for air before screaming for help, though his screams were mere squeaks to the giant girls.

 Allie was frozen, unable to even speak as she tried to process what just happened. She tried to say something, eventually stuttering, “H-how long h-has-“

“About 3 days,” the girl said after pulling her tongue, and with it the helpless man, back into her cavernous maw. She reached into her mouth and fiddled about, moments later pulling out the ball bearing pinched between her thumb and forefinger.

 “See, he’s got string holding him to it,” she said pointing to the restraints on his hands and feet which held him face down against the spherical piece of jewelry. 

“And they said that the string dissolves in sperm,” she said almost cheerfully, a look of genuine excitement on her face. Allie watched as the girl reattached the ball bearing, an overwhelmingly feeling of nausea stopping her from speaking as she realized that the girl was probably on her way to do a scene where she would blow a guy, letting him finish in her mouth to kill the helpless tiny. 

The girl, not noticing Allie’s concerned look, leaned forward peeling herself off the hood of the car, “The funny part is he went to jail for murdering a bunch of gay people, and now he’s gonna die in a pool of cum! Or maybe he’ll survive long enough to die in my stomach, guess it depends on how hard he fights,” she said with a chuckle before reaching her hands to the sky and standing on her tippy toes to stretch herself out. Her beautiful, shapely ass clenched firm before loosening as she relaxed herself again. 

“Thanks for the cigarette” she said glancing back towards Allie for a moment before heading towards the office, leaving Allie alone on the hood stunned, confused, and oddly aroused..


Chapter End Notes:

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