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Author's Chapter Notes:

Bit of a boring chapter..

Ned laid silently in his holding cell, staring into the darkness. It was hard to keep track of time with the utter absence of light and sound, but he figured he had been in this cell for almost two days.

Most of the time he sat in silence, completely forgotten by the outside world. At times he even questioned his sanity, unsure if his new life was reality or some kind of twisted dream. But the occasional shift in gravity that sent him flying around his small cell confirmed that he was not dreaming.

“I didn’t know my life as a tiny would be like this,” he muttered to himself through tears of frustration as he recalled when he had signed a contract with the Tiny Film Corporation.

“I was scared of serving life in prison, the deal was so enticing, but this is torture,” he sobbed.

Several moments later he heard the loud popping noise of the lid to his cell, followed by the blinding light of the outside world. His senses took some time to readjust before he saw the gigantic face of a gorgeous red-headed girl looming above.

“Using these old film canisters as holding cells was a great idea Mark!” Tori exclaimed cheerily while eyeing the quivering tiny at the bottom of the cell.

“Yea, they’re cheap and perfectly sized for the little guys,” said Mark from elsewhere in the room, “Don’t give them too much now, the interview is in a couple of days.”

“I know hun,” she replied as she used an eyedropper to leave a droplet of water beside the tiny captive. She then used a pair of tweezers to place a small crumb of bread opposite the droplet of water.

“Wait, please I’ve changed my mind!” Ned pleaded while he watched the tweezers recede from his cell, but it was no use. Tori didn’t even acknowledge his cries, likely because she didn’t hear them, and proceeded to recap the canister. Ned was once again plunged into darkness, his senses dulled and fading.

“I DON’T WANT THIS!” he screamed, banging on the canister wall until he passed out from exhaustion.


Ned was beginning to lose his mind, his body forced to endure another grueling amount of time in pure solitude. He was hungry, thirsty, and craving interaction as he lay on the floor of his cell when suddenly he was thrown against the wall. Someone was moving his cell, and he was being thrown about like a rag doll as a result.

After what seemed like an eternity of shifting and pausing for various amounts of time, the lid to his cell was popped open and he tumbled to the outside world. Battered and beaten, he struggled to move but was able to turn his head and observe his surroundings.

He seemed to be on a wooden desk, the surface stretching for hundreds of feet in every direction. To one side of him he could see what looked to be a giant bowl, and on the opposite side he saw his open cell, along with two other opened cells. Above him was a bright light, probably a lamp being directed right at him. And even further above that was Tori staring intensely at him.

“If you don’t struggle this will be much easier on you,” she said before reaching down to pluck him up.

He was powerless to fight her, but was surprised by how gentle she held him between her pointer finger and thumb. She proceeded to briefly dip him in the bowl of viscose black paint. She then laid him on a sheet of paper spread eagle and blew forcefully on him. The black paint spread evenly around him, leaving only small clumpy spots in several places.

She hummed to herself while using a Q-tip to clean away excess paint.

Ned coughed viciously, but was too weak to fight her. The paint clung to his body like a skin tight suit, but at least she had cleared most of the paint from his head.

Tori allowed him to dry while she moved on to the next part of the process. She carefully used a Q-tip to apply a small amount of glue to one of the miniature GoPro rigs that Mark had given her.

After a short while Ned gathered the strength to stand up. He was still wobbly when Tori presented him with the camera rig.

“Put this on your head,” she said with no emotion whatsoever.

Ned stared up at her, making no attempt to put the camera rig on.

“You don’t want to make me have to do it,” she said, grabbing the tweezers and pointing them at him menacingly.

Not wanting to anger her, Ned shuffled toward the gear and strapped it tightly to his head.

“Good boy,” cooed Tori as she once again plucked him up in her fingers. She then placed him on the button of the center dimple, holding him in place with one finger as she skillfully tied him in place.

Ned watched passively as she looped the fine thread around his body and through the button countless times, restricting his movement to slight motions of his head. She then pulled away and he was able to get a better view of exactly where he was.

It appeared as though he was sewn onto a seat cushion, judging by what looked to be the back of a chair jutting way into the sky behind him. All around him were leather walls, and he lay at the bottom of a dimple in the chair’s seat.

“All three cameras are working perfectly,” Mark said to Tori from his chair, “This will really be some amazing unaware footage.”

“Only a couple hours until Allie’s interview,” she replied playfully as she walked out of his office. She unlocked the front door and sat at her desk patiently, the vision of those helpless tinies being smothered by some unaware teenage girl playing through her mind…

Chapter End Notes:

Slightly different than last chapter, but I hope you all still enjoyed. Please be sure to leave any comments or concerns!

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