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My mind was racing, as it usually does. I was about to step forward to a new journey. I've endured a lot throughout my life, mostly because of the fact I have shrunken slowly to an inch tall up to this point. To me, it was normal. But to others, I was a freak of nature. Who would ever have imagined it possible that a boy like me could defy the laws of science and logic at 1 inch tall? Well I did, I have, and I will continue to do so for probably the rest of my life. I have had several close encounters to demise, yet in every situation I seem to find a way out of it. Being an 1 inch tall is certainly dangerous, but it has it's perks too.

For instance, if I'm really pissed off and want to be alone? Not a problem, I can hide under the couch, or in a shoe, or even in the ventilation system! I can pretty much go places that no other human being can. People also seem to think that my height would give me a severe speed disadvantage, but that is also quite incorrect. Though I could never run as fast as a normal sized person, I typically can ran almost as fast as a garter snake, and a little faster than a house spider! It's quite unbelievable to people, but for me it's always been the norm.

I wasn't however, fast enough to escape our household cat, when it finally decided I was the perfect size for a late night meal. The little shit pounced on me and was about to scarf me whole when my mother manage to snatch me up just in time. Needless to say, the cat was found a new owner the following day. Ever since the divorce, my mother had too take double duty on Nick Watch. I guess my father just couldn't handle me anymore, why else would he have left?

My mother's name is Harley, Harley Kemp. She has long brunette hair that goes almost down to her waist, and she has dark green eyes. She isn't very tall, standing at 5'5. Which is ironic to say considering my own height. She has two daughters, my sisters, and me her son. Ashley is the eldest of the family being 18 years old as of the last couple months. Her hair is also brunette, but slightly darker. She stands at 5'10 and also has green eyes, only they are a bit brighter than moms. Then there is Lucy, who is one year younger than me and the youngest of the family. She is 13 years old and has blonde hair that only goes to her shoulders. She is rather petite, and loves to cram food into her mouth whenever possible. Her eyes are chocolate brown, and are the only eyes in the family that aren't green.

I love my family, I really do. But ever since our father left, my family has slowly treated me less as a person, and more of a task for the day. Every time my sister Lucy steps on something on the floor, she shrieks aloud thinking she squashed me under her foot. Everytime my sister Ashley takes a bite of food and feels an odd chunk in it, she spits it all out thinking she had chewed me up by mistake. And every time a guest comes over, my mom is constantly telling them every couple of minutes to look out for me because I'm so small and easily unnoticeable. I have become an anchor on my family, and whether they admit it or not, my 1 inch height has really had a negative impact on their lives.

But here I stand, after years of mistreatment from my peers in middle school, and years of being a nuisance to my family, it's time for me to start becoming a more independent person, or tiny person that is. High school starts today for me, and I couldn't be more prepared! Besides, it couldn't be nearly as bad as middle school, right?


"NIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! TELL YOUR FRIEND TO STOP RINGING THE DOORBELL LIKE A MANIAC!" yelled my mother from inside the bathroom downstairs.

Chloe Sullivan, my best friend. Every time I saw her face I felt as if I was ten times safer. Her beautiful blue eyes, her very short dirty blonde hair, and the eccentric and odd dresses she always wore. Sometimes they reminded me of clothing from the 1800's! And did I mention she always walked around barefoot? She just hates shoes for some reason, always claiming to people that they make her more connected to the world. She isn't very tall either, only standing at 5"1. We are in the same grade, both freshman, but she is two years older than me being 16 years old. She got held back twice in a row for failing her biology and science classes, she always liked to argue with the teacher and say they knew nothing about the subjects.


My mom bust out of the bathroom door, quite annoyed. I had been sitting on the coffee table the entire time, my legs crossed and my chin resting in my palm as I stared at her. She gave me an angry look as if silently asking me why I haven't answered the door  yet, then she smacked her forehead with her palm when she finally realized...

"Oh.. duh you can't open the damn door..." she stated, even though it was quite obvious that being 1 inch tall sort of disallowed you from reaching high enough to open the door.

I silently giggled to myself as my frustrated mother made her way to the door. She opened it and of course the culprit behind the crazy doorbell ringing was none other than Chloe.

"Hello miss Kemp!" Chloe said with a hearty tone.

"Chloe, please, you must not ring the doorbell like that, it really gives me a headache!" my mother pleaded to the girl.

"My apologies miss Kemp, I will try to remember next time not to ring your doorbell to the tune of Jingle Bells next time, I am truly sorry for disturbing you," Chloe said with what seemed to be an apologetic tone, but I couldn't really tell if she was being sarcastic instead.

My mother turned her head slowly at me, raising an eyebrow that said "what the fuck is wrong with her?" without actually saying the words, and just turned around and walked upstairs. As soon as she was gone I burst out in laughter.

"Do you find something funny?" Chloe asked, a smile on her face.

"Yes actually, you should really work on your doorbell Jingle Bells, it sounded off a by a few keys!" I burst into more laughter, utterly amused by the entire matter.

"Ha ha! Very funny Nick," Chloe replied, trying not to giggle herself.

Chloe came over and carefully picked me up, and placed me inside a hand sewn pocket she made herself to my specific height and width. She had sewn such a pocket to almost all her dresses, so that I could comfortably and safely go about with her. As Chloe began to take me out the front door, I looked back to see Ashley at the bottom of the stairwell, staring at me and exhaling a sigh of what seemed to be relief. For the next 7 hours she didn't have to worry about me. Summer was over, and she would finally not have to constantly keep an eye on me literally all day.

Chloe closed the door behind us, and continued to walk to the bus stop. The stop was about three quarters of a mile away from my house, so it took about 10-15 minutes walk time for Chloe to get us there. I didn't really live close to any main streets. The trip was quiet for the first five minutes, until Chloe decided to break the silence.

"Your mom does not particularly care for my personality, does she?" Chloe asked out of the blue.

"What do you mean?" I replied, quite confused.

"What I mean, is that your family thinks I'm odd and different, and they don't seem to accept me for who I am," Chloe explained, no assured tone of sadness in her voice. It was as if Chloe was stating a fact more than reacting to her emotions.

"Well, you are different Chloe, but you being different is why you're my best friend," I told her, "you and me were both born different, and have never been seen as equals among others, however what you and I have is much more real than any other petty High School friendship!"

Chloe smiled briefly, but then replied "True, however what does one do when the world bands together to abolish the single being whose decided to be different from them? How does two different people make an impact on the world when the world looks down upon thee?"

Silence. Nothing more had to be said, she was right. She continued walking to the bus stop with me in her pocket. Every man or women I've ever met has always seen me as different, and they assume since I'm different that makes me inferior to them. I even sense my family has begun to see me this way, maybe even for a while now. Unfortunately there is nothing me nor Chloe can do about other people's opinions. We simply must fight forward and defend ourselves against the judgement of others.

Just as we reached the stop sign, the bus appeared. It's creaking brakes squealed as it stopped for us. It was off to high school, a new beginning. A fresh start. I would be damn sure I made the best of this new opportunity. My mom had moved to a new neighborhood shortly after middle school, so every student I encounter from here on out will be new and unknown to me, and me them. Of course the school has already addressed that a 1 inch tall student would be taking part in the school program, but what I mean is that it will be a place where people can see me for the first time, and get to know me for the person I am, and not the size that I am.

As Chloe sat down on the bus, I felt the heavy eyes of all the anxious students staring relentlessly at me, completely in awe of what their eyes beheld. The bus drove on, the students slowly began to stop staring, and I felt the excitement increasing as we neared closer and closer to the high school.

This will surely be an adventure to remember.


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