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Author's Chapter Notes:


1) Nick VS Highschool (Volumes I, II & III)

2) My Tiny Life (Volumes I, II, III & IV)

3) Prudence The Teenage Witch (Episodes 0 - 4)

4) My Tiny Life (Volume V / Final Volume) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

5) The Misadventures Of Allison Ali Alan (Optional, can skip) <---- IN PROGRESS [Phase IV]

6) Diana (Begins in Phase V)

7) Nick VS College (Begins in Phase V)

8) My Tiny Life '2' (Begins in Phase VI)

9) Nick VS The World (Begins in Phase VII)

Technically Their Little Secret is part of the Kempverse, HOWEVER it hosts massive spoilers technically in a way that kind of ruins Nick VS College even though it isn't even written yet.... So I've decided to make it NON CANON and thus you can read it after the rest of above.

All other stories on my page are not in the Kempverse and dont' spoil anything. You can identify my kempverse stories by looking at the story summary. You will see this pasted on every story tied to the Nick universe

**(This story takes place in the kempverse, a universe I created in which Nick VS Highschool takes place, and thus you may find hidden easter eggs/recognize characters from other stories that also take place in the kempverse)**



Hi there! My names Nick. I am here today to tell you the story of my life through High School, and the hardships I faced. However you must first learn why any of this even matters. So here goes!


I was born just like any other baby, and grew like any other baby... well at least for 6 years I did. Once I turned 6, I started shrinking, or at least so my mother told me. Over the course of the next several years, I never stopped shrinking. From as far back as I can remember, I used to be 3 feet tall! Or something like that.


Middle school was the worst. I was a foot tall when I started middle school, and was always bullied and picked on for my meager size. The football team would always pick me up against my will and sneak me into the 8th grade girls locker room. They would of course duct tape my hands to my legs so I couldn't break free, and they would duct tape my mouth shut.


They would then leave me there, trapped. The girls would come back in after gym class and get dressed into their regular clothes. They always tossed their dirty gym shorts and tops into the dirty hamper without even looking. Next thing I knew I was buried under forty 8th grade girls dirty clothes, helpless and reeking of sweat.


The football team would always come back and retrieve me, laughing at me and asking if I enjoyed it. However one time they forgot to come back for me. I was buried as usual, and no one ever came. Hours later, and many many more piles of dirty shorts later, I was buried so deep that I assumed the hamper was overfilling. Next thing I knew the hamper was moving. My foot tall meek body just couldn't move under the pressure of the clothes, and being duct taped together didn't help.


The school had invested in a rather large washing machine. Quite large actually. The girls Coach, Ms. Susan, had decided to take the hamper to the washing machine to clean the clothes for the next day, unaware I was trapped in the pile. She pushed it against the machine, and opened the washer door. She then heaved to push the end of the hamper up, to dump all the clothes inside.


Next thing I knew I was tumbling face first into more clothes tumbling into the machine. I tried to scream for help but my mouth couldn't penetrate the tape. More clothes piled onto me as Ms . Susan kept dumping the clothes, whistling the whole time, non the wiser she had just dumped the foot tall student into the load.


Once she was finished, she pushed the hamper back, poured two cups of soap into the mix, and shut the door to the washer. She set the load on heavy, and set the timer for 30 minutes. Ms. Susan then left the room, turning off the light and shutting the door. Leaving my fate to the washer machine, the rather large one.


Don't worry, I survived. The football team had eventually remembered they left me there, and when they found out Ms. Susan had already put the clothes in the washer, they scurried to the room to make sure they didn't inadvertently kill me. I was in there for 10 minutes, and when they pulled me I was coughing up soapy water. Ms Susan was horrified when she learned she nearly drowned me that day. Needless to say the students were suspended for a week.


By 7th grade I was half a foot tall. I noticed students began to notice me on the ground even less, and in some instances walked into me, kicking me by accident. I was still shoved in lockers, and now I was even tossed in trash cans during lunch as a joke. People would toss their lunch remains in the garabage, and I would get gravy, corn, half eaten pizza, whatever was served that day all over me. It was quite gross.


One time I had been tossed in the garabage, and a girl had the flu that day. To my luck she had eaten a full meal, and her stomach decided to reject it. Of course out of the five trash cans in the lunch room she chose mine to barf in. My mom spent an hour scrubbing me that night trying to wash me off.


I even had some close calls with the trash compactor, because the students never got me out of the cans, and if I couldn't climb out fast enough I would sometimes be tied up with the trash to be tossed out. I would always chew a hole in the bag to escape, but sometimes I was almost not fast enough.


By 8th grade I was just barely and inch tall, and that's when I stopped shrinking. All of 8th grade I remained the exact same size. Though my mom was relieved I had finally stopped shrinking, being an inch tall really made my life that much more dangerous. My sisters Lucy and Ashley stopped viewing me as a human, and more as an annoying insect. My mom found it extremely exhausting trying to keep me out of danger.


First day of school, I was walking to my first class and next thing I knew a shadow loomed over me. I looked up to see a giant bare foot. I also saw the face of the weird girl whose name no one knew. She always wore the same ragged looking dress to school, and she smelled sort of bad too. And she always walked around barefoot. She claimed it connected her to mother earth.


But anyhow, I looked up to see her face, and her enormous bare foot rising above me. She was looking straight ahead, and had no idea I was underneath her looming foot. I remember her foot was lined with dirt, however her sole was very smooth looking. Maybe one or two wrinkles, but that was it. Her toes were slender, and kinda long, and her foot looked really big, probably a size 13 at the least, which was big for a girl only in 8th grade.


Next thing I knew the foot slammed down, and I closed my eyes thinking it was the end. Nope, I lived. It hurt like a bitch, but I survived. She had stepped on me, and kept walking. I stuck to her foot like a piece of gum, probably because of all the sticky dirt on her feet. She didn't even flinch when she stepped on me, she just kept walking as if nothing happened. My face kept lifting off the ground, then hitting the ground with pretty painful force with every step the girl took. It was a never ending foot coaster of horror!


Her foot had a pretty bad stench, reeking of sweat, dirt, and something like that of a burp. It was gross. I wondered how she couldn't notice me stuck to her foot, but then I figured she probably steps on a lot of things with her barefeet, and is probably used to it. I was stuck to her foot for three whole classes, until finally something happened.


The girl had walked into her next class, and had sat down and brought her foot up and set it on top of her thigh. I was finally able to breath for more than three seconds long as I layed on her foot, stuck to the dirt and sweat. I couldn't move still, but at least she was done pressing me into the ground for now. She scrunched her toes a bit, and sorta bounced her foot a bit as class went on.


Finally the bell rung, and without lowering her foot, the girl bent over to grab her backpack, and that's when her eyes met mine. She giggled a bit as she saw me stuck to her foot, and raised an eyebrow as if trying to flirt with me by eye contact. I just stared into her eyes. They were bright blue, but for some reason I never really noticed. She slowly reached towards me with her index finger and thumb, and carefully peeled me from her foot and brought me up to her face.


For some reason I saw her in a totally different light. Instead of a smelly ragged student, I saw a stunningly beautiful face of light and glory. All from her eyes.


"You seemed to hitch a ride with me huh?" she asked in a mockingly yet jokingly tone.


"Well, technically you stepped on me," I replied trying to defend myself, "you should look where you're going!"


She giggled, as if amused by my statement.


"Well it's not my fault your only an inch tall, and if I were you I'd be thankful I don't wear shoes," Chloe remarked, winking at me.


And that's how I finally got my first friend. Chloe Sullivan was her name, and we became best friends quickly after that. I later learned that Chloe had been held back two years due to bad grades. She was actually two years older than me. But I didn't care, she was actually much smarter than the public gave her credit for.


After my mom found out about the incident of me being stepped on, she flipped out. Telling me I should stay close to the walls to avoide be crushed and killed by a pair of heels, nikes, or anyones shoes at all. But lucky for me, Chloe ended up being my feet for me. She carried me to my classes very gently, and protected me from students who sought to torture and bully me. Chloe had made the last year of middle school very easy for me, and we became very close friends.


Being stepped on was not the only new danger I faced at this height, however. One weekend morning my older sister Ashley had her 18th birthday party, a sleepover no less. My mom had approved of it and wasn't actually there to supervise. I was told to stay in my room, and that's what I did, at least for the night I did.


When I woke up, it was like seven AM in the morning. I knew the girls had stayed up late that night and were sound asleep, so I decided to go grab a quick bite to eat from the leftovers before they woke up. I slipped under the crack of my bedroom (my mom wanted me to feel like I was still normal by letting me keep my enormous room) and started to climb down the carpet stairs. As I reached the bottom, I noticed that one of Ashley's friends was passed out cold in the middle of the hallway, and was blocking my way to the kitchen.


I sighed, and continued forward. I'd just have to climb over her. She seemed motionless, and I was sure she wouldn't wake up. She had no shirt on, just her bra. I wasn't sure what they did last night, but I just wanted to get some breakfast. Her arm on the floor, with her palm up. I climbed into her palm and started to walk up her arm. It was very smooth, and I was careful not to fall. I began to reach her chest, and saw her enormous breasts in front of me. I tried to be mature and look away and continued past them.


I reached her stomach and started to walk to the opposite arm of hers to try and get lower to the ground to jump off safely. However I was interrupted when she moved a little. I froze, to make sure she hadn't woken up. Next thing I knew her hand was above me. I ducked for cover as she violently and quickly scratched the area I was just in, then proceeded to go soundly back to sleep. I quickly ran to the end of her bare stomach and jumped off, not wanting to risk anything. I landed with a thud, but was otherwise fine.


As I looked up to continue walking forward, I saw a plate of food on the ground, just sitting there. It had several chicken bones, and then a side of mashed potatoes. Whosever plate this was, they sure loved chicken but apparently didn't even touch the mashed potatoes. I knew the potateos would be cold, but they might still be good to eat. I walked over and climbed onto the plate, and scooped a finger full of mashed potatoes and took a bite. As predicted they were cold, but still tasted fine.


I proceeded to take several more bites, and started to climb onto the mashed potatoes without really thinking about it. As I got near the top, I hit a soft spot and my waist quickly sank into the potatoes. I was stuck! I tried to move about but it was useless.




A toilet was heard in the distance, when I heard the bathroom door open. Another one of Ashley's friends started walking back into the room, her eyes droopy and her moanings tiresome. She had black hair, long eyelashes, and hot pink painted nails. She had a slight gut, but otherwise seemed pretty slim. She looked quite tall, probably 6'2. She had some lip gloss on, but it was sorta smeared, probably because of whatever went on last night during the sleepover.


She also had no shirt on, just a bra, and very short pajama bottoms with a tomato design all over them. Her bra was almost see through, and had a black lace around the edges. I looked down to see her slender size 10 feet. Her nails painted hot pink as well, and her toes rather shorter than the normal persons.


She walked unbalanced in my direction, stumbling here and there. I tried yelling out to her to grab her attention, thinking she could help me out of my potato problem. She looked right at the plate I was on, and I smiled, thinking she saw me. Her footsteps were heavy, as she boomed closer to the plate. She hovered over me and the plate as she looked down. Staring at the mashed potatoes I was in. I stopped waving thinking she had seen me, but she just stood there staring.


"Hmmm, I don't particularly care for cold mashed potatoes..." she said, barely awake.


I tilted my head in confusion, did she not see me? I was an inch tall, but not invisible. She should see me stuck at the top of the mashed potatoes.


"... but I've got the munchies, so might as well finish the plate." The girl shrugged and bent over, picking up the plate.


I was a bit worried at this point, she just said she would finish the mashed potatoes, but did she not clearly see me stuck in them? I figured once she set the plate back down she'd pull me out before eating. However to my dismay I found out that wasn't the case.


She walked over to the couch, and fell butt first onto it. She was quite tired, and still a little groggy from all the weed she had the night before. She hadn't noticed Nick at all in the mashed potatoes, mainly because he was wearing his white shirt and white pajama bottoms, but Nick had forgotten about that. She grabbed the remote and turned on the television, making sure to keep the volume down so she didn't wake up the others. The girl then began eating the potatoes with the spoon on the plate.


I was horrified. The girl had begun to eat the mashed potatoes, and quite voraciously at that. She hadn't looked down at the plate once to see where she was spooning from, she just kept digging in while her eyes were glued to the T.V.


I started screaming for her attention at this point, but between her headache and the T.V., she just couldn't hear my cries. Ashley had woken up about a minute prior, and had just left her bedroom to go downstairs. Ashley saw her friend Jordin eating the mashed potato leftovers, and the two began chatting.


"Leftovers are gross, you are such a pig," Ashley prodded.


"Well I'm hungry so I don't really care," Jordin had replied.


Jordin then spooned up another mass of mashed potato, picking me up with it. She brought the spoon slowly to her mouth, as I dreaded my fate. I kept crying out for help but Ashley's big mouth drowned my tiny voice out. Jordin payed no attention and prepared to shove the spoon full of mashed potatoes and Nick into her mouth. Her gloss smeared lips parted, and so did her white teeth. I looked into the maw of this giant sexy woman, as her tongue slid out to slide the potatoes off the spoon and into her mouth. I saw potato remnants scattered on her tongue, and saliva strands going from the roof of her mouth and onto her tongue. Her throat widened, and her uvula perked up a bit. I was terrified.


Ashley was watching the T.V., when she got a sudden feeling that something just seemed wrong. She looked at the ceiling, trying to pure into her brothers room. She knew he was always up early, and she also knew he was a early morning snack monster. She was curious as to how she hadn't seem him awake yet. She shrugged it off  a bit and looked over at Jordin, and Ashley's eyes for some reason looked directly at the spoon full of potatoes Jordin was about to shove into her mouth. Ashley saw her tiny brother, barely, just barely in the potato spoonful. And saw the spoon go into Jordan's mouth.



"NO!" Ashley screamed, but it was to late, her brother had slid down Jordan's tongue, and down her throat along with the mashed potatos.


"What?" Jordin asked confused, right before belching loudly and rubbing her stomach, feeling satisfied.


My sister had explained to Jordan that she had ate me, and they both thought for sure I had died in the pit of Jordans stomach. Luckily however Jordin decided to throw me up, sticking her fingers down her throat and barfing all the potatoes all over the floor. I was covered in potato, bile, and a bit of stomach acid, but I survived. It was quite terrifying in Jordans stomach, it was hot, sticky, and burned like a bitch. I was only in there for maybe two minutes, but it was terrifying. I kept thinking I would be digested alive by my sisters friend, as a piece of food. Luckily my sister spotted me at the last minute, and Jordin was able to barf me up.


Needless to say, my mom wasn't happy to find out.


Several months later I finished middle school, and it was time to move on to the next chapter in my life. High School. I wondered if I would be treated any better in High School, and I wondered if my sisters and mother would ever treat me like more of a human being. They always looked out for me, sure, but they also were always so cautious around me, that they tried to avoid me so they didn't have to be so cautious all the time.


I hope High School will be different, I sure as hell hope so. Besides, I have Chloe to protect me, what could possibly go wrong?




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