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Author's Chapter Notes:

I really kinda had to power through the exposition to get to the more sexy stuff. Anyway, here you go! 

When Andrea got home, she realized she didn't know what to do with her new pet. Usually she never had the intention of playing with them alive, so she decided to go with a basic routine to exert dominance over her new doll.


She walked inside without taking her shoes off, and sat on her knees on the carpet. Then, she pulled out the doll, a smile peeking at her mouth, and dropped him onto the carpet.


“Is it finally over?” the doll yelled, getting upright. Andrea took this time to really examine him.


It was a male, who seemed to look around twenty to twenty five. He probably would've looked attractive if he weren't three inches tall.


“What’s your name?” she asked, realizing her mistake just as the words slipped out. Then, she started to chuckle as it looked at her oddly.


“What’s so funny?!” he yelled up to the mountain-sized lady.


“Nothing, it’s just… for a second, I almost thought of you as a human!” Then she burst out laughing.


“I’m just as much human as anyone of you giants!” he yelled up to her.


“Oh really? In that case, what is your name?”


“Well that’s… hmm.”


The doll’s hesitation made Andrea laugh even harder.


“Only human beings are allowed to have names,” Andrea explained. “Anything less doesn't need a name because it's not human. We are allowed to do whatever we want with you. And that's why…”


Andrea pulled her legs forward, and pulled off her boots and socks, immediately filling the room with their musk. Then she waggled her toes in front of the reject, saying, “You're going to kiss my feet.”


The doll looked incredulous.


“What?! No way you bitch!” it yelled up to her.


This irked Andrea.


“Okay, I'm sorry, we need to have a little talk,” Andrea hissed, snatching the doll up from the ground.


“You belong to me,” she said to the terrified doll in front of her eyes. “The only reason you're currently alive is because I've chosen not to kill you right now. And believe me,  there are plenty of ways to.”


Then, an idea lit up her face and she said, “Like this!” Then she lowered him down to mouth level. The screams falling on deaf ears, she stuffed its lower body into her mouth. With her incisors, she gnawed on its legs softly, like she was molding a piece of gum in her mouth. But to it, they were enough to create gashes on its legs.




The screaming was kind of annoying, so she pushed it in all the way.


The large doll was kind of a mouthful, but she managed to get its entire body in there.


“Mmmmm! You ‘ase good!” Andrea remarked, knowing her mom would berate her for chewing with her mouth open.


Then she raised her hand up and spat it out onto her palm.


She held him up with her thumb and forefinger by the nape of its neck, and said, “Do you see now? You're mine, and if I ask you to lick my feet, you'll lick them because your life depends on it. If I ever have to discipline you again… Well, you were pretty tasty. Maybe you won't be too bad with my daily salad. Or I dunno, maybe a limb or two will put you back in line.”


Then, she held it out in front of her outstretched legs and dropped it in front of her potent feet.


“Now lick.”


The doll looked up at her savage eyes and immediately went to licking the feet that were twice its size.

Andrea sighed in bliss. This was going to be amazing. But of course, she wouldn't stop with just this one. The doll needs a good play mate after all. 


Chapter End Notes:

Well there we have it. Also, this story is evolving in the telling and when I started I didn't care enough to think about the tags so tell me what tags I should add please. Also, you can suggest ideas for the story. Can't guarantee I'll add them but you never know. Also,  you can just drop in with a "Hey, like your story! Keep it up!"  Those mean the world to me. Thanks to those who have already reviewed! 

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