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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'd like to thank youre_my_slave for being a supportive fan and an avid reviewer of this story. I'm also pleasantly surprised at least some people have reread my story enough times to spot continuity errors.

I'm sorry for grammatical errors, this stuff is primarily written on my tablet, which is horrible.

Other than that, enjoy this expo-filled chapter! Imma try to fit in the juicy stuff next chap though.

The plan wasn't an overly complicated one; the dolls would simply wait until Andrea was asleep, and escape through the slight crack in the underwear drawer Andrea kept open to allow light through. In fact, the only reasons the dolls hasn't attempted to escape before was because they were scared of what Andrea would do if they were caught, or if the outside would be worse. But after Cal’s death, they were in unanimous agreement on the next course of action.


Andre was the unofficial leader. He woke up and no light leaked through the cracks of the drawer. It was nighttime.


He trotted over to the drawer and jumped up a few times, barely getting high enough to see Andrea outside, sleeping. Her blanket was tossed aside and she was wearing black lingerie.


“Guys, the coast is clear!” he shouted to the others. They'd all claimed a piece of clothing to live on, and were now waking up on bras and underwear.


“She's asleep. We gotta go.”


The rest of the dolls stirred and awakened, none ever really sleeping peacefully with constant fear of execution hanging over their heads. Oz, Miranda and Monique quickly arose as Andre still jumped looking out.


The clock said 2:12 AM. Andre stopped jumping and grabbed onto the jutting inner edge of the drawer. He fell off onto the ground and turned to the group behind him. “The drawer’s closed, we're gonna have to push it out.”


The others nodded, and they all got into a line of sorts in front of the wall-like drawer.

“Three, two, one, now!”


The group drove their bodies into the drawer, pushing it out slightly. They did it again, with Oz exclaiming out, “My arm!”


This second time gave just enough room for the dolls to squeeze out of the drawer and jump down.


The fall seems high for the small group, but due to their size a drop of that height wouldn't hurt them at all, doubly so since there was a pile of laundry Andrea needed to get to to break the fall.


Andre landed first as the impromptu leader. Oz fell second, Monique--the blonde lady-- third, and Miranda fourth.


The group looked up at the bed in front of them. A pair of massive, life-ending feet hung off at different angles. They knew that connected to these peds were two equally luxurious legs, followed by a torso and well-endowed chest, and finally, an ethnically-ambiguous face that other women would kill for.


“You know, if she weren't a psycho bitch, Andrea would almost be kinda hot,” Oz remarked. Miranda chucked at this comment. Andre almost corrected him to say “Goddess”. It was strange to say anything else to him.


“So, captain, where are we gonna go?” Monique asked, smiling.


“Well, first the kitchen. We've gotta find some supplies before we set out to who knows where. The outisde world is dangerous for a doll... the kitchen is a good place to start."


“No way!” Oz said. “A group of tiny people in a kitchen? There are a thousand different ways something like that could go wrong.”


“Okay, then what do you expect us to do, smart guy?” Andre asked.


“How about we split up? You and Monique forage for supplies while Miranda and I look for an exit nearby.”


Andre reasoned; Andrea must've made the house tiny proof, they'd a way out. “Alright, fine. But at three, we're back in the hallway in front of the bathroom.”


“Got it,” Oz said, and he pulled Miranda's arm and dragged her the opposite way into Andrea's personal bathroom. Monique and Andre proceeded to the kitchen.

Miranda and Oz reached the bathroom with ease. There was a small cracked window above the toilet. A little creativity and you could get up there easily.


“Okay, we found an exit, now we can-”


“Whoa, we're not leaving yet,” Oz said, turning around to the bed. From there they could see her bountiful posterior, eating the strap of the thong in its cheeks. She did look hot indeed.


“I kinda wanted to… I wanted to…” he gestured to Miranda, who's mouth opened agape. “Oz! That's obscene!”


“But she's so hot!” he protested. The little bulge in the tiny kid's pants backed up his assertions. “Besides, she'd never wake up from something like this.”


Then Oz jogged from the bathroom to the bed, and began to climb the sheets as Miranda watched in disdain. But even she had to admit, Andrea was pretty hot.

But neither of them knew that Andrea would soon stir, and this would lead to everything falling apart.


Chapter End Notes:

I'm always open to suggestions, even this late in the story! Doesn't necessarily mean I'll take em, but I'm open! I'd again like to thank fans of this story and wanna say that I'm working on some other stuff! Mainly one shots but you never know!

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