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Author's Chapter Notes:

Another year and a half, another chapter. 

Andre was getting increasingly distressed by the number of dolls who have been disappearing or dying while he was living with Andrea. In fact, he begun to wonder if a life like this would even be worth living anymore.

?You mean what's left of our lives?? Oscar, or ?Oz?, the kid asked from the side. The entire group of dolls was sitting in Andrea?s half-open drawer on top of her undergarments, which they slept within as well. It struck Andre as interesting that even now, when they slept, they'd still be beneath even her underwear- which may have been the point.

?I miss Cal,? the blonde woman said, laying on a bra. She was called Monique. ?He was kinda sweet, you know??

Andre felt a little shocked by this declaration of attraction and exclaimed, ?Well he's dead now!? Then, realizing what he said, he repeated sympathetically, ?He's dead now, I'm sorry.?

?We're not sure that he's dead,? Oz inputted. ?Maybe he just escaped. He could be out there living the high life, living on scraps as big as meals to him, not worrying about being shoved into various orifices.?

Andre noticed something as Oz went on. Miranda was in the corner of the drawer, sitting on the ground with her head buried in her knees.

Andre thought nothing of it.

Then she shouted out, ?I killed Cal!?

Everybody stopped and stared at her, her dark face still in her knees.

?It's true,? her voice continued muffled. ?I'm sorry, I didn't want to. But she practically said I'd die if I didn't choose one of you guys.?

She raised her face out for a little, and in the dim light, the tears that streaked her face barely showed, but her sadness was louder than an earthquake.

?Oh my God,? Monique said to herself.

?Don't you mean ?Oh My Goddess??? Oz asked. Over the time in Andrea's captivity, he'd become rather complacent and realized that the only way to survive longer than normal was to do what Andrea said, but in every second of free time he made it clear to everybody how much he hated this.

Andre was just looking at Miranda?s crying face.

?I always knew that Andrea was cruel but? this is??

Then the drawer opened up fully, and without warning Andre was plucked from his fabric prison cell.

Andrea closed the drawer with her free hand, leaving in total darkness the rest of his companions, and walked out of her room to the living room.

Andrea was totally nude, as she realized this made it so much easier to shove the people into various orifices. She gently placed Andre on the coffee table, and sprawled herself out on the couch, resting.

Andre could've said something, he could've asked a question.

Well, he had the ability to. He couldn't really do something like that if he wanted to survive in a state that wasn't constant agony for the next thirty six hours.

So he waited, knowing she would say something eventually. She always did.

She did: ?Are you enjoying your new friends??

Andre allowed himself a brief moment moment of defiance and replied in a tiny voice, ?Why would you care??

At this, Andrea, sprawled across the couch, grabbed him with her hand and held Andre above her face. Her breath wasn't fresh, as she'd recently had food fit for a Goddess: onion rings. Not divine nectar, but the dolls didn't need to know that.

?When I ask a question, germ, you're not allowed to answer with another question. You'll never have that right. You answer my question so I don't eat or dispose you or your friends.?

?Did that stop you from murdering Cal? Or that woman who's name you never gave?? Andre asked, even dangling above Andrea's face between her fingertips?

At this, Andrea's face broke into a chuckle, and the disturbance made Andre fall down from the height to Andrea's soft chest, slightly above her breasts but below her neck.

Andrea turned her chin down and looked at the weak, pathetic bug, and said, ?Murder is when a human kills another human being. I didn?t murder you, I disposed of you.?

As Andre righted himself on the uneven ground, he noticed something in the slit between her breasts: a red, rough substance. Dried blood.

He couldn't gag in disgust and fear before being pulled off and placed onto the coffee table.

?Anyway, you should consider it a blessing I've kept you alive thus far. Believe it or not, there are plenty of girls - or boys - who'd do a lot of worse things to you. I don't ask for much, just worship me with everything I deserve, and you probably don't even deserve that. In fact??

Then she slowly got up, attempting to accentuate every curve of her body. Andre could say what he wants about Andrea, but she's a very hot woman.

She turned around so her behind was in full view of the doll. ?You're going to beg me to sit on you.?

Andre couldn't believe it. Well, he could believe it, but he didn't want to. He didn't want to ask- no, beg- to be sat on by the woman who had destroyed the lives they are ever got to have.

?Also, you should really consider what might happen to you or anyone you're acquainted with if you choose to not do this, so make your decision the right one.?

Andre didn't want to do it. It was something he never wanted to do.

But he didn't have a choice.

So he fell to his knees and yelled forward to the overhanging Andrea, ?Sit on me.?

?What? I can't seem to hear!?

?Sit on me!!? he screamed.

?Oh really? Okaaay,? Andrea said, and painfully slowly lowered her rear down onto the wooden coffee table.

Her butt winced a little at the cold hard wood of the table, but the relaxing feeling of the tiny lump she was sitting on made it better. She sighed, like her worries had all melted away into ecstasy.

Andre, on the other hand, was not relaxed. He was being compressed into the admittedly soft and warm flesh, which wasn't new, but this brought a new level of humiliation as he realized once again that Andrea did hold him within every ounce of her power.

?Ahhhh. You really don't deserve this, you know. I mean, even my ass is big enough and beautiful enough to end you. It alone can kill any one of you if I wanted, and you had the balls to ask me to sit on you??

He was also being shoved closer and closer with every move of Andrea's above frame to one of the most undesirable parts of Andrea: her ass crack. Miranda had literally suffocating in there and Andrea had to tap her chest with her fingernail to revive her.

But before this happened, Andrea stood up, allowing light to enter Andre's eyes once again.

?That was fun!? Then Andrea's hands scooped up Andre's scuffed form and she walked back to her room to deposit him into her drawer.

Andre fell on top or some socks and the remaining dolls hounded him, asking him what she wanted, what she said. Andre didn't say anything to anyone until everyone quieted down, and he said, ?We're going to escape.?

Everyone thought he was crazy.

Everyone was on board.
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