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Dipper decides to use the shrinking flashlight one more time, but his plan does not turn out like he hoped.

Rated: R
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Shrink: Micro (1 in. to 1/2 in.)
Size Roles: F/f, F/m
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Published: February 22 2016 Updated: March 29 2016
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Disclaimer: All of the characters and settings in this story are property of Disney and Alex Hirsch. The plot however is mine. No copyright infringement is intended.

1. Brother-Sister Bonding by A Little Bit of Everything [Reviews - 3] (915 words)

So I kinda hate this story now, but the website won't let me delete it so I guess I'll just leave it for everyone to cringe at.

This story takes place in an alternate universe where all of the characters are 18+ but still retain their personalities from the show.


2. Wendy Unaware by A Little Bit of Everything [Reviews - 1] (859 words)
Sorry for the wait!

3. Terror from the North... west by A Little Bit of Everything [Reviews - 0] (951 words)
Sorry again for the wait. I hope to have a new story out at the end of the week.