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There once was a girl named Melissa.  She had 2 more weeks left before she started college for the first time at a nice state university.  Living in Wisconsin was nice, but this university was located in a small town outside of Memphis, TN.  She was sitting on the couch just chilling watching TV and her mother being a high end lawyer was away on a business trip.  Her Father had died when she was a young age and never knew him, apparently he was some kind of inventor since there were lots of his things up in the attic of the house.  

Melissa was getting bored.  Really bored.  She decided to go up to the attic, and see if there was anything of interest.  Looking around there were boxes stacked everywhere.  Melissa came to the first box and opened it. 

"Interesting" she said to herself. 


This particular item she had never seen before.  It looked like a really nice super soaker squirt gun, but only made out of wires and circuit boards.  Melissa put her hand into the box and pulled out a tripod for the device.  She looked around and did not see any place to put the tripod to set  it up, so she went to the downstairs living room and set the tripod up in the corner of the room, next to the lamp and next to an empty storage box, which her mom planned on using for a rummage sale when she would be back in a few days.  

She put the device on the stand and wondered what she should do.  

Melissa saw a cord that was coiled up at the rear end of it, which she had not noticed before.  Undoing the cord she plugged it into the wall and the gun type of machine started to hum to life.   Melissa's eyes looked at it with amazement.  


"What happens if I do this?" she said aloud, pulling the trigger of the electrical gun.  

Her vision when white, blinding her for the next few minutes.  The clock on the wall had become obnoxiously loud with its ticks.  Then her vision came back.  


Melissa was in a what seemed like to her mystical landscape.  the ground was a wood color, there things towering above her, she did not recognize anything at first and then she realized that these objects where furniture, what they had in their living room.  the brownish ground was hardwood flooring.  She had shrunk to 1/4th of an inch tall.  She began running towards the front door.  But she did not know where she was going.  She stopped running.  she was going to run out of energy, she had to think.  


Melissa concluded that someone had to notice that the electrical gun was on and their.  They had too.  Then a thought crossed her mind.  Her Mom had always hired a cleaning lady to help out with the cleaning around the house.  The cleaning lady did not come over often, but Melissa thought she remembered that she was supposed to come over today.  Melissa was throwing the idea back and forth in her head when she heard a loud knock fill the room.  She froze, not because she did not know what to do, but because of fear.  Her thoughts were confirmed.   


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